New Velocity 2X Dual Core DLC arrives this week

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New Velocity 2X Dual Core DLC arrives this week

Futurlab discusses the importance of surprise in making a successful sequel

Hi folks. James from FuturLab back again one last time to share our secret to creating a great sequel! Before I get to that, I need to stress that this post contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for Velocity 2X. So please look away until you’ve finished it!

We knew that the original Velocity was going to delight and surprise people because we’d added something new, interesting and exciting to the shoot ’em-up genre. This is really important for achieving critical word-of-mouth and great review scores, and as a small studio of just three people at the time, innovation and surprise was our ticket to earning support from PlayStation.

Sci-Fi Adventure

Twice the twitchy fun

When it came to designing the sequel, we knew we couldn’t rest on our laurels, and had to keep the surprises coming. The first idea for the sequel was to include platforming, as that would provide stable ground to expand upon the cool new features introduced by the first game, and it would drive interest for the game once announced. We also knew that being able to fly inside a boss to destroy it from within would be enough to grab people’s attention at release.

this is caption
Allowing the player to get in and out of their ship was always going to be fun!
this is caption
Letting the player fly inside a boss was our hook to capture people’s imagination at release

However, we also knew it might not be enough to put gigantic smiles on our fans’ faces, and coax those nice big 9s and 10s from reviewers. We needed something special; a whole new surprise that would at once delight, excite and simply MELT a player’s brain.

Certified Badass

Those who have already finished Velocity 2X will know exactly what I’m talking about. For those that haven’t finished the game yet, this is your last warning to look away now!

Essential cherries

The final three levels of Velocity 2X are the cherries on the cake that bring new meaning to the game’s title, and provide a final flourish of gameplay fun as a reward for persevering through the campaign. It’s also the idea that we believed would give reviewers that final reason to push their review scores up to a 9 or a 10.

When we saw these tweets from Sony after delivering an early build, we were pretty confident it was going to do the trick:

We’ll never know whether it actually worked, but from the messages we’ve received from players, it certainly had the impact we desired =)

Dual Core DLC Pack

Those that have finished the game have written to us in various forms to ask for more of these levels as DLC, so today I’m here to reveal that’s exactly what the next DLC pack contains!

The Dual Core DLC will be available tomorrow, 24th September, for just £1.99/€2.49 and is Cross-Buy for PS4 and PS Vita.

Critical Urgency DLC Pack

Don’t forget that the Critical Urgency DLC is available now too for just £1.99/€2.49 and is also cross-buy for PS4 and PS Vita.

Get playing!

Velocity 2X is available now for £12.99/€15.99 utilising Cross-Save and Cross-Buy for PS4 and PS Vita!

Or, y’know, it’s FREE on PlayStation Plus…

Come and say hello @FuturLab =)

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12 Author Replies

  • Hey folks! Hope you enjoy the post! As usual any questions fire them over =)

    • I have an urgent question: I love the art so much that i would like to use the “scenes” as my wallpaper. but i can’t just take a screenshot, because there are the two button prompts in the upper corners. is there a way to get rid of them?? Thanks for the awesome game, i’m going to buy all the dlc!!

  • Have to say, that is one epic movie poster. I want one. : )

  • Only £1.99 huh. I’ll buy this; you’ve converted me.

  • “The Dual Core DLC will be available tomorrow” and so will my £1.99, Mr Marsden!

  • Option 1: Buy more Velocity-related excellence.
    Option 2: Save money.

    I . . . I don’t need money. *readies wallet*

  • When the PS4 gets dynamic themes please make a Velocity 2X one! Pretty please with a telepod on top!!

  • Levels 48-50 genuinely broke my brain. This DLC scares me!

    • Well focusing only on the “blue” ship helped me a lot to perfect those levels with considerably less stress/fatigue/difficulty.

    • The last one is still a bit tricky because there are moments where the other one needs to warp and you don’t lol

  • Is it possible to buy the DLC without spoiling anything from the main game? I’m slowly perfecting level after level (I think I’m at 31 or so) at this point. Should I just try to beat the game and leave the act of perfection for later?

    • You are better off keeping your eyes off the second DLC pack until you’ve finished the game.

      Alternatively, get someone else to purchase the DLC using your device to show your lovely support for us, and then don’t look at it until you’ve finished :)

    • Thanks for the tip. I have developed the insane plan to power trough the game tonight and tomorrow so that I can get it.

  • Was not a massive fan of those levels need to retrain my brain, but you know I will buy as soon as i can, better get practising, Thanks for the game and DLC and t shirt/poster i need to order when i get a chance. H how did the challange go with the Spartan show or are you not talking about it?

    • They never spoke about it again, so we missed it!

    • Hi indieboy. As James said, it never happened. I would have won though :P

    • H normally would say you would beat anyone but only a single go each, all it requires is 1 mistake, i know you are a God but infallible God might be a step to far ;) Hopefully you will set up some challanges with top people on leader boards sometime would be great, (i will watch as no where near good enough) keep up the good work, if you are making any more DLC can we have a puzzle level one that’s a bit easier for us mere mortal. Look forward to pulling whats left of my hair out on the train home. Thanks again.

    • DLC out in EU store, bought and waiting for the train ride home :D more velocity 2X yeahhhhhhh

  • Need to beat the first game before I can play the sequel! I’m stuck on the final level. Can’t finish it in time. Any tips?
    Great game BTW.

