How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition out tomorrow

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How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition out tomorrow

The crafting survival hit comes to PS4 — more fun, more danger, more zombies

Just a year ago, How to Survive made its way into the now-popular crafting survival genre. It reached top positions worldwide and even became a favourite in countries like Japan, where it can be spotted regularly among PlayStation Store’s top sellers (Last week it was top 3!).

We felt we had to take advantage of the new generation of gaming, and we needed to make the experience even more fun and challenging, so next Tuesday we’re releasing How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition on PS4!

How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition

As familiar as you might be with your old zombie-infested archipelago, there’s a ton of new content waiting for you in this fresh new complete edition, which includes the original crafting survival zombie nightmare along with six additional thrilling DLC packs. How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition is more fun and tougher than ever.

In How to Survive, your worst enemy… is yourself! You will have to fulfill your basic needs of food, water and shelter while facing all sorts of natural and unnatural threats. So be prepared to find zombies, armoured zombies, electric zombies, giants… but also piranha, crocodiles, bears, iguanas… and many more surprises

Brains are pretty hot items around here, so we encourage you to use them. Scattered around the islands you will find pages of an eccentric survival guide that can teach you how to handcraft dozens of weapons and tools: from fishing rods or crossbows, to chainsaws or Molotov cocktails. The choices you make will determine if you end up dead, alive… or undead! Watch the launch trailer above to see if you have what it takes to survive!

Storm Warning Edition features more exuberant islands to explore and more survivors to play with. You’ll go up against a wide range of natural conditions that affect your gameplay, such as rain that will put your fires out and leave you in the dark, making cooking an impossible task and rendering your incendiary arrows useless, storms that can strike you with lightning but will also recharge generators, and that’s not mentioning the blinding fog, lava pits, toxic clouds…

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We’ve even introduced new game modes following community feedback, where you can join a friend and try to fix an escape vehicle, or fortify your camp with traps and barricades to see how long you can last.

Good luck out there, Survivor!

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  • Like this games demo on PS3, and would of bought it already if not for choosing to ‘cut off’ my last gen spends, now I would of jumped on this for ps4 except for one reason is going to stop me, not fair on you guys really but the amount of times the sales team/or guys have had this in sales, you note yourself it’s chart number last week, feels like they’re taking us for a ride, so sorry, but guess I will wait till ps4 one enters a sale, long wait ahead but principles n stuff, good luck though as games very good.

    • Dude, that post is appallingly bad. There’s people here who have English as a second or even third language, who’ll be laughing at you. Go to school.

    • iOS update changed my preferences, although anyone that chose to laugh at another’s grammar or general educational level, isn’t imo worth worrying over.
      English bieng my first language I do get lazy, but maybe it’s the amount of useless bs that studying it has gotten me, zip.

    • I hear Mc’Donalds are hiring ;)

    • Haha.. Yep just pictured myself doing that, might get a Big Mac for lunch now..

    • @DavoTheDiv Laughing? Really? I totally understood his post and this is an online Blog not an English lesson or an exam, he can type as he chooses so long as we get the gist.
      What i find funny is that after i see you bashing another persons intellect i then see that you actually call yourself DavoTheDiv.

    • The post is perfectly legible.

  • “There’s people here who have English as a second or even third language, who’ll be laughing at you.”

    Pot, meet kettle.

  • @DavoTheDiv, @solarwind12, You guys are fighting over nothing… Even if solarwind12’s english was bad everyone would have understood what he meant… Anyway, I’m hoping that Costume Quest 2 arrives on the store tomorrow so I can buy both CQ2 and How to Survive to enjoy this weekend :)

  • It especially hard to write what you really want to anyway, sometimes on this blog, so I guess looking at post now it could of been made a little clearer, without fear of it not going into mod, but ios is definitely not helping either, cannot get my settings back, am fed up of writing one word only to see a replacement on screen, as for edit, maybe some day..

    • I wouldn’t give it anymore thought mate. If people couldn’t understand your post then its them that need to go back to school.

  • @DavoTheDiv, @solarwind12, you guys are fighting over nothing… Even if solarwind12’s english was bad, everyone would still have understood what he meant. Anyway, I hope Costume Quest 2 also comes out tomorrow so I can enjoy both CQ2 and How to Survive this weekend :)

  • iOS and Androids are awful to post on this blog, as you can see, I double posted :\ sometimes the autocorrect doesn’t correct anything at all..

  • There’s a very good reason most of these comments have nothing to do with the actual game xD

  • lol icing on this is i went and liked my own ‘put down’, off davo etc, that just about sums my day up.
    I Do like this game, well it’s demo was excellent and put it on my ‘to get’ list, although I never got around to it, IF it’s decent price I will jump in if not i will wait a little, just hate the pr ( not or guys, ) sales team for constantly putting it on, knowing ps4 version was on way?.. anyway that’s all I had against it, happening to often, sales then it either gets ps4 upgrade, or enters plus, and although I don’t have the (obligatory Mark?) sign next to ID, I’m day1 subber on main account, so as you may know, just have too much unplayed stuff anyway.

  • I loved this on PS3 but it wasn’t worth the full asking price. The sale price however was great and it was on sale shortly after release and several times since.

    Will likely be the same here so unless there’s a substantial PS+ discount or “double dip” discount I can wait for now.

  • Will there be a demo?

  • Already have H2S on X360 and PS3. Third buy for PS4 for full price? No, thanks…

  • The title says it is releasing tomorrow but the text says “next Tuesday”?
    Which one is it?

  • Can not see this on the EU Store yet any idea as to when it will be released say today but i don’t see it.

  • So is this out tomorrow or next Tuesday?

  • I cant find it anywhere – not even an option to preorder

  • No option for a reduced price for double-dippers I take it? Now that the PS4 launch window is over, business as usual.
    Don’t even know why I’m asking. Developers rarely answer blog questions anyway, let alone read them.

  • @DavoTheDiv-Hang on,you have a Union Jack flag,so I assume you are British,but you complained about his English/grammar,yet you called him ‘dude’,which is an Americanism.How ironic.

  • Can people stop saying ‘double dip’,instead of ‘buy again’.It’s such an annoying sound bite.

  • Just checked the price on the store. £15.99? Are you guys serious? And no discount for second time buyers? If any publisher wants to see how to price their game out of the market, look no further.

    Who makes these decisions? Insane.

  • Seriously insane, pricing it at that point is not going to sell many copies, I did download demo, IF it was around £11 I would think about it, but that’s just so much for a remaster, especially on a day when those two Metro games which were same price as this, get put into a ok discount, just on a £10 each. So just hope there as fond of putting ps4 vers in sales as they were on the PS3 one.

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