How PlayStation is supporting Movember 2014

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How PlayStation is supporting Movember 2014

Help us raise money for the annual men’s health campaign

We’re proud to announce our official partnership with Movember; the world’s leading organisation committed to changing the face of men’s health. As we’re sure many of you will know already, the annual Movember campaign encourages men around the world to grow a moustache for the 30 days of November and encourage friends and family to make a donation to the charity in honour of their efforts.

We’ve been busy creating some cool ways you guys can get involved and support this great campaign, encouraging male players (“Mo Bros”) worldwide to grow facial hair during the month of November and female players (“Mo Sistas”) to celebrate the moustache.

Firstly, we’ve developed the Mo Glow; a limited-edition vinyl for the light bar of your DualShock 4 controller. Just whack it onto the back of your DS4 to create a moustachioed glow for the month of November. They’ll be available from selected retailers soon so keep a look out and remember to share a snap of it using #PS4Movember.

We’ve even got some of our characters involved in our Movember effort as well and, thanks to renowned illustrator Tom Mac, over the course of the month you’ll get to see Sackboy, iota, Delsin and even Ellie as you’ve never seen them before. We’ll be releasing these images throughout November and will even be giving you the chance to win the actual framed version of the prints themselves.

If having Sackboy, iota, Delsin and Ellie wasn’t enough, we’ve also been given support from Sir Galahad himself. He has agreed to shave down his famous moustache for the start of Movember and wants YOUR support for his team.


You can also check out a specially-created Movember playlist on Music Unlimited, featuring some of the greatest Moustache-clad musicians of all time, to help you on your way.

Taking part in the campaign couldn’t be easier and there are some amazing prizes and rewards on offer. By signing up before 3rd November you’ll automatically be entered into a draw to win a pair of tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final Berlin 2015 with flights and accommodation included.

Anyone else who manages to raise £25 in donations will also receive automatic entry into a prize draw to win a PS4, PS Vita and selection of games*.

So what are you waiting for? Start a team and support this fan-tache-tic cause today. To join the official PlayStation network, head over to and search for “PlayStation Official”. Alternatively, stand alongside Sir Galahad and the Knights by searching “Grow With Galahad”. If you already have a team, just search either network in your Mospace and join.

To find out more about the Movember campaign, visit

*Open to UK residents only


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  • Is this the EU blog or is this the UK Blog, I only see UK this UK That…. Cant you make a UK only blog instead?
    maybe you can care about the rest of Europe for a change.

    • Oho, seems like I’m not the only one who don’t like when SCEE which lately cannot understand that UK market =/= whole EU market.

      Yup they should create site for Britons, and don’t waste time of the rest of EU.

    • Hey folks. The only part of this not relevant outside of UK is the CL comp, as stated. We have 5 EU blogs at the minute (English language, French, German, Italian and Spanish), and are certainly looking to launch more regional sites in the future. That said it’s not really workable to have separate English language and UK versions. I think it’s pretty rare to see £ quirks such as the one here and we certainly try to keep them to a bare minimum. It’s really got nothing to do with territorial favoritism – we’re just trying to get the word out as best we can!

    • @Fred Dutton
      Than how about this, site detects what region you are from and show you stuff only available for your region? Both sides will be happy. We won’t see stuff for UK only and you won’t have to make more blogs.

      UK is not center of the world, and sorry I don’t believe that SCEE doesn’t favor UK. It does, all the time.

      The prices are adjusted to UK standards, the time of posting is adjusted to UK standards, employees are only from UK, some devices like Vita 2k are released in UK first. So no… I don’t believe it.

      SCEE doesn’t undertand that EU is not part of UK.

    • SCEE are based in the UK, of course they’re going to use UK pricing.

    • Hey Archacus. I understand why you might want to believe that narrative but it’s simply not true. Anecdote: my ‘island’ at SCEE HQ has 8 people sat on it. 3 are French, 1 is Irish, 1 is Italian and 3 are from the UK. It’s easily the most cosmopolitan place I’ve ever worked.

      We could auto-detect, but each of the five blogs is managed separately to allow each territory to publish content that is relevant for their particular region. It might not seem that way, but it’s a pretty complex little network we run. Auto detect would make that difficult to manage and you might end up getting less regional content. And like I said, this post is relevant to all territories, apart from 3 or 4 lines which I hope you can gloss over – it’s not possible to auto-delete that little passage depending on where you’re clicking from.

