12 expert Velocity 2X tips to help you climb the leaderboards

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12 expert Velocity 2X tips to help you climb the leaderboards

Developer Futurlab advises on how to shave seconds off your best times

Hi folks, James & Hussain here to intensify competition on the Velocity 2X leaderboards by revealing our expert tips!

Before we get to that, we just want to say on behalf of the whole team a big THANK YOU for all your amazing compliments over the last few days!

We also wanted to address all the requests for extra DLC by confirming that we are working hard on more DLC to satisfy your boosty-trigger-fingers!

We’ll have an update on that soon, but for now, let’s get serious!


1. Progress via competition

With a shared passion for highly competitive games like Street Fighter, many of Velocity 2X’s most refined gameplay features are the result of over 18 months of constant, thumb-blistering competition between the two of us! Hussain obviously thinks he’s the greatest, but I haven’t really shown my hand yet… [EDIT: Oh really? Let’s see it then Mr. Marsden! – Hussain]

Below you will find a bunch of tips that we’ve used to keep getting the edge over each other.

2. Retrigger the speed pads

Speed pads provide cumulative boosts to your speed, so if you drop a telepod just before a speed pad, you can rev the Quarp Jet to insane speeds by repeatedly teleporting back to the telepod.


This trick can be seen at the start of the expert speed run video below:

3. ABT: Always Be Teledashing…

Although it makes no sense whatsoever, Kai will collect crystals even if she teledashes past them. So don’t be running or sprinting through those corridors, blast through them by hammering the Square button! You can even teledash away from a slope-slide and Kai won’t miss any crystals.

Always be teledashing 2

4. Instant restart menu

The secret to playing Velocity 2X like a demon is staying calm and letting your muscle memory develop. Anything you can do to minimise muscle effort is key, so we’ve included an instant restart menu. Simply tap L1 + R1 together to bring up the Instant Restart Menu. Much more streamlined!

You can find lots more tips like this one in Menu > Instructions > Tips:


5. Prep your jumping teledash

To get the maximum reach from your jumping teledashes, hold the Square button and roll your thumb onto the Cross button.

Prepping the teledash

When you’re ready, roll your thumb further to release the Square button whilst keeping the Cross button held. This way you get the maximum jump and range for your teledash.

6. Make more use of the map

To shave seconds off your time, use the map to jump around the level quickly. For example, once you’ve collected all the pickups in a platform section, instead of running back to the dock, bring up the interior map – which pauses the timer – and use the map to select the dock with the Directional Buttons.

Using the map

You can then either exit the dock immediately using the Cross Button, or show the external map using the Square Button. From there you can select and instantly teleport to a telepod that’s outside.

Drop telepods in cunning places and save yourself lots of time!

7. Jumping is slow

Kai has some powerful limbs for sure, but she’ll never be as fast as her teledash. There are several ways to improve your speed by cutting down on jumping:

– Telehops
Kai will jump for as long as you hold the Cross Button, so if you tap and release quickly, she’ll perform a very small jump. Use these small jumps, combined with a teledash to cover small gaps much faster than a long graceful jump.


– Slope Telehops
When you’re running up a slope, perform a telehop to dash up the slope much faster than running.

Slope telehop

– Teledash your jumps and falls
Even when there are no walls, hazards or Vokh to teledash through, you should be using teledash to improve the speed of jumping and falling.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

– Telepod is faster than jumping
When you’re faced with a bunch of jumpable platforms, consider whether throwing a telepod to the top of them will save you time. Or indeed, whether they’re the correct distance apart to be able to teledash through quickly. It’s often possible to stick to one wall and perform vertical jumping teledashes between odd or even ledges, missing out half of them.

8. Predictive jump

Kai will remember if you pressed jump just before she lands, so make use of it. You can blast up through platforms spending absolutely no time at all on a platform by getting your button presses just right.

9. A speed-running leaderboard

In the speed-running community, it’s all about finding ways to shave off the milliseconds, and this is reflected in Velocity 2X’s leaderboards. If you really want to get to the top spots, you need to work out how many crystals, survivors and points you need just to pass the level, and then only be concerned about your time.


This is actually much more challenging than simply collecting everything the level has to offer; you need to look at the routes that give you just enough to pass, and then find cunning ways to skip everything else. Watch how Hussain chooses to skip some of the crystals in the video below:

It’s important to note that earning the perfect medal first will earn you an online score multiplier for that level, and you only need to achieve that perfect medal once. After that, the multiplier is awarded every time you try, so don’t worry about shooting for perfect medals every time on the leaderboards, just go for speed!

