Prepare your eyes – new DRIVECLUB gameplay trailer debuts

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Prepare your eyes – new DRIVECLUB gameplay trailer debuts

Just one week to go now until Evolution Studios’ stunning racer hits PS4

Can you believe that you’ll be able to get your hands on DRIVECLUB on PS4 next week!? Let’s celebrate with a brand new video showing some of the crazy action and racing you’ll get to experience next week.

As well as sharing a new video with you I’d also like to take this time to thank you for your amazing support and patience this year. The Evo team has done everything possible to make your wait for DRIVECLUB worth it and it’s the support we get from players that really spurs us on. Keep being awesome and enjoy the game!

We’d love to keep hearing from you while we continue to bring updates to DRIVECLUB, so get in touch on Twitter via @DRIVECLUB and

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  • The new gameplay trailer looks superb. The wait is almost over!

  • Almost… there… Can’t wait to get my hands on this \o/

  • Into my veins :) Roll on Wednesday

    • They pushed it back from the PS4 launch to now without warning just before it was meant to come out. Who knows what might happen in the next 7 days. Personally I’m betting that their attitudes to customer service won’t improve.

    • @LordDagoth4YUS We hope you can understand that we gave as much warning as we could and that it wasn’t easy to delay, but we needed the extra time.

      The dynamic menu (and all connectivity between players in and around the racing) is now slick, quick and seamless. It’s taken a lot of hard work, but we’re excited that you and your friends will be able to get hands on with the game from next week!

    • It didn’t really help that infamous and watch dogs amongst others were pushed back at the last second as well. The problem is really that companies frequently announce release dates that are merely speculations.
      The process is simple: if there’s a chance you might need more time, don’t announce a release date.
      Here’s an example, the elder scrolls online was announced for the end of June on PS4, but that didn’t happen and no one knows when (or cares come
      to think of it, $15 per month fees on a $60 game are a joke)

    • @Phenom_Evolution being a dev myself, I for one appreciate that you guys take your time to deliver a finished game. We were having the same issues at our company, the devs suggested they would delay the release, but surprise surprise, they dismissed our feedback and now a bug riddled version has been shipped. It pains me so.

      I’d rather have the game at a later date, and properly finished instead of rushed and incomplete. Even though I know it’s an expensive thing to do, and you will let down (even though it’s a little bit) the people who are eager to get their hands on it, sometimes it’s the best / only option.

      Thanks for the feedback; I for one can’t wait to experience this slick and seamless gameplay you talk of :D.

  • Looking stunning. I’m going to get the Plus version to check out the handling, but I expect to be buying the full version and season pass soon after.

    Great work, guys.

  • Give us support for other wheels such as Logitech G27/G25 !!!

    • And with that I mean NOW not later on in 1 year…!!!

      I don’t give a crapish what u say… I will not buy a [MODERATED] wheel just to play on the PS4!

    • Don’t forget the Driving Force GT, an Official PlayStation Wheel.

    • DRIVECLUB is the first PS4 game that offers steering wheel support – and we can only support the wheels that are currently compatible with PS4.

      We plan to support more wheels as they come to PS4 too. :)

  • can’t wait!

  • “for the payers”.
    support my GT !

  • I’ve stopped caring about this game. I was intrigued at first and we were told it would be free on plus.
    Then it was delayed with no indication as to for how long.
    Then plus users were told we’d get about 20% of the game.
    Then the plus announcement got moved back a week because of this game. (That one’s not worth getting too worked up over)
    I truly hope that the customer care by both the developers and Sony can improve.
    Buy Project Cars or NFS Rivals, don’t waste your time or money on a company that constantly changes its plans with little thought for the consumer.

    • No friend, the EU plus was moved because we in EU cannot recieve free/plus stuff before our US cousins, even though Mr Howe, the plus manager, and Fred constantly say ‘plus is a different service in each region’, when we get mediocre sales compared to the US etc, so Driveclub is Not reason for week delay on EU plus, it’s sony’s policy of US first, which i have No prob with, But at expense of others, which i have big prob with. sorry for off topic.

    • Point taken.
      Sony. #fortheplayers(aslongastheylivewestofireland)

  • Totally going to check the Playstation+ version :-)

  • So beautiful, better looking then real life ;) can’t wait, guys at evolution :)

  • No Logitech support, no buy!

  • Logitech Support needed. Simple as that, Sony, Logitech, and whoever else need to bang their heads together to sort this out. No point blaming one or the other, just get it done.

  • @HUN_hatrix Same for me. No support for other wheels then NO BUY! Also no more ps+…!

  • Looking great. Could you guys please do a post about the music in the game? What can we expect from the soundtrack?

    • Sounds very Noisia on the trailer, and given their history with Evolution that would make sense… hope so, love their stuff.

