Side-scrolling action game Run Like Hell! announced for PS Vita

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Side-scrolling action game Run Like Hell! announced for PS Vita

Check out the latest project from Draw Slasher developer Mass Creation

Hello PlayStation Blog. My name is Artur Gosk, Producer at Mass Creation in Warsaw, Poland. You may remember me writing here last year about Draw Slasher – our one of a kind arcade slasher for PS Vita. This time I’m here to introduce you to our latest PS Vita game – Run Like Hell!

Imagine you’re a fearless treasure hunter. Place yourself on a peaceful tropical island. Wait! What?! Spotted by a local tribe of hungry cannibals you have two choices: check out if you taste okay with garlic or Run Like Hell! Not quite a ‘joyrun’ you’d imagine. But hey, you’ve got the adrenaline to speed up and power-ups to slow down the pursuit.

Jump through hoops, slide under obstacles and escape the pursuit while admiring a vivid hand-drawn tropical island with procedurally generated levels. You can sweat in a jungle, run through a calm village, avoid the sun in cool caverns, and even get melancholic at dusk on the beach. There’s a bonus level too, but it’s much cooler than you might expect.


The game offers three modes: ‘The Great Escape’ (story mode), ‘Arcade’ – endless run on various locations and the icing on the cake – ‘Online’ modes containing ‘Versus’, ‘Tournaments’ and ‘Challenges’, where you can dare you friends to beat your records. You can even pick your preferable runner from 12 characters. If you’re into the challenge climb up the global leaderboards and complete 50 exacting objectives.

Run Like Hell! will be available on PlayStation Store from 17th September.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave comments below and visit our Facebook profile, our Twitter feed and our official site.

Remember to properly warm-up before the run and see you on the island :)

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5 Author Replies

  • I like those kind of games, but let’s be honest the biggest problem is how much money the devs asks, especially compared to the mobile version.

  • lol, I played this on iOS like what 2-3years ago? and it was only $0.99 at the time..

  • 16th September? That’s the US date. Copy and paste much?

  • Oh cool, it’s Nathan Drake!

    Wait a minute…

    Nah, but seriously. More Vita love is always appreciated.

  • Is this a game for a 199€ console? Really? You want to produce mobile games for a PSVita? No wonder the system doesn’t sell, no physical games, mobile worth games no wonder at all!

  • The game look so much fun to watch. Although, mot my kinda game but any game for #psvita is always welcome. Give us good trophies and I will certainly buy it the very first day.

  • *1:07 in the trailer*

    >_> …………….

  • Draw slasher… 89p on google play, £3.99 on the vita….

    ‘Run like hell’ – thats what I do when I see developers who treat vita owners like ****.

    • This seems unfair. Two weeks ago Draw Slasher was available with 50% off and additional 50% for PLUS subscribers so you could get it for the less than a 1£. No need get angry with us. Keep an eye on PS Blog where you’ll find out about the sales and you’ll have your chance to get it with discounted price too. Cheers! :)

    • I almost forgot. On Google Play you get the very first Draw Slasher, which was called Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies. It was mere a prototype of the game released for PSVITA. Check my post about Draw Slasher from last year, where you’ll find what are the differences.

  • Thanks a lot for the comments and the appreciation :D

    Kudos for finding the flavors. In the game itself you’ll find a lot more of them ;)

    • Hi! I’d like to know why the trophies of Draw Slasher on my PS Vita are displayed in Japanese language? I earned some and they were displayed in English, but not anymore and I have no clue why. Can you explain it? I purchased the game on the French PS Store, like every game… Thanks!

    • @Paris-SG_63
      Sorry for a late reply. We’ve released Draw Slasher in Japan this year and the English trophies were ‘overtaken’ by the Japanese. We’re currently in the middle of releasing the patch fixing this issue.
      Appologies for inconvenience and thanks for patience :)

  • mmmmm probably better on psm……..

  • Seems pretty fun, not only the gameplay but also the scenario. The vids made me smile ^^. If it is not expensive and occupy me for a bunch of time, i might take it.

  • I’m sorry but this game looks hella offensive.

  • Oh my gosh, there’s a £15.99 bundle of coins, and it doesn’t even tell you how many coins you get for that. For £3.29 I’d expect to fully own a game of this standard that’s been out for two years already, but to immediately see that I’d have to pay nearly £20 and still not fully own the game (and not even know how much of the game you just purchased), I am just repulsed.
    Indie developers can be awesome but when they get it wrong they get it SO wrong. Nice touch including some busty exotic chicks for the lads to look at though, your finger is on every pulse it seems!

    • Our bad:( Sorry for inconvenience.

      Here are the values of certain packs:
      *Small Coin Pack – 10 000
      *Medium Coin Pack – 25 000
      *Big Coin Pack – 75 000
      *Great Coin Pack – 200 000
      *Dead man’s Chest – 500 000

      We’re currently working to fix that.

      Please get back to me writing on contact[at]mass-creation[dot]com and provide us your ONLINE ID.
      I’m gonna make you worth a while :)

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