YouTube comes to PS4 today

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YouTube comes to PS4 today

Share gameplay, watch videos in 1080p, and more

Gaming on YouTube is all about sharing. Sharing your favorite funny moments from Far Cry 4. Avoiding as many Aliens as you can. Even sharing your games.

That’s why starting today you can share gameplay directly to YouTube on PlayStation 4 like a bawss, and watch all the YouTube you love with a new app starting to roll out today in the PlayStation Store. Just hit the Share button on the DualShock 4 controller to turn your power move into your next great video on YouTube.

You can also find and watch videos uploaded to YouTube by your PlayStation Network friends in the “What’s New” section of the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation mobile app.

To enjoy all the glory of your games, the YouTube app for PlayStation 4 lets you watch videos in up to 1080p and listen in 5.1 channel audio. The app also has our latest design for YouTube on TV that makes browsing faster and smoother.

Still rocking the PlayStation 3? We’ve got’cha covered there, as well as on the hundreds of millions of devices where you can watch YouTube. Game on.

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  • Just a shame that it doesn’t actually work. Doesn’t let me sign in and is just and endless loop of server issues.

    Why do you guys never test this damn stuff?

    • Well I dont think they “test this damn stuff” with millions of people trying to use it at the same time

    • Careful, Kenny. Too much common sense will anger people!!

    • LOL .. youtube works perfectly fine for me, signing in and using the app works all great haven’t tried uploading anything but man … what is a FAR BIGGER ISSUE .. is that the “standby/rest” mode is messed up and does not work properly XD .. other than that yeah .. PS store did not work properly the entire day and WHY the hell did we not get the the destiny and Advanced warfare themes that USA got in the PSN store?

    • PSN is working fine for me, but I do agree it needs better testing, maybe they should do open Betas like it’s competitor, you’re not obliged to use it, and you can help spot errors. Also it would give a better notion as to overflow issues.

    • Carefull Mike , too much ass kissing gets you expelled ….

    • What is worse is that they even in the disclaimer mention that they are not responsible if services don’t work, and we have no right to any compensation due to not working console / service’s ….
      How bloody sad is that !

    • Your ‘comeback’ doesn’t even make sense. Kenny was displaying obvious common sense, which isn’t taken too lightly by others. MY comment doesn’t display “ass-kicking.” Probably a regional faux pas, seeing as you’re foreign. Still, 36 people (at least) got the joke.

    • *ass kissing

  • Wait a second , is that uncharted 3 on ps4?????

  • I hope one day to be able to Sign into YouTube

  • Loved the firmware update today :P But can’t log into/sign into the YouTube App on the PS4 & when i tried to save a Video to YouTube via the PS4 it wouldn’t let me log in to YouTube so i just left it. Hopefully it will work tomorrow(i am guessing everyone is trying it today) :D

  • great alternative to those without capture devices, once it’s stable enough.

  • Good feature… that doesn’t work… nobody can link his YT account.

  • I had to create a second YouTube account to finally upload videos, PS3 store still takes ages to load once a game has been played. Had this problem since launch. Plus my first ever lockup and crash on the dash.

    Messages are a drag to send.

    • I also had my first crash after the update; I was scrolling along the dash and PS4 just turned off!?! When I finally got it turn back on, I had a messaging saying “The PS4 was not turned off properly. Before unplugging the AC power cord, select Power >Turn off PS4. If you unplug the AC power cord without doing this, data loss, corruption, or damage might occur.”

  • Video quality in YouTube app on PS4 is somehow worse, then on PS3. =((

  • Should fix what they have now before adding new features, the lagging servers (in the uk at least) are a real pain in the butt, the simplest of operations like sending a msg to friends on PSN is a real chore, I have one of the fastest internet connections in the UK and I would expect better (Better than ps3 would do).

    Just tried the YT and like other can’t sign in..

    Quality control please.

  • The app works fine. And the publishing works fine as well. I did face troubles signing during linking my PS4 to YouTube Service for sharing but it just took couple of tries and it worked.

  • The app isn’t even in the store for me and many others…

  • This doesnt work wont let me link account server connection error ….

  • Works great! I downloaded FW 2.00 the minute it was released.
    Then I synced my Youtube account to my PS4. I played a game for 7-8 min,
    hit the share button and saved my video to Youtube. Incredibly easy!!

