Which wheels work with DRIVECLUB?

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Which wheels work with DRIVECLUB?

Find out which peripherals are compatible with Evolution Studios’ PS4 racer

For a while now, racing fans have been asking for details on which wheels DRIVECLUB will support when it hits stores on 8th October. That time has finally come!

Our goal is to bring out the racer in everyone – so we’ve worked hard to make the driving fun and challenging for you, not only on DualShock 4 but also on all of the wheels currently compatible with PS4.

We’ve been working really closely with Thrustmaster on their new T80 and T300RS wheels, to make sure that they’re perfectly tuned for DRIVECLUB and the PS4. Who doesn’t love to lock their thumbs into a good racing wheel and get lost in the moment, believing that they’re pro drivers?!


In fact, we’ve actually spent time with pro drivers recently and we got to see what they could do behind the wheel of a Thrustmater T300RS in DRIVECLUB! It was epic to see Sebastian Loeb acing almost every corner of an epic downhill point-to-point route set in Canada and naturally set one of the fastest lap times we’ve ever seen – on his first go.

T300RS-product1packshot packaging_T300

We hope to support more hardware from Thrustmaster and other providers, as more wheels hit the shelves for PS4.

We can’t wait for you all to get your hands on DRIVECLUB – we’ll see you all on the track on 8th October.

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  • Nice. Do you guys know when we’ll be able to transfer our purchased avatars to the ps4? It only lets you use the default ones apparently.

  • I’m guessing this means my G27 is officially outdated :(

    • Can’t think of any valid technical reason why your G27 or my GT couldn’t be supported :(

    • Sony have signed up with Thrustmaster maybe to make as much money as they can out of an official wheel?

    • @slk486
      PS4 require from peripherals build in security chip.

      Logitech simply doesn’t have them… it’s not fault of Logitech but SONY which requires something which is not usualy needed.

    • We’ll continue to add support for other manufacturers wheels as and when they become compatible with the PS4.

    • @Phenom_Evolution
      So you say “Trust us”

      Buy game first, and we may or may not add support to games.

      Sorry, that’s not how this works. You add support first and than people will buy.

    • From US blog

      “We can’t support other wheels unless they’re compatible with PS4 :(

      Hope you can check out the game with your DS4 or with a supported wheel in the mean time!”

      And that pretty much confirms that what you said is PR BS, you just want people to buy game… you don’t plan to bring logitech support later on.

      Keep dreaming liars.

    • @archacus, you are wrong about the security chip. The T500Rs is announces to work on the PS4 with Pcars. It does not have a security chip, therefor a BS reason for no other wheels than Thrustmaster te work. Can’t you see it is all commercial (MODERATED) to sell more Thrustmasters!!

    • Not at all, it’s just that Sony wants to force users to pay well over the odds for an inferior wheel. The T300 doesn’t have a separate gearbox, nor a clutch. That’s one hell of a wheel for simulators. /s

    • @Phenom_Evolution, you are saying it, but still your not! Just say it, let it go! Say, “Thrustmasters and Fanatecs, like the G27 and the GT3RS v2 are going to be supported in our game on the PS4”. See, that wasn’t that hard, was it! If I could do it, you surely could ;-)

    • Funny as a year ago was a lot of bashing on Xbox for the need to buy new wheels, while the ps4 was going to support all that worked on PS3. Yeah right… Sony already has the sales money so who cares now?

    • I know I wont be buying a PS4 if My G25 isn’t suported. So bye bye Sony

  • So still no word on any Logitech wheel support then? I’m not gonna replace a perfectly good G27 and Playseat to race on PS4!

    • PS4 is starting to look like an over-priced brick lately. I won’t play racing games without my Logitech Wheel and all the other games are cheaper on PC anyway.

      I regret buying a PS4 more each day. Should have saved my money and gone for a decent gaming PC. The money saved on game prices would have paid for the difference by now.

      SONY are just being greedy and trying to stop anyone else making peripherals for their console. Total idiots. I’d never recommend that any friends buy this console now and am seriously considering biting the bullet and ditching mine.

      All the ‘exclusive games’ have been pretty pants so far, if we’re honest.

