The Hungry Horde lurches onto PS Vita this week

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The Hungry Horde lurches onto PS Vita this week

Turn the tables on mankind and take control of a zombie army

Hey Vita fans! Andreas Firnigl here again. I’m one of the guys at Nosebleed Interactive, the folks bringing you The Hungry Horde for PS Vita. We’ve been working super hard for the last few months to make the game feel as slick and polished as possible so I’m really excited and proud to finally be able to tell you that you’ll be able to race up the leaderboards and compete with friends tomorrow when the game finally rises from the grave… and goes live on PlayStation Store.

THH-Gamescom Picture

In case you missed our first PlayStation Blog post here’s a quick recap on the basics of the game. The core premise is that you play as your very own horde of zombies fighting for survival (a sort of reverse survival horror, I suppose). Humans you “recruit” join your ever increasing horde in a constant race against the clock to escape the area before the military nuke you.

The guys over at XDEV Studio Europe were kind enough to send me over to Gamescom in August (thanks chaps!) where we had a short demo on the show floor. All of us were equal parts anxious and excited to see what the players would think of it. I spent a lot of time watching people play and it was an amazing feeling seeing people laugh and smile at the demo. What was especially cool, was seeing people have “just one more go”, which at a show where the likes of The Order: 1886 and Project Morpheus were playable just round the corner, was wonderful.

As we covered in the last post, The Hungry Horde is chock full of minigames. You can find them hidden in presents within the main game, and they offer a little breather from the hectic action as well as a chance to win extra prizes. Everybody has their favourite, so I thought I’d share a bit about my own: Pacifist Island.

THH-Screenshot 1

In it, you play as a lone zombie on a beautiful tropical island, just minding your own business. You’re not the usual rage-filled, bloodthirsty undead type. You like peace and quiet and coconuts. Unfortunately, the military aren’t quite so diplomatic and they’re out to get you. Survive as long as possible by dodging bullets and positioning yourself so the soldiers, tanks and helicopters hit each other instead of you.

A lot of the inspiration for Pacifist Island has come from bullet-hell shooters — we even threw in some cool, coconut-based power-ups for good measure. Of course there are more mini-games, like the light gun inspired Cryo Crisis and microscopic-collect-em-up Infection, but you’ll have to play the game to see what they’re about!

One of the things we haven’t shown off yet is the sticker album. We really wanted everything in our game to feel tangible and tactile, from the playable arcade cabinets and ghetto-blaster right through to the menu system. Our menu is set up like a sticker album with over 150 collectible stickers. Special foil stickers unlock minigames and extras and everything looks and feels like you’re flicking through a real sticker book. We’re hoping people are going to love earning stickers, opening packs and trying to fill the book. There’s a lot to do.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

And on the subject of “lots to do”, another thing we haven’t spoken about yet is Trophies. We LOVE trophies! It took a bit of persuasion but after seeing the Trophies we had planned our producer at XDEV said “Yes, I’ll make sure you guys can have Platinum Trophy support.” If that’s not enough for you though, we also have 150 in-game objectives to complete, you know, just because they’re fun!

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  • Definitely looking forward!!! By the way – it would be nice to add that this game going to be part of ” yet to be announced” IGC for November…..Sony Sony Sony….

    • Most probably Nosebleed Interactive can’t say anything about it because of some kind of NDA.

      I don’t think that Hungry Horde is something 100% sure now. Sure we saw plenty of materials (videos/mails) that pointed that it might be true… but there IS some reason why SCEE/SCEA kept being silent. Now the question is “what reason?”

      Are they trying to change lineup after hearing people complaints? Or do they just want to avoid negative feedback before uploading games? Dunno…

      But frankly speaking I don’t care… whatever they will add to IGC I just don’t care anymore. One less reason to be angry, no?

    • Hey Guys. Andreas here (or Dre for short)… I can confirm we’ll be on PS+ this month. We’re super excited about it and can’t wait to hear what you folks think of the game.

      As for PlayStation TV support, we’ll have more news on that in the future ;)

    • @dadrester
      Thx for confirmation,
      Some probably will be about 17% more relaxed after your reply.

    • @Dadrester

      Thanks for the confirmation about the game being on PS Plus! The game looks fun, and it looks like a great fit for Vita too, so I’ll definitely give it a try next week :D

    • Well I certainly am looking forward to this being in plus

  • looks good ill add it to download list for when i get a vita again.

    is it playstation tv compatible?

    hopefully your post wont be over run with plus questions but as its doubtful ill just say good luck with your title :)

  • Is this free on ps plus or has that changed now

  • It concerns me even if this game isn’t of great interest to myself that there is no mention of it being part of PS Plus this month. This leads me to wonder if there isn’t a bigger problem following on from there being no actual announcement for PS PLus outside of NA.