  • Turns out it’s just another way to spam goddam ads into the living room.
    Not sure if it’s me but the app seems to have more of those annoying ads then the normal does

  • Doesn’t look like this post will get any questions answered but here goes.

    What was with the super secret surprise maintenance last night? Anything I tried to do on the PS4 gave a message telling me there was maintenance, the official status page claimed the PSN was trouble free, the hidden maintenance page (seriously, tjat needs to be easier to find) said there’s no maintenance at all for the next month and the @askplaystation twitter account was all over the place, it ignored the first hours worth of people asking, then told some people to reboot their routers, even told one guy to rebuild his file system then finally called it outage (status page was never updated and the PS4 kept calling it maintenance)

    Seriously, this needs to stop. We need actual proper advance warning of maintenance, send us a system message or something. If its an unexpected outage then at least update the status page and tell the poor guy you have sat on Twitter overnight so he doesn’t waste everyone’s time with pointless steps. Get this together, there’s been a few of these in recent weeks, its not good enough really. Please look at rotating the maintenance cycle so the Americans can be put out for a change and improve your communication on outages, its not a huge ask really.

  • Too bad the Toro theme is not available in Europe.

  • I tried the share center for the first time yesterday. Thought it was going to be slow editing videos with a controller but it worked really well and you used the controller in excellent ways.

  • Somehow the YouTube video’s aren’t fitting my screen, i’m missing a part of the video on the top and bottom.

    • Try check your Screen size setting in the PS4 Setting (forget the menu name).
      Mine had reset it self back to original setting

  • Will this work for sub accounts? Or do you ignore them like all other new features like facebook integration, ustream/twitch live streaming…

  • Thanks for the youtube app. Looking forward for more apps on the PS4.
    how can I add a video to my favorites?

  • Yeah nice, except you CAN’T LOG IN YOUTUBE ! Error message all the time (and not coming from Google servers, it’s a PS problem). And furthermore, PS4 stuck in Rest mode. Did you at least tested the 2.0 update???

    • and the PS4 stuck in Rest mode is NOT an isolated problem as Sony would love to think. It’s even in top of Reddit and the PlayStation official forum

    • Oh, so i’m not the only one with that issue. The orange light was flashing when I woke up and wouldn’t turn on. Had to do a hard reset.

  • Is Uncharted 3 comming to PlayStation 4? Would be a amazing collection.

  • Can’t bring machine out of Rest Mode and can’t upload videos to YouTube. Great… :-\

    • I can’t hring mine out of rest mode either. I have to cut the power to get it to turn back on. Obviously it’s not a hardware issue as it worked perfectly before this wonderful update yesterday that changed standby to rest mode. I’m getting fed up with PS4. Lesson learnt being an early adopter, you would think 3 failing Xbox 360s would have taugh me, never again.

  • Please fix the gameshare.cannot play almost all games,people get restriction error from same region

  • Playstation network is becoming a complete and utter joke, beta testing on paying customers. PS4 is the biggest letdown since the wii. Delay after delay. Sort it out Sony.

  • Despite’s it’s broken content ID system. I may not be able to use it.

  • Won’t let me upload my video clips to YouTube why is this plz? And for people not being able sign in you have to sign inlower case letters

  • This would be a great feature, but it’s completely broken. I spent over an hour attempting to upload a short video clip, and I received a mixture of server errors, looping back to the start of sign in without any sign that the process was completed or successful sign in but then no ability to upload before it eventually asks for sign in again.
    An absolute shambles of a feature launch.

  • Considering it’s lowercase by default I don’t think all the people that can’t sign in would suddenly decide to log in using Uppercase….that is not the issue…PS is the issue, the Youtube app is currently unusable when it comes to signing in for a lot of people…including myself.

  • Still not working. And still no word?

  • I can’t. Sign In on the app and when I go to upload a video Im signed in but still errors this is stupid

  • ARE YOU BEING SERIUS THIS IS THE WORST WORST UPDATE EVER I ENTER STANDBY MODE ITS OKAY BUT WHY IS IT TAKING HOURS TO GET IT BACK OUT OF STAMDBY C’MON SONY this is a joke just like the PlayStationplus it’s first year ps4 been out we deserve a AAA title we’re the one thats wearing your money that’s buyin your ps4s we deserve to get something good out of it

    • I was expecting a bit more myself.

