New PS Vita Heroes Mega Pack bundle launches this month

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New PS Vita Heroes Mega Pack bundle launches this month

Grab a PS Vita and five great games for just €199.99 RRP from 19th November

Hi everyone. Mayumi here with a perfect Christmas present idea. The exciting new PS Vita Heroes Mega Pack arrives in stores on 19th November (21st November in the UK) in select SCEE territories*, featuring popular PlayStation heroes such as galaxy-hopping duo Ratchet & Clank, the adorable LocoRoco, those world famous green-haired Lemmings, and more besides.

Let’s have a look at the full list of games included in the bundle:

  • Worms Revolution Extreme: The first game in the classic turn-based strategy series to come to PS Vita. Enjoy new features, beautiful graphics and classic gameplay.
  • Ratchet & Clank: Follow the wise-cracking mechanic Ratchet and his robot sidekick Clank in their first adventure, as they go from unwitting heroes to the baddest baddie-blasting duo the universe has ever seen.
  • Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy: Team up with a dashing hero and his sassy sidekick as they fight against dastardly outlaws.
  • Lemmings Touch: Control the fate of the lovable Lemmings using the PS Vita touchscreen to assign them jobs and abilities.
  • LocoRoco: Get your LocoRoco on the move using simple tilting and jumping controls. Eat, grow, roll and bounce through weird and wonderful environments as you solve puzzles, discover secret areas and bump into crazy characters.

As with all the other Mega Packs, there are two different purchase options:

  • The PS Vita + memory card bundle also includes an 8GB memory card and a voucher code for all five games, as well as a PlayStation Vita system to play them on. It retails at €199.99RRP – the same price as a standalone system – and it comes with five great games.
  • The memory card bundle comes with an 8GB memory card and a PlayStation Store voucher code to download all five games, and retails at €39.99 RRP.

Enjoy the ultimate portable gaming experience on PS Vita!

heroes megapack peripheral

heroes megapack hardware

* Heroes Mega Pack bundles available in the following regions: UK, Ireland, Middle East, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Israel, Malta, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Croatia, France, Bulgaria, and Russia

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  • I love Jak and Daxter, although your description of the game shows you know nothing about it. Fight against outlaws? Please name one character in the game who is an outlaw.

    Nope, didn’t think so.

    Time for Naughty Dog to make another one.

  • Nintendo launches 3DS with Mario & Pokemon, Microsoft launches Xbox one with the Halo collection, Sony launches the Vita with Worms & lemmings.

    You’re not even trying

    • They already have an ps vita action bundle with God of war psp, Batman Arkham Blackgate, Kilzone and many more games i don’t remember.

      ☆ Also a fifa 15 bundle and a Minecraft bundle stop hating man i love my vita.

    • Im not hating on the Vita at all, I like my Vita a lot. Has had much better games than PS4 this year if you ask me. Just annoying the way Sony handles it

    • there are many other bundles

    • There is no Minecraft bundle, which is ample evidence of how much Sony cares about Vita … As for FIFA, I’m not sure bundling a roster update is a great way to introduce players to the platform.

    • Launch?!? Launch? Where have you been since 2011, the Vita isn’t being launched, this is mearly a pack to attract gamers. You know which gamers, the ones that didn’t buy any of the previous packs, at least Sony is trying, granted not very hard.

      FYI the Vita was launched with titles like Wipeout2048, Uncharted Golden Abyss and the like, the Vita should by rights be the market leader all things being equal. But y’know, folk seems to think its just being launched now and with worms……. my view is that you might actually have worms, where your brains once were lol

    • If you guys would stop being so defensive for a second, you’d realise that you all want the same thing. He just wants more games and better support from Sony for the Vita… What’s wrong with that?

  • Come on sony…I will help you.What is the more popular game right now?…..Yes,Minecraft.And Minecraft is on the psvita.So…why don’t you make a Minecraft bundle?

    • Why not:
      Green Vita + Minecraft = Creeper bundle

      Yeah… I know…. all SCEE employees are colourblind… that is why black must be standard for whole europe.

  • Minecraft is released to retail in a few days, so they might announce something. It’s the smart thing to do. However, Microsoft might be able to block this option.

    The Heroes bundle looks great, hopefully it will sell well.

    • But psvita bundles are always(or maybe always) with a voucher code,digital games,and Minecraft is already in PSN.It’s not an excuse.

    • Microsoft wouldn’t gain anything by stopping a Vita bundle, so they wouldn’t do that. The reason we won’t see a Minecraft Vita bundle is because Sony is either too dumb to realise what they’ve got on their hands or they just don’t care about the Vita.

