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This week at PlayStation

Destiny! Grand Theft Auto V PS4! DRIVECLUB! Batman Arkham Knight!

Hi there folks. Blockbuster season well and truly got underway this week with the eagerly anticipated arrival of Destiny on PS3 and PS4. I trust many of you have been up to your eyeballs in Bungie’s lavish sci-fi FPS this weekend – let us know how you’ve been getting on!

Meanwhile, Destiny hasn’t been the only big name on PlayStation Blog this week. We saw Grand Theft Auto V pin down a PS4 release date, lifted the lid on a forthcoming FIFA 15 PS Vita bundle, detailed the DRIVECLUB season pass and debuted a hilarious behind the scenes clip showing the lengths The Evil Within’s designers have gone to to get its gruesome sound effects right.

See below for the week’s highlights!

Top 5 most read PlayStation Blog posts this week:

  1. Big savings on retro classics start today on PlayStation Store
  2. New on PlayStation Store: Destiny, Hyperdimension, FIFA15 demo, more
  3. DRIVECLUB season pass and free DLC plan detailed
  4. Naughty Dog celebrates its 30th anniversary with new video and art show
  5. PS Vita EA SPORTS FIFA 15 bundle arrives in stores this month

And one you might have missed: 12 expert Velocity 2X tips to help you climb the leaderboards

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Store UpdateDestiny: What else? I’ve only just started dipping my toes in Bungie’s mammoth shooter this weekend, so if you happen to see me flailing around in New Russia, go easy on me!

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11 Author Replies

  • @Fred
    1. Microsoft is planning to buy Mojang. It doesn’t bode well, does it mean Minecraft will be taken down from PSN? Will it still support multiplayer?
    2. Xbox One is getting support for media playback from USBs, including MKV support! DO WANT IT TOO!
    3. Can The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth be PS Vita’s PS Plus offering, and not PS4′s? Pretty please? Don’t waste a spot for it on PS4 >.<

    • Hmm… probably it won’t buy Mojang after all… I mean it is rumor and + we heard opinion of Persson who doesn’t want to work for Microsoft.

      And even if it will be bought by M$ none of games will be pulled of other platforms.

    • @Archacus
      Ahem, that’s why it is so realistic that he’ll actually sell Mojang. notch wants to get rid of all the drama and negativity, that any news, decision or change about Minecraft causes.
      He prefers experimental game development anyway, not caring for years about one product. The whole idea is to leave his baby in someone other’s hands, so that he’ll be free for something else. Him working for Microsoft is not, and never was, in the books. He might guide them for some few months and then he’d be off. The money is just the bonus.

    • @Golwar
      Yup it seems you are right.

      I have just read article on forbes about whole situation, and it seems that you just hit the nail.

      But I don’t think that it will have any influence on us. They won’t stop supporting other platforms.

      Microsoft just want to hold rights to Minecraft as they think that it might be another LEGO. Frankly speaking, I’ve never played it… not really my thing… but let me ask you guys… do you think that there is any sense in making Minecraft 2? I mean… that game doesn’t need any graphic level up, right? I don’t think that people want to see those creepers with graphics like in Infamous or Halo. And from what I heard… you can alreaday do anything you want in Minecraft 1.

      So yeah… there will be Minecraft movie… maybe few toys which will try to mimick LEGO… but sooner or later the bubble will burst. I mean man… it doesn’t seem to be rational move from Microsoft side… but who knows maybe I’m mistaken.

    • @Mario__4__Life
      Congratulations, you posted pure none-sense. First you claim that he is “just a blog” guy and then you whine that he doesn’t care, because there is not free GTA5 upgrade?
      That’s awesome when you categorize your own complaint as nuts in advance. Nice job!

    • Hey folks. Your resident ‘weird blog guy’ here. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

      1. Lots of rumour and speculation here, and certainly nothing I can comment on
      2. Nothing I can confirm today. Look out for more news on 2.0 soon.
      3. All I can say here is keep an open mind when it comes to PS Plus titles that you might never heard of or played before. Some of the recent titles people have been sceptical of upon announcement are among my games of the year (Velocity 2X etc).

      @Mario_4_Life There’s some silliness here, no? if you want me to respond to your queries, name-calling is a very poor way to encourage me to do so. Your tone feels familiar. Have we seen you around here before under a different user name perhaps??

      Folks, I’m really happy to chat and answer questions where I can, but let’s keep it friendly, especially over the weekend. Thanks!

    • @Fred
      Hey Fred… about that “familiar” thingy, there are way too many fake accounts. Most of EU gamers have dual accounts to buy things from US shop, and some even triple to access HK PSN.

      Wouldn’t it be possible to show IP of the person who writes? Also restrict upvoting by one vote per IP adress?

      And maybe it would be nice idea to upgarde a lil bit forum… it would be nice if it looked a bit more like disqus. You know options to see who upvoted what, to sort posts by number of upvotes, to sort by time of posting, maybe even notifications that someone replied.

      Also just like I said, restrict upvoting to one IP adress. It would help a lot!

      Btw. ow yes I do enjoy it, thank you… chilling out while listening Scheherazade

    • I love you Fred anyway :D & all at PlayStation ;)

    • @Arch: I’ll be as polite as possible to you for suggesting something so moronic and say that IP addresses shouldn’t be revealed to the public, only to the people maintaining the site.

      Their locations aren’t any of our business, the moderators/admins can take care of that.

      Not only that, Sony would be on the receiving end of a bloody crashing tidal wave if they ever implemented IP visibility, not even Microsoft would do something that stupid.

    • @zalwelgoedgaan
      No offense taken. :)

      Well it’s nothing unusual, visible or partially visible IP adresses are pretty much standard for big number of websites. Though I admit that number of those sites is decreasing, back when I was younger even main news sites were showing full IP under comments.

      And it’s not like there is something like internet anonimity. That’s urban legend. We leave our data everywhere… not to even mention sites like Facebook or Twitter. So yeah speaking about anonimity on the internet is pretty much like eating in MC Donald and ordering Coca Cola Light.

      But if you say that it’s bad idea, than probably more people would complain. So all in all that would be indeed bad idea.

      But what else can be done? Hmm… I have no idea. Well at least upvoting should be available to only logged people.

    • @Archipelago:

      I can’t think of any major websites that make IP addresses visible for _everyone_ to view, which ones are they?

      I don’t know how it appears for you, but here you can only rate/upvote if you’re logged in.

      Before we even talk about user ratings/upvotes, we really, really should get an edit function first. Upvotes are the least of this blog’s problem… :/

    • Mario_4_Life just got owned by Fred Dutton XD

    • @zalwelgoedgaan

      Hmm… I can’t think of any of sites you might know.

      Hmm… in the past (news site) was showing full IP adress… hmm (polish page) is providing half of IP adresses for those who are not logged. Hmm… I’m quite sure some of the international msg boards are also showing IP… but as I don’t usualy pay attention to IPs I can’t say which one.

      Well for IRC it is/was also standard, though I didn’t use it for ages.

      So yeah… I’m kinda used to it. But like I said, if you opposed to it (and I think you are one of the rational people), than all irrational people would do exactly the same. And that proves your point that it would be bad idea after all.

      Well… I wouldn’t mind if I had to use my real name and surname on the internet BUT only if that was global rule and all people would have to do the same. So yeah, it might be matter of values.

