PS4 system software 2.00 preview: USB Music Player, new Home screen colours, more

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PS4 system software 2.00 preview: USB Music Player, new Home screen colours, more

More on what to expect from the major update coming this Autumn

You may already know that PS4‘s upcoming system software 2.00, codenamed Masamune, adds some big features including, Share Play, YouTube support, and Themes, but that’s just the start. Let’s take a look at some of the other items that you can expect from this major update coming this Autumn:

  • USB Music Player: PS4 owners will be able to play their own music in the background while playing a game using USB Music Player*. After inserting a USB stick loaded with music into the system, a new option for USB Music Player will appear. Supported filename extensions include MP3, MP4, M4A, and 3GP.
  • Change colours: PS4 owners can change the background of the home screen from light blue to one of seven new colors: gold, blue, red, green, purple, pink, and grey.
  • Enhancements to live broadcasting: Masamune brings a variety of improvements to live broadcasting on PS4. In the Live From PlayStation app, PS4 owners can now select a Featured channel, which includes official broadcasts from PlayStation, broadcasts from people on a players friend list, and any game channel that the player has followed. Additionally, Live From PlayStation now has filters for searching broadcasts on a specific game, as well as support for archived broadcasts.
  • Friend finder: PS4 will now suggest players you may know, recommending close friends of your close friends.
  • Content Area and Library: PS4’s Content Area, which shows the latest games and apps a PS4 owner has used, has been redesigned to help make it easier to quickly find and access content. It now shows 15 of a player’s most used apps or games, and additional items will be added to a player’s Library. The Library on PS4 has improved filter and sort functions to help organise contented by type (game / app / TV & video), name (a – z or z – a), recently used, or install date.
  • Enhanced voice commands: The ability to control PS4 using voice has been improved. Players can now say ‘PlayStation’ to begin commands, and ‘All Commands,’ to see a list of all voice command options available. New voice commands were added for live broadcasting, including “Start broadcast,” “End broadcast,” and “Find face.”
  • Add to library: The monthly free PlayStation Plus games will have an ‘Add to Library’ button in the PlayStation Store. This button will add a game to a PS4 owner’s library without downloading it – saving space on their hard drive.


PS Vita and PlayStation TV – 3.35 update, Live From PlayStation

The PS Vita and PS TV systems will also receive a system software update to version 3.35 with the same timing as Masamune, adding four-player Remote Play support for PS TV. In addition, the Live from PlayStation app, which allows users to watch live gameplay streams from PS4 systems, will be available on both PS Vita and PS TV alongside this update.

PlayStation App 2.0 update

The PlayStation App for smartphones and tablets, available free on the App Store and Google Play, is also set to receive an update to version 2.0 within the same launch window as both the PS4 and PS Vita system software updates. This update provides a new layout for tablets, and the app’s home screen has been redesigned.

Stay tuned for more information on Masamune. We can’t wait for everyone to try it!

*You can play music files stored inside USB storage but cannot copy music files to PS4 HDD. This application cannot be used at the same time with Music Unlimited. USB Music Player will appear once USB storage is inserted, and will disappear once USB storage is removed.

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  • seems nice when this coming i have a feeling soon due to recent maintenance

  • Any information on the announced at reveal resume a game from system standby?

    • Or the constant PSN downtime?

    • Suspend/resume was promised all the way back at the PS4 announcement conference 18 months ago. If they’ve waited this long then I don’t trust them to release it any time soon.

    • Oh, and being able to view trophies office isn’t rocket science.
      Also, why is it that if I message people with the PS3/4/V the entire conversation ends up on all three consoles? I might have a conversation with someone on PS4, turn my Vita on a month later (because no one had any reason to use Vita anymore) and it will tell me I’ve got new messages from a month ago, even when I deleted them off the PS4.

    • And where is the “play games while they’re downloading” feature huh ?

    • I believe the play while downloading feature only works with certain games. I downloaded The Evil Within and after the 1st 4GB were done downloading I was able to play the game while the rest downloaded in the background.

  • Any improvements on your network as a whole? Getting tired of PSN being down.

  • Great update can’t wait to try out shareplay.