  • I doubt all those games even fit on an 8GB card.

    Start selling 64GB cards at an acceptable price please.

    • £60 not acceptable to you, then don’t buy one. For many gamers its not about carrying 100’s of games on 1 device, its about carrying a couple you currently play. Thats who is being targetted with these packs.

      Me? Well I’ve got a 64gb card, I paid the price because to me the value is in having a large chunk of my games collection with me. Plus I’m pretty lazy when it comes to games management, so I didn’t want to shuffle games around on my 32gb card, or 16gb card before it.

  • Why choose a bunch of games people played in previous decades? Seems a bit weird.

  • bravo sony

    the worst port of vita history, jak and daxter, fps issues, control lag… a shame…

    ratchet 1, the worst of the whole trilogy… with control lag, but playable at least…

    and second line games…

    what a wonderful pack…

    why dont include sly4, sly trilogy, or ratchet 2 and 3 (far better than the one?) sly trilogy must be buried in a desserte near the et cartridges…

    I miss a minecraft bundle, a invizimals2 bundle… but this one, you could spare it…

    • where I say sly trilogy must be buried, I refer to jak trilgy… slip of tongue..

    • “sly trilogy must be buried in a desserte near the et cartridges…”
      What’s wrong with the Sly Trilogy? Out of all trilogies/remakes from PS2 games, the Sly Trilogy performs best.

    • Sony already did Sly Cooper themed bundles in Europe, both for Sly: Thieves in Time and the collection.

  • ah… and this sentence will give you some trouble in EU

    play ps4 games on ps vita

    that’s false, you cant play ps4 games on vita, you can play on you ps4 through your vita…

    it’s not the same thing… not even near…

    this slogan is too close to false marketing… and this is punished by EU laws…

    • Get a grip. Its really not false advertising. You need a hobby if you came here to whine about something like that

  • Now this right here is a poor bundle. I’m sorry, but it is. Three out of five games there don’t actually feature “heroes” and the selection is just generally pretty lousy. Only the first Jak game? They’re a trilogy. Only the first Ratchet game? They’re a trilogy. Worms and Lemmings aren’t moving units and on top of that Loco Roco is a PSP game. You don’t go around bundling PS1 games with PS3 or Vita, so why do you do it with PSP games?

    I’m also tired of Sony trying to market Vita to kids… it’s not working, so focus on the core gamers. Kids have got Skylanders, Disney Infinity, 3DS, Mobiles, Tablets and a whole host of other more successful things taking up their mindshare, Vita doesn’t have a place there. However, where Vita NEEDS to gain ground is with the core gamer, many of whom still (ignorantly) see the thing as a joke.

    80 million PSP owners worldwide, why haven’t those people upgraded to Vita? That’s the problem you need to be fixing, not trying to win an already ridiculously difficult market from people who are way more popular, invested and just care more.

    • Can’t agree more.

      Probably majority of Vita users are adults… or at least older teenagers. I wouldn’t be suprised if most of lil’ gamers were playing on theirs parents devices. Yes young mama, and young papa can also be gamers!

      I mean sure, games for kids are also important but vita IS NOT handheld for kids. If they want to make perfect device they need to focus more on creating something for everyone.

      Especially they should focus on bringing some games for female audience. There are many of them! But only in Japan. And that’s the problem.

    • @Archacus errr….there a loads of female gamers playing the vita. I am one of them. Female vita gamers do exist outside of Japan! What a silly sweeping generalisation to make.

      I for one love my vita and play it every day if I can.

    • As opposed to those core gamers who are equally as content with their Mobiles, Tablets, PS4s, and PCs? Sony already made their position on Vita clear. It’s not getting any notable games anymore.

    • @D-gal
      I meant “games”, there are many games in Japan directed only/mainly to female audience but those don’t come to West.

    • Core gamers, who’s that then, PS4 gamers? The ones with the real power to save the Vita. Core gamer coughs up £350+ on a PS4 and £50+ on a game, then baulks at under £150 to be able to remotely play those games whenever they like.

      Core gamers in my view are being somewhat hypocrital at this present time. I’ve got 3 Vita, a PS4 on the way and a PS TV soon too. I’m supporting the platform, are you?