      I was laughing when I saw Fred’s reply :) -Your resident ‘weird blog guy’- +1 for that for him

    • @zel
      oh forgot about one thing.

      Yes I believe that on PS blog you can vote once from your account and one from guest IP. Though it is bit hassle, because you have to log out… ow well we might try it out right now.

      atm. you have 0 upvotes right?
      1 from “Archacus” account
      1 from guesst IP

      How many upvotes do you see now? I see 2.

      Oh and yeah I agree EDIT should be priority.

      P.S. I just noticed… Archipelago :P If I’m not mistaken every time you use different name :P well… I’m curious how long you will be able to keep it up :D

    • @truemerton Drive Club is NOT a demo. When are people going to realise that?

    • @Archacus I’m afraid we’re not able to show IP addresses for all maner of logistical and legal reasons. I keep a close eye on duplicate accounts. If a spammer or banned user is making new accounts we generally catch them pretty quickly. Let me know if you have specific suspects – we can run checks very quickly.

      I like disqus a lot actually. Re. its features, there are some things we can (and likely will) implement here, some things that aren’t possible with our tech, and some things that we wouldn’t want to use for logistical/legal factors. Our development team works really hard across a number of PlayStation sites, projects and challenges, and generally have a lot on their plate so it can take some time to schedule in updates and improvements. We do have some new things in the works but I’m afraid I can’t put a timetable on them at present. I think our commenting functionality has come on a lot in the last 9 months or so – and we’ll do our best to keep moving forward. Stay tuned.

    • @Fred Dutton
      Ahh… ok, thank you for reply.

      I was rather thinking not about spammers or banned users but people who use for various reasons their 2nd/3rd accounts.

      Ok ok I will stay tuned

  • The content and pricing policy for DriveClub is frankly, shocking. We’ll leave the reduction in content of the PS+ version and the lies surrounding it because that can’t be changed now but if the PS+ version is supposed to be “the full game” as Rushy keeps claiming, why does the PS+ version not get the free track and car updates? Those free updates should be delivered as title updates rather than DLC so that at least some of the original promises made about DriveClub remain true, as it is I can draw more comparisons to a demo than I can a full game and that’s just wrong.

    Incidentally, with it being basically a generous demo, will it be taking g a slot in the PS+ rotation or will it be in addition to the usual rotation? I don’t think the community will be happy with the precedent of a demo filling a PS+ spot.

    Also, why will the PS+ upgrade cost over double here than it will in the US? $30 vs £43. This is a first party title so SCEE have set that price, why are we yet again subsidising a better deal for American gamers? Drop that price in line with the exchange rate.

    • +that season pass

      I think that season pass is like a cancer of gaming industry.

      (you might not agree, that’s my opinion)

    • Driveclub will be in addition to you regular PS Plus allocation. There’s loads of content included. Do try it out – I think you’ll have a great time with it, and at no additional cost to your wallet.

    • Thanks for thr answer Fred, happy to see that someone at Sony clearly sees that putting a demo in the PS+ rotation would be a bad idea. So onto the rest of tour comment.

      I’m not sure 5 tracks and 10 cars really qualifies as “loads of content” especially when you consider that PS+ version players will be outclassed very quickly in the online because of the better cars that were cut from the PS+ Ed and the fact that PS+ Ed doesn’t get the extra cars from the free updates.

      I notice you didn’t comment on the fact that PS+ Ed doesn’t get the free updates or that our upgrade costs more than double the price the US one is being pitched at, interesting.

    • Fred Dutton 13 September, 2014 @ 2:04 pm 2.2

      ”Driveclub will be in addition to you regular PS Plus allocation. There’s loads of content included. Do try it out – I think you’ll have a great time with it, and at no additional cost to your wallet.”

      Thank you Fred for clarifying this to us. This is a step up.

    • Thank Fred. At last some clarity. This could have been said a lot sooner though

  • @Fred
    Sorry, I don’t know who is the right person to write to.

    But I have one question… can you inform some key people in SCE industry not to give interviews? As soon as they are trying to say something about Vita they bring more harm than good.

    Yesterday we saw another bad interview, this time with Fergal Gara on eurogamer.

    “But what we are excited by is the number of games we can take to the platform that have been created for other platforms.”

    Most of us are not excited about any of this, since when quantity is better than quality? Every month people complain about multiplatform indies which were released on PC sometimes even more than year ago. Do you really think that any PC gamer will think seriously about buying device for playing old games? You know why OUYA failed? You know why nobody speaks about Steamboy or NvidiaShiled? Because that’s wrong way.

    “[…]the multitude of digital titles that are proving attractive on the console, and the fact it is a substantially digital device[…]”

    No it is not digital device, take a look at Japanese market. Only 1 out of 10 copies of Freedom Wars were sold via digital route. That proves that people DO prefer playing retail games, and after this whole needles farce with Freedom Wars SCEE employee shouldn’t even mention things like this. I don’t mind buying digital games on PC… but not on my handheld or console. That’s not place for digital games, and the fact that you are abandoning support of PSP proves that.

    “We’ve done great numbers through the summer. You may have seen our TV campaign focused on younger gamers around the Lego titles. There’s a nod to Minecraft in there and LittleBigPlanet. It’s proved successful.”

    And yet all I saw was people complaining that it was kid oriented commercial. Listen… Vita is not device only for kids, I’m past long my teens but I still do love Vita. And I haven’t see any advertisment in Poland… I saw plenty of commercial for XBOX (those were great comercials)… and not a single one for PS.

    And where did he mention about Freedom Wars? Guys! You need to advertise this game as much as you can! And you need to do the same for Oreshika!
    (end of part 1)

    • Part 2. (first has gone to moderation)
      Please Fred talk with management and ask them not to give interviews. Like I said most of times they are doing disservice to Vita. It is great device! Really! As it is your third handheld (after PocketStation and PSP) it really looks like a great device! People who made it did a great job, they learned from past devices.

      But we saw plenty of bad moves from managment. Those people didn’t do their lesson after failure of PSPGO.

      So yeah, it’s not rant directed to you, ok? Just please talk with someone, and ask them to either not give interviews or… think twice about what they are going to say.

      And yeah… people every time complain

      Just read comments

  • Oh and one more thing.

    Square Enix is once again trying to justify foolish decision of making Type-0 for PS4 instead of Vita. Don’t count on Shahid’s team help, we need to work together to make them realize that at least they should release Vita version at day 1 with other versions.

    So visit

    And leave polite comment.

    • I wish we were getting Type 0 on Vita too, I signed all of the petitions and was very vocal with tweets etc. trying to get it brought over here. But at this point it’s pretty obvious it will never be coming to Vita due to the upgrades it is getting and I have accepted that now and moved on. I can remote play it with my PS4 anyway so I am just happy we are getting the game at all.
      I think it’s a lost cause now to try and get it on Vita and I instead hope SE are making some Vita exclusive FF or the next Dissidia!

    • @ThugETH
      I’m not the person who gives up in the middle.

      I don’t consider making PS4 version a good idea, and I won’t use remote play just to play it on my Vita. Because I own Vita to be able to play outside of my house as I travel a lot. I simply won’t buy any SE games. I vote with my wallet. And none of changes made it impossible to make Vita version… sure it is based on DirectX 11… but it won’t be as beautiful as any PS4 games, in fact from PAX we heard voices that it looks like MGS: Peace Walker HD with few tweaks.

