PlayStation Plus multiplayer open weekend kicks off this friday

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PlayStation Plus multiplayer open weekend kicks off this friday

Not a PS Plus member? Try out online play at no additional cost this weekend

Hi everyone! Want to experience the thrill of action packed PS4 online multiplayer but haven’t signed up to PlayStation Plus yet? Well, with more players than ever now playing online through their PS4 with PlayStation Plus we thought it was the perfect opportunity to share it with everyone.

Starting 26th September at 8.00am BST/9.00am CET and for one weekend only, we are opening the gates to the world of online play, allowing everyone to challenge their friends and fellow gamers from around the globe in epic online battles.

Now couldn’t be a better time to take advantage of this great opportunity, with huge PS4 titles already available to buy from PlayStation Store including Destiny, Diablo 3, The Last of Us Remastered and Watch_Dogs. And don’t forget FIFA 15 launches this week too!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take on your friends and fellow gamers for a weekend of intense PS4 online multiplayer for free!

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Then join today from just £5.49/€6.99 per month. To find out more visit our PlayStation Plus site.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

PlayStation Plus open weekend will take place between 8.00am BST/9.00am CET Friday 26th September and 8.00am BST/10.00am CET Monday 29th September.


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  • It’s how it should be. Ridiculous having to pay just to play online, when we’ve already shelled out for the console, for the game, for the electricity bill, and the Internet.

    • And have hacks like the infamous 2011 PSN hack?
      Also,how in any shape or form is SONY associated with your electricity bills and internet cost?

    • Paying for PS+ to be able to play online doesn’t guarantee that PSN won’t be hacked, that is a ludicrous assertion. Where did I say that Sony is directly associated with my electricity bills or my internet cost?

    • “When we’ve already shelled out for the electricity bill,and the internet” Because there was no need for that and they get extra money to ensure more protection. Also remember that Sony,as a whole, is quite hurting on money also.

    • You’re not paying to just play online, you get 2 free games a month and extra discounts on already discounted games.

    • Northernfusion — I’m not disputing that nor am I saying that the £40 a years’ subscription isn’t deserved; it should be £40 for what you get for PS+ and it is worth it for the games you get each month, the cloud storage, the discounts, the early access to games/demos/alpha and beta tests. It should just not have to be compulsory for online gaming.
      Airhunter0895 — If you think there was no need for that, then you’re not thinking properly. I pay my electricity to be able to play my PS4 that I paid for. I pay my Internet bill to be able to play online. Why should I have to pay for the product and game that I own, to access the Internet that I already pay for? extra money doesn’t ensure protection. Not at all. I’d love to see your source that says Sony is hurting for money. A company that has a multi-billion Dollar revenue per annum.

    • I feel for you, man. Anyway, as Sony has leverage with us paying for mere access to online play, I’m expecting the ‘free’ content to reduce in quality as they no longer have to provide that as an incentive for us to acquire Plus.

    • @ AirHunter0895
      Youre right and thats the problem.

      The point is online works because of electricity and OUR internet connections, and most games make the player the host.

      The servers they run for stat tracking are more than covered by how much money they make from the games… and its the bare minimum they should be doing for free if they are in the industry.

      Even for games which offer dedicated servers, you have the ability to pay for your own, so it doesnt make sense that we pay Sony a fee to play online when we are already paying all the different entities who are enabling online play (server provider, an ISP, a PS4 (on which Sony has already profited), and an electricity provider).

      Sony have just set up a toll booth and are telling people to pay for online or get lost.

      Unless THEY are the ones guaranteeing dedicated servers for every game and guaranteeing that there wont be any downtime, there isnt any reason for them to charge since they are not in control of the service. The truth is any servers or games can get their online mode cut without Sony being able to do anything about it.

      Yeah its probably because of the one exception that is M$, but even greedy M$’s XBL yearly subscriptions can be bought frequently for £25, but yearly PS+ hardly goes below the RRP of £40. Its a shame because this will lead to pricing out the lower end of the market and shrinking the console market as a whole.

