Themes coming to PS4 & PS Vita, “Live from PlayStation” app coming to PS Vita

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Brand new features coming to your systems later this year

Early this morning, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia held a press conference in Tokyo where some new features were announced for both PS4 and PS Vita. In case you missed it, I’m happy to confirm one of the most popular features from PlayStation 3 – themes – is coming to PS4 and PS Vita this autumn with system software updates coming to both platforms.

With these two updates (v2.00 for PS4 and v.3.30 for PS Vita), you’ll be able to reflect your personality across all your PlayStation systems – PS4, PS3 and PS Vita! Themes are among the most requested features from PS4 owners, so we’re eager to offer them and will share more about the feature in the coming weeks.

Here’s a sneak peak of what the PS4 home screen will look like with a customised theme.

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004

We’ve also got an exciting update for PS Vita owners. Since the launch of PS4 last November, watching livestreams of what the PlayStation community is playing through the “Live from PlayStation” app has been a big part of the PS4 experience – in fact, 150 million livestreams have been watched as of the end of May.

This autumn you’ll be able to watch PS4 live streams from Twitch and USTREAM on your PS Vita through the “Live from PlayStation” app. I’m particularly excited for the “Live from PlayStation” app’s arrival on PS Vita so I can catch the most epic PS4 live streams when I’m away from my PS4!

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  • Those are great news. But I am still hoping that we’ll get folders for the PS4 in 2.00, as my home screen is getting a little too long.

  • I’d like a proper Twitch app on Vita.

    You guys going to bring over the patch that fixes Twitter on Vita too?


  • v2.0 seems to be shaping up nicely.

  • Nice! Give us folders tho. My PS4 menu looks like a train now.

    • At the very least, move the LIBRARY icon to the left side (instead of the right most) so that I don’t have to scroll through a long long list of icons to reach it. I know I can also reach it via the store icon (which is on the left most on the top row) but that’s slow and indirect.

      Let us use the triangle button on the PS4 menu for Options too. Keep the PS3 convention available on the PS4, since the triangle button is not assigned anyway. This is important because the Options button on the DS4 controller is so tiny and not ergonomic to reach blindly.

      Allow us to RENAME the game icons. Now I have 3 game icons all called “Contrast” and they all look exactly the same, though they are for the US, Europe and Japan versions respectively (they have stackable trophy sets), and they move around depending on which was most recently played.

      Let us organise the video app icons better. For example, I installed WWE Network app from US store, when I use a UK account, I will see 2 icons for WWE Network app, all looking identical, one for the US version (which was installed) and one for the EU version (which is not install but will be downloaded if I clicked on it accidentally, and this one is actually displayed on the top row so it’s easy to accidentally click on it).

  • That’s great! Now if we can get mp3-playback and folders too, this would be one killer update for me.

    • Yeah, man! Gots to get those folders. It just looks like a long freakin’ smörgåsbord at this point! Am I right? :D

  • Also for Vita firmware would it be possible to update
    Facebook app to be more like mobile version with better messaging
    More apps like whatsapp, snapchat, vine

    And get more games off ios & android like AC Pirates, GTA VC/GTA SA and the rest of gamelofts 3d titles

  • Those two things won’t make any fuss to the PS Vita, because:

    1 – themes should’ve been there since day 1, or at the very minimum once people started to make their own “themes” you should’ve stepped up and make something proper and official;

    2 – the “live from playstation” app should also been released when the ps4 came out, and you honestly think that that app will make a change for the handheld?

    Now, change the ps vita OS to match the PS4 and then we’ll talk. I’m put my hand on fire that it would help a lot the console, I know I would clean the dust off of mine.

  • I really hope they start including the features that they promised soon, like suspending games. That was an actual selling point at the reveal event unlike themes, dlna or mp3.

    • I can’t speak for every game/, but I’m pretty sure I can suspend The Last of Us when switching over to Netflix.

    • We were supposed to be able to go directly from a game into standby, then when you press the PS button straight back into the game. That is what is meant by suspending a game.

      Basically the same as what you can do on PS Vita.


    • Yeah, the amount of Vita-compatible content that the US Store gets compared to us is not fair. :/

    • And the prices are great, too!

    • Definitely. I have the two PSP Burnout games on my UK account but EA for some unfathomable reason does not allow them to work on PS Vita in the UK.

      Annoyingly, the US versions DO work but that would mean losing access to all my UK content, which is everything.