      And don’t count on any Vita games from SE, unless we show now that Vita is important they won’t do single thing for it.
      -Chaos Rings Prequel Trilogy – port from mobile phones… what is worse it’s obviously ported by not even Media Vision but 3rd party Bullets
      -Rise of Mana- another mobile phone port
      -Deadman’s Cross – another mobile phone port

      You see that’s the future of SE games for Vita, unless we will try to do something right now.

      So don’t give up.
      (but still you have every right to have your opinion and I value your opinion)

    • #NoVitaNoBuy , easy.

  • Biggest AAA let down in recent memory, according to ‘press’ anyway. Personally I love Destiny!
    Also Driveclub being gutted of as much content as possible is disgusting and I won’t be buying the game at all now, probably won’t even download the plus version. Didn’t they learn anything from Forza 5 i.e no one likes being nickel and dimed, why can’t we just buy a full game any more?

    • What content has been cut from Driveclub? Ate you talking about the season pass? It is additional content that is currently in early development or they haven’t even started yet. They did not gather around a table and decided on what content to cut. Besides you are getting a free car a month along with tracks.

      I would love to see your evidence of any content been cut for dlc.

  • This week at playstation we had another low punch from DriveClub. This is not a game anymore; its a sliced to pieces little trap aiming to grab money. And as if this was not enough, evolution studios is to be crowned as having the most appalling PR this year.

    Now, the previous week at playstation, a major week since we had the ps+ revealing, playstation blog team played radio silence. It’s a game you excel I should add, with platinum trophy and all that. Is it possible to comment on the fact that that particular thread had 40 likes and the most liked first post reading ”Omg !!! I leaving this service today!!!!” had 409 likes? After a continues fload of negative customers posts regarding the worsening state of ps+ since December, and after all that small talk from your side about ”taking the info to the relevant team”, this is what you have to present to us? A group of games that your customers (it seems 9 out of 10 customers) tagged as uninteresting at best? –bad might be more suitable. And, by the way, why did you take away the survey? Are the results that miserable towards what you are offering?

    • They probably arent allowed to reply on any negative comments anymore, cause in the past they only made it worse or had to lie. Its probably the most non-capable team ive ever seen and i really dont understand why they havent been fired a long time ago. Fred promised improvements a year ago and we all know it only became worse instead of improving anything. Store updates are still a mess every week.

      BTW Fred, hows that pricing FAQ? When are you gonna deliver, instead of talking a lot of nonsense.

    • @Alphaembryo Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you didn’t find any titles you enjoyed in the most recent Plus update. While I appreciate not all games appeal to all people, I’d encourage you to try some of them out if you haven’t downloaded them yet. Joe Danger, Velocity 2X, Sportsfriends and TxK are some of my absolute favourite games of the year and all have a Metacritic of around 85. (For clarity, I’ll stress I personally don’t select the Plus line-up).

      I appreciate some of you want to see big blockbuster titles (Battlefield 4, Killzone etc) filling the PS4 slots, and the Plus team have certainly heard your feedback on this. I can’t comment on where the service will go in the coming months but do bear in mind that these blockbuster titles required an enormous investment on the part of the publishers/developers to create and that’s reflected in the fact that by-and-large they’re still retailing for 40-50 pounds. At present you’re paying 3-4 pounds a month for your Plus membership, and getting 6 titles in return (plus online play and additional sale discounts) – so there’s clearly a value differential there.

      The team put a huge amount of work into selecting a really diverse, interesting Plus line-up every month, and will continue to do everything they can to offer great games that as many gamers as possible can enjoy. Hopefully you’ll find titles more to your taste in the coming months – and if that’s not the case, do continue to let us know about it.

    • @Fred Dutton
      Among the ps team, you are the most genial person; you seem to try to communicate, when others fail miserably. Having said that, you must always take my criticizing ”you” as aiming towards a service, a corporation, and not you as a person, as an employee.

      Moving from that statement, towards your respond, I have to elaborate on some points I tried to designate earlier. 1) I never said I didnt find any titles I enjoyed in the most recent plus update. I actually happen to enjoy velocity very much, and congratulated the developers at the appropriate thread. The issue is not ”ME”; the issue is indicated by the numbers of people communicating their feelings towards the service, with the limited means that they have [ 2) you never answered why you removed the survey]. It’s about a growing and vocal community that is expressing dissatisfaction.

      3) The metacritic quality is not a standard; it just happened to go your way this month. Within 10mins I can provide you with titles given in the past six month below the mark point. What does that mean? It means that the service has not concrete grounds regarding quality about the games it provides. You are actually manipulating metacritic into a marketing argument (because a couple of months ago you couldnt have used that comment, since not all games were above the precious mark point) instead of founding the service on that rule.

      4) I understand your point about blockbusters. Regarding the ps4, that is, and for the time being. But my main concern is about PS3 (and secondly vita). The ps3 catalogue of old AAA games is immense. Judging by the comments, we want more of that. Also take more seriously the surveys: if it says we want more RPGs, it means we want more RPG and you are to work on that; not on how to persuade us on liking something else.

      5) Im also interested about what WizzNL reminded us: about the pricing FAQ. Better surprise us with something we want, rather than discussing and never delivering.

    • Speaking of plus discount we never got the rising star discount. And so they never got my money. These are the things that really disappoint me about the service Fred.
      I wish nothing had been said about the pricing faq. As we all know it doesn’t change anything. I don’t know why people are fixating on it.

    • @ Fred

      We understand the PS4 situation to a certain extent, but still, not all games are 40-50 pounds. e.g. the telltale games and AC freedom cry.

      What we really dont understand is the PS3 PS+ situation. Theres tons of highly rated AAA games on PS3 which do not cost 40-50 pounds, or even half of that, yet this years lineup overall is worse than last year, when Sony was making less money from PS+ subscriptions.

      For Vita, you might have to look for older games since AAA’s have been decreasing over time, but please atleast give us 1 blockbuster/mainstream game a month on PS3 and Vita.

      As great as the indies, side scrollers and other random games may be, I’m sorry to say but thats not what got us sold on PS+. It was the big 3D AAA’s.

      I know you said you dont decide the PS+ games (I bet its someone from SCEA), but they wont know because the Americans dont complain as much as us since everything is cheaper for them. Try getting the person responsible for picking the games to read through the comments on the EU blog. I guess the poll was a quick way of showing them how people feel, but even thats gone when it was most required.

    • @Fred Dutton

      I think the FAQ about princing is a must, a lot of people create a second account in order to buy games from US store at a cheaper price, i dont understand for example why sometimes the diference in prices is higher than 20€.

    • @Fred: “At present you’re paying 3-4 pounds a month for your Plus membership”

      If I’m reading to much into this forgive me, but you have just implied that there are plans to increase the price for PS+

      Care to comment further on that?

    • @TrueMurton No, I wasn’t implying anything!

    • I think the majority of people understand the reasons why “blockbuster ” /(AAA) games are not on PS4 PS+ but an equally valid point would be that, whilst we’re getting Indie games on PS4 (and I’ll agree, some of these games are absolutely beautifully crafted), we don’t necessarily want them on PS3 and PS Vita.