      Posting times have nothing to do with the UK clock. In fact, we post at the time which works best globally. You’ve probably noticed a lot of posts go live at around 4pm/5pm CET. That’s the only time of day when both BST, CET, PST and EST are all in daylight hours when people might actually be reading the internet.

      As for UK leading the pricing. I’m not sure where you’ve got that from. It’s not the case.

      Bottom line: read about Movember. It’s a really cool charity that is doing a lot of good ;)

    • So maybe make sure that each European country gets an article or two mostly for them or about them each year? Not only Brits or… no, actually, most stuff around is mainly Brit.

    • Normally I would agree but now you are complaining about supporting a UK only charity. Seriously?

    • Also, to satisfy my inner pedant: Movember actually started in Australia. It’s not a UK thing at all!

    • @Fred
      Ok I understand, but that article should explain it without the need of entering of 3rd parties sites. That’s the most natural thing to do. Because believe me or not Movember is something I have never ever heard of, and there are many many more people just like me who are confused about what it is.

      It just doesn’t inform about anything. There is not a single word about cancer or how they are going to use money, and that is most important piece of information here.

      If you wanted to help, than first paragraph should have explained it.

      Look, charity is ok.. but don’t expect that everyone will know every campaign. I could list WOŚP, PAH, Pajacyk… do you know them? I don’t think so. Each of those is doing great things.

      And most probably most of people don’t even know what countries takes part in that event. Even those links redirects me straight to UK page.

      Hmm… well IMHO it’s nothing that weird. I mean UK is more developed country, so no matter what noble cause there is I don’t feel like supporting those events. I mean I think it is more rational to support your regional campaigns and less developed regions.

      For example, I make monthly donations to my local orphanage and charity action gathering money for clear water and food for less developed region of Africa.

      And even in case of cancer, I’d rather invest that money for local charity. UK is more wealthy country, right? So it is investing more money to fight with cancer, than my own country. To help out a bit, it makes more sense to donate money here in Poland where fighting with cancer is even more difficult because of lack of money. That is at least what I am thinking.

    • Thats not true.
      sound shapes bundle got pricing in euros (€14.99) and the americans have one in dollars, but we still dont have one in £/GBP.

      Fred just a suggestion… why not try waiting on publishing articles until you have details for every region?

    • @Archacus This post on the PS Blog is not stopping you donating to your local charity. UK is more developed – so what? Does that mean that they shouldn’t have charities to support cancer patients by raising awareness? Or should it just have a Paypal directing to Poland GDP? Will that make you happy?

      @Handige_Harry I know it is hard. They physically forced you to read an article about a charity you can not donate to. You could be proactive and create a Movember like event in your country so that the above is relevant. Or whine about it. Whichever one you can actually achieve.

    • @Gogata7
      Look I’m not against charity, the only things I am complaining about is:
      -lack of information about what is movember
      -lack of information on how that money is going to be used
      -lack of information on what countries takes part in that event (link goes straight to UK page)
      -another contest for UK residents only, when as a matter of fact… damn it is charity, instead of giving out prizes they’d better just donate themselves.

      And all I’m saying is that, in many countries situation is even worse and treating cancer is many times more expensive. So it makes more sense to leave events like those to residents of those wealthy countries. If that was something like “finding a cure” than sure! I would throw my wallet. But it is not.

      And I’m not explaining it because I don’t want people to donate here, I’m just saying that to me it would make more sense. Just speaking my mind.

    • @Archacus All this shows is that you didn’t even bother to click the provided link. It has all the information you listed and if you were diligent enough you would find that this charity is active in 13 European countries (and more around the world including US and Australia) and there is a link for any countries that are not listed (

      Your original mind (predetermined I would say) was that this post was wasting the time of the rest of the EU readers, which as stated above is wrong. Complaining about not being able to get the prizes shows exactly how charitable you are.

    • @Gogata7
      But those information should be included in article. Nobody should be forced to check any links just to learn what article is about. And yes I did bother to check it, but as soon as it redirected me to UK page I left.

