Killzone celebrates its 10th anniversary with new maps, expansions and events

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Killzone celebrates its 10th anniversary with new maps, expansions and events

Guerrilla Games details its birthday plans in full

When the original Killzone came out for PlayStation 2 on 2nd November, 2004, we had no way of knowing its red-goggled antagonists would go on to invade four additional console platforms, five more Killzone games, nine other PlayStation titles, a toy line, a novelisation and a manga. But here we are, ten years later, and the world of Killzone is bigger than ever.

We’re very proud of how far we’ve come, and to mark this joyous occasion we’re going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Killzone with the people who made it all possible – you, our loyal fans. We have several content releases planned for Killzone Shadow Fall in the pipeline, as well as live playthroughs, interviews, tournaments and more! Here’s what you can look forward to in the coming weeks.


New Expansion Pack!

The 10th Anniversary Expansion Pack offers unprecedented personalisation options for Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer:

  • Two new multiplayer character skins: Customize the look of your multiplayer characters with the ‘Honor Guard’ and ‘Special Forces’ uniform options.
  • Two new OWL skins: Matching ‘Honor Guard’ and ‘Special Forces’ skins for your combat automata will complement your new look.
  • Two new voice packs: Change your battle chatter with the hilarious ‘Angry Veteran’ voice pack, or hear what the Killzone Shadow Fall dev team sounds like with the ‘Dev Team’ voice pack.
  • Two new Player Card Icon Packs: Give your Player Card some character with the ‘Identity’ Icon Pack, or show off your favorite weapon with the ‘Weapons Of Shadow Fall’ Icon Pack.
  • New crosshair customisation: A new system lets you customize the reticules for all weapons, and the pack comes with seven brand new crosshair sets.

The 10th Anniversary expansion pack is available from tomorrow and is available at no additional cost to Season Pass owners.


Log on, sign up and tune in for our special 10th anniversary events:

  • A duo of Killzone 10th anniversary livestreams: Hosted on the PlayStation Twitch TV channel, this festive livestream will involve playthroughs of classic Killzone titles, interviews with developers and plenty of giveaways for our viewers. The live streams will be held on the 6th and 7th November at 6.00pm CET and run until 8.00pm CET.
  • Killzone Shadow Fall & Mercenary tournaments: Get ready to show off your Shadow Fall and/or Mercenary multiplayer skills in our 10th Anniversary tournaments. Keep an eye on for sign-up announcements.
  • Art exposition – 21st Nov: Our friends at Cook & Becker are organizing an art exhibition of video games in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, featuring stunning art from Killzones past – as well as never before seen art from Killzone Shadow Fall and a Killzone 10th Anniversary themed showcase.
  • Awesome giveaways: In the coming weeks we’re going to give away cool Killzone-related merchandise, including T-shirts, art and collectibles. Keep an eye on and our social media channels for more information.

As you can see it’s going to be an exciting month for Killzone fans. We hope you’re as thrilled about Killzone’s 10th Anniversary as we are, and we’d love to hear what your favourite Killzone moments from the past decade are in the comments below.


Free stuff!

Expand your Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer experience with these free maps, out tomorrow:

  • New ‘The Academy’ multiplayer map: Arguably Killzone 2‘s most popular multiplayer map, Radec Academy (named after Autarch Visari’s right-hand man and fan-favorite antagonist, Colonel Radec) is coming to Killzone Shadow Fall. We briefly revisited a collapsed version of this map in the From The Ashes DLC for Killzone 3, but this time around the ravages of war have really left a mark on the Academy.

  • Two new cooperative maps: In addition to the competitive multiplayer version, The Academy will also be released as a free cooperative map for Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept, along with a second cooperative map known as The Weapons Facility. We’ll have more detailed descriptions and trailers for the new maps on soon!

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2 Author Replies

  • And to celebrate this kill zone shadow fall be part of November’s instant games collection……

  • Could you please celebrate the 10th anniversary on Vita as well? *hint, hint*

  • Guerrilla Games I trully thank you for making Killzone Mercenary!

    It is best looking game for Vita, it even looks better than some of “next-gen” titles that will be released on PS4/Xbox One next March ;)

    Though… I am bit sad that probably we won’t get another Killzone on Vita :( I mean who doesn’t love those cute looking lil’ helghasts :D

    Anyway… cheers!

  • so , no Salaman Market ?
    Coop gets 2 maps (because people buy this expansion) and Multiplayer get 1 map ?
    I’m done with killzone , this game sucks , it is Boring , and it appeals to casual and non gamers ( yes , i said it)
    i payed PS+ only for Killzone , but they showed me the middlefinger just for giving me 1 map for multiplayer is like an Insult for me
    No more killzone for me

    • This game has been supported at a level far beyond most others. Where else have you had the dlc multiplayer maps for free. I can only think you are trolling.

    • So, we get what? Seven free maps and you’re moaning about it? Yeah, jog on mate

  • I enjoyed kill zone on vita way more than ps4.

  • My favourite memroies are fighting Radec at the end of Killzone 2, Visari’s final speach at the end of Killzone 2, and the final mid credits chapter to Shadow Fall. Thats not including experiences playing multiplayer.

  • woo, loving all the cool content, nice going KZ dudes! (and happy 10th birthday too :D). the crosshairs, voicepacks and new skins sound super, will be fun spotting them in-game :).

    cant wait to try everything out and blow up some Higs on the Academy again 8D.

    • Have fun with that :) don’t forget use the new voice-packs! One is developers and one is an angry veteran (my personal favorite)

  • I love how dedicated Guerrilla are to Killzone, it’s awesome. So much free stuff and the games see a tonne of support. Kudos to you guys.

