Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC early access starts today; watch the new trailer

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Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC early access starts today; watch the new trailer

Step into the shoes of T-Bone Grady in this major campaign expansion

His bags are packed and he’s more than ready to leave Chicago and retire to a life of open-water and endless mojitos. But not so fast, it seems T-Bone Grady’s adventures are only beginning.

The last time we heard from T-Bone, he was preparing to leave Chicago. He’s got one last Blume break-in to plant a false trail for the ctOS, head the opposite direction, and then he’s done with Chi-Twon. However, his plans are jeopardised when Tobias Frewer calls him from a car trunk. T-Bone must choose whether to finally get out while the window is open or risk everything for an old friend.

By playing as T-Bone, not only will you be able to experience new guns, perks, wear new outfits and control Eugene, the decked-out remote-controlled toy car he created, you’ll be able to play the new Co-op “Street Sweep” missions.

What’s even more beautiful about all of this is that the wait is almost over. If you’re a Season Pass owner on PS4, you’ll get an early access as the Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC will be available to you today. It will be available on 1st October for everyone else.

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