PS4’s Share Play feature in action – new video

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PS4’s Share Play feature in action – new video

Take a look at new functionality coming with next week's 2.0 system update

PlayStation 4’s system software update v2.00, codenamed Masamune, launches next Tuesday, 28th October. One of the features included in the update that I’m most excited about is Share Play, and we put together a quick video to show you how this innovative feature works. Check it out!

As we’ve said before, the best way to think about Share Play is like a “virtual couch”. PS4 will create an online local co-op experience by allowing you to invite a friend to join your game for up to one hour at a time – even when they don’t own a copy of it. Share Play has three main functions:

  • Share Screen – Share your screen with a friend, allowing them to spectate. This is ideal for PS4 owners that want to watch their friends play a game and provide helpful tips. PlayStation Plus is not required to use this.
  • Hand over my controller – Pass your controller to a friend, virtually, and watch them play. Your friend does not need to own, or even download the game, in order to use this feature. This is perfect for introducing your friends to new games. The host will need to be a PlayStation Plus member, but the guest does not.
  • Hand over another controller – If a game supports local multiplayer, you can have your friend join as player two. Again, the visitor does not need to own, or download the game in order to use this feature. Both players will need PlayStation Plus to use this feature.

Share Play pushes the social interactivity of PS4 to new heights and we can’t wait for everyone to try it out. What games are you looking forward to trying Share Play with?

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  • MKV playback? I wanna watch my anime on the big screen-nya!

    • I doubt you’ll ever see MKV; PS3 never got it so I don’t see PS4 getting it.

      Get Handbrake on your PC and convert to MP4. MP4 playback from USB is coming.

    • Just get a media box

    • I don’t need PS4 to watch anime on big screen ;)

    • Nonsense. The Xbox has MKV support so I see no reason Sony won’t follow suit.

    • it should have mkv playback even tv, blu-ray players, dvd players and xbox one even has it why not ps4

    • Sony has a movie studio’s interests and their download store to protect therefore we will never see mkv support.

      Lets face it, the reason people want mkv support is to play illegally downloaded movies nomatter what bull they try and spin. If you’re encoding your own movies then use a suppited format.

      I would like mkv support myself but won’t lie about wanting it. I also buy enough movies legally and piracy has resulted in me buying Blu-rays on a nimber of ocadsions

    • Just go to on the ps4 browser. They have all the animes so you can watch it on the big screen!! *flys away*

  • AMAZING!!! Cant wait for this. Hope u make it longer then 1 hour

    • Did they say if we can start a new one hour session after the first one has ended?

    • European_Gamer
      On IGN they mentioned you can just start another session right after, and as many you want afterwards. However I think there may be some kind of limit.

  • Can we use Share Play’s “another controller” function with more than 1 player already on?
    For example: I have 2 players at my house and we want to play with a remote 3rd person. Can it be done?

  • Awesome! 1 hour? I don’t think that’s enough though, at least 2 hours lol Oh well. This is the #1 place for the player! If you guys keep listening to your devotees. Anyways, keep up the great work Sony!

  • Are trophies disabled if you pass the controller over to a friend? I hope so.

    • I hope not. This would be incredibly helpful for trophies that require you to do things in offline multiplayer.
      If people wanna use it to get cheap trophies then who cares, they can already do the same thing by inviting a friend over anyway.

    • Terarded, inviting a friend to play as 2P , 3P or 4P to get offline MP trophies done is fine in my book.

      Inviting a friend to take control of your game and finish hard parts of a certain game with YOUR character is just as same as giving someone your account so they can get trophies for you. Although network latency will be a huge factor in this case.

    • Trophies are not disabled. Gave Driveclub to a friend to have a race today and trophies were being unlocked for me when he was racing!

  • Sounds like a fantastic feature, but the “one hour at a time” confuses me. I assume it’s in place so that you can’t just leave your PS4 on Shareplay and let people play entire games or something. If so, is there a cooldown until you can use it again?

    • There is no cooldown. You can pause the game and restart it immediately. The reason for this being the exact thing you said.

  • I don’t think some of you get this, but that one hour rule isn’t really a problem. After one hour is up, you can just start right up another SharePlay session immediately. So I don’t get some of you who are asking for two hour sessions, just start another one, simple as that.

  • Sounds amazing really :P

  • That Is just epic that’s all I can say :)

  • Does this work with Vita to PS4?

  • @Velkrio (4th comment)

    Once the hour is up you can just set up another session straight away.


  • This is great, some trophies on some games I never got them, I can give to my friends :)

  • I wonder how well it will work with our weak European internet connections.
    Why didn’t you send it to the beta testers.

