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This week at PlayStation

Bloodborne, Final Fantasy XV, DRIVECLUB, The Order, FIFA 15, more

With Tokyo Game Show underway and Eurogamer Expo just a few days out, it’s been a really busy week here at PlayStation with over 30 posts going up on PS Blog. Highlights included a release date and new trailer for From Software’s tantalising Bloodborne; a stunning new Final Fantasy XV clip; news on The Order, The Tomorrow Children and DRIVECLUB; and updates on a gaggle of exciting new indies, including Super Exploding Zoo, Nova-111 and Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror.

See below for a few of the choicest cuts, and do let us know in the comments what you’re playing this weekend.

Top 5 most read PlayStation Blog posts this week:

  1. New on PlayStation Store: Murasaki Baby, Flockers, Anomaly 2, more
  2. Bloodborne release date confirmed and new trailer debuts
  3. Final Fantasy XV demo coming soon to PS4
  4. SingStar: Ultimate Party release date and track list announced for PS4 & PS3
  5. New PlayStation clothing ready to pre-order now at Insert Coin

And one you might have missed: The Tomorrow Children – Delving deeper into Dylan Cuthbert’s weird, wonderful PS4 exclusive

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What we’ve been playing:

Murasaki Baby: Ovosonico’s ghoulishly original PS Vita adventure finally made its debut on PS Vita this week, and it quickly brushed Velocity 2X and Rogue Legacy aside to be my game-of-choice on the daily commute. With a jet black sense of humour, delightful character design and brilliant use of sound, it’s absolutely worth the £7.99/€9.99 price tag.

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15 Author Replies

  • @Fred
    I have one small suggestion.

    Would it be possible to make something like playstation news subscribtion but for developers? (if does exist I would be greatful for web adress) Not only licensed developers but also all people who are interested in that issue. So nothing related to SCE DevNet.

    Why am I saying it? Because SONY atm does very little to make developers realize all options they have! Sure Shahid from time to time will write about it on twitter, but that’s not enough. Many of do not follow Shahid, all were already banned by him on his twitter, and not all people follow gaming press.

    How many people know that you can apply not only for Unity-for-PSN and Unity-PRO with native PS4/PS3/Vita… but also GameMaker from YoYo Games? And frankly speaking, as I am contacting few indie developers I know that they usually don’t have any news regarding options they have. Just few days I’ve send news about Unity to SekaiProject to make sure they know about this…. and even if I was thinking that they probably know about it… it turned out they didn’t.

    So that might really help!


    • Edit:
      if it does exist*
      Not only for licensed*
      But also for people*
      Many developers do not follow*

      Huh :/ sorry! I should have checked it before sending :/ Sorry, Edit option would be nice.

    • I totally agree with what Archacus says, I am quite surprised by just how many indie devs on Kicstarter don’t know their options for putting their games on Playstation platforms i think it is the main reason there is so few with PS4/PSV in main funding goal, and the BIGGEST reason there is so many with extortionately HIGH PS4/PSV stretch goals……This needs to change :P

    • I think some kind of FAQ for prospective developers might be helpful – it’s something I’ll look into, sure.

    • @Fred
      Many thanks!

    • Archacus

      Can you add me into the loop as well please? I’m part of Derp Studios.

    • @MaxDiehard
      Sorry for confusion!

      I’m not sending info like a subscription service. So I don’t have any email list of developers who I am sending it regularly :)

      It is rather, that if I see that particular developer/publisher that I am interested in, I will sometimes write to them and inform about for example free Unity for licensed developers.

      Well, if you are interested in that topic you should google
      GameMaker YoYo Games – SONY
      Unity – SONY
      SCE DevNet you will find there some info, if I remember right there is even faq… but not very useful.

      Either way you need to be licensed developer, and for that as far as I understand you need your own company (is Derp Studio a real company or just group of friends making games for fun?). Enquiry form is quite detailed, well… it doesn’t look complicated but you will need to check it for yourself. Anyway if you have any questions you can ask, Fred told that he will look into it… so maybe he will be able to give you answer… or maybe by sheer luck I will know by myself… dunno.

    • @Fred

      AWESOME :D

    • We’re a registered company. We’ve released a few apps on both Android and iOS, working on our first PC title in Unreal Engine 4.

  • Looking forward to FIFA (not the vita version obviously lol). I’ll let a few weeks pass though since theres always connection issues near launch. Hopefully with coin selling being banned, the situation should be a little better.