      Neither are a dying console, to be sure – and Vita is the “home of Indie gaming”, but with the MASSIVE price differentials paid for games, and discounts, and even the PS+ service, between EU and US – I think we have a right to be aggrieved when the games we get on PS3/PSVita are (absolutely no disrespect intended towards developers) – throwbacks to 1980s gaming where plot, substance, and design take a back seat to ingenuity and gameplay.

    • @Fred

      The danger of the written word, hard to judge tone sometimes so you have to go literal. Those words “at present” had me worried, glad to hear that you t was misplaced.

    • The team put a huge amount of work into selecting a really diverse, interesting Plus line-up every month, and will continue to do everything they can to offer great games that as many gamers as possible can enjoy.

      Seeing the results of polls and the games put in IGC, and the increasing numbers of complaints about the indie spam in the IGC since the release of the PS4, you seem to do the exact opposite of what many gamers want.

  • Bungie. Creators of Halo, a legendary series. Activision invested 500 million in Destiny, their latest game. They also hopped in bed with Sony for some timed exclusive DLC and propag–sorry–marketing deals.

    Metacritic ratings for their games:

    Halo 1: 97
    Halo 2: 95
    Halo 3: 94
    Halo ODST: 83
    Halo Reach: 91
    Destiny: 75

    Get it together Bungie! You can do it!

    • Dude who cares about Metacritic? haha. Halo is a great franchise but I can safely say I’m enjoying Destiny a heck of a lot more than I did the 360 outings of Halo.

      Have you actually played Destiny? Just wondering

    • No, but my friends keep yapping about it. Originally I was planning to mess around with people and their hypocricy towards Metacritic scores, but this article had a positive vibe so I didn’t want to jinx anything.

      I forgot what I exactly wanted to write, anyway. XP

    • Oh, btw.

      “Other details about Bungie’s contract were also revealed, including the studio’s royalty payments and bonuses. For example, Bungie will receive a $2.5 million bonus if the first Destiny receives an aggregate score of 90 or better on”


      Some people DO care, people closer to the project that you might think. :p

    • @ X_Blood

      “Who cares about Metacritic” – interesting question; but the PS Blog team seem to quote “metacritic” in defence of indie games we get on PS+.

      (to elaborate – Metacritic ratings mean absolutely nothing)

    • To me this shows that the Halo games were over rated and Destiny has a realistic score. Maybe if more games were judged when they are released and not at some ‘review event’ we’d have overall a better idea of how good they actually are. Been playing Destiny over the weekend, plays well and enjoying it so far but doesn’t reinvent the wheel or anything.

  • Hey Fred.

    With the imminent closure of the store for PSP right around the corner, is there going to be a plan to bring more Vita compatible PSP software to the forefront? It seems a real waste with games that are only playable on PSP in 2014, especially when PSP is losing access to the PS store.

    Thanks as always for the hard work.

    • Apparently, licensing is a nightmare and most pubs don’t want to deal with all that hoopla for their old games.

      Hm, a lot of old games… They would be perfect for €1 sales… >_>

    • Each publisher would make this decision for their own PSP titles. Alas, I can’t confirm/deny anything on their behalf!

    • I appreciate that Fred, but when you have problems like Konami claiming the Silent Hill PSP games would be playable on PS Vita and then making them PSP only, it’s a bit of a problem. Vita’s backwards compatibility really needs to improve, particularly here in Europe where we don’t have access to some of the best PSP/PS1 titles on Vita (Legend of Dragoon, Dino Crisis 1&2, Silent Hill Origins, Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles, Suikoden 1&2 etc).

      There are even some strange first party omissions on the store, like Syphon Filter 1 and 3 are there but 2 isn’t for some reason – these are Sony owned IP. I don’t understand why Sony’s own games aren’t available on the systems. PS1 classics is missing the likes of Parappa the Rapper (yet Um Jammer Lammy is there?), MediEvil 2, Syphon Filter 2, Ape Escape, Legend of Dragoon… these are all first party titles, many of which can’t be too hard to attain licenses for since they were in PS All-Stars!

  • Meh, poor week overall for me. The PSP/Classic sale was a disappointment, as all the best PSP games weren’t included, and still have the ridiculous prices of £16-£25 that are more than a lot of Vita new releases.

    Still no reason for a gamer like me to buy a PS4 – not one single title that’s on there that can’t also be bought on PS3 or Vita that interests me.

    Maybe now Sony has realised that the pew pew, guns, cars & explosions, twitch gaming strategy they’ve been using to shift units in the West isn’t going to work in Japan, we’ll see more titles announced at TGS that cater to one of Sony’s key traditional gaming demographics. Hopefully we’ll even see a lot of them localised.

    There’s still zero JRPGs, zero strategy games, zero SRPGs, and only one upcoming western-styled AD&D mechanic inspired RPG in the form of Dragon Age (which is also on PS3). Natural Doctrine is also available on Vita so doesn’t count. Perhaps the type of people who enjoyed the likes of Dragon Quest, Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud, Suikoden and Shin Megami Tensei on PS2 are a minority in comparison to the fps fans in the West, but we’re a large minority with significant purchasing power who aren’t going to pick up this new console while there isn’t a single game on it that interests us.

    With regard to Vita, much as I love it, and much as it’s my gateway into a whole lot of Japanese RPGs that aren’t making it onto main consoles, I wish Sony executives would stop giving interviews about it if they haven’t got something inspiring to say. The last few have been like watching an unprepared politician go up against Jeremy Paxman – just embarrassing watching them digging a hole.

    Questions of the week Fred, if you can answer:
    – How much coverage of TGS can we expect – just a livestream of the Sony conference, or more in depth with indications of what we can expect to see localised.
    – Can we expect any more classic games to be added to the PSP sale? Most of the top games, such as Tactics Ogre, Growlanser, Fate/EXTRA, Gungnir, Wild Arms XF, Dragoneer’s Aria, Aedis Eclipse and the like are still retailing at crazy prices for 5+ year old PSP games.
    – What’s happening with the PS+ poll? I’m sure we’d all like the opportunity again to get some input into the types of games we’d like you to push for in our monthly collection.
    – Small bug in the blog. Occasionally posts I make get duplicate letters added by the blog (I copy from word, and have checked it’s not me)

    • Well I bought few things so it’s not that bad week for me. (<- person who is against digital games, but only for current gen games)

      I had not idea that God Eater was on PSN, I was browsing all games and didn't even notice it. Well… PSN/SEN is not the most friendly place so it might not have been my fault.

      Well Japanese customer is kinda more rational, methinks… but as it is now there is no bigger sense in buying PS4 yet. Even most games presented on pre-TGS conference where multiplatforms… game which can be played either on Vita or PS3.

      What can change it? Well… SE thinks that maybe Type-0 will change it (doubt it)… will FF XV change it? Dunno, it might… but as it is now FF XV it looks too much like a typical west hack and slasher, like DMC… and that might be not into liking of typical JP customer.

      PS2 was one giant Mecca of gaming. I doubt that PS4 will be even close to repeat the giant success of PS2. ah…. Dark Cloud 3 (or would it be Dark Chronicle 3?) would be great! I loved that title.

      True about Vita… I made similar remark but it was sent to moderation :P

      And about sales, I think it is safe to assume that those titles may appear. Sir Jawad is doing more and more to please people… sure he can't do too much, but he is one of the few employees I really trust. So yeah, if we will remind him from time to times that we want more PSP games he might make it possible.