    • come to think of it i dont think the usa blog has “officially ” announced anything just ign and other sites

    • The US had their plus announcement on the blog, but has since been removed.

    • never knew they took it off the blog that is a bit odd.

    • Working on some sort of compensation for Driveclub perhaps?

    • do you want compensation for buying it?

      the free version (demo) is delayed not cancelled so until that time another title prob wont be added to rotation if at all.

      driveclub never took up a gameslot so there’s nothing to really compensate you for outside of broken promises and promises have been broken before with no compo so i dont know what you expect.

  • First off: I respect you devs and no harsh feelings. You probably shouldn’t read the rest of my comment, it is primarily directed against what PS Plus is becoming.

    Hungry Horde looks like a wild collection of simple C64 games. Games too simple to raise any interest on their own, since the 90s. But cheap versions of several of those game ideas being bundled together … wohoo!

    Sorry, I guess one can register that I’m not impressed. And I’m even less impressed that we are forced to pay for such games via Plus.

    • I bet the devs will feel great after reading your review of their hard work and effort.

    • @Golwar: Rude and ignorant. Okay you might not like the IGC right now. Okay this game might not interest you. But that’s no excuse to badmouth what these guys have been working towards all this time.

      Imagine it from their perspective – a small team making a nice little game for the Vita community only to get a bunch of people telling them their game is unworthy of being part of a free collection and complaining about PS Plus.

    • Well I hope that devs have better reading abilities than you seem to have Smash. Then they’ll register that I just can’t get excited for such a mini game bundle and primarily oppose the idea to enforce its payment on everyone via Plus.

      Nothing of that is related to their work efforts. I’d only blame them for making the choice to develop a game that most likely wouldn’t be a financial success on its own. But thanks to Sony this doesn’t matter. They don’t have to fear any negative results, as millions have no other choice than to pay for it.

      So once more the summary for you, as it seems that this went above your head: I primarily criticize Plus.
      It seems that Plus’ focus is shifting away from customer interest towards being a social welfare program for indies. And sorry, that wasn’t my primary interest when I paid in advance.

      Boo hoo, am I evil for expressing that opinion.

    • @Golwar
      1. C64 is exaggeration, even Amiga would be far from it…but yeah Cannon Fodder is classic and many games were created on base of that. But that’s the case for many titles.
      2. Golwar is right people “pay” for PS+ so it is definitly not “free”
      3. Nobody is doing anything for free Nosebleed Interactive gets money from SCE. For every game included in IGC SCEE/SCEA had to pay some sort of compensation (is that the right word?) to developers. Even if nobody will buy Hungry Horde (just theoretically speaking) Nosebleed Interactive will earn money.
      4. I guess it’s just wrong time for indie industry… some people are kinda tired of seeing those. If that was released 2 or 3 years ago, when indie boom started, reception would be different for sure.

      Anyway… I don’t care… let’s keep it calm.

    • You literally called their game a simple Commodore 64 collection and said they don’t have a game capable of selling. That’s not insulting the devs how?

    • It’s okay guys, we’re pretty thick skinned :). I have to say that I’d love to hear your feedback on the game after playing it. We’ve approached it very much with the mindset of it being a full retail game, rather than some mobile game. Lots of content, Platinum trophy support, a compelling metagame, additional extras and that sort of thing. I think that’s what attracted XDev to us in the first place. We weren’t just doing a mobile game that we wanted to port. We wanted to build a really fun Vita game from the ground up from the get go. Anyway, hopefully you’ll give it a try. Either way, no hard feelings.

    • Uhm, it’s the simple truth madman. I could name you C64 classics for pretty much any of the scenes in their trailer. So why shouldn’t I be allowed to say that it is a collection of ancient game mechanics if that is a fact?

      Ah, you’ll probably find reasons to whine about anything, thus I’ll just stop right after this comment.
      I suggest that you learn to answer reason with reason and argument with argument. All I heard was “Oh you are so evil for telling something that might be the ugly truth. How dare you!”

      Yes, I had no intention to congratulate all participating responsible persons for a job well done. Surprise! You got me.
      But neither did I have the intention to insult the developers. I wish them good luck and success and I might give Hungry Horde a try (not too many choices left on the Vita anyway ;-().