    • David: Hello, My name is David how may I assist you today?
      You: I purchased Driveclub, and the game doesn’t support my hardware (logitech g27). I would like a refund please.
      David: Hi. I will be more than glad to help you with that.
      You: thank you.
      David: I do apologize, unfortunately we cannot submit a refund for that case, the problem is with the 3rd party device that is not from playstation, the gme works the problem as you mentioned before is the hardware in this case logitech g27
      You: That isn’t acceptable. I bought a PS4 over xbox so I could use this wheel. I will not buy a sony steering wheel. I will not play DriveClub.
      David: I do apologize buit as I mentioned before thats not a valid reason we cannot submit a refund for that.
      You: Then another request.
      David: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
      You: Please cancel my PSN Plus subscription.
      David: Ok, I will cancel the auto renewal option of the Ps+
      You: That’s all.
      David: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
      You: No.

  • Fantastic! Will use them. :D

  • So no Logitech support? Will be giving DriveClub a big miss then if that is the case. Project CARS for me.

    • On PS4 or PC? Because Project Cars on PS4 has no Logitech wheels supported either.

    • We love racing with wheels and will add more into DRIVECLUB as and when they become compatible with PS4.

    • Im sure you will add the support, the big question is whether Sony and Logitech ever get their acts together to make the wheels compatible in the first place!

    • @Phenom_Evolution
      It’s been quite some time, since we heard that logitech won’t be supported.

      You had so much time to resolve this issue and come clean… but you decided to omit it. You guys didn’t say a single word about Logitech wheels in this “article”

      It’s clear to most of us, that you won’t add support. You are just saying that people should buy it now… and later on, if things will go right you will add support. That’s PR BS.

      Either you show some proof that you will add those in future… or say goodbye to part of customers.

    • @Phenom_Evolution is that not also a bit like saying you love pop music, yet your favourite artist is Justin Bieber lol, people who race with wheels, want to use the best wheels. You might as well have made a wii-mote compatible if your going with Thrustmaster

    • Logitech has said the G27 is supported on the PS4, it is just up to the dev’s to make the drivers for it and add it to the games/system.

    • All USB peripherals are technically compatible with all systems using the right version of USB.

      The difference here is that Sony changed the game. They require a specific chip in the device, not simple driver support, which makes the hardware physically incompatible for no good reason.

    • @Phenom_evolution : not even the official, Driveclub branded, T80 is optimised for you game! (See my post below) so what faith can any of your customers have that you “love racing with wheels” !

  • What a let down. Got a G27 wheel and not buying a new one just for this game. Extremely disappointed that Sony is forcing people to buy new wheels when there is no reason the older ones shouldn’t be supported.

    Sorry Sony but not gonna bother with driving games on PS4 if you aren’t bothering to support the best wheels. Project Cars is coming soon and thankfully I can buy that for PC instead!

    • How on earth is it Sony’s fault? It is Logitech fault for not putting the drivers on the PS4. The reason they work on PC is the drivers have been available for the platform for a long time. Logitech don’t even make new drivers or wheels for PC anymore there gone from the wheel business.

      Sony is not forcing anything onto us.

    • It’s not sounding like Logitech’s fault. The PS4 requires some sort of security chip to be present in high polling USB devices and the G27 does not have that chip. Logitech has said they are trying to find a solution but it is something Sony has changed that has limited the support not Logitech.

    • Quote from Logitech Gaming on Facebook:

      “It’s devices that have high polling rates that require the chip. A standard mouse and keyboard, for example, don’t send data very fast to the PS4. Devices that do, such as controllers and wheels, require the chip.

      We understand the frustration that many customers feel and we’re currently working on a solution.”

  • I hope for the Driving Force GT, I’ll not buy another wheel for the PS4

  • While Logitech has already been mentioned, I have a driving force GT looking for a game to play. Will buy drive club as soon as my wheel is supported…

  • “…we’ll see you all on the track on 8th October”

    The 10th October for Ireland/U.K.

  • Please, Driving Force GT support. I’m not playing this game with a DualShock.

  • What a sad list. Logitech DFGT support please.