    Also hope next months PS+ announcements will mostly be AAA.

  • Played and beat Murasaki Baby in about three hours. Great little game. Very clever, brilliant atmosphere and just beautiful to look at (not to mention the music). I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a few frustrations regarding inconsistent touch controls, but overall a very enjoyable experience.

    Best piece of TGS stuff for me was Persona 4 Dancing All Night’s new trailer ( Cannot wait for that game. Also on a related note, excited to hear that Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is being released in Europe this November. Very happy on the Persona front. ^_^

    Slightly annoyed by the fact Gravity Rush wasn’t at TGS in any shape or form. I don’t care if it’s a PS4 game, a Vita game or what. I want to see more of it. >=D

    As ever, I’m hoping more PSP and PS1 classics make their way to the store and that they are Vita compatible. Please do all you can to make this happen guys. Don’t just drop classic support because PS4 can’t do it, it’s not fair. =(

    • Please do care…

      Gravity Rush 2 MUST be Vita exclusive, anything other will be just like hitting Vita owners with dirty rag. It was title which was born for Vita, if they will release on PS4 instead they will just show that Vita is no longer supported console.

      And the fact that we didn’t hear anything about any new 1st party game for Vita is a bad news for us. Freedom Wars is coming, yet they do very little to advertise it in Europe… Oreshika is coming… but nobody knows anything about it, and SCEE is probably trying to sneak on us info “suprise next month Oreshika will be released on PSN, whine all you want we don’t care about it, it is too late to change that now”

      And yes I do agree with you on last part. THEY SHOULD STOP RELYING ON GOOD WILL of publishers. I’m quite fed up hearing that it’s not up to them. What the hell is Shahid’s team doing? Bringing indie games? That’s cute… but sorry to say… even average Vita owner can encourage indie developer to bring game to Vita (because that’s the simplest thing to do). I find it amusing when Shahid is acting all that proud about how HE and HIS TEAM brought to us all that indie games… instead he should be working on bringing bigger games and classics from PSX,PS2, PSP.

    • Glad to hear people are enjoying Murasaki!

    • @Archacus: Always with the theatrics man. Hitting Vita owners with a dirty rag… sometimes I wonder what you put in your cereal. Gravity Rush is an IP with a lot of promise. As a gamer, I’m interested to see it grow. It doesn’t matter if it’s on Vita. It would probably be better suited to PS4 in fact, where it would have a much larger and more fleshed out world to explore. Vita doesn’t lose anything. The original still exists. You can’t be so controlling over what Sony does with their own IP or nothing new and exciting will ever happen. So no, I don’t care what system it’s on because I’m interested in the GAME and not the hardware.

      @Fred: Yeah, it was fun and interesting. Wish there was a tad more replayability or something, but all the same it was an interesting and unique experience.

    • Oh my dear mad man ♪

      Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idlot, full of sound and fury…. Signifying nothing.

      Thus, I simply cannot end :( ♪

      As a gamer, I’d rather see PS4 having new IPs rather than using titles that were made for Vita. End of the story.

    • Fair enough. That’s your opinion. There was no need for you to comment on mine telling me to “care” because I’m interested in Gravity Rush as a game and not as a hardware-buffer. I play my Vita all the time. I love it. I’m sure many others here can vouch for the fact I barely ever shut up about it. But sometimes you just have to be reasonable about things.

    • @Archacus

      As gamers, people should no ask for games to be exclusive of any kind of console, i get it, i like ps vita, but if a game is release in more than 1 console, dude just play wherever you like, dont ask for a game to be exclusive, thats not a good thing

  • Is there any news, on upcoming beta’s? Like Dead Island 2? The Crew? By the way is there an official release date @Fred Dutton?

    • That would be up to the publishers of those games to announce. So Deep Silver for Dead Island, and Ubisoft for The Crew.

  • By official i mean for the crew. Sorry haha.

  • Mr. Dutton, i really don’t understand. Now even game directors are forbidden to answer questions about forced Singstar in PS3 questions? Why are these questions ignored in both “SingStar: Ultimate Party release date and track list announced” and “SingStar coming soon to PS4 with free microphone app” as well? Some time ago you wrote something about “will not be pinned to PS4 dash…”. But what about PS3? Stop ignore us and stop insult us with that annoying unremovable crap in our XMB, please.