  • Does this bundle mean Jak and Daxter trilogy will get patched on Vita? I’m guessing no. It’s a shame those who buy it have no idea how bad of a port it is :(

  • I’m guessing Sony knows that the Jak and daxter game they are bundling in this package, runs terribly on the vita? It hasn’t even been patched till this day! But whatever, I honestly don’t care about what you do with this system anymore. Now that I have the iphone 6 which has more support from devs PLUS I can play psp and old emulated games, the vita is a dead system. You couldn’t even market it properly, and you just didn’t even bother to give it the attention it deserved. You can’t even do a bundle with Minecraft *which would actually be a big help*. You’re not even trying Sony, just focus on the Ps4. You have literally killed this underrated platform due to your messup! Couldn’t even get San Andreas or Vice City ported to the vita, how embarrassing is that huh? Anyways I still have my vita, but now has been sitting on my shelf collecting dust for a month. Now that I have the iphon 6, I don’t see any reason to go back to this platform only to play Persona 4 Golden.
    My advice tp you Sony, is to never bring out another handheld console because it will just fail due to your messups. *rant over*

    • Sony abandoned Vita because they have no intentions of releasing another dedicated handheld. Why do you think Nintendo is still wasting money on Wii U? Because that’s their core fanbase, and they want the people that bought a Wii U to buy their next home console. Sony doesn’t care about Vita because they’re done with handhelds. Their moto seems to be “Buy a PS4 and lots of PSNow games or go away.”

    • They want you to buy Xperia Z3.

      I still remember what they said about not doing the same mistake as with PSP and the release of PS3.

    • Just make a bundle with Minecraft. You can even give it digital because the game’s size is not a problem and will fit in the internal memory of the PSV2000.

      Also you can show these things in the TV, some type(-0) of ad or advertising is not that bad and winter is coming lol. X-mas is a good season to sell stuff…

  • 64gb memory cards, come on.

    I mean, even retail stores are starved of those overpriced abominations, at least throw the Vita faithful like us a bone and give us some more storage.

    Very unfortunate that there’s no Minecraft bundle, I guess stores will have to do ‘unofficial’ bundles.

    • Oops, forgot to stay on-topic.

      This bundle sucks.


    • … but why not import it?

      I mean it’s just Memory Card. Take a look at prices, for example Vita TV it costs only 83 EUR for LIMITED EDITION, and those are real limited editions not just lame bundles with standard black Vita models.

      With tax and customs you get similar price to what is offered in Europe.

      at Nin-Nin-Games it costs 65 EUR…. If Europe will ever have 64GB those will probably cost around 90-100 EUR.

    • I have money, but I don’t have the payment options like credit cards/Paypal etc. to import it.

    • @zal
      Hmm? Sorry, I don’t quite understand… you mean that you don’t have bank account and would rather pay with pure cash? Did you check your local shops? Maybe one or two are dealing with imports?

    • I’ve purchased my 64GB card on Amazon (through a Marketplace seller, obviously), and it was the best thing I’ve done with my Vita since I got it! It is really worth the investment, even if paying a bit extra for it.
      Those 70MB of free space I have on the card right now make me cringe, though… Still dreaming of the “never-gonna-happen” 128GB card.

      Now on topic: yes, this bundle does suck. The Adventure Mega Pack Bundle is still the bundle to rule them all!

  • This would be a good bundle if you fixed Jak and Daxter’s Vita port. It’s awful.

  • iam in china for more then 5 month. good thing about it u get to now the prices 64gb i get for less than 60 euros.. ps vita tv minibundle with no controller less rhan 30 euros… bad side about china u might get hepititus for free.

  • sorry to say this but there are games more Importance need bundle like freedom war and soul sacrifice they will be a big hint !!

  • They won’t shift 100,000 worldwide of this out of date offering (who really wants to play these games in 2014?!), whereas a Minecraft bundle would sell ten times that.

    It would boost the Vita’s media coverage and install base considerably to have a pack-in of the most significant video game of the decade. I don’t even like it and I recognize that.

    Not using Minecraft as a springboard for console sales is a ludicrous oversight imo.

  • Personally I think it’s a really good bundle and will draw in a lot of people. It’s recognisable characters and quality games. A lot of general gamers may not know about soul sacrifice and freedom wars but jak etc is a good gateway into vita. The hate is totally misplaced

  • You guys need to consider a Minecraft bundle. It would help shift Vita’s sales but no, 4 extremely laggy games is not good enough. Ratchet & Clank had framerate issues, Worms had framerate issues, Jak & Daxter is worse. What happened to the other Sony I used to love?