      I’ll repeat myself one last time: I primarily blame Plus for what it is becoming.
      If Hungry Horde would be a simple release, standing on its own feet, I couldn’t care any less. But as I’m paying for it I’ll take my freedom to express that I’m not impressed. Shocking, I know.

    • LOL Commodore 64 graphics???!!! Someone has obviously never played a game on a Commodore 64 this is as ridiculous as someone on this blog once said that Bethesda was using the same engine for Skyrim as they did on Morrowind. I’m guessing next we will learn how seemingly the Spectrum and Amiga had the same graphics as a PlayStation 2 and CD’s have the same sound quality as those old 75 rpm records played on a Victrola.

      It’s so funny how people moan about plus…I’m guessing people will whinge about how Sony didn’t give them a PS4 or a vita next. It’s £3.33 a month for 6 games on all 3 systems for me but even for people with only a PS3 that’s 2 games for £3.33 a month. I’d be willing to bet that if you totaled out the full amount of savings you made buying things with plus discount and the cost of the games you do get “free” with plus it would be more than £39.99 a year.

      But wait…then people moan because a big retail game doesn’t have some mega metacritic rating because some people can only play games that others dictate they should play. I’m not always happy with the games given but every month isn’t going to be tailored to my tastes (that would be Japan plus). I wasn’t happy with sports games or FPS but some people like those. You could argue that although RPG’s came out as the most wanted games we really haven’t had many of those. People seem to think Plus should be their personal game supply service tailored to their specific needs and it isn’t. If you like a variety of games and are open minded about games then plus is great. If plus annoys you that much then spend that 40 quid on a game you want instead.

    • Talking about respect without knowing what it means is. Kinda cocky, Golwar.

    • @Golwar: I’m sorry… you think I’m the one whining about things? Hello? Your whole thing right here is that you’re salty about the PS Plus line-up. You’re the one who’s whining. What I did was told you not to be rude towards a well-meaning development team. And I think you really need to re-evaluate your statements. Commodore 64… really?

      @Izorpo: 100% agreed. The entitlement people have regarding PS+ is astounding. I think people forget that Sony could just as well not be giving them anything as a perk.

    • @Izorpo
      You are really one of a kind.
      You post a huge comment writing down all kind of “conclusions” and judgments and … it’s all based on your assumption that I wrote anything about “C64 graphics”?
      Sadly for you, I didn’t. Not once. Never mentioned graphics anywhere.

      What I indeed mentioned is that the game mechanics and ideas presented in the trailer have been present in C64 games already. Smart people would tend to understand the difference.

      As everything else that you wrote is even less related to anything that I wrote, I’ll just ignore it. But congrats, you really performed here.
      As I said, you are one of a kind. Sadly not the kind that is capable to participate in a worthwhile discussion, as that would require basic willingness to actually read and understand what others write. Advisably before you answer.

    • Talking about respect without even knowing what it means. Kinda swaggering, Golwar.

      All your posts here ooze condescension. Since it’s the only language you seem to understand, I could only use some more in my reply. Hope you don’t mind if we don’t let you monopolize it.

    • @Golwar

      I would rather be my kind than yours.

      Also you seem to think certain game ideas came from the Commodore 64…really by that rational everything that has come after Atari 2600 is simply using those same ideas of the Atari games over and over. Any 3rd person shooter is Bezerk, any platformer its Pitfall et al. Every genre of game has been before, media kind of works like that be it books, films, art and games.

      Moaning about Metacritic ratings – that was always you. As if Metacritic is somehow the infallible law of game gods or whatever. You complained about Lego games on the vita given with plus. You just complain about any game given through plus. If you are so dissatisfied with the service then why are you still subscribing?

      It’s always the indie devs who receive such critiques without someone playing the game. Never see you going to task with big devs into why they keep releasing games created with the status quo in mind and always have some huge day 1 update because the game was rushed complete with bugs and glitches. I’m a gamer that plays all sorts of games indie, JP and sometimes AAA. I judge a game based on how fun it is to play not whether its indie or big studio release. I’ve come to realise that people who critique negatively indie games just because they are indie are simply those without a creative “bone” in their body. How horrible that must be to lack creativity and imagination.

    • No one is forcing you to add the game to the cart and dont complain that the service costs money even if you dont want the game because the service is shaped like this. Please read your comments before you just post them because a lot of the critique you just wrote looks like you are nullifying the devs work.
      The people working on this didn’t do it for fee but they did it because they liked the idea and they want others to play the game too.

