Minecraft PS4 Edition available now, with PS3 upgrade option!

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Minecraft PS4 Edition available now, with PS3 upgrade option!

Mojang’s DIY world-building phenomenon lands on PS Store today

Minecraft fans! We’re excited to finally tell you that the Minecraft PS4 Edition is now available on PlayStation Store for only €18.99!

For those looking for the ultimate Minecraft experience, the PS4 Edition will feature worlds 36 times bigger than the ones you might be used to on PS3. Existing players will be able to import PS3 saves to the PS4 Edition, allowing them to continue work on their immense structure or delve even deeper towards the Nether.

Staying true to our promise, we wanted to make sure that anyone who previously bought the PS3 Edition (Disc or Digital) would be able to upgrade to PS4 Edition for a small fee.

Well, we’re happy to officially announce the upgrade option is available to any existing PS3 Edition owners for just €3.99!


Here’s how it works:

For existing PS3 Edition owners (disc or digital)

On the PS4, simply log into PlayStation Store and find Minecraft PS4 Edition, and you’ll be able purchase the upgrade for €3.99.

Note: This entitlement applies to everyone who bought Minecraft PS3 Edition (Disc or Digitally) and played it while connected to PSN prior to 28th August, and transfers their PSN account to their PS4 console.

About to purchase Minecraft PS3 Edition (digital)

On the PS3, purchase Minecraft PS3 Edition for €18.99. Once you have made the purchase, you’ll be able to upgrade to the PS4 Edition for €3.99.

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17 Author Replies

  • finally something before US PS STORE

    • Very nice indeed :) But can anyone tell me if the PS4 version can play back mp3 custom soundtracks like on ps3?

  • My pick axe is ready!

  • Woo I been playing it for the last 1-2 hours now and it is awesome!!! I bought the ps4 version, how am I able to download the ps3 version, and will I have access to the vita version when that comes out?

    • You don’t get Vita and PS3 free with the PS4 version. What the rest if us did was buy the PS3 version (you get Vita free with that when it is released) then paid the small upgrade fee to get the PS4 version. In total I paid £16.68 to have all 3 versions. Only need Vita and PS4 mind. I think you’re screwed if you bought the PS4 version though. Maybe they’ll rethink that policy.

    • That’s a dumb policy I don’t really have a ps3 available but I planed on it, and I have a vita sooo… Could we also have a down/up upgrade as well @fred where we can pay a small fee to own the ps3 and vita versions? I should be more patient…

    • Purchase the ps3 version on the web store if you don’t have access to a ps3 ,then do the upgrade.

    • @irish-sid but I already got the PS4 only version, I bought it before this post!

  • is it now for ps4 cos i cant see it thanks

  • What if I’m buying the PS4 version, do I get the PS3 and Vita version with it?

    • The US Blog seems to indicate that you don’t get the Vita nor Ps3 version in which case it is cheaper to buy the PS3 version and then pay the upgrade fee to get all three versions

    • No. If you get the PS3 version, you’ll get the Vita version with Cross Buy. If you want all three versiond, buy the PS3 digital version and grab the €3.99 PS4 upgrade. If you have the PS3 digital version you’ll get the Vita version when it launches – but if you only have the PS4 digital version you won’t have Cross Buy access to the Vita version.

    • They need to fix this. Seems unfair. Because I ran out and supported the release of the PS4 version without ever owning a ps3 (or spending time reading forums), I’m paying $40 for two products instead of $25 for three.

      Mojang, Sony, whoever is listening, provide a 5 dollar upgrade option for those who already own the ps4 version when buying the vita version!

    • Agree with antientropy… your average customer probably doesn’t bother reading blog updates and has no idea what they’re entitled to.

      Cross buy is a great idea and I’ve bought loads of games based on their cross buy availability (as I own PS3, PS4 and Vita) but when it goes wrong it is a horror. Look at the Crimsonland debacle… it came out weeks ago and I’ve still not got my Vita version I was supposedly entitled to… It feels like SCEE just think it’s “too much like hard work” to sort these problems when they go wrong.