  • And the same question from me..
    How does this work , surely streaming isn’t going to come to the fray , we all know how good THAT works if you have a ps vita and try to do remote play over the internet.
    I wonder if you will have to download the game that you wish to play with your freinds and it will be locked somehow?

    • If you actually read the article, it said you don’t need to download, it just streams it.

    • It’ll probably open a peer to peer streaming session. However comparing it to the Vita remote play via internet would be inaccurate, in the case of Vita remote play the streaming data must be transcoded by the PS4 on the fly and then streamed the the Vita which then has to process the input and stream that back. On SharePlay both devices will be a PS4 so it should be a direct connection without the need for transcoding similar to playing a peer to peer or LAN multiplayer game.

      We’ll find out next week when this launch feature is finally enabled.

  • Looks great, but I’m guessing Sub accounts miss out on yet another PS feature.

    I’ve had this account for 7 years Sony, 7, years. Come on.

    For the gamers, woo.

    • Can’t you just use the master account to enable those missing things?

    • You’d think so but no. Sub accounts can’t use the streaming services, not to even leave a comment or even connect to facebook.

      Basically just a higher powered PS3.

    • And Sony’s response just appalls me.
      “Sub accounts can not be upgraded to master accounts (we’re too lazy to implement this) sorry for the inconvenience (bother somebody else, we don’t care).
      There’s a reason Sony’s overall profits are declining. I’m not forfeiting three years worth of purchases and plus backlog for a master account, and I’m not creating a new email address for it because Sony think they can push people around. They’re breaching consumer law in many different countries but no one wants to do anything about it. I hope the EU gets them like they did Microsoft.

  • My own question about this, assuming questions will be answered…

    Does this need invites or can I set it so that anyone on my friends list can watch me at any time? One of the things I like about party chat is that I can set it totally open and my friends can see I’m available and jump in if they want to, I’m hoping the same is possible with this as if its invite based I simply can’t see myself using it at all.

    Also echo the above, will this feature be allowed on sub accounts? If Sony aren’t going to implement any sort of account upgrade then how about simply adding an option to the master account to drop all restrictions to their sub?

  • So what’s the difference between “Share Screen” and simply streaming my game through twitch?
    Except, this way only one frined can watch it. I can’t see why would I use it instead of streaming. Maybe it needs less upload speed?
    Anyway, how much upload speed do I need to host this Share Play? 2Mbit/s upload will be enough?

    • Well considering PlayStation Now needs 5mbit/s for game streaming, no. 2 won’t be near enough for a stable connection.

  • Sony give us share play and the first comment is someone who wants to watch rip off anime mkv files on their ps4? Jeez

    Very excited for this. It’s mind blowing and industry leading. This new liberal approach to games is getting better and better.
    I wonder tough if developers can block this?
    Could EA perhaps stop madden 16 using this feature next year.
    I guess they could using the same kinda code that blocks the stream when entering account stuff.

  • Better get myself some single player games ready for when that comes! Cos I bet there will be so many people trying to get onto it same time the moment it’s available and they may just crash the servers

  • The updates are great, but when will we finally be able to change our PSN/SEN usernames? I’ve been waiting for that feature for years now…

  • Hi guys could someone clarify with share play will i be able to for example play assassins creed unity and invite a friend to join me in coop even if they don’t own the game or destiny could i have a friend join me on there or is it only for split screen games

    • Only for games that support local co-op. Not Destiny as that is online only.

    • Far Cry 4 supports something like this with the “Keys to Kryat” system, and it’s possible that others will follow suit eventually, but SharePlay only offers this for games which support local co-op “off the shelf”. Diablo 3 should be good

  • Sony should really bring out updates more frequently. The PS4 has been more or less the same feature wise since it released. You have to admire how Microsoft handles their updates, they are frequent and bring useful features. My only complaint about the PS4 really.

    • Must admit Microsoft do there updates better than sony.
      Whatever happened to resume play the xbox ones had it since the start I think.

  • the only loser i see with this feature is EA because who is going to go buy fifa or wwe games if the only part you want is doing the matches with a mate

    • Think of it this way.
      Think of it as adding value to hardcore fifa player. Allowing him to play with his closest friends who hate football.
      Those friends who hate football might one day become comfortable with playing FIFA and enjoy the banter and thus purchase the game themselves.
      Never do I see people actually substituting buying games for this.

