Out-there arcade platformer Woah Dave! coming soon to PS4 & PS Vita

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Out-there arcade platformer Woah Dave! coming soon to PS4 & PS Vita

Classic score-chasing action with an eccentric twist from the new MiniVisions label

Hi! I’m Jason Cirillo from Choice Provisions, the creator of a game called Woah Dave! This is my first time writing for PlayStation Blog and I am super stoked to share our new game with you. Woah Dave! will be coming very soon to PS Vita and PS4, and will feature all the cross-buy support you could ever want.

Woah Dave! is one of the first games released under our new MiniVisions label, and we could not be happier. The goal of MiniVisions is to create smaller games with a focus on pure fun, and Dave definitely delivers!

Woah Dave!Woah Dave!

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Woah Dave!, then you’ll probably notice that it’s very heavily inspired by some of the most popular arcade games of the 1980s. It’s not just another homage to retro games, however, as the chaos and challenge is ramped up to satiate the needs of the modern day gamer. It’s a simple little game, but once you’ve played it, you’ll understand why some called it the funnest game in the Indie Megabooth at PAX East!

The basic premise is that poor Dave has taken it upon himself to protect the city from the relentless invasion of aliens hatching from mysterious eggs that are falling from the sky. The only things in his arsenal against the creatures are the eggs themselves, as well as some menacing-looking glowing skulls and the occasional WOAH block. Once the aliens have hatched, they instinctively make their way down to the lava pit where they spring up in evolved forms, until they’ve evolved to their final form as tenacious Eye Bats.

Dave can toss the eggs at the aliens to kill them, as well as the skulls which act like bombs that explode over time. It’s like a non-stop game of hot potato where your own weapons eventually turn against you! The WOAH blocks are Dave’s savior, as they will clear the board when thrown to the floor, giving Dave a chance to make a clean sweep of the pennies left behind.

The game is a classic high-score competition with pennies being your only means to score points. I’ve managed to break $4 once…think you can beat that?

One thing the keen observer might notice is that there are no traditional levels and bosses like you might be used to seeing in platform games. Woah Dave! has a sneaky progression system wherein the difficulty ramps up and the platforms change slowly over time, and in a more organic fashion. New enemies will be introduced as you begin to master the game, and these enemies will change things up in totally unexpected ways. The more skillful players will also manage to unlock “Bonkers Mode,” which is in our opinion the “real” game of Woah Dave!

Woah Dave!Woah Dave!

If you’re unlike me and have real friends, then you should get ready for lots of good ol’ screaming and yelling as you play local multiplayer mode on PS4. You’ll have two minutes to come out on top against a friend in a tug-of-war coin collecting battle. It’s hilarious, fast, and insane — just like the games mom used to make.

We hope you’ll give it a try, because we think you will totally love it. I’ll hang out here and take any questions you might have! Thanks for reading!

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11 Author Replies

  • I was rather enjoying the Vita as a curated source of great indie games, but is this maybe a step back too far? Guess I’ll only find out from playing – please keep the price sane! But while the likes of miniFlake and VA-11 HALL-A can be retro but cool, this has primitive written all over it, we already have Life of Pixel for top retro platforming so why do we need this?

    Still vita beggars can’t be choosers, good luck with it Jason and co.

    • I am willing to try it, but it really depends on the price.

    • Thanks for the comment! Woah Dave! sets out to be pure fun, and I think it definitely accomplishes that goal. The price will be very sane, too. Give it a try…it’s more than the sum of its humble parts!


  • Great, another indie…….

  • Looks ok…. I would probably play it if it had a demo and the price was right, but it’s getting very tough for even the “funnest” games to stand out now. There’s a LOT of competition. Best of luck to you though.

  • Oh man, I’ve been looking forward to Whoa Dave! for a good while now! Thanks for the vid guys — this is sooooooo up my street it’s ridiculous!

    I for one will definitely be grabbing this on day one for my Vita. Ditto Wii U (I think it’s headed to the eShop too, right??). Either way, I’m more than happy to double dip for some 4:3, Spectrum flavoured retro goodness :-)

    Oh and @Goffeentl, I enjoyed Life of Pixel on PSM too, but Whoa Dave! looks like an entirely different kettle of fish. More like a Super Crate Box type of arcade-platformer!

    • Hey there! Thanks so much for the kind words! The fact that you’re willing to buy it in two different places makes you our best friend forever.

  • Thanks for the good explanation for why you are using 80’s style graphics… something which many devs (who use this style) forget to do so it end up looking like they couldnt be bothered to do any better.

    • It was a very deliberate decision! Also, this game was made by our MiniVisions label, which tends to make smaller, arcade-inspired games. So the retro graphics just made sense :)


    • Why thank you so much! We set out to push the PS4 to its limits with Woah Dave!, and frankly we were not sure if it could handle THAT many green one-eyed boxes in addition to a yellow box man with blue pants…but low and behold, it did!