    • Dark Cloud 3 surely you jest Level 5 has moved on (Rogue Galaxy, White Knight Chronicles, White Knight Chronicles 2, Ni No Kuni, Time Travelers (vita), Inazuma…not to mention Fantasy Life for 3DS is out the end of this month). If I didn’t already have a 3DS, Fantasy Life would have made me buy one in the way that Hyrule Warriors made me buy a wii-u.

      People begged, it topped many wishlists but an HD collection of Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicles didn’t happen…nor did an HD version of Rogue Galaxy.

      Dragon Quest XI is coming to the PS4, if you haven’t watched TGS Sony conference then you should. KT, at the end being the god devs, publishers that they are in Japan (they even raised the middle screen for them to come out) – this was the big surprise ending. So much stuff was announced it was insane, I was like Chopper in the opening of One Piece Pirate Warriors.

      Gundam (all they even had to say was Gundam 2015), One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3, Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires and Toukiden II… it was sensory overload, how many games can Omega Force make in a year? Better get learning the hiragana and katakana because I doubt most of it will make it west.

      Not to mention Persona 5, a new Yakuza game, Phantasy Star Online Nova…but these all are from Sega or subsidiaries of Sega.

    • @DJOates In answer to your questions:

      – There’s no additional TGS conference. SCEJA held their annual briefing earlier this month:
      – I believe no more titles are being added to the retro sale
      – We’ve held a few polls recently and the team have a good idea of where the community’s head is at generally. We may hold more polls in the future, but nothing planned in the immediate.
      – Thanks, noted – I will investigate!

  • !!!! @ FRED !!!!

    WE’RE REALLY INTERESTED TO IMPROVE THINGS AROUND THE BLOG AND THE STORE; as longtime gamers and PlayStation fans who are currently deep in the ecosystem.

    Sorry for caps, wanted to bring this comment to your attention.

    Is there anything we could do to keep the IGC varied and high valued? It seems that the hands of SCEE are tied, because apparently, not every company wants to put their game in the IGC. I understand that you have NDAs, so you can’t really spill the beans on business deals and so on.

    Must we contact companies who have games that we want on IGC? Square/Konami/Tecmo/Capcom? Some sort of flash mob organization where we send out mass tweets and emails to companies?

    What about surveys and polls on what genres we want? We’ve had that a couple of years ago, but tastes might change. Voting in a poll is easily and done quicker than a bathroom break. Hell, you can even give away a couple of prizes or something to entice people.

    We helped improve the IGC before, I’m sure we can all work together to improve it even more. MS started aping you now, it would be bad if they started catching up with quality releases. You guys set the PS+ trend, so you must stay on top all the time.

    This isn’t just about IGC, but store policies as well. The US Store gets all the avatars they want, it shouldn’t be so difficult here for small indie developers to get some extra cash on the side with (€0,25) avatars.

    Should also be easier for pubs to bring their PS3 retail titles on the digital platform, even if they were released a couple of years ago. Depending on the game, you instantly have a cool PS+ title. I’m thinking Yakuza 3/4.

    What about the PS1/PS2 ROM dumps? Look at the US Store, you can’t give up now!

    At least you can find them on the US webstore because they are categorized. Good luck finding them here. XP

    Come on, talk with us. We’re all ears and even though we might have differences of opinions, we all want the PlayStation ecosystem to be the best there is. Sony has some good things going with PS+ and Crossbuy to offer maximum value. Look at the degenerates at Nintendo, not even their overly expensive ROM dumps are Crossbuy!

    We could work something out, I’m sure of it.

    #4ThePlayers, right? Right?

    • That, and give us €5 / €1 sales. Feature a lot of old titles for developers to squeeze the most out of their early digital PS3/PSP releases. Anything is better than nothing, really. :/

    • Agree, there should be at least as many PS1/PS2/PSP games as in US store.

      It is a bit sad that they no longer upload any new “imports”… few years earlier there was even seperate category for those games, right? Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire 4, Megamen… those games should be uploaded to EU PSN as soon as possible.

      It should be done! If developers won’t do that, than either encourage them somehow or hire 3rd party to make PAL versions.

      Really… the fact that there are no games like Odin Sphere on EU PSN is one big failure.

  • – warning, long post –

    Hello fellow EU blog readers. It’s been a while – I used to write here more frequently, but last years have been really busy. Became a father, started studying again, some guys liked my idea for game and we are forming a small dev team, been buying way too much games for both PS3 and Vita (I’m starting to give up about idea of clearing my backlog and instead been playing whatever I want whenever I have time) – you get the point. Busy busy busy.

    Been reading the blog though, every day, every post, I even used to read every comment but lately PS+ and store updates have been rather crazy. People used to love indies, but nowadays there’s been so much hate, as if getting those sweet indie games means less content by bigger studios. Obviously someone must be paying big companies for not releasing big games every month, this is all just a conspiracy made by
    small dev teams. There, case solved. Someone give me a medal. Or friend invite through PSN. Either will do.

    Vita has been a bad purchase for me. I rarely put the goddamn device down from my hands. Many times I use it even when I’m on PC – or atleast keep it close to me so I can pick it up once I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. When I don’t have time to play, I just use it to browse internets. Reading PS Blogs and game news all over the net. To keep myself informed about gaming business and checking the comments. Follow Twitter with it (though I rarely post myself, Vita is a bit clumsy to write long comments like this one). I’m ToAruJJ88 there – theJJ88 was taken most likely by me myself years ago (since it has zero activity). I have this habit of forgetting passwords.

    Everytime Vita gets new games I feel the responsibility to support publishers and devs. I feel bad for not purchasing Danganronpa 2 and Disgaea 4 APR retail versions day one. But PSN sales and having family (not to mention I’m a student on top of all that!) make it hard to buy everything at once. And I still haven’t even STARTED previous ones, Danganronpa 1 and Disgaea 3 AoD. >_>’ I also need save money for Freedom Wars, I want to get it day one. And I tend to buy indie digital only games when they come out too. Even though I never seem to have time to actually play them. Damn it. Someone start selling time.

    And get those Vita memory cards cheaper, I need more and bigger cards (2 cards, 4gb and 16gb are too small, I guess I have to import that 64gb though even it ain’t enough with all the content Vita is getting).

    • I have also made 3 friends to seriously consider getting Vita. Others claim it has no games, but when I keep going on and on about all the games it has, they make me stop. Then they wonder why all those games were never mentioned during E3 and Gamescom. And laugh at me for treatment that we Vita owners get. Certain other company’s console has been struggling, but their handheld has been huge success. Did they abandon the struggling console during those conferences? No, they focused on them to make more people buying it.

      Talk about Vita being “accessory of PS4” and “it doesn’t need marketing since it has strong community” by Sony higher ups is [DELETED]. Are they serious? No offence Fred – I like EU Blog team and respect you guys – but stupidity of certain people in Sony when it comes to Vita marketing hurts. Or that’s the impression they make. I know, I know, I try to be nice normally, but I just… *sigh*

      Why does Vita have so strong and passionate community that think it’s the best handheld? I used to own certain other handheld, but it’s been collecting dust since I bought Vita. And I’m buying the second one for my daughter once she gets older, if she likes it then as much as she does now. We’re starting Tearaway together later this year, once she’s 3. Been playing flower game (Sunflowers) and funny sheep game (Wake-up Club) and watching videos together this far. She learned to start it up and launch apps by herself when 2yo, Vita interface is that simple to use lol.

