New Far Cry 4 trailer showcases ‘Battle of Kyrat’ multiplayer mode

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New Far Cry 4 trailer showcases ‘Battle of Kyrat’ multiplayer mode

See Kyrat in a completely different way

Far Cry 4’s new “Battles of Kyrat” multiplayer mode shows Kyrat in a completely different way. Your battles will take the form of a re-telling of the struggle that took place in a long-past war between The Rakshasa, Pagan Min’s elite guard and the Golden Path rebellion. In this asymmetrical experience, the different modes are round-based, so you’ll play as both classes in each match.

The Rakshasa are the mythical warriors of Kyrat, tied to a close connection with nature. You’ll call upon animals to help you in battle, and you’ll be able to move unseen through foliage when crouching. You’ll have access to traditional weapons, and you can craft multiple alterations to your bow, and fight with fire, swarm, spread and blink arrows. You’ll also be able to create perception and performance altering syringes to gain advantage over your enemies.


The Golden Path are all about their arsenal: guns, vehicles and tech-enhanced capabilities. You’ll have access to a variety of weapon types, including assault rifles, shotguns, and multiple explosives. You can also use the bell towers at your disposal, so you’ll be able to spot your enemies from afar.

In Battles of Kyrat, you will fight as both the Golden Path and Rakshasa in three game modes:

  • In Outpost, the Golden Path works to establish an outpost in the region while the The Rakshasa are looking to rid the land of all non-believers, and secure the outpost for Pagan Min.
  • In Propaganda, the Golden Path has to bomb and destroy these three propaganda installations, putting a stop to the spread of Pagan Min’s corruption.
  • In Demon Mask, the both sides have to capture the mythical Demon Mask by using a combination of stealth and outright assault to bring it back to their home base. Work together to prevent these sacred artifacts and their unique powers from falling into enemy hands.


As a whole, the Battles of Kyrat mode consists in:

  • A 5v5 round-based matches
  • An asymmetrical gameplay where the players take on each faction. The best overall performance on both wins the match.
  • 20 minutes average matches
  • 10 maps at launch
  • 3 game modes

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  • Yeah, yeah that’s nice. Where’s the plus update? I already know what we’re getting for a few days nows, but it’s supposed to be announced every last Wednesday. What’s going on..

    • SCEE can’t stick to a timetable, that’s whats going on. It’s not news and they’re not going to answer questions about it in this thread – or even read it.

    • You think I don’t know that? Inquiring on a topic that has nothing to do with plus might catch their attention. I have some things to say whether they read it or not, and I’m just warming up/

    • Agree with Dark; Sony flat out know we were expecting the announcement yesterday, and they’re also fully aware that when the community gets ignored posts will crop up in unrelated threads. Does that make it right? No. However, they *know* it will happen though, and have done nothing to help placate it for other Blog topic creators.

      I fully appreciate if the Plus announcement is delayed for XYZ reason, but blanking everyone without a single word or update is ignorant, and shows how very little they know their own community.

      On-topic. Looking forward to Far Cry 4! Loved 3, and these Kryat modes sound interesting :) Hope to see some more mini-episodes Vaas style!

  • Pretty “Fresh”, (I bet you get that a lot, huh?)

    I’m not the biggest MP player in the world though – so what’s unique enough to prize me online?

    • Seriously?

      The multiplayer is asymetric – already unusual – and plays like a mix of Tomb Raider and Dishonored thanks to the blink arrows. You’ve got animals, destructible scenery, the works.

      Oh yeah, and the whole game is playable in co-op. You can even let a few of your friends hop into your game to ‘try before they buy’.

      What more can you ask?

    • The whole game playing in Co-Op is a turn off for me. It’s just not for me (which is a factor in why I didn’t know about ANY of the other stuff you listed – I generally steer clear).

      I have no firm knowledge – though as you say – hopping into a game could sway things – from what I’ve seen, this looks ridiculously good looking.

    • However, playing like a mix of TR and Dishononed isn’t “unique” ?

    • i tought only some missions would be playable in coop, but if the intire game can be played in coop, its a must buy for me

  • Man talk about patience, can’t you wait?

  • Rumour has it you need to buy the season pass to access multiplayer, even though it’s on the disk.

  • No map builder like the old Far Cry games?

  • Hmm I’m not sure if I should get this game, at first it looked amazing till they showed all the crazy magical stuff – totally not my thing but the more realistic part looks great

  • What the heck is this Sony? (Nothing to do with Far Cry) is this your weekly discount on the PS4 PS Store? Are there not juice left in the site? I know that you’ve run many discounts on PSN games several times but since then you’ve got several new customers and they want AAA games at reasonable prices which you don’t see these days in the stores. You are the only one that can do something about it in the PS Store for the PS4 owners. But if you look at the weekly discount you are running today… are you kidding me??? And I mean it. The heck is this? You can do better than this.

  • Sorry this is completely off topic but I’ve looked everywhere for what should be a really simple to find piece of information and there’s nothing anywhere…

    Call Of Duty:Advanced Warfare — PS4 preorder on the PSN store. Will I be able to preload this game in the UK? Or would I have to wait until Monday to start downloading? I know the US, Canada and Latin America can preload from today, but what about the UK?

    Thanks all — (“,)

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