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This week at PlayStation

PS Plus in October, DRIVECLUB, PS Vita 3.30, new discounts, Shadow of Mordor, more

Time once again for your wrap-up of the past week’s PlayStation happenings. In the last seven days we’ve revealed October’s PS Plus line-up; debuted a new DRIVECLUB trailer; detailed a fresh batch of Store discounts; heralded the arrival of PS Vita system software update 3.30; and unveiled a handful of new titles heading to PlayStation devices: Fluster Cluck, Rollers of the Realm and Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype.

See below for the highlights…

Top 5 most read PlayStation Blog posts this week:

  1. PlayStation Plus in October: DRIVECLUB, Spelunky, Dust: An Elysian Tail, more
  2. ‘Games under £8- discounts start today on PlayStation Store
  3. PS Vita system software update 3.30 goes live tomorrow
  4. Which wheels work with DRIVECLUB?
  5. New on PlayStation Store – Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Natural Doctrine, more

And one you might have missed: A closer look at frantic October PS Plus newcomer Pix the Cat

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What we’ve been playing:

Store UpdateMiddle-earth: Shadow of Mordor: One of the year’s most pleasing surprises, Monolith‘s ambitious new action game is packed full of interesting ideas, and plays out on an epic scale. If you can pry yourself away from Destiny, this one is well worth your time.

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9 Author Replies

  • I would like to know who picked ps plus for October? Yes I’m looking forward to driveclub but the rest of the offerings are really weak. arkham asylum? great game but it’s 5 years old. you’ve had over 500 comments about plus. A lot negative and no reply? care to comment?

    • Quit been so disappointing; I mean yeah they are lackluster, but you don’t complain about getting so many free games for less than maybe a week worth of lunch a month. It also makes next month more exciting! And complaining to the blog team will get you no more than maybe a comment back just like this one.

    • @ RyanSufc1997
      Cool I didnt know they were free. I thought I was only able to rent them if I only paid a subscription.
      So how exactly are you getting them for free? Because im not keen on paying a subscription for games I have no intention of playing.

    • I’m happy about Dust and Rainbow Moon.. good month for me, though Velocity 2X was the best offering

    • @ten-bucks, @fps_d0minat0r

      Fair comments, I totally realize why you are disappointed, and fps_d0minat0r I do say less than a week of lunch, as instant game collection is free with a subscription, so I said they are free because of that. The questions ten-bucks like the singstar one was just me joking, as it it the most asked question. My cup of tea really did go cold, have a sense of humor, and I don’t want to be reminded to buy something when I already have bought it. It seems silly, looks ugly and shouldn’t be there.

    • Well we had Arkham City and Arkham Origins already so Arkham Asylum completes the collection on PS3.

    • Actually looking back I think it might have just been Arkham City so far on IGC.

    • @ten-bucks Hey. We have a global PS Plus team who select the games every month. I’m afraid I can’t comment on exactly why they choose particular titles, other than to say they do their very best to pick a diverse line-up of quality games over the three platforms.

      Of course, not all games appeal to all gamers, but there’s some really cool stuff in this month’s selection. Pix the Cat is ridiculously addictive and made by a scarily talented team with a great pedigree, Spelunky is one of the best platformers of the last 10 years and Rainbow Moon is a cracking RPG. As for Batman – I appreciate it’s 5 years old, but IMHO I’d also argue it’s the best game in the series ;)

    • @Fred
      thanks for the reply. arkham asylum is the best batman so far, I played it on release when I still had an atari!!
      I got rainbow moon as well but waiting for driveclub like a hungry dog. loving themes on vita and can’t wait for uncharted or hopefully freedom wars

    • A global PS Plus team? That actually explains a lot given this and the last few months.

      Cheers for the reply Fred, things are looking just that little bit clearer now!

  • Thanks @PlayStation & the Blog team you are awesome, you don’t get thanked enough, the PS+ update post got a lot of bad comments unfortunately. I would like to thank you however an I am loving the Vita Update! Everything looks cleaner and nicer there now!