    • They provide a lot of servers that use a hell of a lot of bandwidth, that all costs a hell of a lot of money to operate.

      Might as well get used to it.

    • Yep, running servers cost money, that much is pretty obvious. A very vague rhetorical soundbite though. Until someone can give me the amount it costs compared to turnover earnt by Sony, proving free online gameplay has a massive negative effect on profit impounding the service beyond what should be acceptable, then there is no argument. besides, Nintendo online is free, PC gamers play online free, and PS3 owners play for free – all of which by far outnumber PS4 owners. Many are deliberately sticking with the PS3, or shifting to invest in a PC because of not having to pay for online play. Basically, someone saw the Microsoft XBL business model making money and wanted a piece of the easy pie. And no, we won’t get used to it. Fine if you’re happy with taking it, but many are not and are still entitled to have their say.

    • *compounding, not impounding. D’oh!

    • Well you obviously never paid for an xbox live sub on the 360 – gold membership to play online and oh yeah when you decide that online gaming isn’t that big a deal finding out that I would have to pay twice for Sky TV (the usual satellite, broadband stuff) and that I could only access Sky TV on xbox by paying a gold membership so paying twice for the same product.

      So by your rationale, you would rather they didn’t charge for online and just take your games and cloud service? It’s weird its the one thing people moan about and yet plus sub cost hasn’t increased. I don’t care about online gaming as a whole so its just another thing bundled in with all the other stuff that comes with a plus membership.

      But considering that Saturday’s seem to slow the PS4 sending and receiving messages they should improve the service as we are paying for it.

    • I pay for the 6 monthly games and enjoy them
      If online play was free i’d pay the same thing.

    • @Porcupeth00

      PS+ is a great value. And while you would be paying for it even if it wasn’t mandatory, not everyone would.

      PS+ being great value doesn’t justify it being mandatory. And now that it’s mandatory its quality has dropped because Sony doesn’t have any good reasons to put proper AAA titles on PS+ because everyone is paying for the service anyway

    • Why should I pay for the food? I already payed for the plate and the table it stands on? Logic

    • Yes, logic. You obviously lack it. You don’t need a table or a plate to eat food. Duh.

  • Hi Chris, any truth to the rumour that the European plus content is being delayed a week in October to the 10th?

  • I am ‘not’ :D moaning when i say this but i wish SONY didn’t charge for online play :( It’s a Cancer that Microsoft bought to consoles :-/ Oh well.

    • But bandwidth costs so much Sony had to eventually do it. It would either be pay for it or get rid of it. At least you get great games and discounts alongside it.

    • You are wrong pal. Online multiplayer (and all these new PS4 features like Share functions and video spectating over Twitch) is done through servers at Sony. The server costs (investment, infrastructure, software, deployment, maintenance, upgrades, energy consumption, internet bandwidth) are not zero. Someone has to pay for it in the end.

      I don’t really play online multiplayer, but I pay for PS+ bcause of the free games, the additional discounts, and other commodities like storing my saves on the cloud for backup.

    • Nintendo is the only one with 100% free online nowadays. All online Retail games, and all Indie games is free online.
      If Nintendo can, then why can’t Sony?

    • @JD_LloydLewis / @PIREDERAS

      You’re right about one thing – infrastructure, servers, maintanance, monitoring – all of these cost money. That is a fact.

      But, many people have choosen PS3 over x360 due to free multiplayer. Now you have to pay on both platforms. As someoned mentioned Nintendo does not charge for online the same applies for PC.

      This example shows it is possible to have free of charge multiplayer services.

      and a quote:
      “Considering the cost, to try to keep such a service free and consequently lower the quality would be absurd. We decided that if that’s the case, then it would be better to receive proper payment and continue to offer a good service.”

      This is where I see the problem – the QoS is satisfactory but it needs to be improved to become good.
      It seems that Sony is focused more on new things (Twitch, YT integration, SharePlay, PSNow) so they do not invest the money in improving the QoS for PSN.

      Or maybe it is to much to ask for people who have migrated from PS3 to PS4 to get a better QoS for something which was for free and now they have to pay for?

