Say hello to the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Collector’s Edition

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Full details on what’s included in the deluxe set

You’ve spoken, we’ve heard, and we’re so excited to finally announce the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Collector’s Edition!

It comes jam-packed with all sorts of new and exciting goodies. Here’s why this Collector’s Edition is not to be missed out on.

  • Shadow Heartless plush toy – Included will be a 24 cm tall plush toy of the classic Kingdom Hearts foe. Although a foe, he doesn’t feel like one he’s so soft and cuddly and cute
  • 30-page art book – This art book includes a brand new never before seen sketch from Kingdom Hearts series director – Tetsuya Nomura. With 30 pages of artistic goodness covering concept and finalized artwork of heroes, villains, worlds, and weapons, this artbook also includes concept animation storyboards from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. The front and back cover were designed to mirror the artbook from the Limited Edition of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, so if you’re a true collector, it’s definitely not something to *ahem* Birth by Sleep on. The only way to obtain this artbook will be in this Collector’s Edition!
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX game discs – You get both HD remastered games with all new alternative disc artwork of everyone’s favorite protagonist – Sora
  • HD Collector’s steelbook case – The steelbook case will house both game discs and features artwork from both titles on the outside and inside of the case
  • Exclusive Disney collectible pin – Perfect for you Disney pin badge collectors or those that like to collect Kingdom Hearts merchandise, this pin which is manufactured in limited quantities features Sora and Mickey Mouse back to back, with the iconic keyblade and a Mickey Mouse dangler. Made out of a soft enamel coating on metal, this pin stretches out to 1.68 inches
  • Collector’s box – Everything mentioned above is lovingly packed in a Large Body massive size box

If the descriptions and the still imagery didn’t excite you enough of what’s in this offering, we’ve created a trailer that shows you everything you get!

So where exactly can you pre-order it? Available across UK and France, so please check here for participating retailers.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re looking forward to getting your hands on this Collector’s Edition or if you have any questions about the goodies inside!

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6 Author Replies

  • Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine

    Did I mention Mine?

  • still no digital edition? pff

  • That’s a beautiful CE. Will pick that up without a doubt! The Steelbook and Heartless Plush sold me :P

  • This is more like it. Shame that I already have 1.5 Remix though :\ I really want the artbook and the Heartless plush, but the ‘other’ special edition just has the pin.

  • So is the Square Enix online store the only place to buy it? And even then it isn’t even there on their own store.

    • What is the price of it too? I see that the Limited Edition that I have ordered on Amazon for about €29.99, including delivery, is €39.99 on the Square Enix store and that is it more than likely without postage costs. So how much then?
      (And so far, I’m not going to say what others have with “this is more like it Square Enix”, no, more like “Square Enix does a blunder yet again”, depending on the price and where I can buy it of course.)

    • It’s 79.99£

    • I get it now. Its because of the Irish IP address, it won’t show up on the store then. So why did Mat say “so please check here for participating retailers” when it looks like only Square Enix are the ONLY ones selling it?
      Well then, guess I will stick with my “thanks for another blunder Square Enix” statement. Yet again you DON’T want my money when you finally release something I actually want to purchase from you (which is an INCREDIBLY rare occurrence this past 10 years BTW)

  • It does not appear in their store. Will it become available later today? Also, what is the price and can it be sent to EU country other than UK and France?

  • Doesn’t the square store take payment right away?

  • Now THIS is a Collector’s Edition! Way to step up your game, guys!

    Too bad I’m broke… and even still, the CE doesn’t show on the UK online store. Don’t tell me they were all sold out already? :D

  • Love it but £80 is a lot of money especially considering I already own 1.5 Remix.

    Presume the £80 doesn’t include shipping either.

  • I must say… that I am impressed.

    That steelbox looks great… and it’s dual pack with 2 games

    On the other hand that artbook is kinda bad… as a matter of fact it’s not book it is something closer to pamphlet, 30 pages is just way too short. Most of collector editions have at least 80 pages. What’s the ISO format? B5?