In this way, the game caters to completionists (all perfect medals) perfectionists (the platinum trophy) and the speed-runners (a leaderboard that respects their goals). Everyone gets a taste of satisfaction from putting the hours in! =)

10. Touch screen telepod throw

It’s way more efficient and intuitive to use the Vita touch screen to throw telepods, but don’t use your finger – use your thumb!

Vita touch telepod throw

Keep your hands firmly where they are, and just use your thumb on the bottom left or right of the screen to quickly aim and release a pod.

11. Sprint with the rifle

Once your rifle is unlocked, always use it for horizontal firing. Aiming with the 360 weapon is way too slow (and you can’t sprint and 360 fire at the same time).

Running and gunning

12. Dashcounting

If you really want to rise up the leaderboards, you’re going to have to memorise how many teledashes you can perform on each stretch of flat ground. Squeezing in as many teledashes as you can is the secret to insane speed runs.

So take these ideas, mix them with your own ways of playing and together we can give the term velocity a new meaning!

As we said above, we’re working on more DLC, but in the meantime you can try out these expert techniques in the main game and the first DLC pack: Critical Urgency, which is available right now for just £1.99/€2.49 on PlayStation Store!

Velocity 2X is available now for £12.99/€15.99 utilising Cross-Save and Cross-Buy for PS4 and PS Vita!

Or, y’know, it’s FREE on PlayStation Plus…

Come and say hello @FuturLab =)

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9 Author Replies

  • Hey folks, James and Hussain here to answer your questions!

    Also, here’s how the leaderboards work in Velocity 2X.

    The leaderboard uses an Online Score, which is a combination of all achievements for a level combined together. It breaks down as follows:

    The online score is essentially 500 points per Survivor and Crystal collected in a level. This gets added to the Points you achieved for that level which are:

    Each Crystal = 5 points
    Each Survivor = 10 points
    Each Piece of Glass = 5 points
    Each Enemy Kill = 20 points
    Each Weapon Pickup = 100 points
    Each Killed Vokh = 500 points
    Each Destroyed Mine = 20 points

    This score is then multiplied by 5X, and then again by the amount of time left on the clock for the level. In other words, the faster you finish the level, the more time you have left on the clock and the higher the score.

    Finally you get a 2X multiplier on the final score if you have perfected the level!

    In essence, you should stick to the following in order to get high scores on the leaderboards:

    1) Perfecting a level at least once – To get the 2X multiplier
    2) Go as fast as possible – to get the 5X multiplier on how fast you finished relative to the total time for that level.
    3) Collect crystals and survivors – You get 500 points each
    4) As well as destroying glass, turrets and enemies, collect other collectables such as health packs, weapon upgrades and weapon charge packs.

  • Hussain Sheikh

    Hi peeps, hope you enjoyed those speed runs – As James mentioned, any questions on how to get higher on leaderboards or otherwise, we are here to answer :D

  • Thanks James and Hussain, great post and great you are still talking about and supporting the community post launch and congrats on breaking the 10k on PSN lets see how long you can fend off destiny. Oh when’s your next stream? Great games great guys!

  • Yikes! I haven’t played Velocity yet, as I’m already busy with too many other titles currently. But that Level 30 Speed Run made me realize in advance: “I’m too old for this s***!” I practically collapsed from watching the video!

    • That level 30 speed run was achieved by playing that one level over and over again, for at least a couple of weeks, two hours each day. So if you practice enough, you will get there :D

  • That’s one clean looking Vita… Not a lot of touching the screen (or did you wipe it clean)?

  • It’s an expert run. You’ll be able to have a great deal of fun playing the game without getting to that level of skill, evidenced by the review scores – not everyone has the elite skills of the Sheikh… :p

  • Thanks for the tips

  • The thing I’m having the most problem with is the vertical moving laser blocks. I just can’t seem to get the timing down causing me to lose my perfect.

    PS: Are the 41 or 43 data blocks? I only have 41 but I got the trophy for collecting all of them. Also my progress chart says I’m missing crystals even though I’ve finished the game with full awards for all crystals.

    • Yes, laser blocks require a bit of timing. The best thing is to not panic, and enable your teledash cursor as they laser fields are close to you and you will be fine.
      Not sure about data blocks – Maybe James can answer ?