      I must admit that I am not a fan of too much emphasis on pixelart games or games that look old but if the game is fun and is given to me for free then I sure as hell won’t complain.

    • Why all this dissing of the C64? It’s a fantastic machine that played an instrumental role in my gaming upbringing. It’s true that in many cases that the graphics and some of the mechanics are severely dated, but on the other hand their are numerous classics that still look good (not in a photorealistic way but in a stylised way) and still play great. Pirates, Creatures 1 & 2, Uridium, Wizball, Armalyte, Buggy Boy, Turrican, Impossible Mission, The Last Ninja series, IK+, The Sentinel, Dropzone, Hunter’s Moon, Shinobi, Microprose Soccer, Project Firestorm, Aliens… I could go on. I do feel that many of these games are just as playable today as they were in the 80’s and 90’s and I guess that it is one reason I don’t distinguish games as AAA or indie. A good game is a good game.

  • I was actually pleased when I thought I was getting this in the igc this month but seems to be looking worryingly doubtful…

  • fred is on holiday.

    i honestly think if he was here there would have at least been some kind of communication from his twitter about the delay to the news rather than this radio silence thats happening at the moment

    • this should have been a reply to 5 not its own post, man i hate this blog site now

    • Fred was on holiday last week. Doesn’t matter anyway, they have enough people either here or in the US who are capable to communicate. They simply chose not to do so at all.
      But at least Sid promised details “soon”.

    • i agree someone competent should have been left to deal with things.

      but sony and competent often dont go together so its to be expected :D

  • I got the monthly email from Playstation UK that usually comes out a week or so after the IGC refresh but it lists Binding of Isaac; Frozen Synapse and Hungry Horde.

  • I can guarantee this thread will be overrun with people moaning about IGC in 3.2.1……
    Give it a rest. Jeez.

    This game looks awesome, well done guys!

  • That awkward moment when no one cares about any post made here until the PS+ situation is clarified.

  • I actually also got the e-mail about the November IGC.. and of course it confirms what was “leaked” about a week ago. They probably want to keep as quiet about this months IGC as possible, thats why they will only mention the IGC in few short words this months. For this few words I suggest: “We couln’d find any cheaper games, so here they are: #4thePlayers”.

    My comment: stop the IGC, it became worthless, don’t be a kickstarter (using my and other ps+ members money) for Indies. Put the money into improving PSN in a way that people can actually notice.

    • Better yet, don’t renew your subscription if you think you can invest your money better. I, for one, am very happy to be able to play 72 games for less than €50/year. Certainly, the solution isn’t to “stop” the IGC for everyone as you said. Use your money more wisely if you think you aren’t doing it now.

  • I’m looking forward to playing this game. I like the idea of the sticker book, reminds me of plants vs zombies garden warfare.

  • Looks pretty good, me likey. =D

    However, I’m afraid that any Vita game that comes out in the immediate future is going to have a hard time swaying me away from Freedom Wars. =/

    That said, rest assured. You are on my radar. :D

    • My physical copy is still sealed while I try and complete rainbow moon. I hope it’s good

    • It’s sooooo good man. A little slow to fully hand over the reigns, but that’s understandable since there’s a lot to learn at first. But once you get into it, it’s such a blast to play.

  • Should come out last week

  • Looks very good – and platinum :o)

  • This game looks like its going to be great fun and it looks perfect for the Vita.

    Also this thread is not for all you entitled cry babies to complain about PS Plus, give it up already.

  • I’ll certainly give it a go as it’s free on PS+. It’s a bit unfair of people to write the game off without trying it themselves or seeing any sort of review.

    • Would you also recommend Justin Bieber ‘non-fans’ go to his concert if they havent given him a chance?
      Would you also recommend people give Xbox one with DRM a chance before they hate on it? (afterall we apparently could have shared games with 10 other people)

      Could give you countless more examples…. the point is that theres no logic in that sort of argument. People have a good idea of the types of games they like and dislike. The ship sailed a long time ago on indies for the vast majority of people (also the reason why the official poll is gone)

      Anyway if they still want to downgrade the IGC games then fine, but the price should decrease proportionately. Then it would be fair.

  • If the games are changing, I’m worried they are going to dig up a replacement from like 5 years ago =(
    But as long as its a AAA it would still be better than the games that were leaked.