    With all those mediocre first-party titles and issues day-one. Halo Master Chief Collection and Super Smash Bros. Wii U may even outsell Sony’s titles after all if this keeps up. If LBP3 can turns things round and be a good first-party title for once. I’d accept it. But really Sony, you need to start making console quality games and get AAA developers to make their games for the Vita and advertise the Vita more because really. All I see is Call of Dooty on Xbox One. And most important, target the Vita against adult gamers too. I mean, even HMV barely even stocks any new Vita games because of this. It’s just sad. :(

  • Eeeeeh? 3 PSP games…? I really want you guys to shift Vitas, but your sales department needs to get their butts in gear. I’m not a fan of Minecraft, but it’s an absolute no brainer that a portable minecraft bundle would sell like hotcakes.

  • Sony you really need to support the vita if you want to make a decent number of sales from these bundles you keep churning out.

    Word travels and I am sure a lot of people know or will find out at how poorly Sony supports it’s own platform and doesn’t even bother to lead by example with new AAA titles for it or extending the PSP/psone backlog for it.

  • Should’ve been Minecraft, LBP and Tearaway.

  • this should’ve been bundled with a psp instead

  • It’s a crime to sell this Jak ports.

  • When are other regions going to be able to pick up the actually useful 64gb cards?

    • People would have to be insane (or just ignorant) to choose this over the incredibly awesome Adventure Mega Pack Bundle…

    • Hum, that wasn’t meant to be a reply to your comment, smokey, but the blog made it so, apparently. Anyway, I already own a 64GB card imported from Japan, and it’s something that’s becoming more and more relevant for the average Vita owner, so Sony should really start selling those outside of Japan.

  • People would have to be insane (or just ignorant) to choose this over the incredibly awesome Adventure Mega Pack Bundle…

  • Oh boy. Where do I start.

    Firstly, the video. The gameplay of Ratchet & Clank is Ratchet & Clank 3 in Veldin.
    The Jak & Daxter gameplay is of Jak II Renegade

    Then there’s just the bundle in general. It’s an extremely poor selection of games and I’m saying this as a fan of Jak & Ratchet here. Jak & Daxter runs terrible on Vita. The framerate is incredibly poor and it’s just not a good port, as a massive Jak fan, I’m still holding out that maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a patch for it and they’ll fix the framerate for the entire trilogy.

    Ratchet & Clank is a good game sure, but I definitely agree that the better selection would have been Ratchet 2 or 3 because they are clearly better games.

    The other two Vita games are seriously not good choices, why? Because they sound like small downloadable Minis. Worms, fair enough is fun but Lemmings is a mini isn’t it? On top of that, LocoRoco is a PSP game.

    Also, that description for Jak 1 is wrong on so many levels. There has never been an outlaw in the Jak series ever.

    Guys, come on, Vita deserves better bundles. How can any anyone expect this to go up against bundles with stuff like Tearway, Uncharted, and LBP? If you guys really want a good 5 game bundle, here’s what I’d suggest.

    PS Vita Adventurer Bundle:
    -Minecraft PS Vita Edition:Mine, Build, and Create as you create your own world and build with endless possibilities or jump into survival mode, as you must use your skills to build a home, build tools and survive against the dangers of Minecraft including Creepers, Zombies, and Enderman.

    -The Sly Trilogy:Join The Cooper Gang on a trilogy of sneaky action as Sly goes up against The Fiendish Five, The Klaww Gang, and Dr.M as he fights to win back his family heritage and stop the evil Clockwork from haunting his family again.

    -Gravity Rush:Meet Kat, she’s a young girl with mysterious gravity shifting abilities thanks to a cat named Dusty. Join Kat on a gravity bending adventure as she seeks the truth behind her past, attempts to figure out who is the mysterious girl Raven and become the hero of Heksville.

    -The Walking Dead: Survive in a zombie invested world as Lee. A man who is thrown into a world of survival fast and meets up with Clementine, a young girl who is left on her own when the outbreak hits. Play through 5 action filled episodes where Lee fights to ensure survival for himself and Clem. and attempts to keep his group of survivors from breaking apart and turning against each other.

    • Think I might have suggested a “Creators” bundle: PS Vita with Minecraft, Terraria, LittleBigPlanet Vita and ModNation Racers Vita – although I’m struggling for a 5th game for that one

  • *4 game bundle

  • You should patch Jak&Daxter Trilogy if you plan to use it in any way. The port is a disgrace, when it could actually be quite a desired HD trilogy. Such a missed opportunity, just patch it already, Sony!

  • Lots of gamers don’t own a Vita yet, why not keep PSHome alive in Neotopia as accessible segment for a monthly fee per user???

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