      “Nah I don’t care about contest or anything.” that’s one of my first posts. But yes I do believe that IF they want to make some kind of contests than prize should be available for all EU countries (but than again nothing bad would happen if there wasn’t any). Some time ago SCEE donated money for some UK Gaming Uni. That’s nice and all… but why money earned from all EU countries is invested only in UK?

      And straight from my first post “First time hearing it, the heck is this? And where those donations goes? I mean… you say charity, but what charity?”

      Oh where is that link in article? I should have googled it out or something?

      “To find out more about the Movember campaign, visit” link goes straight to UK page.

    • Im pretty sure they don’t always post about UK, UK is in Europe, and they post all different things in the blog does not only have to be about your place you know. Can read when ever you wish or not. At times may be EU stuff and not UK i don’t complain its a mixed blog and they can do what they want with it

    • @Archacus
      “Nobody should be forced to check any links ” – nobody is forcing anybody to open links, read the post or understand it.

      The moment it redirected you immediately closed the window and didn’t read it. Gotcha. Even in the UK mirror there are clear indications that other countries participate like the leader boards. But to find out you do have to read.

    • Good grief this has gone a little sideways its supposed to be a bit of fun for charity but instead we have the usual bunch finding a reason to complain.

      It seems to have moved on from complaining about the USA getting the best of everything to the UK being favoured in the EU region. The things you guys are complaining about are not based on favouritism, it usually comes down to what is most practical and universal.

      @Archacus…. Lighten up dude :-)

  • “As we’re sure many of you will know already, the annual Movember campaign encourages men around the world to grow a moustache for the 30 days of November and encourage friends and family to make a donation to the charity in honour of their efforts.”

    First time hearing it, the heck is this? And where those donations goes? I mean… you say charity, but what charity?

    “By signing up before 3rd November you’ll automatically be entered into a draw to win a pair of tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final Berlin 2015 with flights and accommodation included*.”

    *Open to UK residents only

    Ahahaha, why don’t you than create PS blog site for UK only? I mean most of contests, and content like Videos or Music is for UK only. Really… you don’t see anything wrong in writing about it on EUROPEAN blog?

    Anyway… as I’ve just shed my fine quality teddy-fur yesterday… and I rather avoid foolery like this… I am not interested.

    • This is an awesome reply, and illustrates exactly how mindbogglingly stupid Movember is. It’s like the “I went to Greece on holiday for seven weeks” posts on social media, where women fail to raise awareness for breast cancer and the like.

      Movember is dedicated to raising awareness for prostate cancer, if I’m correct. The fact that you were unaware of that, just like I was until last year, once again illustrates that it’s a painfully stupid way to raise awareness.

    • @Geomason
      If you would say that I am “scum” I wouldn’t bother to say anything.

      But calling all Poles because I said something “scum”? Not wise. Reported.

    • Personally, I have a bit of an issue with any ‘charity event’ where – dumping ice water over your head/growing a moustache/swimming in diarrhoea etc etc. ends up taking centre-stage and actually obscuring the good cause in need of cash.

      I appreciate the good work that Movember is doing for ‘Men’s Health’, but how come Prostate Cancer UK manage to do the same thing without being all uber-trendy and in your face with it? The fact that some on here (because the blog post does not mention it either) are unaware that Movember raises money for prostate cancer says it all.

    • Pica man I’m afraid you’re talking nonsense. As stupid as these campaigns are they raise far more money and awareness than your everyday charity because far more get involved.

    • @Antaios

      “Movember is dedicated to raising awareness for prostate cancer, if I’m correct. The fact that you were unaware of that, just like I was until last year, once again illustrates that it’s a painfully stupid way to raise awareness.”

      Well it seems you are incorrect because the very act of this Movember article being on this blog has gotten us all talking about it and now everyone on here including yourself now knows what it is all about. Its simply a way to get people talking about it to “RAISE AWARENESS” and using fun and wacky ideas seems to get the message out there much better than a dreary advert or leaflet etc etc.

  • That charitable spirit in full swing.

    It’s a well-known UK thing for a good cause rather than just a competition to win free stuff. If you think there should be more non-UK content and competitions on the blog, that’s fair enough, but it might have been nicer to choose any other UK-based post rather than rush to be the first to post on one about a charitable cause just to complain about it.

    My Movember efforts this year shall make Sir Galahad himself proud.

    • Completely agree, certain people on this blog do nothing but complain. We need an ignore/mute option.