    • I think it’s time you let this go, they’re never gona get rid of it. I mean its been 10 months since they released the Ps4 and they still haven’t added folders, adding something as simple as delete option is to complicated for them. You can be damned sure they WILL pin the ps4 app to the dash.

    • @Podyman I appreciate that this is clearly an issue that’s important to you but I’m afraid it is indeed time to let this one go. At this stage it’s not likely that the icon will move. Nobody here is forbidden to comment on it, but the fact is that there is nothing new to say that hasn’t already been said, hence why you haven’t had the answer you’ve desired. Sorry to disappoint you.

    • Mr. Dutton, nothing personal, but how i see it: It was stupid, logically indefensible corporate decision which can’t be reverted even after huge negative feedback. Because even slightest acknowledgement of moral problem with forcing this insulting thing may hurt SCEE ego.

      Well, maybe it’s time for me to end gaming because i really can’t get over this SCEE underbelly punch. I can’t continue to giving money to company which despise me. I still have some pride. I only regret all the time, all the money i gave to Sony and my stupid optimism that common sense can win over stupidity. Sorry.

      Now everybody, now you can laugh as you can. I don’t mind you.

    • Giving up gaming because of one icon? Pathetic. I know wanting to get rid of it is based on principle, but you’re going a bit extreme, but that’s just my two cents.

      Go ahead, we won’t miss you.

    • Anyone with a gun to your head forcing you to play it?

    • In regard to your second comment. Are you bleeding serious?

  • Can anyone shed light on why Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles has been pulled from several countries’ PSN? In the UK it seems to be there, but for example in Finland, the game can’t be found. What happened?

  • Hi Fred,

    Are we getting next month’s PS plus games announcement this week ?


    • Not until 30th, announcements are made around the last tuesday or wednesday of every month.

    • Next Wednesday most likely, the games should come 1st of the next month. That’s if they follow the usual schedule, games are always announced the last Wednesday of the month and they’ll be released the first Wednesday of the month when the store updates

    • At present it looks like the next batch of Plus games will go live on October 8th, so look out for the announcement on or around October 1st.

    • @Fred We was told PS+ would update the soonest Wednesday of every month; so would that not mean it been the 1st? Or is it due to ‘#driveclub release?

    • @Fred I believe we were told that games would release on 1st Wednesday of every month. We all know we are getting drive club + edition. I got plenty games to be playing but surely you can’t move the goal posts when it suits. remember when we had to wait until the 6th (I think) as that was the 1st Wednesday and it was said it couldn’t be changed. last month’s offering was a bit mince so I hope the extra wait we will have will be worth it.

    • i tought the games were released in the first wednesday wich means 1st of october….

    • Holding back October’s PS+ Games because of Driveclub is just stupid. Release them on the 1st as they should, and just simply add Driveclub to the roster when it becomes available.

      Hell, Minecraft PS4 digital edition was released outside of a scheduled store update, doesn’t seem logical to hold it back.

    • I always believed that if the first Wednesday of the month came before the first Tuesday (SCEA plus date) we would get delayed, they were never going to give ours before the U.S got theirs.
      They didn’t explain that at the time as it was too complicated and would have caused complaints as to why we are (from now on) always going to be a second class region in terms of releases, sales, pre-orders and mainly price.

    • Since Driveclub wont take a PS4 slot, as stated before, it shouldnt affect the IGC so if it will be 8 Oct. when the new IGC games go live, it indeed doesnt make sense. Even worse, it is again a promise by Sony broken, as it isnt the first wednesday of the month, as stated by Sony.

    • It’s because it’s the 1st on Wednesday. It used to be standard practice a couple years ago that if the dates fell in such a way that Europe would receive their PS+ update before the US then the European update would be delayed a week resulting in a short month. This is a practice that thankfully stopped post the 2011 incident and while we may have been stung on pricing, discounts, a few MIA titles and of course every single surprise bank holiday maintenance we at least kept our scheduled PS+ updates.

      It’s a bit of a disappointment to see Sony returning to its old ways on this, huge step backwards.

    • This ^

      Entirely to stop EU getting the games before US. By +/- 5 days.
      Which, when considering we KNOW we were told “first Wednesday of the month” is a kick in the nuts.
      Yanks (sorry, Americans) get things cheaper, and earlier – which is not in our control, but when we get the chance to get something earlier, it’s put back a week to appease them?!

    • @Fred It’s ridiculous, that the Your first Wednesday of the month is actually the second one for everyone else – don’t know in which world or dimension You live, but clearly not the same as every other people on this planet.