      Also, Vita store could use some cleaning. PS Vita Add-Ons only shows latest add-ons. I use PC store to buy things anyways though, as Vita is missing shopping cart and I tend to buy more than 1 item when I go on shopping-spree.

      And I feel lonely for liking this month’s PS+ update. :D I’m sure I will like Velocity 2X as much as previous one and I was about to buy Sportsfriends since I bought Move last month. Already had bought PSASBR from sale, but no hard feelings there. Other games were just plus, even more to collection in case I feel like trying them sometime. Main reason I pay PS+ membership is to backup my gamesaves easily, since I got bad memories of PS2 memory card savefile corruption. Lost over 5 years of gaming back then, I don’t want to go through it again. :)

    • That’s all. For now.

      Don’t let me started on Square-Enix issue. I have been trying to calm down and not post anymore angry comments. I’m still boycotting them over all the things they have messed up lately. Final Fantasy XIV and Drakengard 3 Collector’s Editions might be the last S-E games I bought as new. And this is coming from guy that owns all Final Fantasy games and most of them twice (retail versions and digital versions for Vita) and many other S-E games over the years. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Limited Edition was supposed to be an exception… Until they revealed it’s a darn pin. Seriously? That and everything else (Type-0 mess, Drakengard 3 mess, FF XIII-3 CE mess, silence treatment about things…) makes me angry at them. :(

      Oh. And I would want 1001 Spikes for Vita before Binding of Isaac Rebirth launches. IF they arrive to our region at all. I’m not sure if I can trust Nicalis, they don’t even reply to our comments here in EU Blog. ._.

    • Eh, your family comes first. Don’t feel bad about not supporting certain games.

      That being said, did you buy Tearaway?

    • @zalwelgoedgaan

      Of course I did buy Tearaway, as retail version! :D We had been looking at trailers of it and my daughter thought it was looking fun, so I bought it to her. Let her tear the plastic off already and once we learned it had reversal cover with Atoi on it, we turned it around. She’s been asking me when we will play it together, but I said we wait until her birthday (which is rather soon).

      “Daddy, you might want to play as that boy, but I want to choose that girl”, she explained to me. :)

    • Yeah, it’s excellent to show to people who rarely play games. My mom loved skull prodding those little gophers, she said it was too adorable. XD And the crown we made looked like a burned heap of plastic, but boy was it a special crown!

    • First of all, congratulation on becoming father! Mind if I ask what you are working on as a small dev? Are you working with Unity, AGF, GameMaker from YoYo Games… or maybe RPG Maker? I’m trying myself to make something myself, atm I’m trying to make myself a nice engine for VN… well there is also Ren’Py for that… but I’d rather try making something myself :)

      Also on the second much simpler project, I’m trying myself on RPG Maker… but still Ruby isn’t as useful language for other types of software… but still… it’s easy right? I kinda regret that there isn’t RPG Maker for Vita… it could be something grand! And it’s not like there never was RPG Maker for PlayStation :)

      You know I don’t think that people hate indies per se. It’s more like people are angry at SCE for how they are treating indies as systems saviors. You know, how SCE started bragging how many indies they brough to Vita… that was kinda bad.

      I have the same :P I feel bad for not buying day-one games from NISA :P but I don’t have money or time for that.

      SCE attitude regarding Vita is bad… it shows that they don’t have any idea how to sell that superior device called Vita.

      Thank you for boycotting Square Enix! It seems the only way to communicate with them. Recently it’s been one bad news after another. Drakengard as digital only, Type-0, Kingdom Hearts pin only edition, Tomb Raider, FF XIII-3… and even how FF XV looks like doesn’t. I’m the same as you, I’ve been following them since middle of 90. I loved that company, I was even maybe bigot of SE to the point I refused buying games which were rivals for FF games. And yeah… I also have nice collection of FF games… all retails + most of digitals from SNES/PSX games. I even have FF X HD for both PS3 and Vita. So yeah… it just hurts to see what left from Square Enix I loved… But since Sakaguchi-san left all started to go bad…

    • @Archacus
      I’m familiar with RPG Maker and Ren’Py myself, but we want to try something a bit original (I hope? haven’t seen similiar games, but I’m a bit scared that there’s game like my idea already and I will get accused for copying lol) so we are attempting to build our own program for it. Our main programmers are used to XNA so they will use it as base, I was against it at first since it was originally M$ and I don’t want to get involved with their consoles (being Sony fanboy since first Crash Bandicoot and all) – but it’s free to use now, and since we’re making 2D hand-drawn game it should be enough for us.

      I have been trying to convince them to aim for Vita since I love both console and community, but it also depends how well everything goes. If I think that our game succeeds at what I want it to be and people like it on Steam, I will try my best to bring it on Vita. I’m a bit scared how the things will progress to be frank – since I have been working with idea for years now and suddenly we got people in our team, I’m afraid I’ll get ran over by new guys and at worst the game turns out to be “cheap cash grab attempt”. I hate games like that, so that would be a nightmare for me. :D

      Did I already say too much? Dammit, I have missed talking here so I tend to get a bit carried away. “It’s a secret”, I should have said. I have no idea how this will unfold, I’m supposed to stay quiet until we have something solid to present. And even then, I’m not sure if we get that far that I could contact Fred about coming here to advertise a bit. I keep my fingers crossed, but these late years have taught me that life is full of surprises and difficulties (one of themes in my story).

    • @theJJ88
      Hmm… well… if being free is argument to you…

      Than you might also want to check GameMaker, you can apply for free license for PlayStation games (add www part)

      Well Unity-for-PSM is also free atm. And you can play Vita games via PSM.

      So yeah… if they want to stay on XNA because it is free… than they should be informed that there is lot of free alternative. But if they want to stay with XNA because their experience than ok, it is reasonable after all.

      Bit sad that SCE is doing so little to inform developers.

      Oh, no you don’t need to contact Fred. That’s not how this is working here, well… as far as I understand they can’t post anything about 3rd subject. Each developer must register via SCE Dev Net, and via accessing it you will be able to write your posts on blog. (but I might be wrong)

      Anyway good luck with work on your game! I wish you luck!

    • @Archacus
      “Being free” was plus that they kept saying me, experience with it was the main reason. PSM also supports XNA, that was one of reasons I gave up giving alternatives to them. I have downloaded PSM Studio and registered myself after PSM came available in more countries.

      And thanks for some info, I’m the most inexperienced of our team when it comes to developing, I’m just a guy that’s been interested in drawing and writing stories and thinking what kind of games I’d like to play since I was a little kid. I got a team just because they like my idea lol. Glad they don’t follow this blog (as far as I know, I know one of them closer and I always inform him about PSN sales and news), I would hear about this blabbering of mine and about my inexperience. :D

    • And thanks! For both support about this and your blog posts. You’re one of the commentators I have been following lately.

      Is this the time to remind the Blog staff about how nice the “edit” button would be? :D

  • @Fred Dutton

    Thanks for bringing back the recap :)

    My question is i was wondering if the following list of games is coming to the UK in the future:

    Caladrius Blaze
    Neptunia U

    Thanks in advance and by the way Ignore Mario_for_life I have always thought highly of you :D Have a good weekend.