  • I’m very interested in this game, I loved it since the first post on this blog in which you described it, but… Why not a retail version? I mean: it’s one of the very few Sony’s Vita exclusives of this sad year, it had the same destiny as Murasaki Baby and, probably, Oreshika. Sony owns the IP and publish the game, so it’s not an indie, SCEE has no excuses. I hope you guys make it available on your website at least, every collector and core gamer wants a physical copy of a so pretty game :)

  • I’m definitely going to give this game a try :)

  • Maybe, just maybe, the plus games are so bad this month because they are going to treat us for Christmas,,,,,,,,,,, ha!

  • I feel it’s unfair to the developers of this game to come on and either insult their hard work before even giving it a go or just to start moaning about how bad ps plus has become.I think this game looks amazing and I for one can’t wait to play it!I have played a lot of indie games and only a few times been disappointed.They deserve a lot more credit than they are given.

  • What’s the age rating for this as my kids have plus and if it’s a 12 it’ll be a bit unfair. Looks fun.

    • Hey ten-bucks, We managed to get a PEGI 7. There’s kind of a lot of gore in the game, but it’s a bit more Garbage Pail Kids than Nightmare on Elm street, if you know what I mean. Very tongue in cheek and done more for comic effect and player feedback than out and out scary gore.

  • This looks pretty fun, and I think that’s what games are supposed to be. I’ll be sure to give it a try!
    Great work!

  • The 80s music in the trailer sounds cool and it’s nice to have a Vita exclusive, but something about this game might make me a tad uncomfortable. It’s not like I fear violent 18+ games either (Left 4 Dead is one of my favorite games), maybe it’s the sum of all things. Maybe I’m just tripping. It’s probably that.

    I guess I’ll try it out. It’s for PS+ anyway, haha.

  • I have a 400 euro costing console to play this crapfest. Just two more weeks, finally far cry 4 and ac unity will be upon us and we can forget this indie invasion.

    • 400 euro for a vita? boy you got robbed.

      either that or you never bothered to read the post before replying ;)

    • Maximum fail.

      Don’t worry, we’ll forget you post way sooner than that, zaltman. Or perhaps we won’t and we’ll add it to the Hall of Shame.

  • Downloaded it earlier, it’s a pretty fun little game. It’s one of them that you can pick up for a quick session, or have a few hours on. It’s very enjoyable for what it is, many thanks so far.

  • Downloaded too.
    Very good ideas but i am very disappointed:

    -Lot of lags in the game, lots of lag in pacific island.
    -Lot of problem in gameplay, (ex in infection the white come at full speed after they appeared, and there is session where you have no chance to survive)
    -problem of camera in the main game: she becomes crazy sometimes…

    And pixelart. The vita have a hd screen…

    This game would be awesome on smartphone, but i’m sorry, i can’t recommend it on vita…too many issues to fix

  • I love this game! Lots of variety what with having the mini games within the main game.Not had any trouble with lag or such personally but maybe I’m just lucky.It’s a great little time waster but such a shame I won’t be picking up that platinum..cuz I’m cr*p at it!

  • I’ve downloaded the patch but still having problems with the game with regards to constant slowdown/framerate drops and screen tearing after about 20 minutes of play. It still seems to be after the 2nd time I have played the infection sub game via the presents. Eventually the game screen then goes black and is unplayable.

    Also, is the ‘Still Alive’ trophy glitched?

    The descriptions says to stay alive for 3:33 in Zombat cabinet view. I’ve got to 5+ mins in the min-game via extras and also above 4 mins via the Present in game. But it still hasn’t popped. Or does it mean 3 hours 33 mins…?

  • Hey Sleem01,

    To get the “Still Alive” trophy you need to be playing in Cabinet view. When you start the game from the minigames menu (or via the sticker) press the triangle button. That will change your view. Then stay alive for 3 minutes and 33 seconds. Props for staying alive for more than 5 minutes by the way. That’s no mean feat!!!

  • Hi Dadrester,

    Thanks for the reply, pressing the triangle button then playing the game did the trick. I didn’t even know you could do that. Aside from the little glitches, this is actually quite a fun game.

    Only wish the time given after completing each night was a little greater as the military base area/crushing walls can be a little unforgiving on checkpoints and so I can only get to night 5. Not sure how some of the guys on the leaderboards have got such a massive score lol.

    Thanks again :)

  • Hey Sleem01,

    Thanks for the comments. It means a lot. I’m hoping to do another blog post with some hints and tips on the game as well as revealing some of the more obscure easter eggs and hat tips in the game.

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