      I had probs with Battle Royale this week too; it seems I could only get the Vita version by downloading it to PS3 first then installing it from there. It’s crazy. These things should be simple but they are made SO complicated. It just feels like nobody is bothered to test things properly.

  • I have the disk version but i have no voucher with a code in it.
    Only a little book was in the diskcase.
    How do i upgrade it now?

    • That’s a very good question, my brother has the same problem… I think it’s unfair for those you bought the early disk version of Minecraft PS3.

    • It appears to be based off of trophy data. I got the discounted price without a digital copy or a voucher code.

      Only other possibility would be to base it off of 4J’s leaderboard data. Regardless, you should be fine.

    • Still can’t get it.

    • If you have already purchased the PS3 Blu-Ray disc, your account will receive an automatic entitlement on your PSN ID so that you will be able to download the digital PS3 version. You will then be given automatic access to the PS4 Upgrade for €3.99. If this doesn’t happen within the next 24 hours, customer service will be able to help you get sorted.

    • Still not working, called the dutch customer service.
      They don’t know this and had to explain.
      No luck at all, now i have to sent screenshots that i don’t have the option.
      And on the dutch blog the moderator says that if you have a hardcopy you can download the digital version fot the PS3 so you can upgrade after that and get you Vita version when iy is out.
      They didn’t know on the phone.
      To be continued………

    • Same here still nothing, i played it for a while, I thought it might help got some trophies, and syncend them still nothing… (I got the disc version) hopefully you guys can help with this problem

    • ZWValandil, i had the same problem (also from The Netherlands) i was able to download the PS3 digital edition for free on the website (Couldn’t get it on the PSN Store on the PS3) I was able to select ”Download to all my PS3’s, after logging in i got the digital version for free, and now i was able to purchase the PS4 version with the discount! hope this helps!

    • Tx for letting me know, but i still have the problem.
      On the website i can´t download the PS3 version for free, wants to charge me 18,99.
      Also i can´t select the upgrade because it keeps saying i don´t own the PS3 version.
      Strange thing is that a friend of mine who bought the game at the same time as mee could upgrade but can´t download the digital version of the PS3 for free, think that will give problems again when the Vita version arrives.
      Was hoping to plat Minecraft on my PS4 this weekend and keep trying to see if it is fixed.
      I have been in contact with the helpdes several times on the phone and trough email they asked me to sent them screenshots of not being able to download and but the game after i had to explain to them there is an upgrade program and how it works (Yes really)
      Also sent screenshots of my trophylist where they can see i have been playing this game since 30/06.
      After that it all went quit after i sent the email on thursday 4/09.
      No emails, no messages on PSN, no nothing on theire own website or twitter or facebook, no service.

  • is this upgrade price for a limited-time only?

  • Sweet, Just topped up my $$$, bring on Vita now.

  • Finallyyyyyyy ❤️❤️

  • Yes!!!! Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeahhhhhh ^^


  • I this and it doesnt work. i have the receipt telling me i bought the game trial and game unlock for $6.75 NZ but now PSN is telling me i dont have the unlock and my Minecraft is only the trial version. very unhappy :(

    • Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble. If this is still an issue please contact customer services and they will fix this for you asap.

    • I have the exact same problem, it’s showing that I need to pay again in the store.

    • Ive got this problem too,bought and paid for the game but only have access to the trail version,when i click on unlock full game in the game options it brings me to the store but ive already bought the game it just says installed. :(

    • been on hold for over 25 minutes now and still counting…….

    • Yup got the exact same issue try to buy it again and then says it’s currently unavailable

    • From holland an bought the game yesterday and have the same problem. Bougt it all on the PC store and on PS4 have to buy it again. are you guys busy with a fix or do i have to call the service? Messed up because its sunday…

    • Still doesn’t work, it is now 8-09-2014, already called 3 times.

  • Fred,

    Do you have any info on the Australian release? I would love to buy minecraft on my PS4, but cannot find it on the AU store. :(

  • No sign of it on the Aussie store yet :(

  • Nevermind. i was able to buy it through the browser based store on my pc. Yay!

