Terraria hits PS4 next week with a bigger world, new items & Cross-Play

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Terraria hits PS4 next week with a bigger world, new items & Cross-Play

Full details on the ultimate version of the world-building sensation

It’s hugely exciting to be bringing the world of Terraria to PS4, next Wednesday 12th November. We didn’t feel it was necessary to tinker with the core mechanics of the game, which have underpinned its success to date, but we’ve definitely been able to take this console version to the next level and implement some fantastic new features in the process. It looks amazing running in HD on PS4 too!

The first thing to talk about is the scale of the PS4 version, which is almost triple the size of the original PS3 game. A truly huge amount of content and features have been added, with well over 1,000 new items including 10 new ores, four new wood types, 31 new brick types, 12 new wing types, 29 new tinker combinations, 50 new paintings, eight new friendly NPCs, 15 new pets, over 100 new enemies, four new bosses… the list goes on, and on!

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We’ve also listened to feedback from the community and looked at how people play the original console games to figure out where slight improvements might be made. We wanted to address the immense scale of Terraria’s world, which can actually be a blessing and a curse! Now players will be able to ‘pinch’ to zoom in and out on DualShock 4’s touch pad, which is really simple and intuitive but makes a huge and immediate difference when playing the game.

We’re also working hard on a World Map companion app for mobile and tablet devices, which you’ll be able to download for free to see where you are in the PS4 game in real-time, and work out what kind of interesting (or scary!) stuff is all around you.


Finally, we’re thrilled that PS4 players will be able to Cross-Play with the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game, whether you want to transfer your save games or enjoy cross-platform multiplayer; joining up to fight bosses together, building added-awesome castles, or duelling each other in PvP combat! To celebrate this feature and the launch of Terraria on PS4 we’re even bundling the PS Vita version for a limited time, so you’ll get the PS Vita version for free when you buy the game on PS4 (though not the other way round)!

The PS4 version of Terraria really is the ultimate console version of the game that’s beloved by millions of Terrarians already – we hope you love it too!

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  • Can you not just implement the corner mini-map that the PC version has?

    Also, make the companion map available on Vita as a second screen feature as that is horribly underused and would get a great deal of support form many other Vita owners i’m sure.

    Don’t make it smartphone only as you’ll just be leaving out a large fanbase.

    • Does any game use the second screen bit of remote play, it’s a shame as I would love to use it as a map/inventory thing for many of my games!

    • I’m not sure. But i’m sick and tired of seeing the Vita shafted all the time because no developer wants to put the effort in.

    • @RyanSufc1997

      The only games I can think of that do, are Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, and LittleBigPlanet 2’s cross-controller dlc pack. I don’t know of any PS4 game that uses the second screen feature though…

    • @RyanSufc1997

      And Guaccameele.

    • The LBP Cross-Controller pack works off a separate app and is not part of the Second Screen feature as that’s for PS4 only.

    • @DoYouLikeMyID

      The Playroom uses the second screen function for a few of the sections. But other than that, I can’t think of any. Maybe the PS4 version of Guacamelee?

  • Will there at least be some kind of discount incentive for those who have it already?

  • Also, is this cross-buy? Will those who have the PS3 and Vita versions get this too?

    • Read the article mate. It’s right there.

    • Actually, the article is pretty vague. There’s no mention of price, and everyone knows that buying a PS4 version doesn’t unlock previous ones.

      This is just a article detailing features and additions.

    • ‘We’re even bundling the PS Vita version for a limited time, so you’ll get the PS Vita version for free when you buy the game on PS4 (though not the other way round)!’

      Seems pretty clear to me. It’s not cross-buy, other than a limited time offer whereby you’ll get the Vita version when you buy the PS4 one.

    • There’s no price, which means they still haven’t revealed all info yet.

    • “…so you’ll get the PS Vita version for free when you buy the game on PS4 (though not the other way round)!”

      I don’t see why this would be vague to you, sorry.