    • It’s a good view what Harrisown has pointed out. I don’t buy fifa games and my best mate always asks me to get it so we can play each other. This morning when he asked me if I heard about the share play update, he mentioned sharing with me so I will be able to play it with him. I don’t dislike football, it’s just not a game I buy but would certainly play it with him when I’m invited. Who knows, maybe if all goes well I could consider buying

  • Don’t see a list of the games that actually support this feature. I am pretty skeptical EA, Activision and Ubi are ok with loss of sales just to make Sony fanboys happy. We will most likely see this supported on a handful of Sony published games and then it goes away, just like Move, 3D support etc. did.

    I would also like to know how fast connection one needs to (really) use this feature. I would reckon a 5MB out-connection would be bare minimum, probably twice as much will be needed.

    • It’s built into the system. It’s system level sharing. Games don’t have to do a single thing to support it. It’s essentially remote play between two ps4s

    • If it needed 5mb upload it would be utterly pointless as the European average for upload is around 3-4mbps, and that’s being skewed by the minority who are getting 10mbps plus with fibre, the vast majority of the population are under 2mbps. Same is true in the US.

      In terms of bandwidth, this should be similar to hosting a peer to peer MP game, everyone should be able to run it fine.

    • It’ll need more bandwidth than a peer to peer MP game because its streaming video. the quality of the experience will depend on peoples connection. I guessing the maximum will be 720p/stereo to the friend your sharing too.

      I have 78mb down and 18 up so i’m ok. Fibre is becoming much more available. its also dirt cheap for what you get (£20 a month no limits on the amount you can use)

  • Although I’m grateful for the new update and features I think it’s about time sony fixed some of the basic functions of the PS4, like the messages for example. I’m sick of waiting between 5-15 mins everytime someone sends me a message for it to load. It was instant on the PS3, so why does it take so long on this so-called next gen console.

    • Must be your set up, I have no probs with that, my main gripe is the store not loading after using any other app or game, that’s embarrassing for Sony, hopefully this update will sort it, but I have my doubts, and the store is a mess, horrible ui, the old store was 1000 times better.

    • A faster machine does not guarantee a faster network. Remember, you’re talking to the company that for hacked in 2011 because they hadn’t updated their security since the launch of the PS3, and then got hacked a few more times on a smaller scale because they still hadn’t upgraded.
      If Sony doesn’t see large profits coming out of something they won’t do it. The problem with psn is you don’t realise how bad it is until you’ve handed over money for the console.

    • My set up as u say has nothing to do with it, there’s a ton of people on my friends list that have the same problem and I’ve also read various comments on the internet of people saying the same thing. The store on the other hand loads instantly for me no matter when I go into it, but I’m not gonna blame it on your “set up” as that would b dumb, it’s clearly sony’s infrastructure that needs fixing not poeple’s set ups.

    • The set-up isn’t an issue. There have been increasing problems with PSN features as of late.

    • I was trying to be constructive, there are many factors that can cause these problems. Ok so we are getting different problems, but I was trying to help as I hadn’t heard of or had your issue. I also wasn’t trying to be a know it all as you clearly are.

    • I get that problem too so your not alone. A lot of my friends are complaining about it too. The issue started for us from the moment Destiny was released. Was that the same for you?

    • lolllll you very bad conection
      i goth 2-3 min max buth = not good ath al wen you talking in game ( only ting working faster = group mesage , buth why not group mesage in game ?
      lots of games in game mic not work whith nat 2 like me ( destiny :( )

    • i goth
      19.8 mbps download
      3.2 mbps upload
      in Belgium
      + i pay 39.90€ fone /tv/internet ( provider scarlet = syster company of proximus, i live very short to provider )
      faster versions you have telenet /proximus = new name to belgacom them have lots hijer buth prices not in mi budget

  • Is anyone over here having problems with entering PS Store? My PS3 freezes whenever I enter it, saw other people complaining on it too. Is Sony even aware of it?

    • Yep, same issue here. Reported to Sony but have yet to have a reply. Deleting store, reformatting drive, adjusting date and time do nothing. Hopefully we will see an official response as the forums are getting more and more of these posts.

    • psn = the only problem
      i hope no bugs in new update tomoro .

      ps4=slow mesage ( more then 1-3min)
      friend list = very slow loading sometimes
      store = good – lybary also good ( i have kabel )

      if ps4 newer tech goth lots of problems what you tink old stuf (ps3)gone have like problems ?

      also indeed ofline/online/busy / away/only downloading option !!!

      demos =share play = demo ;)

  • Just checked there, PS3 didn’t freeze but it took a good long while to load, even longer than usual.

  • Again no options for the online status (online, busy, offline). Is it so difficult for SONY ?!

