New The Order: 1886 video focuses on weapons and combat

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New The Order: 1886 video focuses on weapons and combat

Go behind the scenes at developer Ready At Dawn as it shares its secrets

We are extremely honoured to be part of TGS 2014. We’ve been humbled by the feedback we’ve received from all the Japanese fans and are excited to be here to reveal the next video in our Behind-The-Scenes series.

With a growing number of weapons manufacturers around the world and Nikola Tesla as their chief scientist, the Knights of the Order have a vast array of armament at their disposal. The inclusion of Tesla into the game allowed us to ground many of the technological advancement we wanted to add to our history in reality. We used weapons based on existing technology in the Victorian era but also created others that stretched the realm of what was possible at the time.


Because our Industrial Revolution is a result of the war between humans and half-breeds, many of the inventions of our timeline are primarily focused on ways to aid in this fight. Guns such as the Carbine, the Coach Gun or the Maschinenpistole are common occurrence in the game and represent the technology of the era. Others based on electricity – such as the Arc Gun – or based on alternate ammunition – such as the Aluminum Iron Oxide of the Thermite Rifle – provide a way for us to use real technologies and materials of the times, while building weapons that did not exist.


Whether real or invented, we always made sure that every weapon we designed followed specific guidelines regarding their assembly, their material use and their craftsmanship. They needed to feel grounded in the real world of the late 1800s. The end goal behind fusing all these weapons into the game was to provide diversity in combat and a fun-factor for the player by showcasing their advantages in different combat scenarios.


Some of these weapons were even purposely designed to feel somewhat dangerous not only to your target but to the user as well. We made sure they retained the feeling that they were still in their prototype stage and being field tested. This also reinforced something that was true of the era as often inventions and innovations would find themselves in use well before they were deemed safe to the public, very much unlike the stringent testing and safety regulations that are required today.

To find out more about the process Ready At Dawn went through to create the weaponry of The Order: 1886, I invite you to watch our latest Behind-The-Scenes video entitled “Tools of the Trade”.

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  • I wasn’t really a fan of the steam-punk style, but this game has an amazing atmosphere. The weapons look awesome and unique, the graphics, characters look awesome (though I miss the original concept), the setting-story seems perfect. But the gameplay… I have serious doubts about it yet. I like linear shooters, but this game seems so linear in so little places that it bothers me a lot. I want to have a giant battle at a statue, I want to see 20-30 rushing towards me, I want to see separate ways to complete a mission, I want to have 3 styles of gameplay: stealth alone, all-in-all action with big number of characters on both sides, alone against fewer numbers. But I know my dreams won’t come true this time, but still really excited for this game, since to me story is one of the most important thing in a game, and this game has potential for a great one.

  • Tbh I’m really worried about this game. It doesn’t help that they keep showing the same section for the past 6 months.

  • My favourite weapon is the crossbow.

  • I truely hope this game plays as well as it looks

  • As good as the graphics are, I am, like I think we all are, concerned about the gameplay. Showing the same section over and over again on every conference shows lack of confidence in your title. Whatever was shown so far was really lacking in gameplay, something that would tell us this game is fun, not only good looking. Being only a single player TPS makes this game even less appealing nowadays, when it’s all about sharing the experience. I don’t bode well for this game, maybe reviewers would be giving this game 6/10 judging from what was shown so far, and even that only because of the graphics.

    • Though showing only a small portion of the game could imply that the rest of the game isn’t as good i don’t think that such a deduction is reasonable.
      I think it is important not to forget about the marketing aspects when exposing a game. Showing too much of the game this long before launch could make the interest/hype fade for when the game is supposed to launch. Doing so could also steal the spotlight from games being released before it.

      I am sceptical about the gameplay as what we’ve seen of the levels seem linear but that worked for uncharted so it doesn’t bother me yet. There have however been talk of the gameplay being “off” and not working as good as expected but again, there are months till its release.

  • I’m glad they’re only showing a small section… saves spoiling story and locations.

    Really looking forward to this. Boy would I like a thermite gun!

  • Reviews are a waste of time. They don’t tell you what YOU think of the game !!! Wait for a demo and try it yourself rather than wait for the opinions of stupid reviewers!!! I prefer to decide for myself what game is good and what game isn’t ! I am rather looking forward to this primairly because it is a single player game. I hate MP being forced down our throats.

    • – Not every game has a demo
      – Games rarely have 1 hour PS+ trials
      – Your RL friends might not always have the same taste as you when it comes to games
      – PS4 demo units in stores are worthless, still the same one pre-launch
      – Can’t even rent games here anymore since like 2005 :/
      – Some stores don’t have flexible return policies, unless it’s second hand iirc

      We could only see for ourselves with Share Play by joining PSN friends once that’s released, which sounds like a very cool feature.

      People read reviews and gather facts to see whether they will like a game or not before they, you know, spend €60 on it. It’s really that simple. Money doesn’t grown on trees, imagine if it went like this:

      Guy A: I don’t know if I’ll like this game.
      Guy A: k *spends €60*
      Guy A: …I don’t like it.

      That being said, there are some incredibly stupid reviews where the reviewer projects his/her own ideals on the game, as if it is some social responsibility. Those can be avoided like the plague, they drag the entire article down and their judgment gets clouded and lose focus on the core game. Also, scores aren’t _that_ important, especially if it’s something stupid like 6.25/10 (Game Informer) or 7.8/10 (IGN).

      Conclusion: reviews/user impressions matter to a certain extent, but don’t decide it based on just one. It’s definitely true that you can find plenty of enjoyment out of a Metacritic 60/100 title, I know I have. It’s also true that you can find highly rated titles absolute trash –Assassin’s Creed 3 has an 85/100. Waiting in the dentist room is less boring than that atrocious game.–

  • The big black bars at the top and bottom of all existing footage is a worry. The last developer interview seemed to suggest the final product would look like that – not good at all.

    • They go for a filmic look and I think this is a good way to do that.

    • The game has a wide aspect ratio, like most major movies. It’s not a case of putting black bars on an existing 16.9 image, the whole composition of the game is dictated by this wider aspect ratio.

  • Also, just noticed the woman used in the banner image isn’t holding her gun correctly – instead of using the foregrip she’s got one hand all over the machine parts, probably going to get it ripped off!

    So much for attention to detail.

  • I can’t wait for this :P :P :P Looks ans sounds AMAZING :P

  • Show me moar. Moar. Looks great

  • I like how this game looks and I hope the story is as epic as I hope it’s going to be. But this game gets hard critics from press (most of the time unfunded but that’s what surrounds the project) and showing more and different locations and gameplay would help a lot. It’s also up against The Witcher 3 and that is never a good thing. Still one of my most looked forward to games for 2015.

  • I prefer the secrecy aspect and see it more as intrigue building than ‘the rest of the game is [MODERATED]’. I seriously doubt they’d be posting videos about their in-depth research into weapons – and the direction they wanted to take them, if they weren’t fully invested in making this an all-round excellent game.

    Not everything has to be ‘open world’ to be great.

  • The Order is a story based title, contrary to what some are saying, keeping it under wraps shows confidence. The demo is now well over 6 months old, and the game is another 6 months out, it would be the easiest thing in the world to have an information blowout to counter some of the doubters.

    Too many games have been spoiled through over exposure, Sony and the developers both know the only opinions that count, are those of the final product.

  • I wait can’t to play this but I will need to buy another ps4 1st lol.

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