      I hope that during the free online weekend the stability of the service will be good otherwise people who do not play online too much and just wanted to try might be disappointed, and they will not change their minds about buying PS+ in order to explore the interesting world of online gaming

      Every company has server and infrastructure costs, as well as other running costs. That doesnt mean they charge access fees.

      I dont see google charging me an entry fee to use android and all its feature, and their server costs are miles higher than Sony’s. Its because the software they sell covers the cost.

      If sony are not able to cover the costs of servers using income from software, they have got their whole business model wrong and should consider cutting additional services which no-one asked for or use.

    • Well won’t be playing on the PS4 this weekend then, as I think back in terror at those old 14.4 modem speeds – really please sort out. Good thing I have Hyrule Warriors to play and Fantasy Life coming on Friday. Wow, haven’t been excited about Nintendo games since the game cube

  • “thrill of action packed PS4 online multiplayer”

    I wonder whether the thrill of action packed PS4 online multiplayer is any better than one on PS3. I really don’t understand of idea of paying for multiplayer, that was one of the reasons I was never interested in Xbox… and that is why I will probably stay on PS3/PC when it comes to MMO.

    I mean…. ok that would be OK… IF ONLY that subscription included all other fees… I mean having to pay for possibility to play on PS4… and than paying once again another subscription to even be able to play games like FF XIV doesn’t make much sense to me. Kinda silly idea, only for those who have too much money and don’t know what to do with it.

    PS + 7 EUR and 23 EUR for subscription for FF… 30 EUR to be able to play online… nope… sorry I’d rather to pay only 23 EUR.

    “Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.”
    Sorry I will be mischievous :P So Chris you are trying to say that PS4, PS3 and PSV store works offline? :P as a matter of fact all stores are online :P But yeah I’m just being playful here, it is after all matter of wording.

    But anyway… the idea of this campaign giving only multiplayer is kinda bad. It would be better if you gave just the usual few days of PS+ instead. (for those who didn’t use PS+ before)

    • ff game fails in 2 reasons
      1 = psn+ cost on ps4
      2= no abo buy tru psn = bigest fail ( i wil never play again mmo from squire enix )

      30€ ???? we pay 50€ 1 jear ( to a service who i find = worth 35 € max )

    • Ahh sorry, I meant minimum amount of cash to play not yearly.

      23 EUR is for 60 days – FF XIV
      7 EUR is for 30 days – PS+

      So I wasn’t speaking about yearly price. sorry!

    • But as far as I know, you don’t need PS+ to play FFXIV online. You only pay for the game + game subscription itself. Like PC.

    • FF14ARR doesn’t require PS+, you can play it online with out… any game that requires monthly sub doesn’t require PS+.

  • Sony, why i must join PS PLUS for playing Online on PS4? I am angry. I am 13 years old. I Love LBP and always join online with My friends on LBP 2. Why are you doing this? :(

  • Hmm… now that I think of it…

    If I’m being forced to pay… I’d rather pay for only multiplayer, like 0.20 EUR per month without PS Plus.

    I’m not interested in digital content and let’s not forget that quality of PS PLUS is… well… bad… nor do I care about cloud storage. So yeah if it would cost like 0.20 EUR per month than maybe I would think of buying it…. otherwise… haha… no…

    • Or why can’t Sony do what Microsoft did for 8 years and charge €60 a year to JUST play online before bringing it down in price to €50 in 2010 and then adding actual value to the service in late 2013?

    • @andrewsqual
      Oh look, little andrew is here.

      Still can’t miss a chance to pick up a fight with me, huh?

      But anyway… if you want to reply stay on the topic :P or just ignore it if you don’t have anything to say.

    • quality = bigest problem indeed

      cloud storage = mix feeling extern hd storage to saves i like more

    • ms servers are beter then sony on 360 , i have seen some friends console .
      + peopel who own now a ps4 instead of 360 are al saying sony servers are a joke .
      + wificard insite ps4 = also 2 big problem ( i have same isue = very strong wifi conection buth ps4 = the problem )

      more excl. more type of games = bigest + point
      + lots of peopel hating ms to be arogant to buy of al games instead of making their games .