    Anyway, like I said I am impressed… mainly by that superb steelbox. Frankly speaking even as a person who doesn’t love SE anymore… I will have to think twice whether to boycott it or not. (I cancelled pre-order for 2.5 few months ago)… It it tempting to buy… but I will wait and see the price first.

    But you deserve a big flick on the nose for what you did with Type-0 (Vita graphic level on PS4?) or Drakengard 3 (digital only)… and FF XV (not FF anymore)… well… I could list many more things you did bad… but ow well….

    Stilll… that steelbox… huh… I will think about it

  • So wait, only available in the UK and France? Is it possible to pre-order in The Netherlands? Or anywhere else? Does that Square shop ship to other countries?

    • It’s only available in the US/UK/France SE Store… the rest of us appear to be screwed…

    • There are forwarding services just for that.
      forward2me for example delivers worldwide from the UK.
      You’ll need a proxy or VPN to shop the Square Enix store from the UK. Or just contact the customer service from forward2me, they will probably be happy to help.

      The one downside about using a service like that is that it is going to cost somewhat more.

  • I know I’m beating a dead horse with SE, but…

    PlayStation Vita

  • Looks nice but £80 is waaaaay too much! Is this only available through the square store in the UK?

  • Well, that’s a million times better than that crappy pin alright.

    Got a question though, i’m playing through the japanese version and Birth by Sleep has some framerate and loading issues, any chance of those being fixed in the western versions? Come on, that port is embarrassing when put next to Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD…

  • Mat any chance we can get the EU PSN avatars aswell with the game? that would put the icing on the cake.

  • I can’t get this from my local shop or from anywhere else in Finland :(. Why are you making me sad SE? I don’t want to be sad. Do you want to make me sad? Even though I have LE of the 1.5 I still want this complete version. Mail me this with Cash on delivery. I’ll pay. Don’t be so heartless even though I’m a nobody.

    Will you release new versions of the soundtrack in the west as standalone?

  • yes,still no digital edition…

  • A bit sour over buying the first half collection now, oh well not like i can get it in My country anyways…

  • This UK and France Square Enix Store exclusive thing is one of the lousiest things happend with Kingdom Hearts in Europe besides the topic with the (missing) German, French and Spanish dub.
    I’m really upset right now.

  • And there never will be

  • Not available in germany? :/

  • Oh and is it only available on your store? since you do say “retailers”

  • This is Square at its finest, still don’t know how to properly send packages in Europe which locked out anyone who is not living in UK and France.

    Same failure like you guys did with Drakengard.

  • The EU website is down .-. WHYYYY???

  • Kinda happy I didn’t get to buy the first game after knowing both of them are in this edition.

  • I hope the edition will be available outside of Square Enix store else I have to find someone to import the edition for me.

  • Still at a complete loss as to why Square Enix continue to isolate the majority of the E.U when it’s easy money. Especially for a popular franchise like Kingdom Hearts. When Drakengard 3 was exclusive to their store I was lucky enough to have a friend in the U.K who shipped it out to me. I’m not willing to spend the additional £25 (And more importantly my friend’s time) on additional shipping to do the same thing.

  • Yeeeeeeeeeees!!!
    Btw is it possible to get it earlier if I promise to be extremely sweet? ;)

  • And now I saw it was for UK/Fr only :(

    Excitement down :(

  • Meanwhile on Ebay.
    200£ – 5 available.

    Good job SE, making the money hunters richer and only pleasing a small amount of your EU fan base

  • Wow really. You got me all excited. And it’s FR and UK only?
    I cancelled my pre-order. I’m not paying over 40 euro’s for the lesser version.
    And I’m not paying 200 euro’s on Ebay for the CE either. Super lame Square. At least have a store that ships world/EU wide. This is just a slap in the face for the MANY non-UK and FR peeps including me.

  • Can’t get this in Ireland which is very upsetting, would of loved to have this. Hope that changes over the next few days tho. The UK store won’t even ship to Ireland, Lets hope it goes up on Amazon, no reason for this not to be available all over. Disgrace.

