Peggle 2 bounces onto PS4 next month; watch a livestream tomorrow

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Peggle 2 bounces onto PS4 next month; watch a livestream tomorrow

See how PopCap’s addictive arcade sequel looks on PS4

Hi there, PlayStation.Blog readers! In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to play Peggle 2 on your PS4. The comments and feedback we’ve received since our announcement at PAX have been so supportive and fantastic.

When we launch on PlayStation Store on 15th October, we’ve got all kinds of great stuff waiting for our fans. Peggle 2 on PS4 displays in native 1080p at 60 frames per second. There are five different Peggle Masters to play through, Trials to test your skill, as well as Peg Party and Duels for multiplayer fun.

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We’ve even got a Platinum Trophy waiting for the elite Peggle players!

All this writing doesn’t do the game justice, though. How can you explain the magic of a head-banging unicorn in mere text?

We’re going to give you a chance to see the PS4 version of Peggle 2 in action! The official Twitch channel for PopCap will be hosting a live feed from 6.00pm to 7.00pm BST tomorrow, and you’ll get to see Peggle 2 running on PS4 in all its magical glory.

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During the stream, you’ll have a chance to talk with me and Guy Whitmore, the Senior Audio Director for Peggle 2. He can tell you how we find the right sounds for Peggle, and what it takes to create an intense experience that makes you hold your breath as that final ball inches closer and closer to the last orange peg on the board.

Hope to see you then!

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  • I would LOVE to see this on my Vita…

    * hint hint *

    • Don’t bother. This is the answer the NA blog got:

      “We’re working on Remote Play for the Vita, so you can play Peggle 2 when you’re on the go! :)”

      Literally used the Remote Play excuse. Not every Vita owner has/wants a PS4, but even then it’s not the point.

    • stop joking! Even Sony does not love Vita, so why would they love? Where are any games published by Sony since the beginning of the year?
      It’s sad, wasted potential of wonderful console… :(

    • Let them do one thing at a time first. They first need to make back the money they lost on betting on Xbone this gen. Back before the next gen Xbox reveal, EA thought it would be an excellent idea to make Plants VS Zombies and Peggle 2, timed Xbox exclusive games, only for it to backfire BIG TIME. They can focus on other formats after they get this priority version, held up by contracts, out there on PS4. :)

  • Hope this doesn’t end up being one of the PS+ titles, as I already have it on the bonebox

  • Looking toward to this, hopefully it will be reasonably priced.

  • I would also love to see this on Vita… :(

    (Heck, PS3 would be nice too! Shouldn’t be any technical reason why not…)

  • I wish it wasn’t on the PS4 looks like a game for 1 to 5 year olds and a hyped up 5 minute wonder indie game which the PS4 is drowning in.

    • You’ve obviously never played Peggle or you wouldn’t say that. But then anytime a game gets mentioned that isn’t some over inflated over hyped AAA game (oh it must be good because they spent millions on it) the anti indie brigade comes out.

      A game is a game is a game regardless of who makes it. I suspect though if there weren’t indie games coming to PS4, the anti-indie brigade would moan that there aren’t any games coming out.

    • Peggle was is one of the best games on my ps3, it’s so addictive, if you haven’t played it you should! I hate when people judge a game by graphics, you can miss so many gems thinking like this. The game is great and guaranteed this will be just as good!


  • The really strange thing about Peggle (besides being addictive) is it gives this sense of satisfaction that lures you in and the next thing you know you’ve been playing it for hours. It’s also fun to pass the controller taking turns as its one of those games that lures spectators in as well.

    AstroPop is another…any chance of bringing that over to PS4? Yet another fiendishly addictive game

  • This would be perfect for the VITA!!

  • +1 rooting for a Vita (native version).

    There’s these kind of games that are good on home consoles but even better on a Vita (and vice versa…).

    I wish Sony could push this vision harder as I believe Vita’s fate is directly connected to the way it is being marketed and sold to consumers. There’s one strategy being applied to lure the consumer (FIFA15 pack, for example) and another one to maintain them (the perfect machine for gaming in small doses).

    I think if you see Vita as a machine of carefully curated small game experiences (or at least games that can be played in small bursts), you should rethink the way you sell it. It’s not hard to see what’s the major issue everyone agrees with – storage prices. They are prohibitive, off-putting people that could be buying this machine otherwise.

    It’s 2014, we came to expect 16+ GB of internal memory, and the fact that you keep on shipping Vita with 8 and sometimes even 4GB proprietary memory cards is just truly, massively disappointing. It nullifies the whole “portable digital machine” experience, as casual consumers won’t get on the digital loop (sales and PS+).

    It’s a pity, I started as a Vita naysayer, and now I’m much closer to being a Vita advocate, the suspend function is a truly technology marvel, a joy and sometimes a surprise for new Vita owners, because it’s also something for which we see very little advertising.

    I drifted a lot, but don’t take my feedback the wrong way.. It’s just that a lot of people would like to see a stronger approach for Vita and we can’t be disappointed when games like this miss such opportunities…

  • See Pop Cap/EA? Do you not find it odd that the last three blog posts are indie game announcements for PS4 AND Vita? Because those other developers know that Vita is a platform where digital titles thrive.

  • Now this is the game worth buying a PS4. You know your life’s that good when you are playing Peggle at 1080p at 60fps on 55 inch TV.

  • i will buy this one…when it comes to vita i have no interest to play this game on a big tv or through remote play.

  • Looking forward to this,we be nice on a 55inch tv rather than squashed onto a small screen. Its nice to have a distraction from the AAA. The swapper is a great puzzle you dip into as well.

  • This is why I bought a PS4; this looks totally rad! I can’t imaging my PS3 being capable of running this bad boy at more than 75FPS!

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