  • Need clearer info on the method of redeeming this if you own the PS3 disc already, I tried re-syncing my trophies on PS3/PS4 to show I have it, uploaded save data to ps+ and even inserted my PS3 disc into my PS4 and yet the PSN store still tells me I cannot purchase it because I do not own Minecraft for PS3 apparently.

    My only option is to purchase the full version for PS4 at £12.99

    • Try the browser based store.

    • Tried it Nathan, same result.

    • If you’re still not seeing the PS4 entitlement, customer support will get you fixed up double-quick.

    • I have no upgrade either 140minutes spent in a queue on the phone to psn support and the first thing the operator says is, minecraft 4 is not out on PS4 after a further 10 minutes talking to what felt like a 4 year old he told me he did not know why I was not getting the option to upgrade, he has escalated it to tech but as they are still trying to find my putty squad game I paid 15 quid for a month after I reported it I don’t have much hope there I can tell you, if anyone resolves it could they let others know. Rant over… for now!

    • same problem here…

    • I was on hold for around 25 minutes on three separate calls trying to get in touch with customer support. Never made it through, huge waste of time.

    • I have the same problem. Have ps3 copy but ps store claims I don’t. My trophies for the ps3 version are visible on my ps4 but when I try download the upgrade it says I don’t have it. Put my game data from the ps3 onto cloud yesterday, waiting for the 24 hrs to pass so I can download it onto ps4 system and hopefully that will unlock the upgrade. If it works I will report back in the next hour.

    • No joy. I dont get that you can see the trophies that you have earned yet the system still says you dont have the game. This is becoming a joke.

  • Me neither. And my PS3 disc doesn’t have the voucher either so it’s a good thing I have the digital version.

  • Has anyone been able to import their saves from the PS3 version to the PS4 one? Can’t find any information on how to do it at all.

    • Nope, went on PS3 version and there’s no option to export the save. Also worth mentioning too is that NO DLC is included in the trasnfer too so you need to buy the DLC again on PS4 version when it’s on the store.

    • I tried to use Usb and ps+, but the result was the same: the ps4 does not see any saves.

  • Great! Umm…. Except things are clearly NOT working, as I downloaded PS3 edition from the Store some months ago but can’t download PS4 edition because I apparently don’t own PS3 edition. Best I can get is a trial version, which I can’t unlock, and is just the tutorial. No save transfers etc. typical Sony incompetence, and very frustrating.

    • My mistake! Signed into my store account via web browser and managed to purchase for reduced price. Still can’t access this via the store on PS4 but my rant above was a bit OTT. sorry Sony, looks like you’re not that incompetent after all.

    • This might not help, but just in case. I went through the web store and a search of ‘Minecraft’ found two PS4 entries. One is the trial, one is the paid for upgrade. I downloaded the trial first accidentally (it’s just called Game Unlock, which is confusing), and then paid for the other one.

      The version on the PS4 remained the trial. I couldn’t re-download from the web store until I deleted the trial from the PS4. Once I’d done that, I could download the non-trial version and all is working now.

    • Seems you sorted it out by the time I wrote my essay… good work!

    • Scubafinch, I did but thanks for the assist anyway!

  • when dose it come out for the us n Canada cant see it on the psn store y sony

  • Cross buy is only for the PS3/Vita versions. If you have the PS3 version you will be able to download the vita version when it is released.

  • I really don’t get the hype about mc.

  • Does anyone have the problem of getting the game because I look at psn store on my ps4 and it’s not there can anyone help my plz

  • *looks at time stamps and flags*

    Some of you should have been sleeping….. >_>

  • Still not available here in Denmark. Listed as “unavailable”.

  • Nnnooooooooo!!!!! I’ve got to go to work. Monsters beware I will see you at 1800.

  • Maybe it will be fixed when the store goes up on the PS4.
    Can’t find it there yet, only on the webrowser on my PC.
    Hope they fix it soon whith the upgrades, i wanna play.

    • If you sign into the store on your web browser, purchase it, it should then download to your PS4. Worked for me, playing now!

  • I just bought this physical today with the intention of upgrading to PS4 but there’s no code in the box, what should I do?