  • Yeah looks good, and probably plays as well as the critics say, but basically no wheel support, so close to cancelling my preorder.

    • We can only support the wheels that work with PS4 and we will be adding more as they come to PS4 in future – but it still plays superbly with DualShock 4.

  • Think I’ll cancel my Shadow of Mordor pre order and pre order this instead..

  • The only thing that has been bugging me is the social aspect, will I be able to enjoy this as much as a lonewolf?

    • “Even if none of your friends play, the game will help you connect with other players.”

    • Well, that sounds very interesting, i enjoy my lonetime too, where Gaming is concerned, so will be interested in this, is it like a incognito type?, that desert game where you didn’t know/see other persons ID, can’t remember it’s name, (arghhh) am sure you know the one though, imo there should be options to actually do that in every online game.

    • If and when you get involved with challenges, clubs or online multiplayer is totally up to you.

      The game will help you connect with other players, but you don’t have to if that’s not your thing. There’s a single player campaign and you can go it alone online too if you want.

  • Has anyone mentioned Logitec support yet?

  • I was waiting for this one to come out hoping that will have Force GT wheel support (being a PS brand wheel and all). But apparently I’m not going to buy it. No way I’m going to play this with a controller when I have a perfectly functional wheel. More than that not even ProjectCars will have support on PS4(Logitech said there’s a chip problem not fixable via driver or what not)…so i’m going to stick with the PC for my racing addiction.

  • Well i must say i feel for my wheel using peers, i am use to controller in GT6, other (few) driving games i played, but seriously if i was in the situation where, after spending a large sum of money on a once supported wheel, only to have it unSupported in the ps’ goty’ well, at least what is going to be aimed at, just really unfair, add to that the sneaky way it was revealed/implemented, do you guys not understand we consumers are much more aware of All this stuff these days?, even if it does’nt directly affect us, it still gets noted, do the right thing.

  • I can connect a usb joystick controller made for windows xp to a windows 8 computer and it works fine. Nothing needs to be done to current wheels, it’s the PS4 software that needs to be updated. As we’re still waiting on things promised at the PS4 announcement conference 18 months ago (anyone remember suspend/resume?) I’d say the chances of the PS4 being updated within the next 12 months to allow for other wheels is slim.

  • @Jamie

    If I preorder Driveclub PS Plus Upgrade with my “secondary” account (which has an active PS Plus subscription), will I also be able to play the full, upgraded version of the game, on my “main” account which doesn’t have a PS Plus of its own? This is the only thing that worries me about this great deal :) Answers asap please, game will be released soon :D

  • The motorstorm games are the only driving games I enjoy, pure quality gameplay. Apocalypse deserved to do so much better than it did.

    I have great faith in the quality of evolution studios and excited to see how awesome this is. Better adjust my driving style though!

    • Apocalypse! Greatest racing game of all time imo :p Awesome online mode too!
      I was kind of disappointed in this at the start (wanting another Motorstorm after the amazing Apocalypse too) because there are already so many racegames like this but knowing Evolution studios, I’m sure they’ll somehow put their own touch to it and differentiate it from likewise racers.. For one, it actually looks like it might be on par with Gran Turismo on a graphical and technical level and I love their attention to detail.
      Anyway, you can barely ever go wrong on a Playstation exclusive.. Getting this instead of Shadow of Mordor, which I’ll get later :p

    • I am sad about it not being another motorstorm but maybe they will bring another sequel to ps4.

      I have no idea what to expect from driveclub, but I am very excited :)

  • The game looks stunning. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • Pre ordered full version. Cannot wait. The game looks stunning. Gutted about lack of G25 wheel support though.

  • 0:21 what an ugly low res shadow

  • Pre ordered the full version. Cannot wait to play this.

  • I’m a bit disappointed about the pre-order pre-loading situation, the PS+ full upgrade will let me pre-order but I can’t pre-load because I have to wait for the PS+ free version to release, but to get the game pre-loaded I must not have a PS+ subscription because then it will allow me to purchase the full version which can be pre-loaded one or two days before release.

    Otherwise I can’t wait as I’ve been on racing rations long enough.

  • Lots of DriveClub posts recently, though not one answering any of the big questions.

    If the PS+ Version really is supposed to be a “full game” as you keep claiming and not the demo that it actually is, why does it not receive the free car and track updates? – at the moment the PS+ Edition has more in common with a demo than it does a full game from a technical standpoint.

    Why is the price of the upgrade so much higher in the UK than it is in US, you’re a UK based company after all, why screw your own countrymen with an over 60% price hike?

    It was claimed by Rushy (a man I’ve already proved to be a liar on several occasions so why not do it again?) that DriveClub intends to support more than just the ThrustMaster wheels that actually work with the PS4 according to interviews he gave in April. Bearing this in mind, why are only two TM wheels support when there are actually 3 that compatible? And why claim to support wheels that don’t even exist? He even posted on NeoGaf that Evolution were allegedly working with all wheel manufacturers to make their wheels work well in game. Care to explain how was this achieved as only TM have the security chips that are required to make their wheels even connect to the PS4 in the first place?