  • Load”Manic Miner”

  • I learnt how to play guitar while I was growing up, you learnt how to program, some people just moaned on message boards….

    • It’s like people think that if 20 smaller, retro style games are released, it means that a triple A will he cancelled. There’s more than enough room for both, they aren’t released to the detriment of each other. Don’t like it? Don’t play it.

    • There is also the fact some of LIVED through those retro years so subconsciously when we see games like this it just feels lazy and unattractive by modern standards.

      I get that creativity wise its probably more interesting to try and work in tighter limitations, but some of us just don’t find these kinds of graphics appealing, no matter how good the game is.

      Amazing graphics do not make a bad game good, but primitive graphics can make a good game feel bad. I understand not everyone feels that way, but it seems a lot of indie developers are failing to understand that some of us DO feel that way.

    • Well I not only lived through those days, but still own several of the consoles. Some games have aged like a fine wine, but most have aged like milk.
      The good thing about this art style is that it strikes a happy medium between looking retro, and feeling retro in the right ways. Many games I played as a kid (such as the Dizzy games on the C64 for example, which I played again a few weeks back) are horribly clunky now, but games like Woah Dave provide a way to keep the rose tinted glasses on.
      Whatever happens, I have a feeling this is going to be in October’s Plus offerings, and I’m not sure it’s going to be a popular choice……

  • I wish indie developers would realise that some of us played games when this was the best they COULD look, and so seeing modern games in this retro style actually puts us off the game.

    I spent my entire childhood excitedly waiting for how pretty the next batch of games would look. I am stuck in that mindset now, there is no going back, so when a good game comes along with retro styling it genuinely upsets me.

    I don’t just dismiss all games on their looks. have tried a few, Retro City Rampage for one, but I just got bored with it. The thing is, games generally have interesting bits and boring bits, its the graphics, humour and attention to detail that keep you interested during those boring bits. Also as not all games have trial versions these days, I’m loathe to spend even a little money on an unknown game that doesn’t LOOK amazing, when AAA titles frequently sell at the same low price on Steam.

    I mean no disrespect to the developers of these sorts of games, you are entitled to create your game in whichever style you wish. But please understand, you are effectively excluding some of us by doing it as we already had our fill of pixellated graphics.

    • Well, we’re a very small development studio with a passion for retro/arcade games. A lot of our work–such as the BIT.TRIP series–reflects this. We enjoy amazing-looking 3D games as well, but they cost a lot more money to make, and so not every game developer can afford such an undertaking.

    • Absolutely, for tiny developers who do not necessarily have an artist to work on the graphics, it makes a ton of sense if it means programmers can do the graphics.

      My fear is that some not quite as small developers actually choose retro graphics when they DO have an art department totally capable of HD artwork, and it can take just as much effort/money in that case to do primitive looking graphics as it can high resolution.

      Also what I forgot to mention in this particular comment was how my biggest problem with indie games in general are when they also do not have a trial version. I have hundreds of games on XBLA thanks to mandatory trials (which they sadly dropped on XBone) and I was disappointed Sony did not adopt this on PS4.

  • My body is ready for this.

  • Let’s be honest here. Retro-style doesn’t have to be ugly, but your game looks like it’s programmed by a child in his/hers bedroom in a weekend. I am sick and tired of these ugly and lazily programmed indies with no demo or trial. Indie publishing is a great concept with should mean innovation and variety – instead we have had a never ending wave of mobile app-quality shovelware.

    • You’re in luck! We are not requiring anyone to purchase Woah Dave!, which is something we just recently changed our stance on.

  • indie games get a bad name and this is the reason why not even worth playing if it was free we keep hearing about talented game creators who sony are supporting which i commended at first as a ps4 owner was looking forward to these indie games how wrong i was games like this are not what the future of gaming should be surly there just a look back to the 80s can you not make games with at-leased decent graphics

  • This is totally look like the classic Mario Bros. game.

  • Why can’t people understand that 8/16-bit graphics is a preference. The devs didn’t choose these graphics because they were lazy to make modern graphics, it’s because they like these kind of graphics. Personally I love everything that is 8/16-bit, I just love squares.

    People don’t seem to understand the good about 8/16-bit graphics. All they want is modern graphics. If you want stunning graphics, you should’ve built a gaming PC because it is the most graphical gaming machine out there. Don’t expect PC like graphics from PS4.

  • I really LOVE your “Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien” game. That’s an example of a game that can be really good fun AND have good graphics. The graphics in that game were perfect. No need for ultra-realism.

    But the graphics in this game are not even up to NES standards! More like Atari 2600 standards, which I guess it’s what you were going for, but I guess that style is “too retro” for most people ;). I hope the gameplay makes up for it, which I’m sure it will, knowing Gaijin’s quality.

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