      But better: Clock on the official PS Plus site also lives in different dimension than You and shows 7 days and 15 hours till the next update…

      PS Plus staff again proved, that they cannot be trusted. Even their own sites don’t believe them!

    • Cant believe that the eu is getting put back just to make the US owners happy, sony cant even manage 6 months without breaking their word.
      First wednesday of every month unless it upsets sony america, wish i could sat what i really want to say to you but will cover it up !”^% lying @:@P@$£””$£@’s

  • so once again while scee downs tools from fri afternoon until midday monday, scea treats it’s customers to another flash sale with cheap as chips prices.

    why don’t you use some of the profits from your extortionate digital pricing to employ some weekend staff?


    • Woah Nelly. Weekends are important! Have you any idea how grumpy I’d be on here if I had to work 7 days a week? EVERYONE would get banned, fair or foul.

      Joking aside, my colleagues across the pond don’t work weekends any more or less than we do here in EU. Yes, they have a weekend sale this weekend, just as we have done on occasion in the past. We’ll have a new sale for you in the middle of next week – keep an eye out for it.

      On that note, it’s 6.30pm on Saturday night, and I’m off to the pub ;)

    • fair enough mr dutton but even if scea’s weekend presence is an ‘artificial’ one, they do at least attempt to avert the barren status that scee employs. yes, we may have had the occasional weekend sale but nothing on the scale that scea somehow manages.

      anyhow, thanks for the reply and enjoy your drink.

      ps, don’t call me calling will not be tolerated on the blog. he he

    • Love you @fred we appreciate your efforts (although many don’t show it :L)

  • Hey Fred, i have some questions…

    1.Has The Weekend Debate been finished? I’m just curious as It’s been a long while since the last one.

    2.Is there any chance of seeing any of these Mega Man games hitting the PS store?
    -Mega Man 8 (PS1)
    -Mega Man X3 (PS1)
    -Mega Man X4 (PS1)
    -Mega Man X5 (PS1)
    -Mega Man Anniversary Collection (PS2)
    -Mega Man X Collection (PS2)

    3.Any chance of these games coming for PS Plus?

    -Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
    -Amazing Spider-Man 2
    -Oddworld New N Tasty

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Ryan. After 3 or 4 years of the weekend debate I just felt it had run out of steam. TBH, I was running out of interesting topics to discuss and it was getting a bit stale. I am looking to replace it with something though – so watch this space.

      As for those Mega Man titles, that would be a decision for the folks at Capcom. Some classics in there, fingers crossed, eh?

      And your Plus suggestions – some nice picks there, but I can’t give away future Plus titles I’m afraid. Look out for the next Plus update in a week or two.

    • @ryannumber3gamer
      Hey ryan!

      I hope you don’t mind me meddling, sadly SCEE do not bother to contact publishers or even do anything to bring those games.

      As I’m quite fed up with that kinda attitude I decided to contact them by myself (already sent email). I’ve asked for startes about games that are available in NA PSN but not in EU PSN… that is

      -MegaMan Powered Up
      -Mega Man Legends 2
      -Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
      -Mega Man X4
      -Mega Man X5
      -Breath of Fire IV
      -Darkstalkers 3
      -Dino Crisis
      -Dino Crisis 2

      I hope I didn’t miss any game you wanted to know about.

      IF I will get any reply from Capcom I will notify you by PSN, would that be alright? If you don’t want me to bother you, you can contact them by yourself “”.

      And I will make sure to post reply in next weekly thread (IF I WILL GET ONE)

    • @Archacus Respectfully, you really couldn’t be more mistaken. We have teams of people working extremely hard to ensure the library of games available on PlayStation platforms is as wide and diverse as possible, and are constantly listening to gamers’ requests.

      The simple fact is we don’t own these IPs, and there are all manner of legal, business and logistical reasons why it’s not always possible for publishers to bring their older titles to PSN. Lack of effort or deafness to the community very rarely comes into it.

    • @ryannumber3gamer
      I’ve been asking Capcom about the Megaman games like twice now and they still avoiding my question. As for UMVC3, it’s been removed from the store so not likely. Still, I’d love to see Capcom get their heads together and bring the Megaman games over to PSN. We only got 9, 10 and Maverick Hunter X and that’s it. PSN EU needs more Megaman. Even the Nintendo eshop has all the Megaman games including Game Boy versions.