      Nice to see support for Movember!

    • Nah I don’t care about contest or anything.

      Still if it is UK only than it shouldn’t be posted here. EU blog is EU blog, not UK. Can you really say that you wouldn’t mind if people started posting here stuff for Poland- only, Lithuania – only, Hungary -only, Finland – only, Greece – only? Same thing with those Movies and Music features restricted to UK… why what for?!

      UK is not center of the world, FAR FROM IT.

      And that whole article is just badly written… it doesn’t explain anything at all. It doesn’t say what is Movember or what is aim of that event. They say something about donating and charity… and that’s it… what are they gathering funds for?

      I mean, how can one gather funds for rising issue of man’s skin health? Do they want to rise awareness that you need to wash your face and use right cosmetics? Is that medieval age or what? Pretty much that’s standard for most of EU countries… or does it have to do something with skin cancer? This article should have explain everything.

    • @Archacus

      I wish there was a UK only blog. That way I wouldn’t see your complaining on every post.
      They talk about things only available in Poland, such as apps only relevant to your country, give it a break. It’s obviously not a known thing in Poland, since Movember has been happing here for at least 4 years. If you don’t even have Movemeber, how could you get a partnership for a competition?

      “FAR FROM IT”
      But has the biggest console market.

    • @Archacus

      Oh and Movember is for prostate cancer, you really look like a nice person complaining about a post promotng cancer awareness and fundraising.

    • @Archacus

      They link to the offical Movember website. It’s a world wide website that runs a world wide event for charity. The idea behind it is all explained on the site and can be summed up like they did in the post that you grow a mustach for the 30 days of November. The idea is to raise money and awareness for male health issues and in particular male cancer problems.

    • @Archacus
      There isn’t a UK blog, so why wouldn’t it go here? And why would I mind if a story ran about a partnership between Sony and a charity in either Poland or Finland or whatever? The blog covers all countries, it doesn’t need to restrict itself to stories that only concern absolutely every single country in the EU, that would leave out an awful lot of stuff the local Sony teams get up to.

      As I said, more content for other countries would be cool, if that was all you’d said I’d agree entirely, but moaning about a story about a prostate cancer charity that has done a lot to get men involved in fundraising here is a bit harsh. It’ll only be on the front page for a few days.

    • @incontinence2
      How about using your main account? You really care about upvoting that much that you have to use even your subs? Ow well…

      Where does it say anything about cancer? Where? This article doesn’t explain anything. And that’s the problem (if you would read my previous post you would notice it… but as you are person who is moaning every time I say something… ow well…).

      It just informs about SONY contest… it fails when it comes to the most important thing.

      In explaining what they are gathering money for and what is the cause. That’s 2 the most important piece of information.

    • @Archacus

      There is a link to the Movember site, that’s how the internet works. No point writing the same thing 20 times when you can link to the main page. Are links something you want banned from the new PL only blog?
      Why not ban posts all together, only your comments allowed. ^^

    • I like the implication that anybody who gets up votes that isn’t Archacus is using multiple accounts. That’s the only way anybody could possibly have more up votes than him, right? Not his outrageous ideas, blunt (often rude) statements or even the fact that, y’know, people might possibly, maybe… disagree with something he’s said?


  • Awesome guys, I signed up and kicked off donations myself. If any other Irish want to raise some money for the Irish Cancer Society among others then feel free to join my team “Pomf =3”, lets show that gamers put their money where their mouth is and their tashe above it!

    • good to see doing donations to help cancer. Hopefully people will also do it for Palestine and all the children being killed

    • @ AJproductions actually there are people helping Palestine well atleast there are a lot of communities that I know have been doing fund raising , some of my mates have even gone their with various aid relive groups

  • Sir Galahad is boss. That level of moustache will definitely raise awareness.

  • FRED why do you and the PS blog team only answer soft questions on topics which generate relatively little interest among the PS blog’s audience – and leave things like the PS+ update with 675 user comments and 0 staff replies?

    • Because this is a blog. They’re not actually obliged to respond to anyone.

    • MaxDieHard – I know it’s a blog and I also know they’re not obliged to answer me, I wasn’t referring to any concept of duty; just what I (and I would suppose, most people) would consider to be sensible.