    • @Witcher70
      Hey mind if I will add few words?

      As far as I know Clannad will be localized for West by SekaiProject, they announced it like less than month ago. It will be fully voiced version… the only bad news is… it will be released for steam.


      I wouldn’t mention it unless there wouldn’t be any chances for getting Vita version :) SekaiProject are cool guys, they decided to release World End Economica for Vita after we asked them to do that :) So why don’t you contact them? Maybe even ask them to start kickstarter campaign just for Vita version?

      I don’t know about license, though… they might have bought it just for steam. But it won’t hurt to ask right? Well Clannad isn’t really my thing… though I would love to see Toradora :P… but still if you will need any help just ask, mkay? I’m just normal gamer but maybe I will have more luck :P

    • @Archacus

      Hey course your welcome to say anything you wish :) Thank you for the tip. I did look into World End Enconomica on Kickstarter before the campaign ended, but isn’t it for PSM and not native Vita?

      I will email SekaiProject and bug them into bringing Clannad to vita or better still kickstart it :) I too would love to see Toradora:P Thanks for your help :)

    • @Witcher70
      It’s bit more complicated

      As far as I understand.

      They are applying for native version too, but because they didn’t know the outcome of it they just said that at least PSM version is granted. But most probably it will end up on native Vita, because it will simply be too big for PSM game. It will be very big game as they will release all 3 parts in single file (as far as I can understand)… so yeah… it doesn’t match other PSM games right?

      If you will get any email from them let us know :) either msg me via PSN or write on… hmm… for example open forum of psvitadirect, there are also people who might help you.

    • Hey @Witcher70. Sorry to sound like a bit of a broken record, but an EU release for those titles would be up to their respective publishers. Alas, I can’t speak on their behalf.

  • Hey Fred
    I’m planning on pre-ordering littlebigplanet 3 but none of the retailers I’ve looked at mention what dlc is included in the pre-order (am after the Mythical Creatures pack). Do you know which retailers include each dlc and if they’re only for Ps4 pre-orders?

  • Fred, if you come back can you please either tell us when 64gb Vita memory cards will be available in Europe or maybe explain why they haven’t been made available so far? Between PS+ and sales these have been pretty much a requirement for the last two years but have only been available via opportunistic import resellers.

    I don’t want to buy an expensive imported memory card with no guarantees of its delivery and no warranty. It’s a proprietary format so Sony is in complete control of it’s distribution, why is it still unavailable outside of Japan? This isn’t a new question either, people have been asking for the official release of these since the Japan release, can you please tell us what’s going on?

    • @Murton
      I think that it will be better for 64GB cards to stay as JP only (sounds controvesive right?)

      But let me explain myself
      Vita TV – 9500 JPY (68 EUR) – > for EU it is 100 EUR/100GBP (we in PL have something like 570 PLN… and you can buy normal Vita for 600)
      64GB – 10,479 (75 EUR) -> for EU (import) it is 82EUR/62GBP

      See… if they would ever release 64 GB the price of it would be much much much higher than imported version. I’m sure that it would exceed 100 EUR/100GBP. Just take a look at what they have done with Vita TV….

      So it really is better for it to stay as import only good… I would have different opinion if only SCEE didn’t have crazy conversion rates…. but they do have them.

      I would say import from they offer those at the price I mentioned, delivery will be safe, no custom fees, no tax (tax is already included)… but yeah the only problem is warranty… but I don’t think that those even apply for warranty… well theoretically yes… but probably you would have to keep the bill for proof of purchase… ow well… but yes it is the only disadvantage.

    • Edit:

    • Unfortunately I don’t have any news for you on this today. There are no plans at present to make these available. Should that change, you’ll learn about it here first.

  • Is it true that the PSP Store will be shutting down tomorrow Monday?

    • You can still use the webstore on your PC to buy PSP games.

      On your PSP XMB:

      PlayStation Network > Account Management (log on the internet) > Transaction management > Download List

      Then you’ll see a list with all your downloadable PSP games without entering any store.

    • Yes @zalwelgoedgaan is correct. You won’t be able to purchase from your PSP, but you will be able to buy games from the webstore.

    • @Fred: To be honest, I think supporting the PSP at all is kind of silly at this stage. People shouldn’t be using the PSP anymore, they should have upgraded to Vita and really they need to be incentivised to do so.

    • “they should have upgraded to Vita and really *they need to be incentivised* to do so.”

      Yeah, we both know that’s the hardest part. :p Microsoft and Nintendo have loyalty programs with rewards and stuff, Sony should hop on that train as well. Combine that with PS+ discounts, Crossbuy, extra content, spend €50 within a month and get €10 back etc.

      Dedicated handheld gaming is becoming a thing of the past very quickly. :/

    • I agree. There’s an inherent problem when 80 million PSP users worldwide doesn’t translate to a similar number for Vita (word with Vita is that it’s just around 10 million worldwide right now). Nearing three years on the market and most people still don’t know what a Vita is.

      Advertisement is one of Vita’s biggest problems and has been since its birth. Poor decisions are made with bundles and Sony often tries to target the wrong demographic with Vita – kids. Kids are largely owned by Nintendo and iOS/Android. Target the core gamers and make the same people that bought PSP buy Vita. Like I say, incentivise owning Vita rather than PSP because for the longest time that’s what’s been putting people off – the lack of value a PSP owner gets from the device (be it the poor backwards compatibility or the lack of any kind of upgrade program). Learn from Japan’s UMD Passport program.

      On top of that, you need to be incentivising people with PS4 to get Vita. Beyond just Remote Play, there needs to be more cohesion with the PS4. Let Vita act as a second controller for PS4. Put the PS app on Vita. Beyond the Remote Play and Cross Save/Buy/Play, the Vita and PS4 barely talk to each other. Yet Sony is adamantly telling us that Vita is the “ultimate companion” to PS4 – how? It can’t even use the PlayStation app! <__<

      Sony really needs to step their game up, but of course they won't because they only care about PS4 and Vita will never see lifetime numbers beyond 20 million. Harsh, but true.

  • Dear Fred,

    Could it please be made possible to cancel my Plus service. For more then 5 months it isn’t to any value for me, not on PS3 nor on PS4. Yes I tried the games, I down voted them and deleted them from my drive. Even Dead Space 3 was a mess (yes the reviewers were right).
    Please make it possible to cancel from a service that is not close to anything I signed up for or at least make it possible for us to freeze it.
    I don’t care for online gaming so there is no reason for me to pay for this unfortunately deteriorated service (my personal opinion, I’m sure many enjoy it).

    • Did you pay for the whole year?.

    • I paid for several years to support the service. They where really encouraging their customers to staple their service then. It had the instant game collection that was changed every year and upon that amazing titles for PS3 and even some nice Vita games.
      My service ends in April 2015 but I rather quit it today.

    • I see no deterioration in the service, I am loving Battle Royale and the PS4 games I am getting my money’s worth this month.

      We are getting Driveclub in a few weeks so you might as well wait a month to play it.

      I don’t play online and I have a plus backlog a mile long and I have another year of plus ahead of me. I still think it is well worth the price but I think it will be too much of a headache to get the 8 months credit of plus backfrom Sony.

