Check out the new trailer for rebooted PS4 shooter Shadow Warrior

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Check out the new trailer for rebooted PS4 shooter Shadow Warrior

Flying Wild Hog’s take on the 1997 classic lands in stores this autumn

Shadow Warrior is a FPS shooter/slasher that’s going to hit PlayStation 4 this autumn, via PlayStation Store and as a full retail release.

The original Shadow Warrior game was released on 13th May 1997 as a semi-successor to the legendary Duke Nukem 3D game, with over-the-top gore and humor. While developing the new Shadow Warrior – the hardest thing was to keep the old-school feel but also avoid the gameplay from feeling archaic. We wanted the game to be witty, fast-paced and even gorier than the original, while tickling this feel for ‘nostalgia’ with fans of the original game.

In the early stages of development we asked ourselves important questions:

  • What was fun about the game?
  • What was unique about the game?
  • What made people remember the game?

These were the three main points that we focused on while developing our Shadow Warrior. The fun part was the tongue-in-cheek humor, the complexity of the level design, loads of Easter eggs and secrets. The unique thing was the katana; if you ran out of bullets or just loved to fight with the sword you could chop the enemies to pieces using your ancient blade. Next thing is that all the people remembered the game because of Lo-Wang and his one-liners. These were the most important things that we decided to include in our re-imagined version.


We also made some changes to make our game a little deeper – we have added special powers, skills and weapon customisation. The story is also more complex – you will have to traverse four different settings divided in a total of 17 chapters. You will travel from the gardens of Kyoto, through a industrial port during a storm, up to a high-tech facility belonging to the evil Zilla corporation. Oh, you will also venture to the Shadow Realm where you will fight huge bosses involved in ancient gods’ drama.

The highlight of the game is the sword-fighting. Especially for PlayStation 4 where we have added touchpad support for some very intuitive controls. Not only will you be able to chop up the enemies to pieces more easily but you can also use the touchpad to perform all the combos and special moves. You’ll just need to swipe your finger in one of the four directions and press the trigger to launch a devastating attack or a crippling spell.


The game runs on our RoadHog engine in 1080p in 60 fps. Some of you might have already the chance to see the game in action on one of the many gaming exhibitions it was showed at and we can’t wait for you to play the full game this fall. We love playing our reimagined Shadow Warrior on PlayStation 4 and we are really excited to release it the PlayStation community soon!

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  • There could never be too much Lo Wang! Looking forward to this one.

  • Ok… you are writing about this game as if this was new game…

    You just forgot to mention that it is not new game, this was released on PC nearly year ago! And the price of it atm. is 25 EUR on steam… I do hope that you are not planning to rob PS4 owners asking for more money.

    “We also made some changes to make our game a little deeper – we have added special powers, skills and weapon customisation.”

    Changes between original and remake?
    Or changes between PC and PS4 version.

    You should be more clear about it. And say clearly what makes PS4 version special? How is it better than PS4 version, and what makes it more reasonable to buy it on PS4 instead of PC. And what justifies buying game that was released on PC year ago.

    Still… I was fan of the original

    • EDIT:
      … those screenshots are from PC version… aren’t they? I see them on steam page of Shadow Warrior… huh…

    • Yep, that’s weird. Also – story is more complex… So we’ll get new levels and story parts in PS4 version? oO

    • Yeah, PC screenshots and video on the PS Blog again. At least it’s not as bad as say, Skyrim, in which Bethesda was allowed to post video of a custom module from the PC build and pass it off as PS3 gameplay footage (go back and watch the Skyrim trailer posted here, the environment it was recorded in doesn’t actually exist anywhere within the entire game world)

      I also share your concern regarding price. We all know that really this should be a budget title, a £19.99 download like Worms but I bet it’ll end up being a full price release.

      Also, does anyone else think the new Lo Wang bears an uncanny resemblance, in both appearance and attitude to Saints Row legend Johnny Gat? This is odd because Gat was based a little on Wang to begin with and it seems to have gone the other way around now…

  • What impresses me most about your game is the fact that it is your own game engine meaning that when you designed it, you made it cater to the needs of your vision. Not like a lot of lazy devs that end up going with the likes of Unreal engine 3 and then churn out a mediocre FPS that feels and looks like 200 games out there already (with exclusive features like objects and bodies disappearing after 10 seconds).
    Bravo :D

  • Sounds cool ;)
    I wish someone would do ‘TimeSplitters 1 & 2 & 3(FP)’ :( for the PS4 :P I heard they are doing ‘TS:Rewind’ but it’s taking AGES(a small team are doing it & good luck to them of course) :D to do(+ it really NEEDS 4 player off-line Split-screen(TS:Rewind) mode to or i don’t want it) :D

    • I had TimeSplitters 2 on the GC, 4 player in the Chinese restaurant map was so awesome. Too bad the map creator tool had room for like 6 crates, so many limitations…

      If they even made a multiplayer-only TimeSplitters with map creating and sharing… *breathing heavily*

  • Looks ok, do we really need a new FPS

  • For a second, when I saw the title I thought it was for Shadow of the Beast but its not so I’m disappointed.

    Is there any news on Shadow of the Beast? Is it still in development? Will it have the Amiga’s awesome game over music?

  • Dont get too happy, all the blood will be missing from the EU version.

    • What? That’s weak if true, I hate censorship.

    • @zal

      I believe he was being facetious. It’s pretty clear from the text and video that all the dismemberment, decapitations and disembowelment will feature in all versions of the game (expect the digital version to say “not available in Germany” though)

  • Best FPS since the 90s.


    Honestly, this is a day one purchase. I have heard nothing but great things about this game. Also, we need FPS games to get back to what made them great in the first place. Modern FPS games have really destroyed the creativity of the genre…..”realism”, “gritty-ness” and complete linear, hand-holding experiences have destroyed the once great genre.

    We need big, maze-like maps full of secrets and easter eggs back
    Huge weapon arsenal with no 2-weapon limit
    massive movement speed
    non-regen health
    Rocket Jumps!
    15+ enemies on screen at once
    Enemies to be placed strategically around each level map with no script intros.
    Quake Arena style multiplayer – no perks, etc bull-ish!
    Huge colour palette.

    Games that have attempted to bring this back recently are the new Rise Of The Triad, Wrack and Shadow Warrior…..FINALLY Shadow Warrior makes it to the PS4, but please, can we get the other two on PS4 too? We need to get the spark back into a dull (but potentially brilliant) genre.

  • As others have said, bit worried about price.

    £15-£20 Would be acceptable. Above that feels like a bit off a rip off, for a game that’s just being ported from a year old PC game that is currently pretty cheap. The use of the PS4 touch pad is good, but no new content or features have been added. Just pretending the PC version doesn’t exist doesn’t suddenly make this a new game.

    Hopefully, closer to release, we’ll get some info on bonus content and budget price release… although I imagine that will still be minimum £25 for retail, like Putty Squad and others came out at.

  • The trailer actually looks pretty good :) I played the hell out of the original game in the late 90’s

    • Trailer was same as PC release trailer in 2013. I would rate this game 7/10 it’s fun but repeats itself too much and the letdown is level design: they are too bland.

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