    • Practice makes perfect. I would suggest playing without using touch to teleport and without using right stick for bombs, as it saves fractions of a second each time. But that’s just me.

  • Been stuck on Level 5 of Critical Urgency forever. You guys are just awesome. You’ve quickly become one of my favourite devs and probably stand as my top indie dev because not only did you deliver a fantastic game, but you’re also good with the fans. I’ve got no qualms picking up this next batch of DLC, even if it kicks my ass harder than Critical Urgency is. xD

    • Woooohoooooo! :D Thanks for the kind words. Best of luck with that CU05 – it is gameplay at a master’s level so once you’ve got it, you’ve got it foreva ;)

  • One unrelated question – are you guys going to be at EGX or just some Sony representatives at the Velocity 2X booth?

  • Will this DLC pack have trophies, like the first one, or not?

  • Woo! I’m glad you’re adding more content to the sublime V2X!

  • hmmmm, not sure about this. those last three levels were a surprise, but i’m not sure i enjoyed them all that much. i had a similar problem with brothers: a tale of two sons last year—my brain just isn’t wired to handle two characters at once. it’s not fun for me, just frustrating.

    that said, i might find my velocity 2x trophy percentage slipping from 100% with the new dlc too unbearable and i’ll have to get it just to rectify that.

  • That mechanic was way too awesome to only have three levels. Thank you!

  • Not gotten around to trying this yet but I will. Just wanted to say that it’s great to see so many responses on a post, you’re setting a great example that I hope others will follow and if not, then just be proud to be one of the few developers that cares about their community.

    • Thanks :)

      We’ve been doing this since 2010 but I’m not sure it’s catching on :p

    • I’ve noticed that you guys always reply but figured I should do more than notice and actually mention it.

      But yeah, its not catching on and its a shame, but it does make you and Laughing Jackal look good to always stick around and engage with us.

      Keep it up.

    • Thanks for appreciation. We love talking with our players too :)

  • I LOVE this game i have platinum and 100% on the first DLC , tomorrow i buy this dual core pack. Great Jobs, this game is A W E S O M E

  • Despite some frustrating moments (level 47) I am very glad I bought this game and had a lot of fun.
    Next step is Velocity 3D :)
    The very last levels were the least fun to me so I think I will pass on this new DLC…but I am considering to buy the Critical Urgency DLC.


    BTW I have obtained Velocity Platinum yesterday but I must say that still the controls gave me problems.
    It would be great if you could consider this alternative control scheme:
    L1= teleport & teledash
    SQUARE= shoot bombs & rifle
    CIRCLE = map

    The rest of the controls are unchanged.

    I died a lot of times in level 47 because teledash didn’t deactivate the Vohk shield as it should have but maybe that can be fixed.

    • Teleport and teledash on L1 would make this game so much easier, and more fun to master completely.
      The small buttons on the Vita, make it awful to coordinate jumps and teleports. I lost count on how many times I failed at Critical Urgency DLC level 5, in the section with the jump/teleport part inside area A (and many other levels).

      And thanks for really cool games. It was pretty fun completing everything in Coconut Dodge Revitalised, Velocity Ultra, Surge Deluxe and now Velocity 2X.

    • Yes level 47 is probably the hardest level in the game to perfect. James loves challenging the players to the limits. Really pleased to know that you had fun and thanks for supporting us.
      Not sure if we can change the control scheme now and thanks for letting us know about the Vokh issue. We have never noticed it, but will see if it can be reproduced and fixed :D
      Many thanks :)


  • Are there any plans for a DLC expansion that’s just full levels of the Kai Tana on-foot gameplay? Those sections were actually my favorite parts of the whole game, and I’d love to see FuturLab do more focused content for that kind of side-scrolling genre.

  • Not even out a month and already 2 DLC packs- is this the world we live in now….

    • 1. You got this game for free via PS+
      2. The game hast LOTS of content
      3. The DLC is for those who want even more hardcore levels.
      4. The price for DLC’s are very fair.
      5. Maybe you should actually play the game, before complaining.

    • And I hope they release 10 more DLC, it’s that good!

  • I was really loving this game up until level 47 (I think) then it got just too hard I couldn’t get my old man fingers to react fast enough on the platform sections so I stopped playing and then deleted the game off my Vita to free up space on the memory card. I really miss playing this game but it was either stop playing or watch my vita fly into the wall and break up into little pieces. How come there is such a disparity in difficulty between the platform and ship sections?

  • Those jump teleport moves are nails, I was super stuck for a long time on 1 mission until I inadvertantly mashed Triangle and Square togeather and managed the move, up until that point I felt the game was entirely about skill and not luck then my view changed slightly.

    I was off putting for a while but not enough for me to put the game down, still loving the whole game so far, got the first DLC lined up to play soon and also looking forward to the next DLC.

    Great work Futurlab, please keep making rockin’ PSV games like this for us to enjoy.

  • Supported you all since I got the game free from PLUS and the DLC aint that expensive.

    hopefully we will get to see a DLC with all boss fight next?

    2 things which i think we are missing in the main game are boss fights during human and dual plane sections. Maybe this are planned to be in sequel maybe called Velocity 3rd Strike. lol…

    Also, it will be great if you guys are able to liaise with Sony to have a non cross buy version of the DLC for 2/3 of the price cos I really dont wanna play this on my Vita since I wont be able to record down the perfect moments of this game.

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