  • I have Playstation Plus on my PS3 because it is worth every penny!! The free games alone make it worth while.
    I know you need it for online multiplayer on PS4 but your not just getting that your getting a bunch of free games, cloud save storage and store discounts.
    Also by having to pay for multiplayer it will help fund a better online experience.

    • mi ps3 = put away

      now = time to go forth ( mincraft also on ps4 – soon terraria – starbound …gta )
      i have only time to one console + 1 portabel

    • No. Online should be free. I’m pretty sure we provided enough money for them to support that already, It’s just BS on how we now need to pay in order to play online. We pay the console, the games already and now we also need to pay to play online. It’s just ridiculous! What are they doing with all those money? Some of us got bills to pay like electricity, car insurance, internet etc. and now this PS+ crap in order to play online. -_-

    • The free games USED to make it worth while back when it actually offered quality games. sad to say i havent played a ps plus game in months.

      also correct me if im wrong but paying for multiplayer wont make a better online experience, individual game developers create everything for the only section of their games, they fund the servers they develop their game, sony just tries to profit off of no work.

  • Will PS PLUS members that have a active subscription get a extra two days at the end of the current subscription? as this is a free two days of a paid service? Will we get our two days back?

    • Don’t count on it. They are not taking two days from you. They are just giving two days to players who don’t have PS+

    • @ skylinelover123

      I was about to ask the same thing. I’ve already paid for these 2 days!

    • like always old consumers them geth noting free

      = bigest reason in mi contry lots of peopel change a lot of banks ore energie / telecomunication provider….

  • People like Andrew house has said that you (SCE) would big investments to improve the network over the next 8-12 months. Please consider making multiplayer free after that and get back to PS+ being a service for awesome games, cloud saves and that upcoming TV content. That would also give you a competitive advantage.

    • “competitive advantage”

      Not really :P it would be like one sided slaughter from SONY’s side :) Like kicking the dead horse :)

      … hmm… I like the sound of it :P

  • Will the free PS+ games & discounts be available to download for anyone that doesn’t have PS+ but will use this free trial or is it just the online gaming aspect of it?

  • fifa is almost here!!! :)

  • I’m wondering, is the money that me and other Plus subscribers give Sony not enough to provide free multiplayer for non-subscribers?

  • Can I play online now

  • Hi Chris, when the ps+ IGC for Octomber will be announced? Thanx

  • Chris Howe

    i have no problem to pay to you service
    buth next problems i have
    1-after psn atack you company promised
    a- beter security
    b- beter psn
    if indeed you companie works ath this points why a mesage takes more then 1 min to comme tru ?
    mi self + lots of friends have same problem wifi +cabel a like !!!!
    also ps+ games are gone down in quality .
    also what is you company plan about to expensif digital versions of games
    mi vanguard destiny + pas =54.99€+34.99 on psn = cheaper then you digital gardian version

    to some post above me = if one need to pay al need to pay

    price ps+ = +- not corect one this moment
    i want inproved psn = beter servers – faster mesage system
    want 10% of digital games = min same price like in real store
    want 2 times a jear big discount not jokes like now ( summer – end of jear )
    ps+ games i do not need ( moastly of the time stupid indee games , do not geth me rong some indee games are great )

    in mi contry make deal whith vtm them also free on pc ( you have rtbf to french site of our contry )

    i want to be abel to buy abo tru psn to watch netflix ( like many tings visa cards are no go )

  • apostolis81 what’s your psn name

  • PS4 Users-pays to play online for “secure and safe online experience”

    PSN still easily gets hacked.

    Seriously Sony what do you use the money for, that these people are shelling out to you?

  • I pay for internet. No thanks. It’s cheap as Google expecting us to pay for their domain or a Battlefield 4 having us pay monthly to maintain their servers.

