Frozen Synapse Prime release date confirmed, new trailer unveiled

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Frozen Synapse Prime release date confirmed, new trailer unveiled

The acclaimed turn-based strategy game hits PS Vita later this month

Earlier this month we announced the impending arrival of Frozen Synapse Prime on PS Vita and now I’m back to tell you exactly when to expect it on PlayStation Store!

Our turn-based strategy title will be available on PS Vita from September 23rd across Europe, the Americas and Asia. We’re also releasing Prime’s soundtrack on PSN; both on its own and in the Prime Soundtrack Edition as a bundle.


We appreciate everyone who has followed us so far and waited patiently through almost two years of development. Needless to say we’re excited to see it out on PS Vita this month!

This latest update comes with a trailer, touching on the story that lies within Prime and showing players what to expect when the game hits the store later this month.

For those new to the game, Prime is an asynchronous turn-based strategy game that allows players to take on multiple matches simultaneously. It also features a rich single player campaign set within a dystopian future, where you take on the role of a tactician to a resistance group attempting to prevent an evil corporation from taking over a city.


We have a few more updates planned in the coming weeks leading up to release. We’ll show you basic combat and planning, more on online multiplayer and some advanced tactics to get you well on your way.

Stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for upcoming videos and news or @DoubleElevenLtd for more information!

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  • Absolutely love this game on PC. Not too keen on the new art style though, think it makes the game look much worse rather than better than the simple but stylish graphics of the original. Will certainly be buying this, the soundtrack of the original was absolutely fantastic too.

    • I’m guessing the tweaked UI is to accommodate a smaller screen. I really enjoyed this game on PC. Looking forward to adding it to my Vita collection.

      For those that haven’t tried it. It plays kind of like chess… Except that instead of taking turns to move, you both choose your next move and the round plays out in real time.

    • The original game had a small team and budget, but we’ve worked closely with the original developers, our friends Mode7 to realize their vision. Additionally, we wanted to do a lot more to enhance the presentation of outcomes and fire-fights. With detailed environments, weapons and mo-capped characters, its allowed us to add in kill cams, replays, close-ups and do more with the camera in general.

      A secret bit of info… is that the mo-cap was actually done with one of Christian Bale’s Batman stunt-doubles ;-)

      In all honestly, we did try hard to add in a ‘classic’ theme map, but ran out of time. If the game does well, and the fans scream out for it, it’s something we could consider later.

      Thanks for the love though Lucifonz ;-)

  • Man, it feels like this game has in been development for 10 years. We heard about forever and a half ago. Glad to see it’s fairly imminent. Seems all those game announcements from way back when are starting to phase into existence. I won’t be surprised if we have a good few more weeks like this, where Vita dominated the store update. I’m all for that. =D

  • Gareth Wright

    Hello all, I’m Gaz, Design Manager at Double 11 games, developers of Frozen Synapse Prime as you may have guessed ;-).
    As we’ve done in the past with Frozen Synapse Prime, I’ll be happy to answer as many questions as possible about the game over the coming days. Its a title we are really excited about!

  • I need this on my Vita. This looks absolutely amazing, and it’s going to be a great month for strategy games, with Natural Doctrine being released as well.

    The only thing now is finding a place in my backlog for this – just picked up another two Atelier games, plus Demon Gaze in the sale, am playing my way through Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment and also another run through of Kingdoms of Amalur on PS3 for the sale DLC I picked up. That’s not even mentioning Velocity 2x that just dropped via PS+.

    Damn, but there’ve been some great things happening for Vita recently.

    • Definitely, and thanks for the support DJ. We’ve had previous successes with Limbo, LBP and Shooter Ultimate on Vita. With Frozen Synapse Prime we’re really trying to play to the Vita’s strengths like never before – full touch controls that are intuitive and not gimmicky, pick up and play, easy to learn and challenging to master, and a social multiplayer design that creates unique experiences every time.

  • Awesome, I’ve been waiting a long time for this, can you talk about price?

  • Fantastic I’ve been following and waiting for this game since it announced, can’t wait to play it day 1!

  • I’ll be picking this up day one on Vita. Will there be a PS4 version at some stage too?

    • Thanks Enzo, We are not announcing any other platforms right now, but as a cross-platform developer, its something we would possibly consider ;-)

  • Gareth Wright

    Not yet Doomshine ;-). Its something we are still finalizing.

  • Judging from the screenshots, I think this will look really good with brightness at maximum while playing in the dark.


  • You got me when you used the word ‘strategy’ and by the time I finished reading the post and watching the trailor, I am all in. Game looks like smth I wud love to play on my #psvita. Honestly, the game has now become one of the moat awaited titles for me. Would love to know about trophies and price….

    • Price you won’t have to wait too long for ;-). I can tell you that it has a full Trophy list, including a Platinum!

  • Just curious, strategy games are my least played genre because I’m horrible at them, but I can play chess. How will I do at this game?

  • I actually got it with a Humble Bundle but I’ve been waiting to play the single player on the Vita.
    Later I’ll play the multiplayer against my cousin on PC :-D

  • I’m really excited for this game. I’ve been playing the original on PC for years. :D

    Is there a way to do unranked matches in multiplayer? That was one of the common complaints about the original.

    • I’m pretty sure there is dude, but I will have to double-check. We’ve overhauled the entire multiplayer component, with new UI, scoring, ranking, leaderboards, and lots of ways to find, join, manage and create matches, as well as invite friends. We’ll be sharing more about Multiplayer very soon.

  • And Frozen Synapse Tactics that has been announced ages ago for ps3?
    Is that coming at all and when, please give us some info.

  • How I haven’t heard of this game yet is beyond me. I love the PC and iOS versions of Frozen Synapse and and definitely going to add this one to my collection.

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