  • Seriously? I was really excited and had already decided to pre-order only to find out I can’t get it because it is limited to UK/FR RESIDENTS!? What gives?

    What a turn off. Thanks.

  • I don’t know if anyone else is having issues, but if I click the link above, Google Chrome refuses to load and sais the link is stuck in a redirect loop? I’ve had this happen a few times with SE links so maybe its just me?

  • Wow looks amazing! I’m very impressed with that one. But could it be possible to have the same collectors edition without KH 1.5? Many of us (including me) already own that game so makes no sense for us to buy it twice. Should throw in the same collectors edition but without KH 1.5 for the people that already own it. That way nobody gets left out or forced into having to rebuy it if just to get the rest of the package.

    • The Collector’s Edition does come complete with KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX. The upside is, if you already purchased that game, you have a gift for someone during the holiday season who’s never experienced the magic of KINGDOM HEARTS! :)

  • “So where exactly can you pre-order it? Available across UK and France, so please check here for participating retailers.”
    That’s a funny way to say: “WE’RE THE ONLY ONES SELLING IT.”

    Also, exclusive to UK and France orz. Cancelled the limited edition already…

  • Omg I want this!! Is there any way I can get it? (I live in Sweden)

  • Pleaseee!!! i want it, but im from Spain!! theres any way to buy it in Spain??? :((

  • Thanks Square for listening to your fans in America and Europe I will definitely will be picking this up.

    One question is the art book that is included the same as the one that came with the limited ed of kingdom hearts 1.5

    • The artbook is not the same!

      The artwork inside is completely different, specific to the universes within KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX. It also contains a never-before-seen sketch from game director Tetsuya Nomura!

      That said, we did want to keep a consistent flow for those who did pick up the Limited Edition of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX which contained the artbook. We kept the same flow by having a similar front cover, spine, and back cover. We love being able to create nice things for you guys!

    • Hold on. Are you accusing SE of listening to their fans? Don’t do that.

      -Type-0 never localised on PSP
      -BBS and Crisis Core kept from PSN
      -Drakengard 3 digital only in Europe
      -Type 0 not on Vita
      -No Dissidia 3
      -FF7 milking
      -Horrible iOS “remake” of Final Fantasy 6
      -No FF9 love anywhere
      -FF13 milking
      -FF10-3 is a possibility and nobody wants that

      SE is one company that definitely doesn’t listen to their most loyal fans

  • kingdom hearts is the best game… why can’t come the collectors edition in germany too ?! that is realy bad

  • Well, I guess it’s another candidate for importing then? I really don’t see why this isn’t available in other countries as well. *sighs*

    Really a nice pack, but the current “country limit” is really disappointing.

  • Almost too good to be true, but limited to couple of regions. Oh well.

  • Will this be coming to Australia? As IGN’s new story says it does. If so, what retailers will it be available at?

    • I think it was just a poorly written way to say that the game, in general, is releasing here on that date; not specifically the Collector’s Edition.

  • Hey, check out this awesome CE available only on the Square Enix Store in the UK and France!

    What a sham. I would have bought that in a heartbeat if SE didn’t treat Australians like third class citizens. :(

  • Are there a limited amount of these. It’s tempting but at £79.99 it’s a lot of money. And will it ever be on sale in the future?

  • Don’t be fooled people. It’s only available for UK and France. Square Enix decided not to care about their fans, or to listen because what kind of people would say things like “make it only available for 2 countries, please!”

    Bitter disappoinment and angry. It’s unacceptable what they are doing here, especially because they seem happy about this fiasco.

    Remember, remember, the fifth of november…

  • SE did their best to push this out in this short amount of time (3,5 months? after the first LE announcement). I’m hoping they wil push this even further into EU after a short amount of time to produce more CE.

  • Don’t do this to us SE. I want to give you my money to support the great work you’ve done to release this awesome Collectors Edition but i cant buy it since I dont live inte UK or France.. Why do you do this!?

  • Is it bad that the main thing I want is the Heartless plushie? :p

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