Shadow Warrior cuts a swathe onto PS4 this week

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Shadow Warrior cuts a swathe onto PS4 this week

Devolver Digital delivers some expert tips for its OTT shooter

Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital‘s reimagining of the cult classic Shadow Warrior is out this Wednesday on PS4, and to celebrate we wanted to offer some tips for those new to the series.

The most important thing to know: while Shadow Warrior is classified as a first-person shooter, shooting is the least fun and effective way for our hero Lo Wang to eliminate an invading demon force or an irritable gang of Yakuza. So holster your gun and whip out your katana, because it’s time to learn how to use your Wang properly.

The katana is the first weapon given to Lo Wang and ultimately the most powerful one in the game when used correctly. You can’t act like you do in every other FPS, slumping along flinging bullets into the air. Keep moving and attack at the most opportune time with well-placed strikes and you can literally dismantle your opponent, slicing off limbs and heads.

Never get intimidated. Never. When a demon has you cornered in some creepy ass hallway, just remain calm, take a deep breath, and cut him in half. Right in the gut. While demons are formidable creatures, there isn’t a single one that can survive being sliced in half — it’s science.

At this point you’re asking yourself, “That’s all well and good if it’s one demon in a hall, what am I supposed to do when surrounded?” Time to reach into your bag of ninja tricks and start using special moves to clear some room. There are a few to choose from as you build up your katana skills, but my personal favorite is the 360-degree spin.

And finally, it’s important to know that you aren’t the only ninja on the block, so keep your wits about you. Demons, gangsters, and haters of all types are going to take a shot at Lo Wang, but if you keep that katana handy and your mind focused you’ll be strutting that Shadow Warrior swagger all over town soon enough.

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  • Ok, judging by that video i’ll buy depending on price. Looks fun.

  • ” it’s time to learn how to use your Wang properly.”

    That was puntastic.

    I’ll be getting the game this Friday.

  • any word on price?

    not an fps fan at all but this does look different and im really interested.

  • Hmmm… how is it different from PC version? Anything new? Or is it another PC port… you know that game is already year old, throw some bone and add new stuff.

    Anyway… if you are playing with Shadow Warrior for PS4? Why not port Shadow Warrior Classic for Vita? It would make sense.

  • Ha, great trailer and comedy write-up. This game looks ridiculous, I love it.

    Too many shooters take themselves far too seriously.

    I’ll be Wanging like a grinning chimp come release day.

  • Shame they did not keep any of the sick humor from the first game.

  • The simple fact you didn’t mention the price is a clear indicator you’re worried about someone’s clueless decision on this matter. I think it’s 100% guaranteed this is going to be priced way too high, as is the case with many digital titles on PSN. If it’s around the £12 I’ll buy it, otherwise there’s no chance.

    I recently bought Styx on the PS4 for £22 which I regretted almost instantly upon playing.. That price point is too high to take a risk on and I was stupid to do so. But it was a lesson learned and a mistake I’ll never make again. So I hope Shadow Warrior isn’t out of the “take a chance” price range.

  • Demo incoming at all? After being bitten by DriveClub and Evil Within I’m not dropping a penny on this without one.

  • Cant wait for this!! Had my eye on it when it was released for PC..For those concerned about pricing it says £28 on Amazon and thats an awesome deal if correct. This is an actual big deal kind of game, it was commonly regarded as many peoples GOTY on PC, its filled with secrets and easter eggs and has hilarious writing and amazing ott gore/combat… Hopefully we get to see more on it through out the week

    • Sorry but no. £28 for a game ported over from a release a year ago is not “a great deal” when you consider that that PC version released a year ago cost half as much as this does now.

      The lack of pricing info on this post stinks of another “low price in US funded by high price in EU” situation. Its a 20 quid download title, I suspect yanks will pay something close to this price and it’ll be about 40 quid to us.

    • It wasn’t £28 when I bought this over a year ago for the PC. Why on Earth would I pay that now? £15 maybe (and if it had been released during the summer drought), but thirty quid during the busiest launch period of the year? Not a chance.
      Shame too as I quite enjoyed it on the PC, but not enough to pay that ammount.

    • By the way, that £28 for the physical version. So we can expect the digital version on PSN to cost around £40.

    • really? It was less than £28 on PC, i didnt know that, i just knew that it was highly rated. If thats the case i hope its around the £15 mark. But if £28 is retail i suspect PSN to be much higher. Considering Sony seems to think £39.99 is a ‘Sale’ price lol

  • Probably just an echo now, but hopefully this follows Metro’s lead rather than Sleeping Dogs when it comes to pricing.

  • yes hi i know this isn’t for this game at all but i just recieved my code for dragonball xenoverse and was wondering why i just got it and on top of that why the beta is closed and on top of that all comments in the forum say they can’t play it and i can’t leave any comments on the forum page

  • £24.99 on Gameseek.

  • The game does look alright but if the price is as suggested by others then no chance, it really couldn’t have cost much to port a game so its a plain rip off.

    I have spent ridiculous money on psn over the years if i add it up but having been burnt twice in last month (diveclub/minecraft still cant play) and had the pleasure of trying to deal with”customer” service not spending another penny on here.

  • First time I’ve seen or heard of this but it’s got that Dishonored feel to it. It’s on my radar now.

  • Fred as you are not saying anything about driveclub I will ask is it true the game is broke and can’t be fixed the servers are fine but you still sell the game to people Sony are now a bunch of lying @@@@@.

  • Bagging up my ps4 £200 trade in at game time for forza5 and horizon2 I’ll be the third person a no this week to do so

  • So u are ok with Sony taking people’s money for something that doesn’t work and no warning on box to say it’s useless online

  • Just how much Wang is there???
    BTW are we getting the sparkly Wang?

  • wish they would have included the original pc version.

  • pretty much only play driving games I’m annoyed had my ps4 at launch for driveclub long wait and then they sell me something that doesn’t work and nothing said

  • this game look’s fun may check it out!

  • I am interested in this but I’m going to have to wait as this week its Samurai Warriors 4, next week is Freedom Wars and I’m still trying to make my way through Fantasy Life and Hyrule Warriors.

    I will be buying this soon

  • I’ll buy it if it’s not a [DELETED] take on the price. More than £20 then they can go jump.

  • It’s up on psn now if you use search.. £34.99 :( bit more than I was hoping it would be.. What are people’s opinions on it from pc? Debating between this and waiting for drive club when it’s fixed but can only get one.. Is it worth that price or wait for the inevitable sale?

  • Tough call, I wanted Shadow Warrior but am not paying that for it, I have Driveclub it’s a good game if you like racing games but definitely wait till it’s fully working as the whole experience will be a lot more fun and actually like what it was meant to be. Once it’s fully working and has the weather update I will play through all the race and timetrial events in the tour mode again for sure!

  • Thanks mate, yeah the price for shadow warrior really put me off which is a shame. Think I’ll hold off for drive club to be fixed or GTA V next month.

  • It kind of a rip-off. A port of a year old game and no PS4-exclusive content?

  • lol, 35 quid for it. What a joke. Thanks, but no thanks!

    You can buy an actual hard copy in store at rip off city GAME cheaper than that….

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