  • Looks great but I agree with Cobberwebb. PSN is being really terrible lately. As of right now I can’t even view my friends list, I struggled to get online and lately the messages takes 15 minutes to receive. Few days ago it was 5 minutes but starting from few days ago it changed to 15 minutes.

  • Can I set my own background image imported from a USB stick, or do I have to choose between pre-selected colors and themes?

    • I was wondering the same…
      The image above (where Knack is highlighted) seems to have a different background to the normal but all they mention in the post is the ability to change the colour?
      Unless that is the Background from Knack when it is selected?
      I seem to remember that themes were teased a while back…

    • Fail!
      Just noticed it was at the very beginning of the post, my bad.

    • They mention adding themes, so i’m guessing the choice is going to be from the the PSN libary

  • still no pause option but hey now you can change the theme that you will look at for 10 seconds before you start the game, yay for internet being bottlenecked because game 1 needs to download 8gb of patches, game 2 needs to download 5gb of patches and game 3 needs to download 4gb of patches

  • It’s been 11 months since the PS4 launch, and i still can’t pause downloads.
    Thanks Sony.

  • USB Music Player sounds fantastic. That, and the less-confusing home UI will be my most anticipated updates.

  • So……. When’s it coming out????

    • Hey folks. Sorry I can’t be clearer at present, but we’ll confirm a date very shortly. You’ve not got long to wait.

  • A brief history lesson: Atari was super popular, they didn’t listen to consumers, they failed. Nintendo was the next giant, they didn’t listen when people said they were sick of the same side-on games and wanted some variety. Now they make hardly any profit.
    The time to listen to people is now Sony, unless you want to end up broke within a decade. You ask us what we want, we respond, and you always provide with the things further down the list of priorities.
    We ask for more Vita games, you give us themes.
    We ask for mp3 and bluetooth support on the PS4, you say you give us themes (and we’re still waiting on promises from the conference when the console was announced 18 months ago. Remember suspend/resume?)
    We ask for a better PS Plus experience, so you start providing us with 6 indie games per month rather than 5, when you know that’s not what we meant.
    And the one that disgusts me most, the fact that sub-accounts “can’t” be upgraded to a master account when the user turns 18 (yes, they can. You’re just too lazy to implement this feature).
    It’s ridiculous that a 22 year old (not me, others I know) should have to see their parents before buying a game from the store. It’s also a joke when a 16 year old can’t link their account to Facebook, when the Fb T&Cs say 13+. To tell someone that they should just make a new account forfeits years of trophies, friends, Plus backlog and demands that the user creates a new email address. It’s just wrong.
    I’ve stopped buying playstation games, I am so disgusted at the unprofessional attitude of Sony as a whole, and have no intention of buying anymore until you show your customers some respect. There’s a reason Sony have had large profit losses in recent months. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

    • Although a quick apology as you’ve just given us mp3 support, I only scanned the article originally.

    • Absolutely, as soon as Sony stops trying to strangle money out of people.
      Besides even if these issues don’t affect you surely you can see that there’s something morally wrong about what Sony is doing.

    • Sorry; Nintendo make hardly any profit? You do realise they are debt free, have 8+ billion assets, and totally decimating XBox COMBINED sales by 2 to 1? (Granted it’s all thanks to the 3DS – without which they may very well be in trouble – but as they HAVE the 3DS, they’re very much NOT in trouble).

      Source: Forbes.

    • I meant they make hardly any profit from the sale of TV consoles and when compared to Sony.

    • You are of course absolutely right when you count the 3ds, the console with no competition except for an underadvertised, undersupported, overpriced Sony thing that many people have never even heard of.

    • He has some very good points… I hate the fact that my vita has no future, I hate that they haven’t delivered features without keeping us informed. Why is PSN so… Flimsy and unstable? I also play on xb1/360 and it’s NEVER down! Over last Xmas I was unable to access the cloud so they gave me 30 free days on my live sub- and I didn’t ask for this and the downtime was only an hour! One must step up said game imo…

  • Finally some good news.

    But need to improve a lot.

  • Great can’t wait, but when backwards capability for PS1/PS2 is coming?

  • Is It coming next week?

  • Anyone else having trouble with there ps4 at the moment ? My friends aren’t showing up and it says error with server when I go into friends

    • It’s another DDoS attack my Lizard Squad.

