Explore the midlands of Kyrat in new Far Cry 4 trailer

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Explore the midlands of Kyrat in new Far Cry 4 trailer

Your first look at the fearsome Durgesh prison and its resident villain, Yuma

In Kyrat Series Part 2, travel to the Midlands region of Kyrat, a place full of beautiful vistas and exotic wildlife. But nothing is perfect in the kingdom of Kyrat: this region is under the control of Dr Noore Najjar, Vice Lord of Kyrat, who supervises the drug trade, and manages the deadly Shanath Arena. In this centuries-old tradition, the people of Kyrat cheer for the brave gladiators, who face the ferocious tigers, bears and rhinos in a fight to the death.

The Midlands may be dangerous, but they are nothing compared to what you’ll face on the top of the Himalayas, patrolled by the Royal Army’s elite. Here is where you’ll find the Durgesh prison, a craggy gulag carved in the side of the mountain, where Pagan Min sends his political prisoners, and where the only escape would be a fatal jump into the emptiness below. It is managed by Yuma, a former triad gangster and commander of the Elite Royal Guard, who is Pagan Min’s most loyal ally.

In this harsh climate, life is a near death experience, where you’ll have to face not only powerful enemies, but also ferocious wolves, snow leopards, and avalanches. What will you do to survive? Pick a throwing knife and use a machine gun against your enemies, or use your surroundings to your advantage and escape with your grappling hook and wingsuit.

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