The Unfinished Swan graces PS4 & PS Vita next week

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The Unfinished Swan graces PS4 & PS Vita next week

Experience Giant Sparrow’s unique adventure in full 1080p

So he took his mother’s silver paintbrush, and followed the footprints into a little door he hadn’t seen before…

If you didn’t pick-up the silver paintbrush two years ago and discover the enchanting and mysterious world of The Unfinished Swan, a great journey awaits you on Wednesday, 29th October when it arrives for PlayStation 4 priced at €12.99/£9.99.

We are also pleased to announce that this intriguing tale is also coming to PS Vita on the same date. The Unfinished Swan is also a cross buy title. If you’ve purchased The Unfinished Swan before, you’re entitled to it on all PlayStation platforms

Now in silky smooth 1080p on PS4, The Unfinished Swan puts you in the fairytale story of a young boy chasing after a swan who has wandered off into a surreal unfinished kingdom. You begin in a completely white space and paint to splatter your surroundings, to reveal the world around you.


That however, is just the beginning, and dare we spoil the rest with the slightest of words. The Unfinished Swan will challenge your belief in confronting the unknown. It will spark your imagination, and keep you exploring to see what lies beyond the blank “whitespace” exposed before you. You may even encounter the eccentric King who built this realm.


Speaking of kings and realms, The Unfinished Swan was originally crafted for the PlayStation 3 by the incredible minds of Giant Sparrow, a development team whom we are proud to call “family.” Ian Dallas, founder of Giant Sparrow and lead creator of The Unfinished Swan has a fairytale story of his own in how The Unfinished Swan came to be.


In October 2008, Ian submitted “Whitespace” to the still-running indie-dev game showcase at the Tokyo Game Show – “Sense of Wonder.” He was honoured to present as one of twelve finalists. After the show, Santa Monica External Studio connected with Ian to help him realise his dream of publishing The Unfinished Swan and to enable him to establish his team, Giant Sparrow. Three years later on 24th October 2012, The Unfinished Swan released on PlayStation 3.

Below, you can take a look at where The Unfinished Swan started in Ian’s mind.

Ian’s story is as true to the nature of what The Unfinished Swan is all about – discovering and exploring the unknown. And as today marks the two-year anniversary of the game launching on PS3, Santa Monica Studios and Giant Sparrow want to give a heartfelt thanks to Armature Studios for handling the development of The Unfinished Swan to be fully realised on PS4 and PlayStation Vita. They were amazing partners to work with and this would not be possible without them.

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  • Why was the Vita version kept under wraps? It’s as though Sony doesn’t even want people to be interested in the platform.

    • I swear a few years ago, there was an interview with one of the developers, and they asked will we see is on the PS Vita, what’s happening etc. The dude said he can’t really discuss this right now, so it may of been in the pipeline for a while.

    • It’s been in the pipeline for Vita for a long time. The Korean ratings board leaked it for Vita earlier this year. Then SSM comes here and says it’s only on PS4 (WHY? I don’t get it?) but then at TGS a trailer comes out for it on PS4 AND Vita and now finally SSM decides to mention Vita in the blogpost. It’s ridiculous honestly…

  • Hell yeah! You know, a minute ago I typed in Google PS Blog, and just before I clicked on the link to this site, I said to myself, I hope The Unfinished Swan is out next week, that’ll be great, and wouldn’t you know it, this masterpiece of a game comes out next week. I WANNA PLAY THIS ON MY PS VITA, fantastic. I enjoyed the PS3 version, it was so unique, and fresh, and there’s so much exploring to do, the music’s lovely too. Thank you for bringing this to other platforms ’cause this game deserves it, it really really REALLY DOES. :)

  • Now if they can do the same conversion with Journey……..

  • Excellent! Can’t wait to play this on PS4 next week, one of my favourite games on PS3.

  • Perfect timing for me!

    I bought a PS4 last week and played it on PS3 previously so looking forward to this next week!

  • Will it still have move support?

  • Cross buy is fantastic :)))

  • Question: This is a cross buy title which is great. But I want to know will the Vita version be compatible with the PlayStation TV?

  • 60FPS?
    Move support?

    • 60fps in this really? Its funny, 9/10 tines I see someone post something about frame rates there’s a a general sense that don’t know what frame rate means and just jumping the bandwagon. This post, calling for 60fps in a wholly sedate non action title like this jumps so hard on the bandwagon that hope it breaks.

      Besides which, a locked 30 is always always always better than a target 60 but variable, always. If you can’t lock 60 then lock 30. The awful judder in Tomb Raider DE will show you why 60fps isn’t always better.

  • The Unfinished Swan is one of my favorite games on the PS3, so I’ll happely play through it again on my PS4 (And maybe I’ll play it on the Vita too!) :D So thank you Sony, and long live cross-buy ;)

    And if there’s anyone reading this that hasn’t played the game yet, and doesn’t mind a somewhat slow-paced game, you need to play this. The Unfinished Swan is an extremely unique and interesting game with a great story. I can’t recommend it enough. :)

  • Good game. I seem to remember one of the trophies for this was to get through a level that almost entirely white, only a few coloured items here and there to help get your bearings…

  • Can we expect to see discounts for any of the following PS3 games in the near future:

    Ratchet and Clank Nexus
    Xcom: Enemy Within
    Diablo 3
    Heavy Rain
    Valkyria Chronicles

    • Valkyria Chronicles doesn’t have a digital version.

    • Vanquish was part of PS+ some point in the past. I wouldn’t hold my breath for Heavy Rain, I have been keeping an eye on that one and I don’t remember it apperaring in sales.

  • Beautiful game. Looking forward to playing it again !

  • One of my most favorite games ever. Thank you for re-releasing it.
    A request — can you sell some shirts or statue of this game? I’d love to buy a memorabilia.

  • When Journey for PS4 will come to Store?

  • That unfinished swan image in the top right corner is pretty creepy.

  • It’s a good game, but I think it’s shameful for developers to expect those of us that bought the PS3 version to pay full price for the PS4 version.

    You may argue if I don’t want it on the PS4, I don’t have to buy it. If that’s the case, then i’ll avoid all games on the PS3 until they make the leap onto the PS4 and then buy them.

    At least with Minecraft and others, we paid a small upgrade free to get the PS4 release. That’s the fair way to do things!

  • Please Sony , please tell me that you have a better future for me then rehashing every indie game that has sold a copy on ps3 , too ps4 and bringing it to us as something worth mentioning at all !!!! If this is the future for my ps4 , then i regret that i supported the indies on the ps3 …
    I understand why you do it , but it shows the lack of any imagination on Sony’s part , if you ask me …. The fact that they cant seem to get enough new stuff for the ps4 is absurd to say the least . There are enough new indie titles out there that Sony could publish on the ps4 , without having to resort to the rehashing of old titles .
    I really am curious to see if anyone from the Sony platform has the balls to give us a straight answer …..

  • not long now for AAA games for the PS4 which is the reason i got mine not for garbage like this

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