  • Totally agree, new features are always nice but there’s still so many basic features missing. I would of thought these next gen consoles would b capable of everything the last gen consoles could do plus more, but that’s just not the case. More proof these new consoles were seriously rushed.

  • Can you have more than one person spectate? Thinking about getting Alien Isolation or The Evil Within, but I’m really terrible at finishing horror games when I play them by myself. If me and my two friends could play it together and pass the controller over shareplay that would be perfect and you’d get a few sales out of me.

  • Where in my post did u get the impression I claim to b a know it all, because I said I knew 1 thing ? (Knowing it wasn’t my set up). So u think someone saying they know 1 thing makes them a know it all then that’s some strange logic u’v got there. And as far as being constructive goes, telling someone it’s there set up when u clearly have no idea if that’s the case is hardly constructive.

  • last comment was meant for Flipside666, comment 26.4

  • The future of fighting games is here!

  • If you both own the game being share played will it last longer then an hour? E.g. playing with my mate on my career mode on fifa etc etc.

  • I’m guessing my 2.5mbps download and 0.2 upload won’t be enough to run this?
    + would it be possible to download the game onto my hard drive so that the textures were already there when my friends are sharing a game with me? I have 2TB so space wouldn’t be a problem

  • Is it Tuesday yet? :D Saying that i will wait a bit then download it just in case there are any problems(i hope not) + I watched that 1st PS4 reveal again last night :D & there are still a few things that haven’t come to the PS4 yet like Suspend & Resume and Play Demo’s via Streaming and PS NOW(well for the rest of the World)(those features i thought were amazing ideas) :( Hopefully they will come soon(well saying that the lack of normal PS4 demo’s is depressing this gen so far to. Not all SONY’s fault :D but no KZ:SF/Knack/Infamous:SS demos so SONY are not even trying to) Oh well.

  • 2 questions about this feature if someone from Sony could clarify.
    1. If the game to be shared is “online only” eg. Destiny will this still be a usable feature?
    2. If the game in couch co-op usually resorts to split screen, eg. COD Ghosts, will both players see a full screen through shareplay or will both see split screen as if they were both on the same system?
    Either way this is still a great feature I’m very much looking forward to using.

  • Here are some things I think we all really would love to see in future updates:

    – Better PSN (PS Plus) uptime!
    – Fixed PS Store connection errors
    – Notifications when friends come online (and ability to turn it off)
    – Ability to use PS4 game-screenshots as a background (theme)
    – All video format support via USB (including MKV)
    – DLNA and CD support
    – media playback from intern HDD
    – Ability to pause downloads
    – Solid message system without delays
    – The resume a game from system standby feature
    – Charging controller while off (not just standby)
    – Download a game in standby and auto turn off after its finished
    – Custom folder creation
    – I’d like to see a 15 or 5 minutes warning before it breaks the connection, along with potentially an option to renew the connection without having to remake the party. This way it will be ‘unlimited play proof’ but also will not ruin the gameplay!

  • What time ( European Time ) exactly is this 2.00 update happening at tomorrow ?? How big is this update gonna be ??

  • To answer some questions here; trophies are not disabled, but any trophy your friend gets while using “your virtual controller” will you automaticly receive. Also, after 60 minutes of Shareplay, you can just turn it on again. There’s no limit.

  • Does anyone know why my Share Play would never work? it says that the internet is to slow but does if is so anyone know what the requirement is for Share Play

  • can you do this for bf4

  • can you play together for bf4 or can only one person play

  • dont get al hyped up , even connection up and running on high speed you cant get connection if there is a little difference in connection speed between players

  • Me and a friend of mine where going to play The Evil Within, but when we went on share-play it said that we couldn´t because of the restriction in country or region. Well, that´s disappointing.. Anyone know if that´s just the way it is, or have we done something to [MODERATED] this up? Octodad worked btw.

  • I always get the same error trying to use shareplay! It says that my internet is very slow…but my internet isn’t that slow
    Sony needs to fix this.

  • Just buy an Xbox one then next summer try psn again if we’re lucky it might be ok by then lol driveclub is like watching paint dry

  • Hey guys, love the new themes, but I can’t get share play to work. Keeps saying my internet is too slow, but I can stream games just fine through playstation now, and have never had serve issues…any ideas? Help… :(

  • Shadow of Mordor & Tomb Raider can’t be SharePlayed in Finland at least. It just complains about “country restrictions”, so I’m guessing publishers can disable the feature.

    Is there anything great that greed & narrowmindedness won’t ruin…

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