    I have a few questions;
    1) Will the VITA get the ability to connect duel shock 4 to it for both remote play and possibly vita games too?
    2) What happened to the live on PlayStation app and generally more apps for vita, and PS4? I like apps.
    3) Why has my cup of tea gone cold so quickly?
    4) How come my disk PS4 games have prices on them on their game tab thing? I bought it already!
    4) Anything you can share about folders coming to PS4?
    5) Something about Singstar been on the homescreen or something…
    6) I lost my 6th AR card on the vita, and can’t find where to print it; where do I print it?

    Thanks blog team; the questions may be a little too much so If I don’t get answered it’s okay!

  • 3) Your an ice princess
    4) That’s the price of the digital version
    4) I think they’ll be in update 2.0, I can’t imagen something so simple not being in there.

    • 5) (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ┻━┻ ︵ ┻━┻ !!!!!

    • – Aw yeah, totally down with that.
      – I guess owning the disk version isn’t enough, do you not think it is a glitch?
      – I am hoping for a major patch in a month or so, with everything we ever asked for plus 3x more!

  • While on the whole i think the PS Plus offering this month is decent, it’s hard to look past the glaring anomaly that is Batman: Arkham Asylum.

    In general, I think the PS3’s offering in Plus of late have been getting progressively worse and i can’t understand why. Surely it should be easier to get good games on board by giving publishers/developers a cut of the sub money? What with the additional Plus money coming in through PS Plus being required to play online on the PS4.

    Could it perhaps be that SCEE have better working relationships with dev’s than SCEA, and that since we’ve had parity between the EU and US offerings, the Americans have been holding us back?

    Specifically looking at Arkham Asylum, were you trying to strike a deal for Arkham Origins, but then when you were knocked back was there no Plan B in place?

    As frustrating as i find this, i’m not about to immediately cancel my subscription like some other commenters claim to be doing. Just please don’t go back as far in time for PS Plus offerings like Games with Gold often does.

    Thanks for reading, any kind of response would be appreciated Fred/Chris/Jawad. :D

    • Ditto. I’ve heard great things about this month’s line up, but the inclusion of a 2009 retail game is a little odd. Had there not been a reduction in the amount of PS3 games included in the IGC, this is something I would have totally accepted. Then again I have a cross-platform backlog which is at ridiculous levels.

      I think everybody has high expectations for PS Plus, and with good reason. To see such a valuable service lose its punch is disheartening. I worry that the competition isn’t doing anything ground-breaking to keep Sony on its toes. PlayStation is doing great right now. Maybe too great.

  • I have two questions.
    Do you go all the to office to write and publish this blog post or do you do that from home?
    When are those PS Vita themes available at the store?

    • I found the crystal and stitching theme by manually searching for them.

    • Wonder if the actual pre order themes we got, for ordering vita will work, i did try to download one of them once, the Resistance one, not other LBP was it?, but got a message saying ‘ need to connect PSP to ps3’ lol.. seems like them horrible sales pr people threw everything into that launch, still waiting for KZ3 remote play, like the official advertisement selling the vita shown… so i might scroll back to Feb 12 in my downloads list and attempt to download it, IF it was never meant to work on the vita then apart from what i said above (sales people) cannot understand why it was offered.

    • Just add, when/if my post gets passed, i still have the advert for remote play, showing KZ3 on ps3, then the player continuing on his vita.. maybe that bit caused the moderation?.. but it’s 100% official SEN advert!

    • @European_Gamer

      1) Confession: I write it on a Friday and then use my handy automatic scheduling tool ;)
      2) They went live on Friday actually. Here’s the cool Stitching one:!/games/themes/stitching-theme/cid=EP9000-PCSF00688_00-P000000000002914

  • where is freedom wars theme is so must.

  • Another week when the PlayStation team seem to be allergic to questions. These were technical questions placed by myself that in two cases directly affect whether I’ll buy a product, or was an easy answer for the Vita update team in the third.

    I’ll repost them here:

    1.) With regard to the PlayStation TV / Vita TV compatibility list. There are games on that list that haven’t been released in the EU, while there are games that aren’t on the list that are listed as compatible on either the US or JPN lists.

    Given that compatibility is simply a matter of the touchscreen controls being either circumvented via a patch (and all patches, unlike DLC, are region free,) or the game not having touchscreen controls, why is there this disparity. There should be no licensing issues as this isn’t a new console – it’s a Vita with the screen removed, nothing more.