  • I only have a PS4. Since there are hardly any good action, fighting or beat-em-up games in the market, I thought Playstation plus would be a good idea to get some playstation plus games or at least more demos. However only slow or puzzle games are available for PS4 users. I am bored.
    Sony, put some good action or fighting games for PS4 in Playstation plus before throwing offers. Action games which are not FPS.

  • It’s total BS! We paid for the console, the games and now also need to pay to play online!?! Come on Sony, you should know better than that. The greed for money never ends. Really disappointed! -_-

  • Sony, rather than trying to suck people in to paying for PS+ why don’t you just review the whole multiplayer cost thing, make it fairer, and then maybe more people will buy into it?

    Making a PS+ subscription necessary to play games online is the worst decision you guys made for this console generation. Even as a current PS+ subscriber I still see it as one of many reasons not to buy a PS4 so far.

    If you insist on making your customers pay for online gaming then you should be offering an alternative subscription, a reduced fee that offers online access ONLY. How much of the £40 PS+ yearly subscription goes towards the online infrastructure? £5? £8? £10?
    Whatever it is, let your customers pay only that if they wish. Naturally, PS+ subscribers should get online play for “free”.

    The reason you (Sony) are looking so strong right now is because of your competitors mistakes last generation. Why are you trying to copy them?

  • Seriously you all need to grow up.

    Why is it you all think you should not have to play for multiplayer gaming?

    You had it for free with the PS3 and now you want it for the PS4. How about you all get a grip Xbox has charged since day 1, PC has and does charged through some games so why does that make anyone have a right to demand that PS+ be removed for online gaming?

    I am sorry but they have the right to do whatever they please if you want few online multiplayer gaming then use your PS3 and stop you whining about it. The cost of less than 1 game for 12 months and your all spitting your dummies out.

    Oh and for the record for anyone complaining about games offered with PS+ you have a bad game taste that’s all I can say. Resogun & Velocity 2X are great games for anyone so you clearly have no taste.

    If there are typos I don’t care I typed on an iPhone and you no what they are like.

    • Excuse me, but you are a regular sucker, keep that thinking and you will just cash out for anything they throw at you. I know I can’r change your mind so I will just leave this comment and nothing more, it’s people like you who made DLC’s exist in the first place, we are paying full priced games so that in a week they can shower us with DLC’s that already are in our discs.

    • We had it for free with the PS3 so why not again with PS4? Using Xbox charging since day 1 does NOT justify Sony charging us on PS4. Either you have too much money you don’t know what to do with or you work for Sony.

    • Resogun & Velocity 2X are average games. It is more like a futuristic version of 1942 with some changes.

  • If Sony made the online free or charge like 8 – 10 bucks a year for it. i think that would the end of competition *wink*

  • Nice try Sony…but no thanks, I pay for my internet connection so I PAY FOR MULTIPLAYER already, you can keep the things the way they are but if someday other company offers a service like the great PS3 I will hop on board, you should be ashamed for asking money to play online, I will tell you even more! I demand half price of a 60€ game since I don’t use the multiplayer functions, what’s the point of paying for a 60€ game like Destiny if we can’t use multiplayer online unless we don’t pay for PS Plus?! Stop this robery!

  • guys just stop whining, just be happy with your console and what sony does for us. we have the best console. microsoft will never understand of how they can build a gaming system. so guys be happy en glad, we have a sony PS4 or Sony PS3.

  • I don’t know why people are complaining about paying for ps plus now to play online it’s a good deal and it’s not that expensive. This is a hobby if you don’t want to pay what Sony is asking for then go somewhere else. It’s that simple

  • Its a good offer but you should to it for everyday, not only until the 28th of september. Pls fix

  • I love Playstation Plus on PS3. Making online multiplayer on PS4 a part of it is a bad move. People are going to pay just to play online, not for the games in the instant game collection. That’s not a good thing.