  • Logitech Support is a MUST! My son has a full VisionRacer rig with Logitech G25 (possibly upgrading to G27) and will be sorely disappointed if there is no support (and probably won’t bother buying DriveClub).

    • Yep, G25 is amazing (Same as G27 minus a few extra buttons).

      There is no reason why they shouldn’t support it. It was one of the most popular wheels for GT5.

  • Yup same as a few others here! No logitech support no buy! Gutted!

  • I’m a owner of a G27. For long, the support Playstation gave to the wheels were good. But now a lot of people seem desappointed. There’s a lot of people out there with Logitech and Fanatec wheels that won’t be able to play because of that.
    They should review their concepts and offer the proper support for those devices.

    • I bought my Fanatec partly on the strength that Sony have always supported PC wheels so I expected it to work on PS4. So to say this comes as a bit of a nasty shock is a understatement.

  • Is it gonna take poor sales of something like Gran Turismo 7 for Sony to realise that without support for the best peripherals people won’t be racing on PS4, they will go elsewhere. These aren’t cheap peripherals that people are just gonna go out and buy because Sony says we have to, games like Project Cars aren’t exclusive.

    • Its funny because Gran Turismo 6 supporting every single steering wheel peripheral imaginable DIDN’T make it sell. In fact, after almost 12 months, GT6 is the worse selling Gran Turismo game ever. Probably due to the PS4 releasing 2 weeks before the game came out out of course.
      All the complaining that people do about backwards compatibility and yet they all prove then that they won’t even turn on their PS3s when a new console comes out. Seriously not 1 person on my 120 friends list on PSN has played GT6 compared to the 50% of friends who played GT5.
      So this “steering wheel will affect sales” thing is simply not proven folks. Stop it.

    • Andrew, GT 6 didn’t sell not only because it wasn’t on the PS4 but because it was the same game as GT 5, which many found to be a disappointment. The best racing games with a wheel in PS3 for me were Motor storm Apocalypse, Dirt 2, Need For Speed The Run, Hot Pursuit and Shift, and F1 Championship.

    • I kinda hope game fails. Not PS3 wheel support is a joke.

    • @andrewsqual, you are right, GT6 flopped! But not for the reason that is DID support peripheral wheels. It flopped because the game itn’t finished. It flopped because it was GT5.5. It flopped because indeed the PS4 was released around that same time.
      You are probably right that the wheel owners are a minority and it won’t do any good complaining about it, but do not try and stop us trying!
      I own a wheel, a Logitech G25. It’s good as new and spent a lot of money on it. I will not buy a PS4 if that wheel is not supported.

  • Sony needs to change their hashtag when it comes to racing games now, its more like #fortheplayer-iftheypayusforathrustmasterwheel

  • Any of these wheels has support for both consoles , ps3 and ps4 ? I need one and a good one too

    • t300rs will work with both consoles latest patch for gt 6 1.12 added suport for it on ps3 on other games it will act like t500

  • Hopefully if we keep the pressure on they will realise what a poor decision not supporting existing high end steering wheels is.

    Whilst my steering wheel rig will take other steering wheels they aren’t even supported by this game anyway and even if they were I am not spending another £200-300 on a decent wheel just for Drive Club. Plenty of other good racing games I can play on PS3 and now PC which support the wheel fully. These new “licensed” wheels don’t even appear to support a clutch which I want anyway. Garbage!

    • At least the T300RS is compatible with a clutch and shifter. It’s all part of the Thrustmater ecosystem.Don’t know if the T80 works though.
      But i’m with you, i’m not buying a new wheel. I have a G25 that works perfectly on PC and PS3(even PS2 lol).
      It’s a shame, DriveClub looks very interesting but i want to play it with a wheel.

  • What’s the difference between the T80 and the T300RS? Which one is better?

    • T300RS is the better piece of kit, with force feedback and metal foot pedals among other improvements. However it is about 4x the price of the T80, so you get what you pay for really

  • Disappointing to see these cheap pieces of plastic supported and no hint whatsoever of support for the definitive racing wheel experience, the Fanatec wheels. Poor show Sony.