    Can you please confirm that all titles on the US and JPN releases will be compatible with an EU PlayStation TV, or provide an explanation as to why games like Soul Sacrifice, all the Final Fantasy games, Tactics Ogre and Sword Art Online aren’t. Is software based blocking being used to specifically prevent these games working in the EU, when they are listed as compatible in other areas of the world.

    2.) The Vita version of Natural Doctrine is £5 more expensive than the PS3 version. While the Vita version has the added bonus of being PS TV compatible, so it can be played on a large TV as well as being portable, there are unanswered questions as to the quality of the two versions.

    Does the PS3 have improved graphics or improved resolution over the Vita version, or any other material differences?

    3.) My final question was answered by experimentation after delivery of the Vita patch, and that was whether the patch to add themes would give the ability to set wallpapers in sub-folders on the Live Area, since pre-patch no matter what wallpaper was set in the parent page, the folder defaults to the standard Sony blue background.

    The patch didn’t address this, so I’ll modify the question – given that this patch is designed to add theme support, to change the entire look of the Vita interface, isn’t this a particularly glaring ommision that will detract from any themes placed on it. Can we expect to see it included in a future patch, along with the removal of the hated automatic screen dimming that everyone has been asking to be removed?

    • 1) The list of games confirmed to be compatible in SCEE region at launch is here: That list will continue to grow post-launch.

      2) Alas, that’s a question for the game’s publisher, NIS

      3) I can’t comment on the content of future hardware updates. However, all feedback is listened to and taken into account – I’ll make sure this is highlighted with the relevant team.

    • Nicely non-answered on the PlayStation TV question Fred. We know that’s the list of compatible SCEE region games – the content of it is exactly why the question is being asked.

      The question was, why are Europeans again getting discriminatory treatment when those games are compatible in the SCEA and SCEI regions as there is absolutely no reason for it.

      This is exactly the same console, with already released, already licensed games, so there should be no reason that a game compatible in America or Japan shouldn’t be compatible in the UK unless they are being deliberately blocked and prevented from working.

      Soul Sacrifice (a 1st party title as well): Listed as compatible in both US and JPN
      Final Fantasy 1 to X/X-2: All games listed as compatible in both US and JPN
      Tactics Ogre: Listed as compatible in both US and JPN
      Sword Art Online: Stated to be compatible in JPN by the developer on numerous occasions.

      All three compatibility lists – US, EU and JPN should be identical. This is not a licensing issue – this console is a Vita without a screen, and therefore the games should not need to be re-licensed for issue. The only thing that will make a game non-compatible are touchscreen controls, such as in Gravity Rush.

      Please take this back to the PlayStation TV team Fred, and get them to re-release the list with the missing games on it, or provide an explanation as to why there is cross-region discrimination going on … again.

  • I would like to ask if Fred can clarify for me, and others exactly why, after countless claims that EU and US plus, and therefore the differences in say Dollar flash sales to the standard (for US) 75% discounts on top of on sale stuff, amongst other stuff we seem to be getting none of, anyway after many people ask why this is, we have always had the answer ‘They (plus) are just different services per region’ so the clarification is to do with the concesous of, our delay to 8th, to get Octobers offerings, is solely down to US not getting there stuff in same month, or more precisely, they’d need to wait six days After us (taken for granted it seems?) EU folk. so are plus services only different per region when it’s in the US’s interests?. i duppose i should of gotten to that earlier in post, basicaly you (Fred) and Chris always say the service is different for every region, when asked about why our service isn’t as good, (dollar flash sales/75% regular discounts) but saying it’s just a different service per region, Then forcing a delay on us because it would not be in US subbers interests?.. makes about as much sense as this post, (still rubbing sleep out of my eyes) although i think i have gotten the point accross (eventually).. Why must we EU either actually subsidise US better deals/services, or look as though we are, am getting used to being second rate customer, really. one time i got angry, am actually use to it now, but i still do not believe it is right.

    • He said he will try to provide information regarding price differences in a blog post one day.

      I dont think that day will ever come though =(

      Even if he personally wants to, I doubt Sony would allow it otherwise they would have been transparent about it from the beginning and we wouldnt have to ask a billion times.

    • This is what Fred said a couple of weeks ago on Twitter about the pricing FAQ:

      @WizzNL It’s not feasible at present I’m afraid.