  • Sony r doing the right thing by letting people pay for online then that way you get less people trying to hack or mod games

  • Totally HaTE this PS+ subscription Sony you should abandon it seriously you’re isolating so many players. We want free multiplayer. Honestly we don’t cRw about your little free offers of Indie games nobody Cates about indie games. Stop pushing stuff on US and listen to your customers. FREE PS+ for everyone

  • I wish to know why did the ps plus made it with money

  • I also disagree with paying for ps plus on ps4 , if you have to pay to play online for ps4, u should also have to pay to go online on ps3! Games and console expensive enough so why not give us th online for free!
    If i known of this i wouldnt of buyes the ps4 i would of bought the ps3!

  • hello, someone tell me why does not work the game face?

  • The idea alone that someone has to pay for a service that should stay free is a outrage, yes im talking about onine play. A price for a new game is what? 60-70 euros and i bet you more then half of that is pure profit for both sony and the developers, unless someone wishes to argue that discs cost 10 euros nowadays ; ) , then im sure we can all agree theyre making more then they’re fair share of profit from us already, as the saying goes “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”, so if anyone should be getting payed extra it should be that poor person who has to rap and package them ps4s for bare minimum wage! Sony doesnt need money to run these “servers”, theyre a 20.15 BILLION (dollars) worth company. Now i never said they havent been hurting for money but because of server costs? No, lol i doubt they’ve been losing over 80 billion dollars of worth since 2000 cause of server prices, no whatever has got them hurting shoudnt concern us and neither should they start billing us for online services, to earn a quick buck in the way of mandatory ps plus. Let alone that i dont care for ps4 indie games or there line of instant collection for 3 months now (personal opinion). So let me sum this up as quickly as i can. PC needs no pay for online, neither nintendo (probably cause theyre getting theyre server money from trees that grow money? or maybe servers dont cost as much as one thinks, hmm). xbox does have online pay services, but then again they’re a american company and capitalism strives they’re, and no its not cause they’re hurting for money, god forbid a 70 billion worth company is hurting as bad, as sony over server costs even before sony started making it mandatory. So that just leaves capitalism (greed in just a fancy word that makes u feel smart). Now if someone asks me, ” hey are you happy to pay extra for companys that wanna squeeze money out of you?” id most certainly will reply “no”. So they’re you have it folks believe that sony and microsoft are squeezin your hard earned money for they’re benefits, or beleive server costs require online payed services because they cost SO GOD DAMN MUCH.
    Sorry for the long post and speaking my mind. I know speaking one’s opinions tends to anger others but alas i wish to express mine, so forgive me to those who find reason to judge me harshly from my opinion.

  • I have not been able to get this weekend’s free access, but I have seen a lot of the posts about paying for the PS+ service.

    If you don’t want to pay, then simply don’t have PS+, but stop grumbling. I plan on subscribing shortly, but I will be happy to pay a bit extra because not everyone wants online multiplayer. The reason that I want it now is for Destiny, but I just played Black Flag through with no desire for PS+ at all.

    Why should solo gamers subsidise those who like to play online? If PS+ was included then the whole bundle prices would go up, and not everyone would want it or use it.

    If you don’t like it then try switching to Xbox- see what kind of deal you get from them!

    • I’m NOT a regular online multiplayer gamer, but i like to have the option of the features when i do want to play online features. My opinion is NO one should have to pay to play online. A gamer buy’s the console + the game + internet service and then an additional fee to play online is too much!!!

  • There’s a lot of us waiting a while before we commit to a next gen console. This sort of greed isn’t helping your cause, in fact, it’s putting a lot of people off gaming altogether.

    • You and ole buddy below your comment will eventually buy a PS4 or XBone. You’re just lying to yourself. Add me when if you decide on a PS4

  • Lmfao@paying to play online. This is why I will be sticking to Steam (where I pay for my games, and play them online without any extra cost) and not buying one of these “next gen” consoles, especially when so much of their games lineup is old PC games and indie titles.

  • I’ll admit that i was extremely upset when Sony made PS plus mandatory on PS4 for online play. The servers are still bad, most of the content is still useless, hacking is still going to happen, boosting is still the norm and so far the graphics of the PS4 are just a tad bit better then the PS3. Now with all that said i’ll rather pay Sony then Microsoft.

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