    • Well, Their new base v2 is going to at least be supported by either xbox one or ps4. I put my money on Playstation 4 given the lackluster xbox support previosly.

      “We want to achieve compatibility to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and we are happy to announce that we already signed a contract with one of them. We will announce this product at the end of this year.” (from fanatec website)

    • yeah really there is huge number of people that are willing to spend more than 1400 euro to play arcade racers on their 400 euro console

  • Can someone finally come out and say what the problem is with Logitech wheels? I’m tired of going back and forth with customer service on both sides (Sony and Logitech) and each of them blame the other for lack of support of Logitech wheels on PS4. Logitech say they need some code or something (sorry but I’m not that technical) from Sony and until they don’t have that they can’t work on support for PS4, and on the other hand Sony customer support is telling me they need the drivers from Logitech to be able to implement them into the PS4.

    Can someone please reply with honesty cause obviously someone is not being 100% honest? And if so, why isn’t there clear communication as to why Logitech wheels wont be supported?


    • Explanation:

      In short it is fault of SONY which requires security chips which most of stuff doesn’t have. (it’s not standard)

    • Thanks for that Archacus, it could have been so easy if someone made an official statement about this and not have customers looking for answers.

      I guess its PS3 racing games for the immediate future for me then, I wont buy another wheel anytime soon to be honest, too many games coming out to fork £300 for the new Thrustmaster 300 (the T80 doesn’t have force feedback I believe)

    • @DragonC4
      Yeah :/ but sadly there is no single person in SCEE and Evolution who care about it.

      It’s nothing new really… but they are doing everything to avoid saying bad things. Nobody want to admit that it is failure. They are just running away like a rats.

    • Just in case you haven’t seen my reply further up the thread Logitech said this on Facebook:

      “It’s devices that have high polling rates that require the chip. A standard mouse and keyboard, for example, don’t send data very fast to the PS4. Devices that do, such as controllers and wheels, require the chip.

      We understand the frustration that many customers feel and we’re currently working on a solution.”

    • Okay, i’ll say it! The problem with Logitech wheels is: It isn’t a Thrustmaster!

      I guess Thrustmaster made some incredible deal (meaning serious money) to keep Fanatec and Logitech out of the loop. They are colaborating with Sony, Evolution Studio’s and Slightly Mad Studio’s. Offcourse they wouldn’t want any others steering wheels mentioned, because that doen’s sell them any wheels if everybody is sticking to there old one!

  • Ok thx, that means that I am not interested in your game :)

    It is laughable that it took you so long to say things which we already knew, but nobody had courage to confirm it.

    And if that means that I won’t be able to play any driving game on PS4… ow well… so be it! As a Logitech user I’m going to stick with Gran Turismo 6.


    • @Archacus I’m with you and I’m spreading the word too, I’ve got friends that simply are refusing to purchase the console until the basics are added back in

  • This is the only reason i´m only geetting the plus version and not the full game, i have a logitech gtforce in perfect condition and is amazing, i refuse to spend that much money to get another or downgrade to something that doesn´t have force feedback

  • No G25 or G27 support? Couple of hundred people on our site will be giving Driveclub a miss then. Just stopped my £34.99 pre order on PS store along with a many of our site members. Roll on Project cars, looks better anyways :P

    • Project Cars on the PC for me I mean.

    • Project cars also does not support the Logitech wheels.
      Problem is that logitech isn’t supporting consoles anymore.
      And that the PS4 requirs a on board identification chip on usb wich the logitech wheels don’t have.
      I have sold my G27 and bought a T300RS and it is a big upgrade, much better, you won’t regret it.

    • There is no such thing as “not supported” on PC, there is always a way.

    • Also stopping my pre order hoping thousands do !

    • the g27 is wayyyyy better than the thrustmaster t300, purely because it has a clutch, and its not all plastic

  • I cannot believe they are screwing over the consumer who supported and bought expensive wheels last gen. No excuse no matter who is at fault.