    • @Fred
      Respectfully speaking, most of us don’t see any effects of those teams. Every time we ask most of times we hear “ask publisher”… that’s not my work. I am just average guy who is not even working in gaming industry, they don’t have any obligation to answer any of my questions. On the other hand SCEE employees have bigger authority even just because they are writing as an employee of SCEE = important business partners.

      It’s been ages since the last batch of PSX/PS2 imports. Do you remember that there used to be even separate label for those games? I do. I won’t ever believe that there are issue with the rights to those titles… when they weren’t even published in Europe (that’s why they were called imports after all) On the other hand in SCEA there is team working on imports alone, and every month or two there is new batch of imports.

      Likewise with older titles that have been released in EU but not updated to PSN. That’s not my responsibility to ask them what is problem with every single title. If there is problem with rights to some of them than there should be someone who will resolve those problems. It can’t be me! As I’m not even their business partner, I’m just average guy! And publisher often needs 3rd party who will resolve the issue… and that should be the role of SCEE.

      You see we CANNOT see efforts that someone make… we as a customers can see only results. And result means games published on PSN…. and there are non if we are talking about classics.

      If there are indeed people working on those games, maybe there should be some kind of table of contents. With status of each of titles and the reason they are not uploaded to PSN, even laconically like “problems with rights” should be ok. We need to see that someone is doing something with those titles.

      And like I said nearly every time we ask about those games we hear “ask yourself”

      … and Fred I know that it’s not your job (and I’m not accusing of you doing nothing!) but you just said exactly the same thing “ask yourself”… so please don’t be surprised that I’m fed up with that and I’d rather ask myself and maybe even do that table myself (IF ANYONE WILL REPLY)

      But what if they won’t like to give any reply just because I’m average guy? Who should I ask than? SCEE? I’m sure that SCEE would say “ask publisher” once again.

      And really it is not rant directed towards your person, ok? So please don’t take it personally, as I really know that’s not your job.

    • @Fred: Sorry to play devil’s advocate here, I completely understand about IP that don’t belong to Sony. But what about the plethora of Sony-owned IP that aren’t in PS1 classics? Parappa the Rapper, MediEvil 2, Legend of Dragoon, Syphon Filter 2, Ape Escape – these are just a few that spring to mind. Especially weird that Syphon Filter 1 & 3 are available, just like the first MediEvil and Um Jammer Lammy (a spin-off from Parappa). Those games at the very least should be on the store for both PS3 AND Vita (I feel inclined to mention Vita because it keeps getting left out).

    • Well, As I’ve mentioned. It’d be great to get Anniversary Collection and X Collection mainly because if we got for example Anniversary Collection then we would at least get our hands on Mega Man 8 along with all the other ones.

      I ask this because as a Mega Man fan who only recently got into the games thanks in part to Archie’s Mega Man comics, It’s getting more and more harder to get these games at a decent price. For example, It was £17.99 for a copy of Mega Man Powered Up which is crazy. It’s even more for things like Mega Man 8 and the X series. This is why I’d love it if we could get these games on the PS Store so they are easy to get and don’t cost a lot of money.

      It’s the same for Crash and Spyro because I was delighted to get my hands on both series for so cheap on PSN. I mean for a copy of one of these games on PS1, I managed to get the entire trilogy of Spyro on the store for cheaper.

      This is why I really and I mean really hope Capcom will listen to us.

  • Hey Fred

    Any chance you know which retailers are offering which DLC with LittleBigPlanet 3 pre-orders and whether or not the bonuses are exclusive to PS4 pre-orders?
    The original post wasn’t very clear and I still can’t find any mention of the DLC on retailer sites.

  • Is anyone willing to comment on the free content updates not being rolled out to the DriveClub PS+ version? In order for the cars to work in multiplayer everyone must get a compatibility patch before each one is released, so why are the cars not just put in the patches so those with the PS+ Edition get them too? Labeling them as “free DLC” just makes it transparent that what is actually being given follows the same technical directives as a game demo, which isn’t what was originally announced.

  • Another thing I’d like to ask about is the PSTV console. At GamesCom it was revealed that our box will now include 3 games to justify it being two and a half times the price of the US release, is there any indication of what these three games will be and is there a release date yet for Europe or is it just “November” as a load of PS4 games come out that month as well.

    • You’ll have these answers very soon ;)

    • Saw the announcement yesterday, a bit disappointing if I’m honest. The 3 games offered do not justify the price hike and releasing the same day as both AC games and having so many other big releases in the week before and after mean this is going to be a hard sell. Timing and price are everything when it comes to hardware.

