Table Top Racing: World Tour announced for PS4

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Table Top Racing: World Tour announced for PS4

Playrise’s Digital’s popular PS Vita racer gets the full home console treatment

Hello PlayStation Blog readers! This is Nick from Playrise here again. You may remember me from my recent post at the launch of Table Top Racing on PS Vita back in August? We’ve got something even more exciting to talk about today! We are officially announcing Table Top Racing: World Tour is in development and will launch first on PlayStation 4!

Table Top Racing: World Tour is a brand new game in the Table Top Racing universe and will be expanding on everything that was great about our first game. We’ve got new cars, tracks, shortcuts, power ups and all kinds of hidden secrets lined up!

We can’t announce too many features just yet as we’re just at the start of development, but we can say that we’re very much focussed on delivering a full-on, new-generation, console gaming experience. Multiplayer is going to be at the core of TTR:WT with dedicated four player split screen as well as network play available. We know there’s nothing better than playing against your mates so we can promise you there’s going to be plenty of hardcore competition going on!

We’ll have more news for you soon, but in the mean time, check out these first three early work-in-progress screen grabs from the new ‘Jalopy Junkyard’ circuit. It’s early days, but we hope you like em!


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  • 4 player split-screen sounds awesome :)

    • You know what it’s like playing with friends in the same room – top fun, top banter, top insults, but usually not about your parentage – and of course the issuing of a “dead arm” for the winner that sneaked up on the outside and blasted you with a weapons in the final bend. THAT’S what Playrise calls social gaming.

  • I really liked Table Top Racing :)

    Though… I kinda hoped for new stuff making game look more like a micro machine. I mean adding boats, helicopters, tanks, greasy/oily stains etc.

    Hmm… and I’m not really sure about multiplayer… the first one had rather bad multiplayer… I mean how it worked.

    But ow well, I might buy it :) I will decide when we will know more things.

  • Ooh this looks absolutely fantastic. Here’s me hoping that its just as good as the first…with improvements :)

    • Crikey – this is just a test tech demo chap. Its going to look A LOT better than these shots. Follow us on facebook and twitter as we go along – we’ll be making regular posts when there’s something to shout about.

  • 4 player split-screen?
    Day 1 buy.

    • We’ll bring 4 player split-screen if we don’t have to compromise 60hz. Its certainly an ambition to bring it though.

    • The 4 player couch coop will be a must for me too. Couldn’t you put in an option to lock the framerate at 30fps and have 4 player split screen run at 30fps.

  • Sounds good, but please don’t skimp on single-player functionality; there are already too many PS4 titles which are supposed to be multiplayer-centric but have completely broken online functionality, such as Basement Crawl… and Driveclub.

    • Well, Driveclub is a very different prospect and they are trying to to lots of very new multiplayer, co-op and team social things so bear with them its not easy or cheap to do that – there’s a lot of good eggs over Evo (former colleagues of mine too), and they are working hard to get it right so hopefully the wait won’t be too much longer. Ours will be much more traditional in terms of VS gameplay.

  • This will be a sick mini game can’t wait to play it

  • Gonna be gud. Especially split screen, we need more split screen racers.

    You guys should also try and get a platinum trophy in there.

  • Not only split-screen but 4-PLAYER SPLIT SCREEN? Can’t wait! Just make sure the framerate is smooth!^^

    • As stated in our press release, we will be aiming to bring 4 play split screen, but we also won’t compromise on 60hz.

  • Im so sad for not owning a PS4 nor a Vita :( I’ll have to wait a full year to try out this game.. Sounds amazing fun, hope it sells well :)

  • I love the Vita version (anything that has a similar vibe to the old Micro-Machines games is fine by me) so this will no doubt be a day1 purchase for me, although I can see split-screen multiplayer causing arguments between me and my wife ;)

  • if you have to compromise 60Hz to get 4-player splitscreen, reduce the detail so you can have both. 4 player will be amazing – PS4 is really starting to be a great couch co-op machine.
    Have you thought about having single screen local multiplayer – like micro machines or Mashed?

  • Will this be cross buy from the Vita version?

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