PS Vita EA SPORTS FIFA 15 bundle arrives in stores this month

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PS Vita EA SPORTS FIFA 15 bundle arrives in stores this month

EA SPORTS’ best-selling football game packaged in with the PS Vita 2000

Today we’re really happy to announce a brand new PS Vita hardware bundle arriving in stores this month. From 26th September, you’ll be able to pick up a PS Vita 2000 series packaged together with EA SPORTS FIFA 15 – the latest version of the best-selling football series.

The bundle has an RRP of €199.99 and will be available in the following SCEE regions: Austria, Benelux, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Iceland, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Malta, South Africa, Turkey and Italy.

Check with your favoured local retailer for availability.


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  • Another bundle with lots of potential. A lot of the casuals/football fans could potentially jump on board with this, even though the Vita FIFA games are lazy ports.

    But Sony, you MUST advertise it. You can’t just expect people to know about the Vita by word of mouth.

    Additionally, I went into GAME the other day and asked for the Football Manager bundle – they said they didn’t have any in stock. People are unable to buy Vitas, you need to start putting them out there. >_<

  • Actually would like to get this bundle! Only that you’re getting a voucher instead of the physical game is holding me back… Why is there never a physical game with these kinds of bundles?

  • Is this year’s FIFA on Vita a proper FIFA game or another cheap and lazy ‘legacy edition’ cash grab?

  • Pointless Legacy Edition. Still own and play the first Fifa Football on vita. 4 iterations of the same game. Shameless really. Sony really need to speculate to accumulate with the vita. The remote play is a boon but don’t rely on it to sell units now it has impetus get behind it with something big. Maybe get the guys who made Uncharted for Vita to do a version of Last of Us for Vita with the story of Ish. That would sell systems!

  • Oh cool, FIFA 11 yet again just with new kits! :p

  • Well that’s just embarrassing. Not sure how any company can try to sell the exact same game four years in a row and still attempt to charge full price for it. No-one should buy FIFA 15 on the Vita.




    It’ll still sell more than Tearaway, hm? :/


  • Yeah, it’s a weak version of a blockbuster franchise, and it probably could sell well (even though it doesn’t ‘deserve’ to).

    Now, what I think they should *really* do is a Minecraft bundle! Don’t screw up Sony: the Vita is in an unique position regarding portable Minecraft, it’s like scoring on an open goal :)

    • Agree! That would be great idea!

      I’m not fan of Minecraft myself… but there are many people which love it!

      And Freedom Wars bundle with special edition of Vita would be also great idea.

    • Very good idea with the Minecraft bundle (when it eventually comes out :p), as well as Freedom Wars. Did they do a Killzone Mercs one, or even Soul Sacrifice Delta would have been great as a bundle title too.

      I know Fifa is a staple EA seller but these Vita versions are essentially £30 for a yearly patch, and a very miniscule patch at that (kits and fixtures, way to go EA). I’ve done the same as others and just stuck with Fifa Football for a fiver, no point buying any other.

      If EA are going to treat the Vita like that then setting up Vita package bundles is just going to encourage them to do it again. Good luck EA with Fifa 16 Legacy Edition, and 17….

  • A estratégia da Sony para a Vita tem sido tão duvidosa que não me admiro se nunca virmos um bundle com Minecraft.

    • O teu comentário implica que a Sony tenha uma estratégia para a Vita, coisa que, sinceramente duvido. A Vita está para a Sony como o gamepad da Wii U está para a Nintendo. Excepto que a Nintendo até tenta fazer alguma coisa com ele.

      ON TOPIC: FIFA 11 IV, hell yeah!

  • What is a ps vita?

  • Wow did I read this right? Did Sony actually make a good bundle, that could actually sell well in the EU region? Well im impressed! Here in the Uk Fifa is a huge deal, so this will actually move some vita units. Its a good start id say. Maybe a Minecraft bundle should be introduced also? To target the younger demographic. Theres alot of ways to help sell the device, but you just have to use common sense sony.

  • 1. Erm… “Play PS4 games on PS Vita”… yeah…. so…. is it now official that you don’t have any idea for Vita and want to make from this great device accessory for PS4?
    2. 4GB? That’s space for only one game… it’s even less than standard 8GB included in every other bundle.
    3. 200 EUR? Are you kidding me? That’s Vita slim! It’s made with cheaper materials, it doesn’t have better OLED screen, it doesn’t have 3G nor build-in converter included in Vita 1k. (mystery port -> port for connecting Vita to TV)… and it is more expensive? How so? How is possible? I bought cheaper Vita 1k with 3G in nice bundle with Kilzone and 8GB card.
    4. It would be great if you started adding normal physical games instead of that Voucher :/ I had to buy again Kilzone just to get retail edition :/

    Good idea for bundle… but with that price and with 4GB card… it’s kinda pointless to buy it, if you can buy Vita 1k which is better with bigger memory card… hell… even second bundle with 16 GB and few sports games was less expensive.

  • EA continue to insult us with these legacy editions and do the bare minimum for the vita, yet Sony decide to pick FIFA as the game to sell the Vita?

    What were you thinking?

  • hey Mayumi Donovan , will Fifa15 on the vita be localized in the arabic language ? just like PS4 version ?
    can’t wait to see your reply :)

  • lol even iOS / Android version of FIFA gets more love than Vita…

  • A 4 GB memory card instead of 8 like the Adventure Mega Bundle has is kind of rubbish.

  • Yet another cheapskate “legacy edition”. No thanks, EA.

  • No thanks, I already have FIFA 15 on the Vita. It’s called FIFA 13.

    Until EA bother to actually put even a tiny bit of work into FIFA on the Vita I’ll treat them the way they treat their customers. With ignorance.

    Imagine how amazing a FIFA with ultimate team would be on the Vita. Come on EA.

  • Very nice, just too bad it’s not the full FIFA 15 experience on PS4.

    You really should bundle Minecraft as well.

  • Freedom Wars bundle would be nice

  • La misma porqueria año tras año sin añadir nada pues lo va a comprar quien yose

  • Does anybody know if their will be a Playstation 4 Fifa 15 bundle in any store? They have a deal with Destiny right now in most shops but that game doesn’t look great. I seen the Xbox One has it but i really dont want to change consoles.

  • why on the PS Vita not Fifa demo.
    People need the demo to should bay the game or not.

  • Alguém sabe se vão sair novos bundles brevemente? do tipo, PS4 + Fifa 15 ? acho que sempre tinha mais sucesso do que este -.-

  • I only typed it like that so their would be no stupid people asking what’s a ps4. Like residentSteve above asking what’s a ps vita. :'(

  • ih good fifa 15@

  • fifa 15 150$

  • where is online mode? I bought the vita and dosnt look like there is online?

  • I noticed that this years online trophies have been removed compared to the previous FIFA’s on the Vita so I’m guessing the online portion has been removed completely.

  • Ive noticed that a lot of players with combovers instead of a combover they have sideburns and on top they are completely bald just look at Manchester United like shaw is there any way to fix this on fifa 15 got the vita?

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