      Also the compatibility list is a little short compared to other territories, it’s region free same as every other PS device so there’s more software imposed restrictions on what is compatible for this region.

      I’ll be waiting to see what price these things hit in the January sales, impossible to justify it at this price.

  • @Fred
    One more question, would you be so kind to check which shops will have day-1 bonuses for Freedom Wars? updated their Freedom Wars page but still nothing about day-1 bonuses… and I’m kinda affraid of ordering it when it is not stated that we will get them.

    like @HomessaHommem say
    I NEED THIS ON MY VITA! So yeah… I want to pre-order it as fast as I can.

    • That is a question I would also like to know. I want to pre-order the game, I just don’t know from where, since I don’t wanna miss the pre-order bonus. As of right now, Freedom Wars sits rather uncomfortably in my Amazon UK cart…

    • Probably be!


      Well, I guess we can be sure about that website. But since I’ve never even heard of it, I’m not sure how much P&P would cost me to have the game despatched outside the UK, so maybe it will be of little use to me.
      I wish they’d confirm that Amazon UK would be offering the pre-order bonus…

    • Don’t use ShopTo, they’re really shady. I attempted to order my PS4 “Gold” Headset from them as they were the only ones at the time who had a pre-order showing an actual price and date, they have something called “pre-order promise” where if you don’t receive your item on release day they give you credit for your next order. Two days before release they suddenly amended the release date and pushed it back by a month without any warning. I grilled one of their reps on webchat and they didn’t receive their stock in time to despatch so changed the date to when they felt they fulfil orders.

      I don’t know if they’re always like that but as far as I’m concerned if you’re willing to do it once, you’ll do it again.

    • @Murton
      Thx for warning.

      Some of shops are more than shady.

      Sadly many shops sell NTSC versions of game without even telling customer… it can be sad suprise if after 1-2 weeks you get game from not your region :/ I never know what I will get till I open the box :/

      Another bad things about shops… is… that they don’t care about pre-orders.

      Some time ago I’ve made pre-order for day one edition… one day before they called me and said, that they didn’t get any day-one edition… and I need to pay additionally even for standard edition. (o.O)

      Anyway… after all… it seems that only Amazon (and only from Amazon as a seller) is safe :/

  • Thanks for the reply Fred!

    I’m personally hoping X4 & X5 get onto our store since Capcom did decide to release them on the US Store. I only recently got into the series with Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X along with Mega Man 9 & 10 and I guess I’m just a bit hooked on Mega Man XD

    • Hey Ryan
      If you can please DO read my reply to your previous post, ok? Like I said I’ve decided to contact them by myself, if you think I missed something let me know.

    • Yeah I checked it. The ones you’re missing are

      -Mega Man X3 (PS1)
      -Mega Man Anniversary Collection (PS2)
      -Mega Man X Collection (PS2)
      -Mega Man X Command Mission (PS2)
      -Mega Man X6, X7, and X8 (PS2)
      -Mega Man Legends 1 & 2 (PS1)

    • @ryannumber3gamer
      But those aren’t available in NA shop, or am I mistaken? Hmm maybe I didn’t explain it good enough, atm I will focus on games that are already available in NA but not in EU.!/en-us/search/f=^mega%2Bman|bucket~games

      But ok, If I will get any reasonable reply I will ask about those games.


    • In that case, remember as well that Mega Man 1-4 is also on the US Store.

    • @ryannumber3gamer
      Oh it is? Didn’t notice it, sorry!

      Sure if they will reply I will ask one more time :)

    • @ryannumber3gamer
      Meh… I got reply…. one boring reply

      Like @supersmith2500 said they are avoiding answers.

      “Thank you for contacting us at Capcom European Technical Support.

      We have no information on future releases that we can reveal.

      We recommend if you want to keep up to date with all things Capcom that you visit the Capcom-Unity website regularly:”

  • With DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition being the free game for PS4 next month. Is the UK getting the Plus version on Friday instead of the update day?

    • Driveclub is an extra game for the month so we will get 3 PS4 games for October but because of that PS+ won’t be updated until the 8th.

  • today ath latest moment
    = psn = breaking down + servers of destiny = them fuly broke lots of friends usa – belgium …….. not abel to enter servers + no suport

    so i was richt sony + activision are not ready whith their servers

    • If you are going to complain, check your grammar before clicking add reply.

