Greek mythology-inspired side-scroller Apotheon hits PS4 in January 2015

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Greek mythology-inspired side-scroller Apotheon hits PS4 in January 2015

New footage of the stylish hack ‘em up from Alien Trap Games

A few months ago we were excited to announce our partnership with PlayStation and Sickhead games to bring our Greek mythology-inspired hack ’em up Apotheon to PS4. Now, we’re even more excited because after a whole lot of optimising, beta testing, bugfixing and paperwork, Apotheon will finally be launching in January 2015 on PlayStation 4!

We’re just putting the last finishing touches on Apotheon, but soon enough you’ll be fighting your way up Mount Olympus, Aspis in one hand, Xiphos in the other.

Speaking of Olympus, in our last post we talked a bit about the combat that is at the core of Apotheon. This time, let’s shed some light onto the Mountain that makes up the game world itself.


Olympus is, as you’re probably aware, the mythical home of the Greek Gods. But in Apotheon, all the Gods have abandoned earth (even the little ones that live in streams, trees, and rocks) and so Olympus has become a pretty crowded place, with Zeus playing host to a lot of displaced divine refugees. Peaceful palaces have turned into bustling marketplaces, squatters have taken up residence in sewers, drunken Satyrs pollute sacred shrines, and armed guards patrol the clouds to keep the peace in the House of Zeus.

Once arriving on the Mountain, you the player can choose to tackle your ascent to the top any way you’d like. There’s a lot to explore, and you’re free to bring the fight to any of the Gods who reside nearby. Crash Apollo’s extravagant party, test your wits against the dangerous forests of Artemis, descend to Hades and back again, or maybe just break into some Agora houses to plunder some shiny Olympian treasure.


Wherever you decide to go first, there’s always a colourful cast of characters to help, hinder, or berate you with full voice acting. We’ve tried to stay as close as possible when it comes to the mythological roots of Apotheon, even employing a Classic Literature Consultant to make sure we don’t screw anything up too badly.

But don’t worry, if you don’t know who or what the Aloadae Otus and Ephialtes are, and why exactly Ares is so mad at them, we’ve got plenty of cool quotations from the ancients themselves to keep you in the loop (the Aloadae were two giant sexy men who kidnapped the god of war and stuffed him into a little bronze jar for an entire year). Greek Mythology is really weird, and we had to prove we didn’t make any of this stuff up.

Once we get a little closer to the New Year, we’ll have a more definite release date locked in, so stay tuned for news on that!

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