      So yea, not happening. A bit dissapointing he didnt inform people by posting it on the Blog instead of Twitter. But we all already knew it wasnt happening anyways.

  • Hey Fred,it was pretty clear that this generation Sony wants to give players choices,so with that in mind would you consider making available to your costumers ps plus lite and ps plus gold?In Ps plus lite you would only give online multiplayer for a smaller fee,making your costumers happier than ever.

  • no worries, glad you located them.

    meant ‘stitching’ tho, for anyone else looking for them. oops.

  • Vita 3.30 is much appreciated, lots of nice new features. Hope to see some of the more highly requested themes become a reality. My Vita NEEEEEDS a P4G theme. Needs it. =D

    On a similar note, hoping to see some of the features I’ve previously mentioned come to Vita in the future. DS4 compatibility for Remote Play, screen dimming, PlayStation app, backgrounds for folders etc. And as ever, the PS1 and PSP compatibility really needs to improve. We’re being denied some really great games for little to no reason (either they’re playable on PSP/PS3 or strangely absent all together).

    What have I been playing this week? Trying to chase the Platinum trophy in Danganronpa but it’s a slow one. Been chipping away at Final Fantasy VI on my latest play through, trying to remember how to recruit the last couple of party members before facing Kefka. Contemplated doing another play through of Persona 3 Portable as well.

  • I’m quite looking forward to Drive Club despite some of the backtracking on it, I have enough faith to preorder it so looking forward to getting stuck in and hoping it has a soul (not too clinical feeling). As for quality of PS+, I guess everyone’s different but for me the two games I’d want I have, and the rest I wouldn’t normally buy. It would be nice to get something meaty for current gen.

    Next month PS4 releases are looking sweet, first month I’m not going to be able to get everything I want. I had planned to get GTAV (again) but with Far Cry 4 and Unity there’s not going to be enough time, and out of those two I think I’ll have to go Far Cry 4. An upgrade option for GTAV would have been nice considering it’d be a fairly recent purchase for most people.

  • Still no explanation or apology for the delay to the PS+ update.

    Still no explanation as to why Drive Club PS+ Edition isn’t getting the free updates.

    Still no explanation or fix for Crimson Land not give g the cross buy entitlement when the developers own post, the store update post and even the store itself all say that it is cross buy. This is particularly disagreeable considering that it cost double here what it did in the US until the sale last week.

    Prices are still massively out of step with the US, another batch of 60% markups this week.

    On a more positive note, Shadows of Mordor is great fun, if not for a couple of minor issues it really could be a GOTY contender.

    • The delay is to get us in line with the USA who update on a Tuesday (not Wednesday like us) which was the 30th and so not the first Tuesday of the month there – it needs to stop – maybe move us to the same day update so this doesn’t keep happening.

    • We all know this was done so the US wouldn’t have to wait 6 days, I just think we deserve an “official” explanation on the matter. We all pay for Plus, we pay slightly more than the US do for it, our PS+ discount is generally only 10% compared to their 50% and our regular PSN purchases can be anywhere from 60% to 150% more expensive as well.

      I very much doubt there’ll be an official word on the matter, but that just makes it all the more important that we point out that we noticed the strange decision to alter the new PS+ update schedule just four months after it created.

      Personally I’m not all that bothered about the one week delay, I’m more bothered about the fact that I have to pay inflated prices so that an American can pay half as much for the same content. A Sony policy that somehow doesn’t apply to Europe. The promised pricing FAQ will never happen because it will paint SCEE in a bad light, I’m just hoping that Fred will recognise that this PS+ delay is a step too far and actually comment on it.

    • Pricing FAQ wont happen indeed ( see above ) , them commenting on the delay of Plus aint happening either. We are still waiting on an explanation of several other issues in the past, not happening either. Sony needs to get a decent SCEE team, because the quality of the Store and Blog isnt on par with what people expect from Sony. At the moment both are a joke.

    • @Wizz

      I bear no ill will to the blog team, I think everyone wishes they could do more in their job than they’re actually allowed to do. From my perspective it just seems that SCEE is very poorly managed. There’s a distinct lack of transparency on anything that can be deemed as being negative. At E3 2014 Sony announced that all PS4 games will retain their 60$ price tag, it was assumed that this would mean £40 in the UK, it wasn’t until release day that we found this was a ScEA policy and not a Sony policy. Then there’s the delay to PS+, the surprise maintenance that always happens during EU peak time, the PSN outage on Thursday morning that went completely unmentioned by Sony Europe. I don’t doubt that Fred and Chris wish they could comment on these things but probably aren’t allowed to.