    • PSN, Xbox and Destiny servers were recently hit in a DDoS attack by hacker group, Lizard Squad.

      Unfortunately, DDoS attacks are hard to protect against no matter the security, as it’s due to a massive load of server requests that just can’t be handled, causing it to overload.

      And yes, please learn some English.

    • Seems like every Saturday they are hit with a DDoS attack regards to PSN slowdown

      If you play an MMO type game you have to expect there will be server overload, it’s what happens. They always underestimate how many people are logging in at the same times. Final Fantasy XIV was horrible and to make matters worse people would camp while away which escalated the problem. People didn’t want to sign out because they weren’t going to be getting back in easily enough. Some people couldn’t sign in at all.

      Not sure what language course you took to learn to read and write English but you should demand a refund.

    • @RyanSufc1997

      dude he could have said something in belgium and you wouldnt understant, its anoying when people that only speak one language try to act all smart.

  • hang on. Plus on the 8th????? Sneaky announcement in the comments? We are supposed to get our update the first Wednesday of the month. It’s what we pay for. Just because for once it results in us getting it before the US doesn’t mean ours should be moved. You’ve tried this tactic before and its disgusting treatment of our region. Fred, stand up for the region you represent.

    • Very annoying. I bet this is to do with DriveClub’s release date!

    • @Adumr82

      There is no need to overreact. As Kane said it is the day Driveclub is released so it is more than likely they are releasing everything at the same time instead of adding everything one week and Driveclub the following week. October is a 5 week month so you get the same amount of time to download. There is no big conspiracy about it.

    • except what if my account was expiring on the 4th? As I say, not the first time this has been tried. Not on. We’ve already been told that Driveclub is a bonus so its release date should have nothing to do with it. This stinks of not giving us our stuff before the US.

    • I’m with admur on this one. SCEE tried it on about 2 years ago with this stunt. Big backlash then resulted in a turnaround, let’s see what happens this time.

    • @adumr82 “except what if my account was expiring on the 4th?”

      Then you only have 3 full days to play your 2 PS4, 2 PS3 and 2 Vita games before you lose access.

      Again with the conspiracy against Europe. It is just unfortunate Wednesday is the 1st but you provide no evidence that we get a delay becuase of the US. It could very well just logistical problems. As I stated before, you are not losing any time and you are still getting the games.

    • If your account was expiring on the 4th you would only get to play them for 3 days anyway, so I do not get the point you’re making there :/

    • Even if he only gets three days- that’s 3 days he should be able to play them . What if he’s booked holiday for those days to play some games.

    • to be honest i will be playing fifa so i dont really care if IGC will be released in the 1st or the 8th, but to be fair, sony said that the IGC would be released in the first wednesday of wich month, so it should be released on the 1st, and driveclub is no part of the IGC so it should not be a issue

    • with admur on this, very sneaky underhand way of delaying the eu update just to appease the americans, shows who sony does care about

  • DriveClub & The Order look AMAZING…Hmm i do LOVE’me’PlayStation Exclusives :P :P :P

  • Is Europe getting collectors edition of Bloodborne?

  • Hi well no next gen games so i dont undrstand buy ps4 or xbox1 since next gen games 1 year late.

    And why xboxone got first AAA game free on xboxlive and why xboxone get better demos than us since ps4 meant be no1 next gen consle since really nothing next gen at this moment.

    Destiny last gen game and no wonder got 6/10

    In my option people dont want next gen games anymore.

    Greatness awaits 1 year too late.

  • Is there a way to clear the notifications list on the PS4? I got a friend request which I accepted on the PS3 but it still appears on the PS4. I click it and it says no friend requests available but still sits in the notifications page.

  • Something seems to be amiss on Saturdays on the PS4…like intense slowdown….remember the days of 56k dial-up? Well I do and it’s that slow…it’s also not just me but several other friends experience this weekly Saturday slow down and they live in other countries in Europe. It’s not so much lag in games but lag in sending messages, receiving messages etc. It might just be quicker to hop on a flight to Finland or France to respond in person ? I have 20mb broadband so its not on my end that’s failing.

    I’d also like to know why when I send a message, sent instant during the week and it still reads 9 minutes, game invites everything 9 minutes. I’m not a Timelord that has travelled into the future by 8 minutes so what is this arbitrary 9 minutes?