  • What a list!!
    Seriously, instead of presenting only two wheels freshly marked “PS4 official”, you’d better put the full list to avoid some miss in the sales of the game by racing fans.
    #4theplayers or #4thepayers…

  • Okay, so if we are to play Drive Club and want to play with a steering wheel, we have to buy a new steering wheel? And to make matters worse, I have the choice of a non FFB wheel or one that is way to expensive and unreliable?!
    Are you guys serious? Do you want to sell this game and the PlayStation 4? Because I am not buying untill you support my trusted Logitech G25.

    • eh i get everything you say but unreliable how can you say for something that it is not nreliable when it is not on the market for a month

  • Will you be able to use the Dualshock4’s motion controls to steer by any chance?

  • What about the Logitech Driving Force GT?

    You’ve only pushed the wheel you’ve made deals with, looks like no effort has been made to include others.

  • It is not Sony’s fault.
    Project cars also does not support the Logitech wheels.
    Problem is that logitech isn’t supporting consoles anymore.
    And that the PS4 requirs a on board identification chip on usb wich the logitech wheels don’t have.
    I have sold my G27 and bought a T300RS and it is a big upgrade, much better, you won’t regret it.

    • Im not sure I believe the BS about on board chips, Thrustmaster wheels built before PS4 like the one for GT6 appear to work, and other USB devices appear to need no chip whatsoever. Surely also if Sony really wanted to a firmware upgrade could get rid of the problem with needing a chip in a Logitech device if indeed there are any of these chips? Just a thought.

    • You are right there Solid! The T500RS is bound to work on the PS4 with Project C.A.R.S., and does not have a security chip. It is a bogus reason to point fingers away from the trouble maker. In this case Sony. If they would want other wheels supported on the PS4, they could. #fortheplayers
      Buying a |T300RS will give you a lot of troubles aswell. It is a new wheel and going to have a couple of problems in the beginning. Plus it does not have clutch pedal and H-pattern shifter for a bigger price than the G27.

    • Your also not telling me that the Thrustmaster T500RS, released December 2010, with support for GT5, has the chip compatible with PS4 nearly 3 years before release? Yet this wheel is fully supported by Project Cars on the PS4. Logitech’s G27 was also first released in 2010.

  • I think this is pretty outrageous on Sony’s part.
    Firstly they convince most of us to buy the official Logitech Driving Force GT wheel (which is excellent btw) and then don’t even support it on their next system. Please tell me what the definition is of an “official PlayStation Product”? Yes that’s what the DFGT box says, not official PlayStation 3 Product, just PlayStation. Due to this, one is right to assume it would work on any PlayStation in the future, otherwise what is the point of making it official? Does Sony think we just chuck these expensive hardware products in the bin when we upgrade?
    It now looks like I have been left with nothing more than a useless piece of plastic collecting dust. Good job at screwing over your consumers Sony.

  • Sick of buying new wheels for each generation of console by the same manufacturer. Sony yet again you’ve screwed over “the Players” for the bankers. No wonder your going bankrupt. What’s wrong with perfectly good premium wheel we bought for your last console? Only to push some plastic crap on us this generation. Treating your loyal customers like muppets will only speed up your demise.

  • So the title of this article is “which wheels work with driveclub”, and the main body of the post is “BUY A THRUSTMASTER!!!!”. This is a poor show, chaps. DC has already built up a great deal of ill feeling, and this sort of thing isn’t going to help.

  • So the title of this article is “which wheels work with Driveclub”, and the main body of the post is “BUY A THRUSTMASTER!!!!”. This is a poor show, chaps. DC has already built up a great deal of ill feeling, and this sort of thing isn’t going to help. I really like the look of the game, but someone, somewhere is making it difficult to be excited about it by making the most cack handed decisions regarding marketing.

    • Yep, absolutely useless article. Tells you absolutely nothing that people didn’t already know. I’m annoyed by it and I don’t even own a steering wheel.

    • Not totally useless, it tells us that between, Sony, Logitech, and developers (whichever is to blame) there is not intention of supporting anything thats not a Thrustmaster wheel.

  • Like everyone else said, G27 and DFGT support please.

  • How about the T500RS, will that work?