    • Sorry to hear you haven’t been enjoying the service. Unfortunately it’s not possible to break off a subscription mid-way through the period you’ve paid for. Hopefully you’ll find some games more suited to your tastes in the next few months.

    • @ Fred, thank you for your reply. It’s unfortunate and one of the few things MS is doing well. Anyway it learned me not to trust Sony and not support a service that changes at a whim.

      Regarding Driveclub; we get a glorified demo and a full price update AND a dlc scheme. I love racers but won’t buy Driveclub because of this. If I would go for a racer it will be CARS. I’, not telling you that you don’t get your money worth, that’s fine for you but I expect something different from my subscription and it once delivered but from December last years there is NOTHING for ME.

      It took me a while to find it but auto renewal is turned off. Sure I will download all the games we get and try them out and when I don’t like them give them a 1 star vote.

  • Although Destiny is being bashed around on many websites, i personally think it’s a very fun game. The best highlight about the game is the Gun play, movement, and Multiplayer. I never expected Destiny to deliver a Ken Levine story. The game is highly polished.

    Can’t weight enough for GTA V. I would have exploded with excitement if they were to release Batman Arkham Knight in February 2015 lol. But i guess it’s fine six months into 2015.

  • Hi @Fred. Just a few words to put out there as you are the best contact I have @playstation. I think you are the best chance at getting anything out of it. Here goes; “Vita Memory Card Pricing and Availability”. I won’t take any more of your time. Thanks for been awesome. =]

  • Great news that Drive Club is an added extra to our usual PS Plus line up. Cheers

  • Reading through some of the comments here and are people really that stupid that they expect that Sony are going to give away the majority of a full AAA title that’s probably cost tens of millions of pounds to develop for free? And then keep giving you free content post release as well?! What a huge bunch of self-entitled whingers on here.

    You want the full game? Go and buy it. It’s a cut down version of the game being given away for free to anyone with a PS+ subscription. You have precisely zero right to complain about something that’s being given to you above and beyond what your subscription entitles you to. It’s ridiculous what some people expect. Not going to buy the game now because the free version doesn’t have everything you want? Pathetic. In fact it’s actually good as it means I won’t have the misfortune of encountering you when I’m playing it.

    Perhaps you’d prefer if instead Sony released a one-track, one car, offline demo that lasts a week before it goes offline? You only have to go back to PGR2 to see a full price AAA release which ‘only’ had 11 tracks. Seriously, take your wambulances and your phenomenally petty grievances and go tell them to a mirror because no right minded person on here is interested in your drivel.

    • All those issues, huh…?

    • Couldn’t agree more

    • Thank god I have finally found someone on this blog full of whingebags and ungrateful people who is on the save wavelength as me. I have been a PS Plus member for just over 2 years now and I could not be happier with the service. I pay £40 a year and get tonnes of free games that I mostly thoroughly enjoy (Not always, obviously because there are always going to be games given away that I don’t like). It makes me laugh that so many people on here think they know more about how a business should be run than a multi million pound corporation. It is beyond me how people can be so whiny all the time and not be grateful for the fact they are paying less money than a single AAA game and getting so many games for technically nothing.

    • PS. I feel sorry for people like Fred who have to be polite to these bpeople and treat them with respect, which I know from personal experience is so damn hard.

    • ” I feel sorry for people like Fred who have to be polite to these bpeople and treat them with respect”

      Gee, treat dissatisfied customers with respect? pffff, what’s the world coming to… @Fred, would you kindly get the broom…?

    • @Alphaembryo In my comment I was referencing people like you who complain about ridiculous things and sound like whiny teenagers who just want more more more all of the time. It is hard to answer questions without sarcasm when you are dealing with stroppy customers. Take your example: A brand new AAA game coming out (Driveclub) and the developers have decided to give a watered down version of the game away for free. Any one with common sense and half a brain cell would be pleased that they are getting the game for free (albeit with many missing tracks and cars) and would understand that it would be business suicide to give the full game away for free on the day of release. It is hard to not give a sarcastic comment to whiny people like you who stupidly believe that the PS Plus version is just a demo and are not getting treated well by the developers and should expect more all of the time. How many other developers have given away a portion of their game for free on the day of release (not including indie titles)?

    • @broyds

      1) PS+ is not free; you must pay to be able to play games the sub offers. Any game under a sub is not free.

      2) Im pretty sure the makers of Driveclub are not providing their game without getting anything in return. Some portion of the sub’s money, perhaps; its all arrange behind closed doors, as its business (and it should be like that), but dont make it sound like they provide social work, and doing it so that they can secure a place next to all-mighty after they pass away…

      3) Im sorry, but not only teens demand. The way I see it, I have provided my money to SCEE (the sub), and I try to make sure they are going to spent it in the best way possible, from my point of view. Its an investment, if you will. They owe me; not the opposite. They must please me, otherwise, they will lose me as a customer.

      4) If the service is cheap or not, is not for anyone to decide, except the one paying it (saying this beforehand, so you dont come and say: ”but its sooo little monyy”). People have different priorities; if 4e are not well spent, its 4e not well spent…

      5) ”Thank god I have finally found someone”. Well, how does it feel to have become the minority? If a ps+ update has more 400 dislikes and 40 likes (like the last one), it should be a signal, not only to SCEE, but to users like yourself that something is not right… Well, exaggerated there; not for you, of course, because plus is so perfect, right? Right.

      6) ”treated well by the developers”: Ohhh, so you missed the PR fiasco of Evolution some months ago… pity, it was a blast…

      7) If you cannot handle the fuss over the blog, it’s better that you dont read the comments that upset you so much…

    • @ alphaembryo Lets answer each of your points you made:

      1. I never said PS Plus is free, but you cannot deny that the service is good value for money, every month we get given enough free games that more than cover our subscription in a single month (Yes I know they are not free as such, but there as good as).
      2. You are taking what I said out of proportion, obviously no developer are going to give away a small slice of their game completely for free, that would be ridiculous. What I was trying to say was they are giving us part of the game away for us to have for free which no other developer has done before, obviously there are business reasons behind it, but no one seems to understand that they are essentially getting a small game for free, they just want more, more, more!
      3. Some are easier to please than others and I completely agree with you that you must feel pleased with the service if you are going to carry on subscribing. Your expectations as well as so many others on here are just way too high. I’m not saying that PS Plus is absolutely perfect and flawless, but I fail to understand that anyone can call it a bad or even not very good service.
      4. I have never stated that PS Plus is cheap (although I believe it is) just good value for money. It depends on the individual whether they believe it is cheap or not. Something we agree on.
      5. Just because a post has far more dislikes than likes does not mean that I am in the minority. PS Blog is a website where people working for Playstation reply to comments made by other people, therefore it attracts lots of people criticizing the company because they know they are going to get heard (I am not referencing you by the way, just people that press the like or dislike button). It is more than likely that I am in the minority but likes and dislikes to a page do not necessarily mean anything, there are more gamers that don’t use this blog than there are those that do, the people that comment on this blog are mainly those that want to get their opinion across.
      6. I did not miss that fiasco and never did I mention that in my comment. However it is something I agree with you on it was an absolute rip off and outrage that the developers were going to make you lose access to what you have already paid for if you unsubscribe from plus.
      7.I do not get upset over other peoples comments.

  • With Dan thunder that is

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