    • See my reply to comment 6 – once you’ve played the game and PSN has logged your activity you’ll unlock the upgrade entitlement.

    • Hey Fred, I’ve synced trophies but I STILL can’t find/unlock the upgrade entitlement! Any updates for us?

  • Finally got it, don’t use Firefox, PSN doesn’t like it. Chrome works fine.

  • Fred. I know a lot of people have “confirmed” but if you could that would be great; if I buy the PS4 version, will I get the PS3 and PS Vita versions automatically, or do I need to buy the PS3 version, and upgrade to PS4 to get all three?

    • Yes, I recommend you get the PS3 digital version, then get that additional PS4 upgrade. That way you’ll have Cross Buy entitlement to the PS Vita version when it lands. The PS4 version and the Vita version are not Cross Buy linked.

  • Can we get some, any update on the Vita version? It’s clearly been made the lowest priority if you finish versions that are 36x its size before it. You don’t even mention it in most of your updates. Would it hurt to be a little revealing?

  • Needs Forge and mod support.

    What? It’s the PS4. You really think it couldn’t handle the load? It would be amaaaaazing

  • I can’t find the standalone PS4 verdien in the Dutch PSN store. There’s only a demo and an upgrade version for the PS4. Do I have to buu the PS3 version first? I don’t hope so because I’m not interested in the PS3/Vita versions..

  • If I buy the Minecraft PS3 edition second hand (disk version) will I be able to upgrade it to the PS4? How does it exactly work? How does PlayStation see if I’m eligible for the PS4 upgrade and the PS Vita cross-buy? Thank you for your time.

  • Morning Fred. Can you reveal when the Minecraft PS3 update will roll out? I’m torn between starting new Survival game or holding off and continuing my PS3 progress but its really come down to how long it’ll be before I can transfer my game over. Thanks in advance :)

    • Alas, I don’t have a firm date at present but we’ll let you know as soon as possible. Timeframe is days rather than weeks.

  • Heya, so I own a Vita and a PS4 – I’d like to get both versions ideally, so if I was to purchase the PS3 version on the UK store on my laptop, would that then mean that I can upgrade to the PS4 version at the discounted rate as well?

    Been looking forward to this for ages! Can’t wait till the Vita version comes out, with Borderlands, Don’t Starve and Minecraft I may never run out of games to play

    • …okay I just went ahead and did it anyway and it worked!

      If you buy the PS3 version on the web version of the store and complete the transaction, when you next search for the PS4 version it has the discounted upgrade amount. Hooray!

  • Now if only scee would use that same effort they used lastnight getting minecraft on ps4 to give people info on when we can pre download destiny.

  • Sky Factory on Ps4 would be amazing, i’m happy it’s finally available. :-D

  • Any ETA on the Minecraft PS3 update that let’s us transfer our saves to next gen? I’ve found myself with nothing to do on Minecraft PS4 without my map.

  • No sign of it on the UK store for PS4 or via the PS4’s browser

  • When is the boxed version coming out?

  • Nevermind, found it. Search did nothing. Have to look in the games section, then new releases

  • The Vita love… it is non-existent. Not even a “we’ll have details on the Vita release soon!”… This is kind of the problem Vita has. No exposure. If nobody knows about a portable Minecraft, they won’t buy it. Really should have been a bundle. =/

  • I can’t figure out how to tranfer my ps3 savegame to my ps4. If I press square I can download the savegames, but the ps4 can’t find the saves. Please help.

  • What about the PSVita version? Any news?

  • What’s the deal with transferring worlds from PS3 to PS4?
    I can see the download option on PS4 but there is no upload option on the PS3.
    I’ve heard there’s and update which will add this feature? Does anyone know if this has been released yet?

  • When is the vita version coming? THAT would be real news…

  • When I go to the psn store on ps4 it says I don’t own the ps3 version, yet I hold it in my hand. Any ideas?

  • Question… I bought it for the 360, because it was available there first. Is there any way I can get the $4.99 discount for the PS4?

  • Fred, make the right people know that this game DEMANDS a Vita bundle.

  • Still waiting for the vita version o.o

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