    • I have the same issue i cant even see my own profile.

    • Yes same and the worst part is I had Raids planned with my team between 8pm – midnight trying to get the Flawless trophy. We only just got the team together after weeks of trying to get a team going and today was going to be our second attempt with it. Have to wait until tomorrow now

  • When can we sort games into some sort of folder? And when can we add our own dynamic themes?

    Enhanced voiced commands are not what you should be worrying about, we’ve been more than patient at this point

  • I really couldn’t give a horses [MODERATED] about all the extra rubbish. I just want to play online but your service is as reliable as a 15 year old skoda. before you dish out all the fancy crap please fix psn first. It’s a safe bet at least twice a week I’m getting it rammed right up me because Sony as a company cannot get the basics right. SORT IT. IT’S NO ROCKET SCIENCE

    • Could be the weekly hacks that none at Sony is mentioning to the public, just a plain “Psn is down” , and we learn that elsewhere too!

    • if you mean skoda the car, than I’ve had one (120L) when I was younger and it was already +20 years old and working waaay better than PSN. just sayin :)

  • Nice new features can’t help but notice something as simple as pasuing downloads isn’t mentioned……that worries me.

    Also fix the damn psn we pay for that now so get your act together

  • Will we get notifications for friends coming online? It’s like the one single feature I want.

  • Awesome update ;D, but still you guys NEED to improve your PSN servers. It should’t take a message 3 minutes to show a short message or load your friendslist. TIME TO IMPROVE sony, people are getting impatience.(I still love playstation and support them, but sometimes you can’t turn a blind eye the problem)


  • Can we get that PlayStation App on Vita? It’s supposed to be the PS4’s “ultimate companion” yet it doesn’t have this. On a similar note, Vita is the only Remote Play enabled device that doesn’t support Dualshock 4 controllers. It honestly doesn’t seem like Vita is really that “ultimate” at all.

    • Do you realize the PS App is to see your friends online, be a second screen, and send messages… The Vita can already do all that…

    • Vita is a failed marketing attempt of a playstation system, which Sony is now trying to convert to a Ps 4 accessory(!), and it still can’t do that properly either. It lacks stuff, I guess Sony being China related show the quality of the technological products and services you get with them…. Lame

    • Yeah, kinda invalid point since you true can see these on vita. But my Lumia would love a playstation app

    • But what about the ability to remotely download PS4 games?

    • Madman12, you already can using an app :)

  • you guys forgot to add Arabic Language will be added in this update ^^.
    Thank you so much for adding Arabic language.

    • @MaxDiehard How about learn English huh?

    • @MaxDiehard How about you learn the system’s true language then? cus it ain’t English, buddy. It’s Japanese for you uncultured 13 year olds.

    • @MaxDieHard

      Bit tactless

    • @MaxDiehard: How about you shut up?! He wasn’t even complaining about any missing language translations. On the contrary, he was just thanking Sony for adding his native language to the system!

      And “BluePumpkin7” is right. The original language of the PlayStation is Japanese, so since you also didn’t bother to learn it (as you’re trying to criticize other people for), you’re just using a translated system (an English localization), just like “Majestic-Man” will be using an Arabic translation when it’s released.

  • DLNA support?


    I guess I expected too much from Sony listening to customers…

  • Cmon what’s going on with psn ? I’m trying to play my brother at fifa and because my friends aren’t showing up on my friends list when I invite through the game it’s crashing seriously????

  • Any possibility of the log in to PSN with 2.0? I have heard it’s a pretty nifty feature to have.

  • Anyone is sony doing work now ? Because my ps4 ain’t doing what it’s told

  • time for another rant. i am not going to buy another online multiplayer game or expansion pack until you sort this third world country service out. You get absolutely no apologies here, you don’t get told why psn went down. WHY on earth should I have to search the Internet to find out from a third party your service is down. But what do you care. you’re laughing all the way to the bank with our £40 sub. at least have the common decency to say ‘our service is not good enough’ instead of the usual reply we get…which ….is SILENCE. I’m really angry

    • Your finally actually bringing out the Update to let people listen there own music whilst playing games… What about Their own Films?

  • Good, now i just need a wishlist for the psn store.