    • Because they get paid alot for even sitting around to blogs, and mainly look for easy comment just to reply to than any headache so they can go off put more money in their pockets and laugh

  • Sir Galahad looks well COOL :D

  • While i’m pleased theres ‘some’ charity stuff going on, unfortunate that it isn’t really the right month, other things happen in November that should of been recognised already, 11th.. ? now that this has started though i can only guess at what it will become, or perhaps it’ll just be a one off, someone raised why no poppie avatars years ago, which is a cheap way to show your gratitude to past and present, all good causes are good, just like to have seen some others as well.

  • I think I need to get my eyes checked, because, and you guys are going to love this, I could swear I can see some heartless people complaining about a bloody charity! I hate limbo but the question still stands; “how low can you go”?!

    • We really need down votes and a method of flagging. If these people have nothing constructive to say they shouldn’t post here.

  • @arachus

    Actually the UK is the centre of the world as the Time Zones of the world start from Greenwich Mean Time which is in London, UK. So technically you are wrong.

    I actually agree with you though that there should be country only blogs but then again the management of said blog wouldn’t be cost effective I’m sure from SCEE’s part.

    • @cuznav8ROCKO
      Believe me or not, but I like talks like this :)

      Technically speaking I am right :)
      It would make more sense to say “theoretically” :) Than I would probably agree with you :)

      Latitude and longitude are something invented by mankind, in Greenwhich they just conventionally accepted that this and that point should be 0. That’s just theory :)

      And even if we would be talking about geographic coordinate system than it would make more sense to call Ghana a center of the world. If I’m not mistaken (I might) the 0°,0° that’s somewhere in territorial waters of Ghana… or hmm… no… after all it might be to far from the coast.

      So yeah… and even if we would be talking about maps, than most of regions use maps with their teritory in the center.

      So yeah… theoretically I am wrong :P

    • Greenwich Mean Time its not only about london my friend, that is wrong

    • @ZeB6pt I know that Portugal (my parents are Portuguese) also operates on Greenwich Mean Time so it’s always the same time there as it is in the uk but you are wrong when you say GMT is not only about London. The term Greenwich Mean Time is by definition based on Greenwich being the place from where all time zones are measured. Take a look:

      “Greenwich, England has been the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) since 1884. GMT is sometimes called Greenwich Meridian Time because it is measured from the Greenwich Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Greenwich is the place from where all time zones are measured.

      The Greenwich Meridian (Prime Meridian or Longitude Zero degrees) marks the starting point of every time zone in the World. GMT is Greenwich Mean (or Meridian) Time is the mean (average) time that the earth takes to rotate from noon-to-noon. “

  • I’ll be joining Movember for the second time this year. A ‘stach for my controller would be great.
    This year however I’m growing as a team. We’ll do our best!

  • Wow, it’s unbelievable that in blog about supporting a charity their are people prepared to diminsh it, this has been an event for a while and is growing every year, it’s a harmless way to grab people’s attention, if ur not aware of what it’s about them u can check it out and hopefully u can support it’s efforts, don’t like it being on the eu blog yet u complain about not knowing what it was about well now u do, next year u will know, u will prob let peole know, u may even take part, people wi ask why u have a tash, u will let them know etc, it’s an opp to spead the word further, well done sony for supporting and spreading this charity’s work, I hope people will stand and support this
    Will the blog team take part and post pics online is the question :)

  • Now come on, Sony. Please edit this post and add a little background info about the charity to at least sound a tiny bit interested in anything other than plugging your console. The moustache vinyl and competition are all great ideas, but this post is 1% charity and 99% profitability.

    Thought better of you lot.

    • Reading is an essential skill. They included a direct link to the charity’s webpage.

    • @tomrob1
      This! Right now it is ad for PlayStation.

      Not a single word about cancer or what movember is. There is link, I agree… but people shouldn’t be forced to visit 3rd parties site just to learn what it is.

    • @Archacus You are right. It is all so hard to click a link. You need a browser and a mouse and the worst is yet to come – when you open it you have to read!!!

  • Movember is a social marketing campaign created by the cancer industry, an industry that thrives on our ignorance. All the treatment options they mention are those that benefit the industry, there is ZERO mention of all the alternative cures outside the industry, absolutely no discussion at all. They only want you to grow a mo’ and pretend you’re helping contribute to mens health, when all you’re really doing is feeding the industry.