      No DLNA, still many catch-up services and features that were available on the PS3 still aren’t on the PS4. It’s still a crippled console getting a few features added here and there, but too slowly.

      The most annoying features that are missing – support for USB sticks and external hard-drives, and a backup feature like there is on the PS3. With each game insisting on installing itself to the PS4, that 500Gb hard drive is a joke.

  • Finally i can sign into youtube. But now it wont let me upload any of my videos. Problem after problem

  • It’s hell laggy for me when “casting” from the YouTube app on my mobile phone to the PS4. I say “casting” because it’s the same button on the Chromecast, and that works a lot better… no lag, no pauses in videos, it buffers perfectly on the Chromecast, and if the PS4 version worked the same way it would be brilliant.

  • Please, can you answer if you are going to adresses the issue for the login? From yesterday it is impossible to use youtube with our accounts. Thank you!

  • For goodness sake people, just relax. Forget it, come back and try again tomorrow when the rush has died down and any initial fixes have been carried out. You haven’t had YouTube on PS4 for a year, so what’s the rush today?

    • Please , how much patience do they even deserve ?? This is not 1 incident a year we are talking about ! It is a constant mess with every new console since the ps2 ! False claims on games that are coming on launch , delay after delay , and i can go on for another hour …….
      Is the Sony board a couple off imbecile’s with amnesia ???? And it is not a free service anymore , so now we have a right to a working online system with no BS . Microsoft can do it , why can’t Sony get their act together ? Xbox live has had no major problems since the 360 came on market ( maybe 1 or 2 ) ,and it always works without a hitch . Now compare that to Sony in the last year alone ….. How often did it break down , had to be patched , had to be fixed in secret etcetera ….
      If it was just youtube , people would not be this upset over it …..

  • Can you listen to music on YouTube and play games at the same time?

  • Everyone is expecting perfecting from day one. If you had a little common sense you would know that new updates are never 100% at launch, there are always rocky start with bugs, crashes etc.. Plus this is the biggest update to come to ps4 since launch, yeah they had time to perfect it but Sony has over billions of people connecting to just their SEN servers alone. So you really think the Upload features and stuff will run smoothly for the first 2-4 days? No because all of this people are going to be jamming the servers trying to test out the new features. I’m enjoying the 2.0 update the only problem I’m having is uploading to YouTube, i know it will get fixed soon

  • Sweet I’ll go check it out

  • No, I’m sorry but that’s complete balderdash, my xbone updates are always 100% at launch, do you know why? Because they’re tested properly first to iron out the bugs before it is released into the wild. I own both and can 100% say that whilst I love my PS4 the service we get from Sony is complete s**t.

  • Still unable to log in, I get the same server message as yesterday.

    Poor show.

  • All we need now is a REAL Twitch App for watching other streamers other than those on PS4

  • Quality of video in the youtube app is horrible and i can’t select or find the settings to a higher resolution. So no 720p or 1080p with the app? Also linking my youtube account to my PSN account does not work

  • Yeah, i’ve got a chromecast working at home too. Definitely sends through better quality video!

  • Oh man, all these issues! Signing in and posting videos really shouldn’t be such a big problem. Other console platforms have done it. Surely the volume of people trying to access it shouldn’t be the issue.

  • Husteen on the US blog may have found the solution:

    OMG I FINALLY SIGNED IN! here’s how i did it:

    1. log into youtube on your computer, click your avatar on the top right of your homepage, and click the “YOUTUBE SETTINGS” icon.
    2. in the overview tab, click “ADVANCED” next to your avatar.
    3. select “Authorized sites to your Google Account”
    4. select PSN and click “REVOKE ACCESS”
    5. go to youtube app on ps4 and sign in again.

    all of my youtube stuff on now on the app, and i can upload shared clips to youtube! it must have been an issue with psn and youtube being linked before you actually sign into your account.

  • maxdiehard is right I tryed too but it wont

  • Why can’t i log in to my youtube account?

  • ok now tell me :D how do I select full HD?

  • Well done getting Evolve Alpha working….oh wait 2.0 broke that aswell,can ye do anything right?

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