  • Who else is having the problems where you can’t connect to the PSN because if can’t access my friends list? The update better be coming because of this

    • I’m getting this also when I try to load my friends it’s saying the connection to the server has been terminated

  • Because i use the word pis.sed it gets sent to moderation. at least your spellcheck service works

    • Hahaha , at least they are good at programming websites! :D hilarious

    • ranting aside the amount of times the ‘psn goes down’ is unacceptable. someone should be held accountable and fired. I GOT A GREAT IDEA. YOU SHOULD MAKE SIR ALAN SUGAR YOUR CEO. Someone would be getting fired every hour. llloooolllllllllll

  • Still can’t pause downloads without forcing my PS4 offline. (This is a genuine workaround by the way, switch off the WiFi and all download will fail and pause and can be resumed one at a time)

    Still can’t organise my ever growing games list into folders so I end up forgetting the games I haven’t played in a while.

    No notifications for friends signing on or off.

    No trophy “ping” I know its a small thing, but I miss it.

    I mean, get me wrong, I appreciate the features that are in the update, but there’s so much simple stuff that should have done already. When we see MS constantly adding new features to their half baked OS it makes Sony look a little unconcerned with their own half baked OS.

    • Sony is a company like MS is. All it wants it’s money. Rushing ps4 release with the system “incomplete” and the release of psvita TV, it makes me wonder for how long they will have that lead in home gaming. Xbox looks nice, glad I became an owner s few weeks ago and didn’t get a ps4. (thank god)

    • Corporations don’t love, corporations don’t hate…corporations don’t feel. They don’t care about you , they don’t care about me. Corporations only care about profit.

      I wish they would give us the option to put things in folders on PS4 though

  • Ok now someone needs to tell me how to get all my iTunes into a file for a hard drive, guessing it has to be a fat32 (or whatever it is) format hard drive? Also can you make it so we can plug our mp3 players in? You also say MP4 well that’s video but no mention of a video player as such? Thanks though, long time coming, just need our mp3s on the ps4 now rather than external playback.

  • So basically you say that we get MP3 support but without the ability to copy to the internal HDD. We always have to use USB. That is only partially what we asked for.

    And of course, no DLNA and no MKV support … If we want, I guess we should just by the “other” console

    • If you want gaming Console the use PS4 but for Multi media device which plays Movies/Music than games then choose other console. We have multiple devices in home to do these Music/Movies and don’t forget PS4 is gaming machine first and they will add the multi media but it comes second to them unlike others which is first and gaming is second.

    • @ GrytEcHoG
      Thats funny because right now they cant even get their games and servers to work properly.

      Adding media playback from HDD should be a peice of cake for any programmer. It really is worrying when their staff cant do basic things like that.

    • GrytEcHoG I’m sorry but I like Sony products better, and I like the Sony exclusives better. And what am I asking for is something that have existed on the PS3 from the go. I get it that the PS4 is a gaming machine, but I wasn’t asking for lower resolution and for integrated TV guide support with HDMI pass-through. I am a software developer, and believe me, I know that the hardware of the PS4 supports happily what I’m asking for and it’s not that hard to implement … And the fact is that Sony with the PS3 was the pioneer media player for blu-ray discs, and blu-ray 3D and they want for their clients to change to their new and fast and super console, but they don’t offer many of the media capabilities of the PS3? How is that? I still use my PS3 and I’m not willing to change as long as I don’t get the same basic features from the PS4 too. I’m tired to buy once again separate blu-ray and media players and fill up my living room again with multiple devices.

  • Mr author, can you provide me a link to download the nice PlayStation app on my Lumia phone? I can’t find it anywhere on store and I need it’s utilities! Please reply!

  • Also as for friend notifications , how about being able to check a box on the friends you want to know are online, coz when you get 1000+ friends it’d get pretty annoying having people signing in and out constantly.

  • ahhhhh. finally confirmation your service is down after trawling the Internet. nothing on your twitter page though. yes hard at work fixing it!!!!!
    Remember your blu-tack, gaffer tape and big sticks to hold the ceiling up.

  • Ooooh I have a idea!
    Tell us what’s wrong!
    One of you idiots must have access to social media
    Sand head hide !!! Make a sentence

  • Please allow us to pay to change our PSN IDs, please.