    Finally as we are actually paying to play on PS4 this means that the network should function for people everyday not just 6 as there are 7 days in a week. Can you please sort this? If it’s too technical to fix (seemingly removing icons from PS3 is too technical and requires intervention from NATO) then simply add an offline option.

    Also can you please speak to Koei Tecmo and fix the issue where I’m online playing Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate and keep receiving notifications that I need to sign in to play online when I’m actually in a network co-op game-_-.

    • I can answer a couple of these.

      1: 20mbps is your headline download speed, which has absolutely nothing to do with network performance. Think of it like pipes, 20mpbs just means you’re got a wider pipe, if it’s twisting and turning between supply and the tap then it’s going to take longer than if it was straight. Many broadband providers impose restrictions on real time applications such as gaming and streaming because it allegedly affects their networks, some do this while actively advising that they don’t (such as Sky and BT)

      2: I often wondered why my messages were giving an odd timestamp saying they were sent minutes before they actually were. After a little poking about it appears that the messaging on PS4 takes its timestamp from a server clock while the calculation for how long ago it was is based on the clock on your actual PS4. I reckon it’s a glitch.

      3: the network does function every day, though there are have been some instances of reduced functionality recently due to DDOS which is unavoidable. What is avoidable however are the surprise maintenance cycles that always take place during EU peak time. XBL uses a layered network so they can take a few servers offline for maintenance while leaving the greater network online, this neatly avoids any situation where lawsuit happy Americans attempt class action for loss of a paid service. I’d like to hope that Sony is shifting to a similar pattern and we stop seeing the PSN taken offline for the full run of EU peak hours at a moments notice. And until this happens could whatever schedule is being followed be made publicly available?

  • wow fantastic add a comment and it doesn’t post…down into that swirling vortex in SCEE offices I guess

  • Hey, just wondering what happened to all the playstation 2 classics in the store? Can’t see dynasty warriors, Samurai warriors 2 etc.

  • Not been on here for a while so apologies if this has already been asked / answered, with Driveclub hitting our PS4’s soon, has there been any mention whether we can use the Logitech wheels on PS4? I can’t seem to find any mention of this on any forums.

    @Fred, any idea on this?

    • Can I reply?

      As far as I know… it is game over for us.

      PS4 requires build-in security chips… and none of Logitech wheels have it. That means that it won’t be possible to ever use those wheels on PS4. So sadly only Thrustmaster wheel are compatible with PS4…

      That is why… I will probably just stick to Gran Turismo 6 and never bother buying any racing game on PS4.


    • I’m tracking a post from the DC team detailing wheel support. Should be later this week, or early next.

  • Any updates on system software 2.0 coming soon?

  • Hey Fred,

    Sorry about being a bit off-topic.

    Do you perhaps have any news about Hoard not being available in Hungary, Bulgaria and Qatar? It should’ve been included with this month’s IGC games, but it’s not present in the Store.
    Also, seen a previous discount post regarding Hoard, and it was written that this game is not available in the mentioned countries.
    I also tried my local support, and got a response stating that it’s going to be there later (two weeks ago…).
    Would love to play its co-op. :(

    Thanks in advance!

    • It seems that was a glitch in the system. It’s now been fixed and the game should appear on your store within the next 45 minutes or so.

    • Just checked, only the PSP/VITA version (for a price) and a PS3 free timed trial are there. None in the Plus section of the store.

  • How about telling us why the eu ps plus update is being put back just to keep US owners happy, are we so far down your list that you dont care?

  • I am also really angry that you put the Plus Games for EU on the 08. October. What´s up with that. Europe Store releases on 1st Wednesday. Why put on the Plus Games 1 week later. You should have time for 1 month to grab the games. What´s up with the shift ? As it happens that the next month is 1 day after the store update for us the same happens someday to the eu. Why do you treat us so bad ? I hope more people stand up that you change this in time. Glad I bought a Wii U also just to show you you´re not the only one which makes an entertaining console. I´m enjoying it a lot as there are too few games for PS4 right now and I only got 2 Consoles and a Bluray Player plugged to the TV. Don´t want to switch to PS3 so often. You are really not listening to your consumers and someday the hype for Playstation could be over. So don´t screw our Plus Update. As long as you don´t announce the games I will buy nothing for the sale, even if it´s not in PSPlus for next month I don´t mind I missed the sale and won´t buy the games then. If the games are 2 Months later in the IGC which I bought from a sale I wouldn´t mind that much. So come on tell us tomorrow or before the sale ends whats up. Really dissapointed right now :-(

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