  • One more question, what’s the price? I don’t fancy shelling out for this again when I bought the other two versions.

  • how about a discount for people who already own both ps3 and vita versions, or even one of them, if a company like mojang do it for minecraft then surely these can?

  • So no patch or at least some new content for PS3 or Vita? I am very dissapointed.

  • Shut up and take my money!!!!

  • Honestly, you should all play it on PC. Its so much better, especially the controls. Also any PC will run it, even if its powered by mice on wheels. The game is fantastic, but its by far best on PC.

  • “It looks amazing running in HD on PS4 too!”

    … Then I check out some pics of the game and see it’s 8-bit (16-bit?) graphic style. I bet it will give inFamous a run for its money in the visual department, then!

    I kid, I kid… Irony and sarcasm aside, I’m not a fan of the whole pixel “art” style, but I reckon Terraria is a good game (I already got it on Steam for an obscenely cheap price) ;)

    Hope you PS4 people craving for this will get it for cheap as well, it would only be fair (but Sony probably wouldn’t want you to have it that way).

    • Graphic style is different from resolution.

      Try playing a Sega Mega Drive or NES on a modern TV. It may be pixel style, but it’s certainly not HD.

    • You missed my point. It’s a matter of taste, I guess. You could have the original Super Mario game’s resolution properly adjusted for HD, I still wouldn’t enjoy the graphics, it would still look… Bland and old. I’m just not into these retro looking games, being the resolution sub-VGA or 4K. I had loads of fun with my SEGA Master System years ago, I don’t want to have fun with it on a PS4 now.

    • I was sceptical of it at first too, the same way I was with Minecraft also because of the graphical style, but the creative aspect is what pulled me in. Try out demos of it at least.

    • Max! Again, you missed my point, ahah! I mentioned that I reckon Terraria as a good game, I already own it on Steam! I was merely poking the retro style graphics bandwagon (which I feel it’s being abused and overused, with the vague and shabby excuse that it’s “art”) ;)

      When I’m bored out of my skull, I often find myself thinking of how awesome it would be if good indie games with low visual quality like Terraria and The Binding of Isaac had graphics like, say, Child of Light or Braid. Imagine how awesome that would be! And then the reverse, imagine Rayman Origins with the graphics of Nidhogg… Ugh! (Philips Videopac says hi!) Of course graphics aren’t everything, I was having a blast with my Wii at a time everyone was pointing fingers at it saying the graphics sucked. But this whole retro 8-bit graphical style… I just feel it’s more a of lazy programming thing than really just an “art style” these days. Why bother creating such a powerful gaming machine like the PS4 when we’re having such great games that could simply be keeping our old NES alive and kicking?

      Since you mentioned Minecraft, now there’s a game I’ve tried playing more than a few times because of all the hype around it, despite truly disliking its graphical style. I ended up not really understanding or enjoying the game, I had no fun with it, at all, but what I do understand is that it’s a worldwide phenomenon and it being on Vita is very good for Sony’s handheld, so I welcome it!

      Sorry for rambling on a bit, this retro looking games thing does get a bit too much on my nerves sometimes, I wish it would become a fad or at least a niche genre of games (instead, they keep spreading like the plague).

    • Just remember that Terraria is pretty old now and this is just a new console release.

      It’s the new games being made that maintain the wannabe retro style that you wan’t to moan at, as I do.

  • So many great games on the Ps4 and now only a week till Terraria ! Im well happy

  • Contacted 505Games in regards to no discount and charging full price for people (like myself and many others) who have already purchased the game not once but twice on PS3 and Vita and the reply was “We plan to offer free updates and this has costs.”

    If there is 0% support for the game without them charging full price every time it hits a Sony console what’s the point in mentioning “free updates.” Especially when we haven’t seen any of these updates since May 2014.

    The prices are also messed up 12.99 GBP for Vita and PS4 bundle or for the full PS4 standalone title it’s 15.49 GBP.

    I hate the idea of not having this on my PS4 but I can’t support this move. Horrible money bleeders.

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