New Alien: Isolation video shows Survivor Mode in action

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New Alien: Isolation video shows Survivor Mode in action

New Alien: Isolation video shows Survivor Mode in action

Alien: Isolation’s Survivor Mode was first seen at E3, where attendees got hands-on with the time-based challenge of escaping a level – and the Alien – in the fastest time possible. Others later also experienced this terror, isolated in the dark chamber of a 10ft tall, giant Alien egg replica gaming station at San Diego Comic Con and PAX.

For many, the challenge proved too frightening. Some met the challenge to survive and complete the level. All experienced the thrill of facing the universe’s deadliest killer – one-to-one.

Survivor Mode is you versus the creature, against the clock and in a desperate bid for survival. With few resources on each map, players will have to take full advantage of what they can find to complete objectives and escape.

From 7th October, those brave enough to face the challenge can experience the first map of Survivor Mode – ‘Basement’ – with your copy of Alien: Isolation.


On 28th October, the first of five survivor Mode add-on packs will be available to purchase, featuring three new maps. Each map has its own set objective, challenges, a variety of enemy types to deal with and a new playable character to discover – plenty to sink your gaming teeth in to.

There will be more add-on packs to explore across the following month and if you’re keen to sharpen those survival instincts, then don’t miss out on our Season Pass. Available to pre-order now, the pass will give you access to all five Survivor Mode add-on packs, with up to a 25% discount!

Stay tuned to for all future updates and news about Survivor Mode and the new add-on packs as they release.

In the meantime, join the conversation on our Facebook and Twitter channels and tell us – #HowWillYouSurvive?


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  • I’ve read elsewhere that this will be graphically the same on both ps3 and ps4. Is there any reason to go ps4 on this?

  • Don’t listen to ondores lies!

  • After the rubbish Aliens: Colonial Marines was i aint wasting anymore money on this game!

    • So if you bought an apple and it was off you wouldnt buy another apple again?

      I think a demo is needed to answer these knee jerk reactions.

    • An apple is a “what you see is what you get”, you wouldn’t buy an off apple as you could see it was off…unless your blind. :P

    • Dude Colonial Marines was developed by Gearbox Software, this is developed by Creative Assembly, i’m expecting a substantial improvement.

    • Different developer this time so things are already looking up for Alien: Isolation. Isolation sounds more like it at least.

  • Can we still trust sega ? soon we’ll know !

  • I was intent on buying this but this survivor tack-on stinks of pure greed. Why not give it with the game rather than a one level demo? If we don’t take a stand against this scourge of DLC we will find ourselves in the Freemium mess that’s ruined mobile gaming.

    I am not buying this at all now.

  • As this Dlc has nothing to do with story I’m all for it. If anything games are the cheapest they have ever been and yet cost more than ever to make. I know this will be an unpopular opinion but why not.

    • It’s certainly a valid opinion however games are more popular than they’ve ever been. Both GTAV and Destiny recouped their huge cost within a matter of days. Yes I recall my mum having to pay £60 for SF2 Turbo on the Snes but that was due to the cart costs in that era. With this trend of every game offering season passes, you’re effectively paying closer to £80 for the full game. Yes some games offer features that add to the game and justify it, but some such as this plan it all along as a way or milking more money from us. This just seems like something that should he part of the original game.

      This game has no multiplayer and the thing adding replay value is paid DLC. It will be bargain bin in no time so I’ve just cancelled my preorder.

  • Talking about DLC before the games launches is bad and you should feel bad.

  • I’m kinda playing devils advocate a little as I’m pretty 50/50 on Dlc. Its so hard to dictate what would have been in this game say 10 years ago before Dlc. If I preorder this game I won’t pay more than say 35 for it. Some people may pay more based on the system but I’d say that’s reasonable for a new game. This Dlc is not part of the main game I tend to think Dlc in General is a little overpriced but that’s not really the debate here strictly.
    If this Dlc isn’t planned from the start and they only work on it after the game has shipped then I will have lost interest by the time it comes out and as such everyone loses out. I potentially don’t play a good concept for a game mode and the developer doesn’t get money so doesn’t develop further clever extras in the future.
    Day 1 Dlc seems excessive but the developer absolutely should have a plan in place to continue interest in the game. Don’t forget the team working on the Dlc won’t be the team working on the main game either.

  • Generally i avoid playing Survival Horror games, but this one looks intriguing. I’m also willing to play this because Creative Assembly is developing it, that’s right people, the studio that gave us Total War games!

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