  • The forum has crashed.

  • No firm release date :( Also i feel sorry for Naomi who owns driveclub and knack only lol. Her gaming life must be exciting ;)

    • I think she owns more than just driveclub and knack. It takes a whole lot of games and throphies to get to level 123.

  • Can the subaccounts use the live streaming after this update?

  • In the OS of the PS4 missing the following functionality:
    – Pause the download
    – Playing MKV files
    – Better PS Plus experience
    – Remember suspend/resume functionality
    – Create folders to organize games and apps
    – Notification of logon or logoff of friends on PSN
    – DLNA support

    • These missing features are all more important than the ones promised here. Disappointing. Not listening to users/fans.

    • I agree. All of those features are more important than the ones in this new update. Though, you forgot to mention the fact that we want to be able to save our music from usb to our harddrives. Shouldn’t be that hard ro implement as the Xbox 360 and PS3 both had that feature. Also CD support would be nice, with the ability to rip the CD onto our HDD.

    • Also they should add more Mouse and Keyboard support to the PS4. Like the Browser for example. The PS3 had FULL M&K support. I want that on my PS4.

    • Good points.. Giving us folders should be a top priority especially. On ps3 I separate the games I actually own into a folder called “My Games” and then I have another folder called “PS+ Instant Game Collection”. It’s too hard to remember what games our actually ours and what we actually paid for.

      And of course if they can’t give us the ability to stream our media from our PC’s and Macs, I would settle for just being able to store all our media on the PS4 just like we did via PS3.

  • wheres that feature where you can play with friends who dont own the same as you?

    • that is still comming as it was anounced already. this is a post that expands on that post with more stuff that is comming in update 2.0. they also said in the comments of the us blog that there is still more to come. i am hopping for video playback or atleast dlna support.

    • strange they didnt list on the eu blog they must of forgot hehe thanks for the heads up

    • It says in the post SHARE PLAY.

  • I hope that the recent PSN issues happend because of background preparations for this.
    But 2.0 looks quite nice. When Soony?^^

  • Well I’m going back to ps3 until they fix this problem

  • I still can’t buy a PS4 until bluetooth remotes are enabled (i.e. it fits in with my Harmony remote) and CD playback is supported. Otherwise it would be a complete downgrade to my media centre setup (PS3, Yamaha Amp, Speaker separates, and Samsung TV). Come on Sony, sort it out.

    • CD playback? Come on, you don’t really need to play audio CDs on your PS4.

      Why not rip all your CDs and put them on a USB thumb drive, will be more convenient and save wear and tear on your blu-ray drive.

  • I want an actual Twitch App and not that excuse you have for one. I want to be able to watch the latest esports event like WCS. I want to be able to watch the people I follow. Not anyone who is streaming on the PS4 using twitch. I’m sick of having to use the web browser which feels clunky.

    As far as the update goes, sounds great.

  • when will you fix psnnetwork? we gamers are paying big money for you, and You are providing us with very poor quality network that is constanlty crashing + monthly games that most of us dont care about…FIX your network or start saying bye bye to your ps4 users…

    • Not really loads of money though is it.
      I mean it’s a couple of days dinner money from your mother for an entire month.
      When you get older you’ll appreciate

    • Look at steam 75 million users and almost never down, compare this to ps4 7 million users and its sometimes down like 3 times a week, messages not loading like it should be and other issues

      And you have still people defending its a small amount that we need to pay, well we pay for something that actually can work for free. We don’t need to pay for steam, and look how well that works

      I’m willing to pay, but then i expect a great service. We don’t have that, i might choose a pc as my main platform. Its not that expensive as the most of you think here.

  • !Just noticed tha backup data…..Awesome sauce! So i can back up my 1tb HD to an external and upgrade to 2tb and transfer my stuff back? If so thats great Sony thanks.

    • Pity it’s not included in this update. US blog redacted it from theirs.

    • Exsqueese me! So they are not including it? This makes me a sad panda :(

    • Apparently not. Here is the quote from U.S blog:
      “Correction: Back Up Data, a feature listed in an earlier version of this post, is not part of PS4 system software 2.00.”
      So, it seems like it is coming, just not in 2.00.

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