      We don’t need a new blog team, we just need new management for SCEE who don’t block their people from talking about problems and take a look into some of the discrepancies in Sony policy and actually try to resolve them. Taking a look into why the EU store updates contain pricing mistakes every single week would be good as well.

    • I am annoyed at the delay just to suit the americans myself, and yep the blog team are very quiet about it, not responded at all, so i doubt we will get one but i think its fairly obvious why its been done, alot more in the US to complain than the EU
      Would be nice if we just had a “sorry we had no choice” answer just to show they do give a small damn about the EU customers though

  • When are PlayStation gonna bring out different coloured consoles

  • @Fred

    Is there something going on with Chris Howe? I ask because he has been the plus content manager for more than two years and yet he hardly ever replies to his posts? Ross was a far better plus manager who was way more active than Chris, is there a difference in their workload? i mean Chris is doing the EXACT same job as Ross right?

    • The same goes for Fred and Jawad, can we have a whole new team please Sony.

    • @WizzNL

      Fred is actually AMAZING ! he is the only one who actually has time for us, so give him a break :)

    • @WizzNL
      Jawad does do replies. I’ve even seen replies from him that’s not in his post. And for Fred, he does great! Replied to us many times on the weekend when he gets the chance which should be days off from work. Like how many people would want to do their job on their days off? I certainly wouldn’t so it’s very generous of him for doing that.

    • Must admit it’s good of Fred to reply to blog posts during the weekend from time to time – everyone deserves some time off!

    • Considering the amount of questions and the amount of replies i have to disagree. They used to reply a lot more often in the past. Besides the replying the Store is handled very poorly, with incorrect prices, missing content or already paid for DLC which isnt working at all. And it has been that way for a long, long time now.

  • Even the US Plus content manager is more active than Chris !! could we have him instead lol :)

    • Why do we need a UK and US plus content manager if the content is now in synch. I suppose the discounts won’t be synching tho….

    • @Paul
      We still need someone to tell us we won’t get sales as good as the US as “they’re completely separate to EU” lol

  • I can´t find the themes in the ps store,where are they?

    • From memory (and this may be wrong), but I think they’re under the games category, then scroll down to “Themes & Avatars”. The search function doesn’t seem to pick them up though, which is a shame!

  • @Fred

    I have seen the trophy list for Duck Dynasty on twitter is the game come to Europe?

  • I get the totally legitimate criticism of Arkham Asylum in the Plus line up but there are some real gems in there this month. Spelunky and Dust: An Elysian tail are both great additions and it baffles me that people could dismiss them without at least giving them a go. I’ve easily spent more playtime on Spelunky than any other game in the last couple of years, that game feels like it was made for the VITA. Plus it’ swan old school challenge that few games have these days.

    Clearly people here love their AAAs but there’s a tonne of great other games that you’ll miss out on if you dismiss them outright. So please stop equating smaller game with crap, or at least posting that they’re rubbish without actually playing them. Games are games, regardless of their budget, and all games have the capacity to entertain.

    And to the people complaining month after month for AAA PS4 games (since March!!!), it’s unlikely you’ll be getting any games still retailing at $60 for your $6 a month. If anything it’ll take a bit longer than the PS3 games as there are more ps4 users being added everyday and with the smaller library of games to buy, it means they are more likely to purchase those launch window games (saw a grandmother buy Knack for her grandson just today). As a developer/publisher I know i wouldn’t be handing out my game for free a month or 2 before Christmas. Best you can hope for, Ubisoft add Assassin’s Creed Black Flag in the mix to try to get a few more buyers for Unity

  • Well another week another psn attack and Sony i really thing whats point paying for online since this things keep happying.

    Aslo home closeing down and a lot people and me spend money on it for nothing .

    I might get driverclub but how many levels you get ?