    Movember is not about awareness, education, nor cures, it’s about promoting costly ineffective treatments which lead to repeat business because it IS a business.

  • guys, its charity, its a noble cause, even if its only for england its nice that they care and they post the information!! I’m from portugal (but living in ireland since last year ;( and i already knew about movember, so it doesnt need to be only about the UK.

    just 1 more thing fred, i know what i’m going to ask is a bit “bad” for you, but , can we have a FAQ about the pricing of games and especialy the conversion for dolar to euro, and pound to euro.
    because, lets be honest, we all know its not fair that we in europe pay so much for games when in the US they dont pay that much, but maybe if someone at sony could try to change this, that would be great!! and trust me, i would buy even more games!!

    I’ll give you an example, this “movember” its going to be awsome.. AC unity, GTA5, DA Inquisition, Far cry 4, and more, i will only buy 1 because they are expemsive, so i will spend 69€ in one game, now imagine if a game was 40€ (and thats still a lot, if you converte dolar to euro you will see its not a crazy idea) i would buy 2 games, so I would spend 80€, see!! more money :)

    I know its not your fault, and probably theres nothing you can do, but you are the “face” of sony for us ;)

  • I don’t like this and i will be sure to shave extra often and with extra care.

  • my comment was deleted, i said i was supporting the cause and i suggested a FAQ about pricing, why did you guys deleted the comment??? very upset! this is not north corea.. i think

  • I have joined the site and have tried to join the PlayStation Official team but it doesn’t appear on any searches – has it been set up yet?

  • Someone needs to grow their tash in the shape of a dual shock controller.

    Someone please make that happen!

  • I am not beaning a giver but why wont they give out a free game or like free online and may be a vocuher something good like the order for limted time only 20 quid something like take this comment and follow if u believe

  • Archacus has got to be stopped, i’m sick and tired of seeing complaint after complaint from this person and i’m sure i am not alone in this matter. Now the guy is bashing on a charitable and fun article, when will it ever end.
    If i see an article that is not relevant to me i simply ignore it, what i don’t do is the click the thing and start ranting about this and that and how unfair everything is demanding for my rattle back.

    • As much as we may disagree with his position and methods he gets results. His constant hijacking of every thread posted for a month did see Freedom Wars get a retail release. Meanwhile dozens of intelligent and reasonable posters make quotient arguments about the state of pricing in the EU zone compared to US have been utterly ignored for years now.

    • I doubt it was down to him and him alone that Freedom Wars got a retail release but even so that kind of complaining seems justified but what he is doing on this article and many others is not.

    • Not him alone no, but he was holding the banner than many other self entitled Vita owners flocked to. Since then we’ve had those followers trying the same tactics for other games and rather bizarrely complaining against Vita games being ported to PS4.

    • @TrueMurton fair enough he gets results, oki just curious what results is he trying to get here by being a [MODERATED] on a charitable article ?

      if its fame it aint the right place imo.

    • @TrueMurton fair enough he gets results , oki what results is he trying to get here by being hostile towards a charity article ?

      if its fame imo aint the right place

  • I can’t seem to find the PlayStation Official team when I search. Any idea why?

  • Seems a little odd to use Mo-Vember to advertise Music Unlimited while it still costs two and a half times more in the UK than it does in the US. I used the service on a trial for PS3 years ago and its great, but it’s not worth that sort of price tag. With PS+ discount for Americans and the recent halving of its price the American “Plusser” can get Unlimited on all of his devices for £50 while we must pay £120.

    As for Mo-Vember itself, its a great cause and one I’d love to take part in, but to do so I’d need to shave and after 10 years of having a stache and beard I’ll just look weird. I always sponsor my mates who can do it though.

    • Why would you have to shave? I thought the whole point in Movember was to not shave for the month of November. If you mean shaving it off so you can grow it for the month then why not just let it grow wild for the month instead or change the style etc.

    • The “rules” for the growing a mo for the month say if you already have one you’re supposed to lose it and regrow. Restyling is a possibility but doesn’t really work with mine. Maybe I’ll grow it out a bit more than usual and see what can be done.

  • where is the 2.0 update?

  • Occasionally on this blog, controversy blows up out of nowhere. This is one of those occasions.

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