    • Probably not, it does not have a security chip. It will work on project CARS though, so there goes the reason for no support on Logitech because of a secutity chip ;-)

    • I just hope that the T300RS supports the shifter attachment and the 3 pedal set as seperate buys, i was waiting for a wheel that can give me this option :)

    • Yes it will work as Rushy told us on twitter. But it will be supported only in game, you can not navigate menus in PS4 OS. Yesterday I have tried The crew beta with T500RS and TH8RS and it works, but it’s recognized only while ingame. One more thing, Rushy tweeted that Clutch and H shifter won’t be supported in Driveclub, only auto clutch and sequential gear change. Hope this helps

  • what about my Logic 3 TopDrive GT Steering Wheel? is that just rubbish?

  • Logitech Driving Force Pro get support plz!!!

  • Has everyone forgotten about the existence of an official PlayStation Racing Wheel developed and marketed by Sony exclusively for the PlayStation? It’s called the PS Move Racing Wheel. An official PlayStation product not supported by a PlayStation product? And Shuhei promised all PS Move and its peripheral will work with the PS4. Humbug.

    • You must be working for Sony ! Why buy an overpriced ,barely usable product , that Sony puts on every time it puts out a new console . And almost nobody who knows anything wants to buy ? ( only for free we want it )
      I think that Sony will support most GT wheels only to stop all the aggression from racing fans …. And if they won’t , Driveclub won’t do as good as it could do, if the fans back it . they will probably release a patch soon after release .

  • huge FAIL thustmaster are awful
    rather use my g25 but as it stands looks like l wont be able to use ny wheel ,so iv had to buy a ps3 again for driving games,woz looking forward to project cars aswell but now i wont be able to play any driving games on the very disappointing ps4 system

  • No Logitech G27 support, no buy. At least Project Cars is on the PC where these silly restrictions don’t apply. This T300 is way overpriced for what it is, especially compared to the cheaper Logitech G27 that also has a separate gearbox and a clutch.

  • This whole game has been a car crash from the start.

    Delayed a year.
    Plus version was claimed to be the whole game, minus a few assets. Yeah right!
    You may buy the disc, but you’re going to have to pay another £30 or so to get the rest of the game.
    Now you can’t use your current wheels, and have to buy either a cheap plastic thing, or something with a mind of it’s own.

  • Do you feel the rage on the non support of other wheel on the public media SONY????!!!!

    Get your stuff together SONY !!! I’m not buying any more games and I will not upgrade my ps+ if I cant play driving games with my G27 !

  • Im not the slightest bit interested in childrens toy wheels only fit for making chicken n cow noises. No clutch or gearstick. no driveclub

  • Massive ThrustMaster advert.

    No comment yet from Evolution or Sony on why the “free updates” are rolling out as DLC which isn’t compatible with the demo (PS+ Edition) rather than as patches which would be compatible.

    I really want to like DriveClub, honestly I do, but the way that literally everything that was said about DriveClub in 2013 was a lie makes that very very hard.

  • Another G27 owner hoping what he is reading is false and PS4 can in fact support the Logitech wheel in racing games as there is a lot of racers coming out I was going to buy, the investment in a new wheel and associated parts being quite high, forgoing PS4 for a couple of titles and upgrading my PC will likely be the better option, a decent shifter on the T300RS is £149.99, the 3 pedal setup £89.99 and probably not compatible with PS4, add in the Wheel cost and you can get yourself a rather nice GTX970 and play plenty of PC sims with the G25/G27 at high res and frame rates.

    • The PS4 can support any wheel, but Sony have screwed us by requiring a security chip in the controller like Microsoft do, so that only “official” controllers can work.

      The blame goes entirely to Sony for mandating this annoying change after having such good support for wheel over the years.

  • Thank you for helping me making my mind up with your useless overpriced arcade wheels. Im selling my ps4 nothing to look forward to

  • Kinda off topic but, I’ve Pre ordered the plus full game upgrade, but when I go to the store on my PS4 it says I’ve also purchaced the full version, anyone els got this? Is it normal, coz I don’t wanna be charged for the plus version and the full game, that’d suuuuuck.

  • Hey, what about using a phone or tablet with the ps-app as a steeringwheel, a la real racing 3? There’s probably all kinds of latencyproblems and so on, but it would be really cool!

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