    • There is no defense against DDOS attacks, the best you can do is have backup servers but even them once attackers realise this they just attack the backups. Paying for online play should at the very least mean that the network should be layered/clustered so that maintenance can be done on a per layer/cluster basis without shutting down the entire network. This is how PSN should have been designed from the start so that when maintenance is required you’re not telling an entire region (always EU) that they can’t access the network for an entire day due maintenance.

      Home was a great idea poorly executed. It’s also another area where SCEA showed a much greater interest. While in the EU it was all about selling us cosmetic items for our avatars the US had actual games in theirs that gave rewards ranging from PS1 classics to free stuff for WarFrame and other F2P games. With it shutting down we’ll never see those initiatives.

      As for DriveClub. Its 5 countries, each country has 5 or 6 tracks plus some reverse tracks, some additional tracks will be released for free over the first 9 months and therell be some as paod DLC as well. The PS+ demo gets one country that is confirmed as 5 tracks plus variants, Evolution (wrongly) describe this as 11 tracks and because its a demo it doesn’t receive the free tracks at all. DriveClub is an absolute train wreck of lies and bad PR, I’d personally wait for Project Cars if you want a PS4 racer, more tracks, more cars, no lies about what is and isn’t included, no 75 quid worth of DLC earmarked for the first 12 months alone, better looking, better frame rate, no grinding to unlock the car you want, its just a better game all round.

  • Whats with all these primary accounts for sale on ebay?
    Are they safe to buy? Illegal? How do they sell them for such a low price?
    Will they ban the console?
    They have brand new games for less than £30 and have pre orders too

    • Of course it’s a scam, Mattbrad – it’s as dodgy as some bloke phoning you up to say you’ve won the Nigerian lottery, and you only need to give him your bank details to get the money.

      Firstly, even if it’s just someone who’s hard-up offering their account for sale, It’s against the PSN terms and conditions to sell your digital content without express authorisation from Sony, which is never going to happen.

      Most likely though, it’s one of these charming scams:

      1.) They hack someone’s account, change the password and then resell it quickly before Sony can give control back to the original user. When the original user finally complains, they get their account back, and you’re out of pocket.

      2.) They steal someone’s credit or debit card, set up multiple new accounts, credit them with stolen money and sell them on. When the credit card company comes calling, the illegal transactions now link to you, while the thieves get away with your nicely laundered money.

      3.) They manage to steal a bundle of physical PSN cards from a store, don’t want the serial numbers linked to their accounts, and so either resell the cards themselves or quickly set up a bunch of new accounts and credit them with funds because it looks slightly more legit than selling £10 PSN cards for a fiver.

      Don’t touch any of these scams – not only will Sony ban the account, but you might also end up the subject of a police investigation.

    • I’d very much recommend giving these an extremely wide berth.

  • Hey Fred, I read recently that Peggle 2 would be on the store this week but has something happened to it. I checked on my PS4 store and sure enough it is there to look at with screenshots and info but unfortunately there is no option to buy it. Do you know what’s going on there? Thanks.

    *everyone buys ps plus*
    now that you’re all on ps plus we can announce that we are actually just giving you basically a demo of it.
    *mass regret*

    • There are people who’d join Plus just for DriveClub? Yikes.

    • Prior to April when they changed it into a demo, yeah there would have been.

    • @ madmanwithabox12
      back when they announced that the entire game would be free at the ps plus launch i could imagine that a large amount of people thought it would be a good idea to buy it since they would most likely anyway due to ps4 requiring it for online play.

      Hell the only reason i bought my ps4 at launch was coz i didnt wanna miss out on those sorta free games so i feel very tricked.

  • Mr Dutton.

    I see you have done your stint at replying to this post. I also see you have neglected to comment on the information that WizzNL has provided.

    While most of the interested parties never believed that a pricing faq was going to appear (it was obviously hinted at to appease the traction that the subject was gathering), I have to say that it is very disappointing that you have not stated this on the very place where the subject was broached: the official blog.

    To announce that the faq is a ‘not feasible’ through twitter is not good enough.

    I appreciate that you have perhaps been ‘hung out to dry’ again by your superiors but burying the information in this manner is very poor.


    • I need to disagree with this. It was actually stressed the very first time Fred said about getting an FAQ that it may never happen; it was essentially always a case of if it becomes possible, it will be made available. No further updates leaves two possibilities: it won’t be possible or he is still trying to make/waiting until it is possible.