    But nothing for that little gem we know and love called Killzone Mercenary? =(
    I bet there’d be plans if it was a PS4 game, huh?

  • I too enjoyed the Vita game way more than the PS4 one!
    Thanks Gorilla!

  • Lets see.
    Killzone. Loved the fact there was 4 playable character one of them even female (take that 2014, oh and GTA V
    too). That and the reload animations were incredible.
    Killzone 2. Loved the level that was set out in the outskirts of a city in a derserty mine setting. The graphics still look amazing today.
    Killzone 3. Everything. The Co-op, the graphics, the amazing 3D, the Move support and especially the more realistic emotional cast.
    Killzone Shadowfall. Although I didn’t like the main character (can’t even remember his name) Echo was the star of this game. And the 1st generation PS4 graphics are still amazing and will probably continue to impress over the next few years.
    Killzone Mercenaries. I have this but unfortunately haven’t checked it out yet, whoooops.

    Hope to see more from Guerrilla Games soon (please be at the PlayStation Event next month guys).

    • Mercenary is definitely on the better end of the Killzone spectrum, but that said, the only one I didn’t like was the first one.

  • I’m just wondering how you change the Spotlight Moves for multiplayer. I can’t work out how to do it.

  • Was gonna ask for the PSN avatars for this game but since the PS4 doesnt have avatar support yet for PS4 games i suppose we cant get them. Will you think about it mr guerilla dude? :D

  • 10 years old? Damn time has passed by quickly…

    Thank you for 10 years of incredible games, and amazing support of your games!

  • Thx Guerrilla Games for 10 years of Killzone.

  • Please show some more love for Killzone: Mercenary. It’s the best FPS on the Vita, but I’m sure the community needs some incentive to stay active. I’d love if you released some more maps (6 still isn’t enough) or some kind of a paid DLC that extends the campaign.

    Really, please bring some more content to KZM, or even a whole new Killzone game for the Vita!

  • If i keep saying this(at every game developers who make FPS) someone might do it :D i.e Please do a 4 player split-screen mode with Bots :P (Just like the AMAZING TimeSplitters games) It would be AWESOME i think in KillZone’s amazing World ;)

  • I would really really really love a discount on KZ Mercenary.

    Amazing game, ive played the Beta. Money has been tight, only reason i dont have it, but give a discount, and i will have no choice but to buy it :)

  • I just gave a friend my copy of Killzone 3 for PS3 because he has a 3D tv and he says it is amazing in 3D. Maybe they can celebrate 10 years by making Shadow Fall 3D compatible too?

  • KZSF Campaign was reasonably good, with great graphics that showed some of the capabilities of the PS4.

    The Multiplayer, on the other hand, was and is absolute crap. After the first 6 months, only total fanboys were still playing it which is why they took down the ‘Number playing now’ figures and replaced them with meaningless graphics to try to make the servers look busy.

    3 Million copies sold and less than a thousand online players… yup, that’s soooo successful.

    KZ3, apart from the graphics, was superior in every way and a hell of a lot more fun, with more options, in multiplayer.

    Never spending another penny on your products and wish I could get a refund for the KZSF Season Pass!

  • Please discount… Pretty please

  • Sorry but please tell me this isn’t the 3 & final expansion pack for season pass holders?

  • As this is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Killzone, how about a discount on the game that started it, Killzone HD?

  • I was intoduced to Killzone from a promotion in EB Games (remember them before Gamestop) back in Nov 2004. I never played a game online before and with “net play” … LOL, I fell in love!! I could not stop telling my friends to go out and buy Killzone, buy internet, a bigger TV, and get online and hang,(who also have bought everything KZ like me). I can not play anything but Killzone! Let’s see.. I bought the PSP for only Liberation back in 2006, bought the PS2 only for KZ2 back in 2009, bought a 50″ 3D TV and the move only for KZ3 back in 2011, bought the Vita only for Mercenary back in 2013, and finally bought the PS4 only for Shadfow Fall last year! Congrats Guerrilla Games on 10 amazing years!(Well I know its been longer, Shellshock Nam 67). Thanks for making Killzone an amazing and incredible mutiplayer game for the fans in the Killzone universe! PLEASE DON’T STOP MAKING KILLZONE GAMES, EVEN THOUGH YOUR NEXT IP WILL BE JUST AS AMAZING! Killzone till the end! I love you guys at Guerrilla Games! KILLZONE4LIFE!!

  • Cool, really need to get in this sometime again.

  • Gefeliciteerd jongens… dat het alweer 10 jaar geleden is dat de eerste Killzone op de PS2 uit kwam. Tijd voor een feestje, bedankt voor de geweldige games :):)

  • As a new PS4 user, would it be a good idea to get this game? I am planning on ramping up the collection count and KZ is currently €30 on Amazon…

    • It’s a good game but don’t pay that much for it. It doesn’t need an online pass to play MP, so just get it second hand. I paid either £8 or £10 for my copy from CEX in the UK, definitely no more than that…

  • KZ2 was sublime in multiplayer. Best memory was a clan match vs a Polish clan who we didn’t know at all but turned out to be cool guys. Epic back and forth match on Blood Gracht that included me nearly killing our own assassination target with a grenade that bounced off a wall. we were 3-3 with assassination of their target left and we just couldn’t find him. Then with seconds to go we find him in a corner and just have weight of numbers to win the standoff and sneak it 4-3. Brilliant stuff and a magnificent design for a multiplayer game.
    keep it up Guerilla.

  • So much cool stuff for Shadow Fall and just a tournament for Mercenary, not even a new map or something?

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