New free multiplayer maps now available for Killzone Shadow Fall

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New free multiplayer maps now available for Killzone Shadow Fall

Full details on the three new stages, up for download now on PlayStation Store

A new batch of free maps for Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer and Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept are available now via PlayStation Store! Fight against the enemy team on the new “The Statue” competitive multiplayer map, or co-operate with your friends on “The ATAC Tower” and “The Canal” co-op maps.

The Statue – competitive multiplayer map

After a cataclysmic explosion laid waste to their precious monument, the Helghast embarked on the massive task of reconstructing the Scolar Visari memorial statue and the adjacent armoury building. While the recreational wing of the facility is largely completed, the armory itself is still covered in scaffolding and building equipment.

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004

Choose your base exit carefully on this map, as there are many different routes providing fast and easy access to all extremes of the combat area. The warren of interconnecting rooms will allow for clever flanking manoeuvres once you know your way around, and you can gain an additional advantage by maintaining control of the large mechanical doors.

The ATAC Tower – cooperative map

Perched inside the Helghast security wall, the ATAC Tower functions as a base for the ATAC drones patrolling New Helghan’s borders. The drones have proven to be an effective deterrent against Vektan invaders and Helghast defectors, so the VSA is sending in Intelligence Squad Alpha to secure the tower. Their orders are to establish an uplink and transmit the ATAC control codes back to HQ – but they’ll have to fight with their backs to the wall to hold off the Helghast forces converging on their position.


The Canal – cooperative map

Fallen into disuse after the New Helghan government abandoned hydroelectric power, the Canal has become an overgrown riverbed filled with discarded junk and debris. A key VSA informant used one of the abandoned treatment facilities along the banks as a hideout before disappearing, so now it’s up to Intelligence Squad Alpha to send the collected intel back to Vekta. But it won’t be easy – Helghast security has discovered the hideout as well, and they’ll do anything to prevent Alpha from establishing an uplink.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Enjoy the new maps, and make sure to try them with the new clan functionality and added Intercept game modes introduced in Patch 1.5! Let us know what you think of the maps on the official Killzone forums, and keep an eye on for more exciting news in the coming weeks!

Please note that you need Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept (add-on expansion or standalone version) to play The ATAC Tower and The Canal.

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5 Author Replies

  • Why there are those map packs available twice on download list after purchase? They got exactly same names, same filesize, but there are two different downloads. So having 4 maps gives me 8 downloads…

    • Same here, weird stuff going on there..

    • I have been confused by it too. It came to mind yesterday that it might be the second file is the installation happening as it is downloading. Not sure but I think it might be?

    • I asked them on twitter and they said one is the UK version and one is the European version. You can delete one of them but you have to make sure and keep the right one (UK if you are UK). Despite this they never told me how to see which is which!

  • This is good news, but are there plans for any single player content? Massive fan of the campaign mode.

  • In wait..
    Horizon New PS4 Game There is confirmation Sony?

  • Nice. Free multiplayer and co op maps should become the new standard in this money hungry industry that charges for both online gaming and extra game content that usually could’ve been a part of the original product, but got cut out to make an extra buck off.. You guys are doing it right. Never understood why this series wasn’t more popular..

  • Why do yourselves and other devs think players want to go hunting for items, like comics other stuff in KZ to God knows on others?. it stops a lot, ok at least me, from Wanting to proceed. must of spent few hours on first (proper) mission and cannot find all stuff, hence i know i won’t complete it fully, so i rarely bother playing, the previous, ‘aquire ten million headshots online’ where also bad, they’ve pretty much gone now, thankfully, yet instead it’s ‘collectables’.. i Want to play the game, not run around a map looking in every place i can think, usually getting chased by some enemy, please in future no more ‘out of the gameplay’ collectables..

  • Still 1 of the best FPS games on PS4 ,pluss the DLC maps free ,what more do people want , i really am baffled why theres not more people on ,GG have done it 99% right .Oh well am happy whith KZSF .

  • if i buy season pass what do i get?

    • Season pass includes, Insurgent Expansion pack (1 new class with a hacking and stealing ability, 3 retro weapons for existing classes, 3 new abilities for the classes, extra difficulty mode and collectible crates for the MP, Skin for you drones, voicepack, celebration moves and playercard avatars), Intercept Expansion (whole new 4 player co-op mode), extra upcoming Expansion. And a couple of skin packs for your drones.

    • so virtually everything? because insurgent is also standalone pack?

  • Why can’t I find them on playstation store. Statue downloaded automatically with the others. But as the others had the same name as before I stopped the I realise they were the new ones how can i find them again

    • If you downloaded them, they should be in your library.

    • Perhaps the uk dosnt get the new coop maps till tomorrow (Wednesday) either way trying to find dlc for kzsf isn’t easy. It downloaded the statue map automatically and bizarrely terminal/stormgratch for the second time but no new coop maps. There not in my library. I do own the season pass

    • Could be that you have to restore your licenses to activate them. Co-op maps should be live in the Co-Op map pack.

    • The mystery is cleared up. Only the mp “statue map” was live on Tuesday (eu)
      The intercept maps(tower/canal) went live this afternoon (Wednesday (eu) )
      You can find them by starting to play intercept. You the get a sub menu appear redirecting you to the playstation store. Hey presto the new maps then download

  • Not shadow fail again enough already lol.

  • Can anyone tell me where can I dowbload this free DLC?! I can’t find it on UK PS Store!!! Does it download automatically or what?!

    • I found them on SEN UK but they aren’t very easy to find :( I didn’t find them in the add-ons section, just by typing in killzone shadow fall in the search bar :)

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