  • Big fan of Ultra here. First I was very sceptical about your game of the year comments, but just like lt. Tana you were not bluffing.

    A quick question. Is there a difference in the point you get when destroying Enemies/glass with the normal spaceship blaster or with the bombs? Also any tips on throwing the telepods on PS4 (haven’t tried the above described Vita method) – so far this is the only element that makes me stop and aim carefully thus losing time and momentum.

    Thanks for creating such a great game.

    • Hey Gogata7, thanks for the nice comments!

      The trick to getting the telepod throwing right is just memorising where to stand, and which angle to throw at. A lot of the time you don’t need to get the angle perfect, you can just chuck it, then teleport to it, and then teledash to the correct place.

      It takes some getting used to, and we’re hearing the feedback about how people don’t enjoy using the telepods, so we’ll take it all onboard for our next game.

      There is no points benefit for using bombs over the pulse cannon.

    • hehehehe – Very pleased to hear that and an Ultra fan is always welcome :D

      No, there is no difference in points when destroying the enemies with bullets or bombs. The points are not dependent on the weapon used. For throwing telepods, we recomment using Triangle button and Left Stick to aim and not the DS4 touch pad. Notice that the movement of trajectory is based on how fast you move the left stick around. For refined fine detail trajectory changes move the stick very slow and you will be fine.

      Hope that helps and thank you for playing our games :D

  • This is awesome. Thanks guys. This really shows how strong the core mechanics of this game are, I’m seriously impressed. Easy to pick-up but difficult to master. I’m still stuck trying to get a perfect on level 47. You guys didn’t make this one easy hahaha.

    • 47 is my fave =D

    • you are welcome and thank you for stopping by. We have spent countless hours getting the core mechanics as fluid as possible. You can thank James for the difficult of level 47 :D

    • It’s the damn Vokh that keep catching me out. >=(

      That and I still need to shave 55 seconds off the clock without using magic or a time machine. =p

      In fact, I’ve a small question regarding this stage. You know the glass where the bonus level is hidden? Do I need to break that too in order to achieve the perfect? Cause it’s a little out of the way.

  • I think I’ll be satisfied with just getting the platinum trophy, and not being at the top of the leaderboards. There’s no way I could beat those speed runs. I’ve got the platinum trophy for Velocity Ultra, so I definitely have to get it for Velocity 2X as well, as soon as I have the time. By the way, you guys have done a fantastic job with making the game, just like you did with Velocity Ultra, so keep it up! :)

    Hopefully we’ll see a thrid Velocity game as well at some point. ;)

    • Thanks very much man. We have had excellent support and love from the community which we are extremely thankful for. Trust me once you have platinumed the game, you will be ready to take on those speed-runs if you please :D

  • Hey, I absolutely love this game, even though I am super slow it was a blast to play. When I was looking at the in game stats one of the categories is top tens. Could you please tell me what that means?

  • @madmanwithabox12 – no, you shouldn’t need to smash that glass to get the perfect.

  • @James Marsden

    I am playing Velocity X2 on PS4 and I love it.
    I always hated racing games and game that ask/require to complete levels super but I really, really love velocity X2.
    You converted me ;)

    Still I have a small “issue” with the controls.
    IMO it would have been much, much better if teleport/teledashing, (now assigned to SQUARE) was assigned to L1.

    Anyway great game, I will definitely buy it once my PS+ expires this week.

    • L1 you say. Where would we put the map on the Vita? =)

    • @James Marsden

      Putting teleporting on L1 would leave square open, so maybe it’d be possible to assign the map to square? It might work considering the telepods and long form teleporters are assigned to triangle.

      I don’t really have a problem with teleporting being on square, but it might be worth giving this alternative control scheme a try. Maybe then double-tapping square would bring you to the last dropped teleporter/telepod, instead of double-tapping triangle. That would also allow the teleporters/telepods to drop instantly when you press triangle, as the game wouldn’t have to wait and see if the player is going to double-tap triangle. Having the teleporters drop instantly could actually also be really helpful when attempting strategy #2! in this article :)

      If you ever make a third Velocity game (or plan to update Velocity 2X) it might be worth looking into this alternative control-scheme. But of course, whether or not it actually works as well, or better than, the current control-scheme, I’ll let you guys be the judge of. ;)

    • @James Marsden

      We’ll this is “my” hypothetical control scheme for PS4.
      L1 = teleport / teledash on foot
      SQUARE = shoot bombs / shoot rifle on foot
      CIRCLE = map

      The other controls are unchanged.
      I don’t have a PS Vita but maybe it can work too.