    • i think you missed my point mr insanity.

      there has been an update – it is not feasible.

      i have no problem with the non-appearance of the FAQ (I never expected to see it).

      My problem is that Mr Dutton raised the possibility on the Blog.

      Now we learn that it will not happen. Fair enough. But why not inform us through the Blog?

  • I honestly don’t thing a pricing faq will change anything. All it will do is tell us the prices are different. We know this. But I think there is a genuine need for a conversation about the current state of play. For example we are either linked or separate to the U.S.based on which is more detrimental to Europe. Delayed plus – linked, worse discounts -separate. Also the sheer number of discount announcement in the store post that are wrong or don’t get fixed before the sale ends is disgusting. And finally why if prices are set by publishers do you price things different to their announcements and then they tell us you won’t let them fix it?
    For me that’s 3 massive points that are completely ignored.

    • I’ll just chip in with some actual examples here.

      Octodad – developer announced PS+ discount at their reveal, then had to post on the blog that we wouldn’t be getting the discount because apparently some red tape exists here that doesn’t exist in the US which stopped our PS+ discount from going through. Sony refused to comment that this additional red tape even exists, the way the developers tell it there was no effort made to try and make the discount available at launch either.

      Titan Attacks – developer announced price at £7.99 the day before release, it hits the store at £8.49 and Jawad blames it on the developer for “getting it wrong” the day before. Curve then goes on Twitter to say that they have no idea what Jawad was talking about. The US Blog team meanwhile released it at the announced price without increase.

      CastleStorm – announced as costing £8 a few days before the update, released at £16, same thing happened the US, price mysteriously doubled on release day. The key difference being that within a couple hours of the US blog post going up it was admitted as a mistake and the price corrected, here Jawad said “Zen got it wrong” we have kept the doubled price. Zen still have the correct prices listed on their own pages, responses from them are very much pointing the finger at SCEE for an unauthorised price hike.

      To further add to this
      Crimson Land was announced by the developer as cross buy here on The Blog, announced by Jawad as cross buy, is listed on The Store as cross buy, but it isn’t. Unless you’re in the US, where the cross buy entitlement was properly attached to the game, that’s still not fixed either by the way.

      Sparkle 2 was supposed to have a demo, was announced right here on the EU Blog. The demo was never released, except on the US Store of course.

      I could keep listing examples, I could probably double this list from PS4 games and services alone, but there’s a character limit and I proved my point. At SCEE we have a team of Store Techs who are constantly making mistakes that cost us directly and a Blog Team who defend those blunders and even make excuses for them. It’s a shocking state of affairs really.

  • @Fred
    since you’re answering questions any word on VITA MINECRAFT. seems like it’s been forgotten
    currently playing
    vita-lego hobbit
    ps4 destiny/infamous FL
    ps3 midway arcade

  • ‘Global plus team’.. sorry but that’s very un SCE like, they do Everything per region, which is why someone usually gets better, others less and so on, but IF it is now changed and plus is now run as a Global service, i am really, really asking Why the massive discounts for US, while EU ‘suffer’ the same ‘extra 10% for plus subbers’ most every sale.. i think that by trying to fix a leak you have begun the process of opening a flood gate.. Seperate plus discounts given out by the same plus team, ok.

    • Also doesn’t match other SCE policies. Separate QA processes, separate processes for developers to request sales, different days for store updates, regular delays to releases in Europe, maintenance always during EU peak hours, global outages only mentioned by a single regions PR team, demos a plenty in US and JP but none in Europe. Do I need to keep listing these?

  • Everything went wrong when that Ross guy left for plus, I don’t expect AAA titles for ps4 plus yet, and am enjoying the odd indie title, I liked plus when you got A psn game a ps1 game a mini and a theme, God I miss those days. Since the AAA plus thing I’ve played less and less games, people buy them if they love them, so for me free indies has introduced me to lots of great games I never would have played or known about.

  • hi fred

    when does drive club hit the uk store I thought the store got updated today please clarify


  • so far ps4 is nothing but a let down !

  • Ouch! and now the Playstation 4 Launch Title, cut down to PS+ Version gets pulled ! Would have thought DriveClub Server Load tests would have solved this.

    Praise Bungie for their alpha / beta efforts in this area.

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