    I really want to like DriveClub, honestly I do. But every single post made about the game since the original reveal either contains or reveals a lie about it. Seriously, not one thing said in the original 2013 reveal has turned out to be true. After 15 months of being fed utter BS at every turn I’m finding it really hard to get excited for this game.

    • The PS+ free version has 11 tracks in india and 10 cars with full access to all the game, a demo or trial usually gives you one track and one car…….I’m just saying, if you want a car added every month get the full version.

      The UK upgrade price is £34.99, it was £42.99 and the full US is $49.99

      Steering wheel support is a touchy subject as wheels are not cheap, I have a Logitech wheel and it is not supported because it doesn’t work with the PS4 as the console would need a firmware update to allow support, to be honest the PS4 needs more firmware updates for other stuff like folders or ways to organise many games, games share etc…all of which makes steering wheels not so important, I don’t agree with this but I’m just saying.

  • Yaaaay finally driveclub is here.. Can’t wait to play it

  • Looks excellent, can’t wait :). Will try the PS+ version before buying just because I’d be insane not to, but I’d be very surprised if I didn’t upgrade to the full version very shortly after giving it a play, keep up the great work Evolution :).

  • £35.00 for the full game upgrade on psn tyvm cant wait to burn some rubber on this bad-boy! ill even grab the season pass too when that goes up on psn happy_dayz :p

  • Hello @Phenom_Evolution, I am so happy that it is finally here! My question is, is it possible to pre-download PS Plus edition as it was preorder?


  • I am sooo annoyed right now. I have been looking forward to this game since the E3 2013 and only know have i found out that Evolution Studios have signed exclusive functionality of steering wheels to thrustmaster!!!! I am not minted and cannot afford a PS4 game and a brand new steering wheel. The one i have is a PS\GT5 series steering wheel and as far as i was aware these would have been supported for future PS4 racing games. Everyone who loves racing games knows how impossible it is to enjoy a racing game with a controller once you discover the amazing realistic reactions of a quality steering wheel. I am a motor racing enthusiast and have been regretting investing in the PS4 but told myself, hold out for drive club it will be epic. I don’t care about the ps+ version i was going all in for this one. Now i can’t be bothered with either. You can make the game better looking , better network multiplayer functionality and more realistic looking all you like but for me the minute you have to use a controller the fun and realism of a racing game dissappear’s. If i am wrong i take it back but man am i dissapointed.

  • This game really does look the part but I’m no petrol head so I very much doubt I’ll upgrade from the PS+ offering, especially not with Bayonetta 2 on the U and FC4 Kyrat edition n AC Unity guillotine case for the PS all pre-ordered for the next month or so! They are more than enough till the 12 deals of Christmas in December and then let us see if the PS4 gets any love this year eh?

  • Seems my retailer I bought it from has shipped the game earlier to me. Question, Do I face the ban hammer if I start playing it this weekend?

    • No as every tom, dick and harry are already playing the game, just look at sites like Joysiq who are posting videos on YouTube, my only complaint is why do have to wait until 10th October days after everybody and last in line.

  • Will the ‘Full Upgrade’ pre-load?

    The listing is so confusing;

    “To use this download you’ll need a PlayStation®Plus membership and DRIVECLUB™ PlayStation®Plus Edition, which can be downloaded now from PlayStation®Store.”

    So if you purchase the upgrade now you’ll have to wait until the PS+ version goes live on the 10th and download that first? Why does it say ‘can be downloaded now’?? Does anyone proof read this stuff?

  • the trailer lokks beautiful, but after seeing the final version in a 2 hour preview in 1080P of the game, i think its a real joke… this game will have 10/20 .. evo did the same stuff they’ve done for the announcement of motorstorm on ps3 , with a fake trailer ( like killzone 2 ) wich was supposed to be gameplay, in real game, the game is empty , 50 cars 25 tracks with their reverse , and 60 championchist, compared to the crew or Forza horizon 2 wich have 5 times more content and open world and really nice graphiccly, this game is a joke, why evo didn’t make the kind of game they ‘re good at , motostorm ??? so dissapointed..

  • I’ve been looking at all the footage and coverage i’ve been able to find.

    Absolute masterpiece.

    The team deserves to be as proud as punch as they appear to be, and hopefully they receive the industry recognition and sales to match. Looking forward to taking it for a spin once I buy a PS4 for it, maybe as soon as Bathurst this weekend (fortuitous local timing).

  • Like others are saying, if I pre-order this on PS+ do I have to wait and download the PS+ edition, and then download the upgrade?

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