Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham PlayStation-exclusive ‘Batman of the Future’ DLC detailed

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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham PlayStation-exclusive ‘Batman of the Future’ DLC detailed

Game director Arthur Parsons tells us what we can expect from the impending mega-sequel

So, here we are, rapidly approaching the 14th November launch of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, and I wanted to share something that is both exclusive and exciting for all of you PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 gamers out there.

First off, a brief introduction, my name is Arthur Parsons. I am the Game Director of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. I’ve been working at TT Games for the past 15 or so years, and I was delighted to make a return to LEGO Batman having been involved in the previous two titles. Both myself and the team involved are incredibly excited for you all to get your hands on what we consider to be our most ambitious LEGO game yet.

LEGO Batman 3 is our third adventure into the DC Comics universe, and as such we decided to make it bigger and better than anything we have done before. For starters, our epic storyline sees us blast off into space, teaming up the Justice League with the Legion of Doom for an intergalactic extravaganza.

We’ve added a raft of new suits for Batman, Robin and several other characters. We’ve added a completely new dynamic to the open world gameplay, and each area of the game has been lovingly crafted around the story and designed to bring in as many locations and characters as possible. We’ve included a plethora of playable characters, a number of cool abilities, endless amount of fun, and more importantly hours of gaming enjoyment for you all. This really is the ultimate Super Hero game for all ages this year and one that you won’t want to miss out on.

This year is Batman’s 75th Anniversary, and so we wanted to really push the boundaries with LEGO Batman 3. We added a bonus level that explores the 1960s Batman TV show, complete with voice work from the one and only Mr Adam West!

There are LEGO Batmobiles from all eras of Batman, including the 1960’s Batmobile, as well as the Tumbler. We have included awesome content from throughout the 75 years of Batman both in the main game story and freeplay modes, and also within the Season Pass DLC for the game. LEGO Batman 3 really is an outpouring of the affection we at TT Games have for the DC Comics universe.

In addition to all of that mouth-watering content, we really wanted to do something truly exciting for PlayStation gamers. So we are delighted to include an exclusive bonus DLC character pack for everyone that buys the game on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Europe that features some of the brilliant characters from the hugely popular “Batman of the Future” animated TV show. This pack will give you an additional eight characters that you can take into the game to enjoy in freeplay as you explore the outer reaches of the lantern worlds.


The “Batman of the Future” Character Pack allows the player to control a new Batman, Terry McGinnis, who comes fully-equipped with his technologically-advanced Bat suit, allowing him to fly, fire Batarang darts and even turn fully invisible. We are also including the retired Bruce Wayne himself, and his trusty Bat-Hound “Ace”, who can use his keen sense of smell to sniff out hidden LEGO and the ability to dig for hidden objects.

Almost everyone who plays our games loves to play as the super-villains, so the rest of the pack focuses on our favourite super-villains from “Batman of the Future”. We’ve included the humungous henchman “Bonk,” a LEGO Big Figure, and a great fun character to smash around with; the radioactive Blight, who has the ability to light up darkened areas within the game as well as being immune to hazards and fire; and the shape-shifting femme fatale, Inque who can fit through tiny cracks.

Lastly, no “Batman of the Future” character pack would be complete without the addition of two of everybody’s favourite super-villains: Mr Freeze, who not only has the ability to freeze water and enemies with his ice canon, but can transform himself into something that shall remain a secret to you all until you play as him: and the Joker himself complete with a laser gun, joker grenades, his electric joy buzzer and much more!

All of us here at TT Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, DC Comics and LEGO are really looking forward to you all getting your hands on the game and enjoying everything we’ve put into it.

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  • Hoping for 2-player LEGO fun like with MARVEL Superheroes, but with player 2 unlocking trophies this time *hint hint*

    • Yes, PS4 allows log-ins for each controller (unlike the PS3) so the ability for all players to earn trophies should be implemented with every local multiplayer title.

      This shouldn’t be a toss-up anymore on whether a game supports it. I wish it were mandatory for every title now.

    • This is where Playstation has lagged behind, they are too slow to make things mandatory.

      Annoyingly even Microsoft backtracked. I owe most of my Xbox games collection to mandatory trial versions of all XBLA titles, I had really hoped Sony would jump on that bandwagon rather than Microsoft actually dropping it. Very disappointing.

      Hopefully in this case they will sort it out.

  • Thank you for giving us this pack. Batman Beyond is awesome. A couple of questions:

    Will this be a mission or just a character pack? If the latter will the characters be voice acted?

  • Does it have more characters than Lego Marvel without DLC?
    Is the Vita version the same as the PS3 version this time?

  • This is awesome, I love Batman Beyond. But aren’t you forgetting the Vita version?

  • My son is really looking forward for this game. He loves Lego and Batman.

  • Reading over this again and a few things strike me.

    1) Will there be a Terry McGinnis skin for Batman Beyond? That would be cool.

    2) Old Bruce and Ace, hell yes. Can’t wait to beat up some fools with a cane before succumbing to heart failure. Like. A. Boss.

    3) Bonk seems like an odd choice (he’s the one Joker kills in Return of the Joker isn’t he?) but I’ll take it.

    4) Inque. Is. Awesome. I thought she was probably the best baddie on Batman Beyond. Never really been that interested in Blight, thought he was more interesting before as Mr Powers.

    5) Is this Mr Freeze different? Does he do the walking head in a jar thing?

    6) I take it this is the Joker from Return of the Joker?

    I’m in anyway. You got mah girl Kara Zor El, complete with New 52 design. I’m more than in.

    • Yeah Bonk is the one Joker shoots in Return of the Joker.

      This is awesome though I wish we would have gotten Max and Dana considering Lois Lane was in Lego Batman 2

  • seems the vita version is being shafted again…

  • I’ll be all over this like a rash.

  • Europe only??? if I dont get this dlc on PS4 I will buy it on Wii

  • I am a fan of the Lego games that are mainly Marvel and DC superheroes and Disney Pirates franchise. I am so excited that Lego Batman 3 has added a season pass for six DLC packs which include The Dark Knight pack, the Man of Steel pack and Batman 75th anniversary pack with three more yet to be announced. I forgot to ask is Batman of the Future pack be counted as the fifth pack or is it separate for PS3 and PS4 users?

  • sweet i love lego games most of all marvel and batman ones keep the characters coming i do love the villains most of all too cant wait super excited about the season pack dlc too!

  • Will this DLC also come to North America, because I would really like to have this as part of my game.

  • THIS IS SOOO FREAKING AWESOME!!! Please could you also add Static in the game two because he appeared in the show twice.

  • Se on hyvä peli ja se tulee meiletkin julkaisu aikana
    sovitaan että pisteet ovat nyt 10/10

  • when will the lego batman 3

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