  • Well 2X is a great game, but the shump and platforming sequences should be separate levels. The transition just kills the flow of the game, I can’t beleive you guys didn’t noticed it. This alone prvents me to even try speedrunning.
    It’s real shame, Velocity 2X would be a real GOTY contender otherwise.

    • Many many people would disagree with you Kalamoj. Of course you may be right (like the person who first said the Earth was a sphere), but we have to go with the large majority I’m afraid, as we need a large fanbase.

  • Since there is no option to play them separately, we will never know what the ‘large majority’ prefer.
    I usually never read any reviews, but I made an exception with 2X since it was my most anticipated game for the whole year. Basically this transition was their only complaint, and sadly mine too after playing it for like 15 hours.
    Anyway, keep up the good work James, I’ll still buy your stuff day1. They’re awsome.

  • Tip 2 & 10 so helpful thanks!

  • I love this game :)

  • It has been a long while but the last game i truly excelled at was nights into dreams on the sega saturn. the reason i was so good was my brother and the competitive juices we fired in each other. Everytime one of us thought we had reached the absolute pinnacle we were proven wrong. Online leaderboards are great but having a friend or family member sitting next to me just daring me to go further by a matter of 10 points or mere hundredths of seconds is the only motivation that can drive me utterly insane with competitiveness. Unfortunately no one close to me has a Vita. Sigh. Still having a blast though. Cheers.

    • You are absolutely correct and being able to challenge your friends is what we do support in our game. If you have friends (whether close or not) you can go to leaderboards and click the name of the person you wish to challenge. The system will either send them a friend request (if they are not your friends) or send them a challenge from you to beat your score. You can type in your message and fire away the challenge.
      If you only want to challenge your PSN friends, notice the friends tab on top-right of leaderboards. Clicking that tab will show you leaderboards of your friends only :D

  • I didn’t like this game at all but i’d like to thank you guys for being so passionate on the blog and replying to a lot of people, it’s really nice to see :)

  • Hussain is giving it all he’s got now: http://www.twitch.tv/futurlab

  • Hello again!

    So after declaring this wasn’t floating my boat but assuring you I’d give it a whirl; I can confirm that I did try it.
    I sat down whilst the wife watched Eastenders and I tried it on my Vita.

    Four hours later I was still playing it. I’m STILL undecided but I have this overwhelming urge to perfect each level.

    • Hi BluSpykz, that is awesome. I mean if you were still playing 4 hours later, then I am sure you’re hooked! :D
      Let us know when you’ve decided. I am pretty hopeful your answer will be “I am loving it!” :D

  • The first time I ever write a comment and ask a question on a blog post and I get ignored while everyone else gets a response. Perfect!

    • Hi jaf, so sorry I missed you question. Was not on purpose, please do not let this turn you against asking us questions. I believe that it is the number of times, you were in top 10 on the leaderboards. Though I am confirming that will my colleagues and will give you a final answer as soon as I hear back. If I don’t reply, please remind us on twitter: @shakemayster or @FuturLab

    • Thanks for the reply. I will definitely follow futurlab on twitter now keep up to date with what you’re working on :)

    • great stuff buddy :)

  • This game’s really awesome!I am proud to be under 1000 overall in the game

  • Oh God. I have been since 5PM trying to perfect level 50. It is really hard. Any tips Hussain? I would be so much happy if I get this awesome platinum!

    • Direct message me on twitter. @shakemayster or @FuturLab and we will reply. Don’t want to spoil the end levels surprise for other chaps :)

  • I wish I had known about retriggering the speed pads before getting all the perfects :(

    Certainly would have saved a few precious seconds in the DLC levels.

  • I saw videos I get all confused at the very end of the level. Gonna try again today. I have the level on my memory. I love this game. I will probably buy Velocity Ultra and the DLC for Velocity 2X. I also own Surge Deluxe. Pretty addicting. :)

  • Got finnaly perfect on level 50! But I still have to perfect the other levels. I just wanted to perfect the last 3 levels… you know… SPOILERS.

  • Why theres no update for avatars since 3 weeks and im expecting the same for the next week? can you consider a reply for my question?

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