  • I agree with the comments others have said. I would like folders in PS4 too as my menu is a mess. And a proper Twitch app would be great also. But on the bright side at least we can watch streams on it so that’s the important thing.

  • Sounds great, but if you can fit a couple of extras into the update, Vita owners would love you for it:

    1.) The ability to set wallpapers for subfolders.
    I can set a wallpaper for a particular page on the Live Area, but if I set up a folder on that page, then the folder doesn’t take on the wallpaper of the parent page. You can’t set a wallpaper manually for the folder either – just the old boring blue background. It detracts from the theme you’re trying to set.

    2.) The ability to turn off the automatic screen dimming.
    This is the most annoying thing about the Vita. Half-way through a long cutscene, the screen dims – yeah, I know it’s set to prevent screen burn but every user in existence finds it irritating and we’re not children that don’t know how to handle our electronics. It totally breaks immersion in a game, and it goes off during the intros, ending scenes and in-game cutscenes of every RPG on Vita.

    Probably won’t use the themes myself – I prefer not to style my consoles around one game, but the Live from PlayStation app sounds useful.

    • In addition:

      – Let us create EMPTY FOLDERS on the Vita. For example, I want a folder for “Demo” but I don’t want the folder to be automatically deleted when I delete it’s last content.

      – Let us add a name/title/label to each page on the Vita.

      – Let us remap the buttons when using the Vita to Remote Play a PS4 game. The default may not always be suitable for each game to each player. I may prefer L2 to be the physical L button on the Vita instead of using the back touchpad, for example, in game A but not in game B.

      – And, on all platforms, give us better tools to manage our Download List/Library. It’s frustrating to scroll through a list that’s over a thousand items long. Simple options like filtering out items that cannot be downloaded to the Vita must be there.

    • – On the Vita TV/Playstation TV, when you edit the menu to move icons around, you can press square button to go into Move mode. This basically picks up the current icon and let you move it around using the D-pad instead of dragging it around using your finger (cos the Vita TV doesn’t have touch screen).

      I don’t think the handheld Vita itself has a Move mode like this. Dragging an icon around using a finger, especially dragging across pages, is clumsy as the other icons all bounce around randomly as you pass them, it’s hard to drop it precisely where you want it to be. And when you hold it near the top/bottom, it flips a page when you don’t want to, or you have to hold it there for a second for it to flip the page when you want it to (this start/stop motion is annoying). Using d-pad is much easier.

    • I’ve been playing The Walking Dead on Vita, and omg that automatic screen dimming is absurd! Why games don’t have an “override” of that is ridiculous.

  • Great news! Any ETA on these updates?
    The conference was actually great for Vita, hopefully SCEA and SCEE take not and follow suit in the future.
    Also what’s with ANOTHER conference on the 17th!?

  • Patch Borderlands 2 Vita!

  • Really happy about this piece of news.
    Just one thing I would like to request is….
    a checkbox to allow a random theme everytime you turn on your ps4!

    Silence wingers this is good news!

  • great news but bad news that themes you buy on ps3 cant transfer them into ps4 :[

    • Umm… well… it’s two completely different OS’s so what would you expect? Not that there’s plenty of good themes in the store anyway, same goes for the avatars, there too much HS there cluttering the store.

      For me, the best PS3 themes, and the only ones I have on my PS3, are user made gotten on a fan base site. I have none of those selling in the store, they all suck.

  • Any info on price?

    During conference they said that Vita themes will have to be downloaded from PSN. So I’m guessing that that it will work similar to Avatars.

    But I would hope that at least owners of games will get theme from game he owns.

  • bring back the folders because games i buy want to put them into folders like can do on ps3.

  • If I can get an Okami theme for my PS4 to match my PS3 I will be the ecstatic.

  • Do the Vita themes include the music they played at press conference (Freedom Wars and Danganronpa theme music) or will the Vita continue to play that ‘lounge’ music even after you install the new theme?

  • Hopefully Plus members will once again be getting free themes every month?

  • awesome news great updates +1 keep it up!

  • Question: Can i create own theme?

    • On Vita you already can…. not sure why anyone would pay for one. Unless you want really annoying music playing constantly.

      On PS4 I hope at least we can set a wallpaper. That said, theres not much room to display a wallpaper on the new OS.

  • Awesome. So sick of that blue wave thing.. However, I do hope we’ll be seeing dynamic themes as well.. The other day I was just thinking I’d love the Ground zeroes startup menu (with Big boss smoking his cigar) as a theme.
    As for my favorite ps3 themes and the ones I mainly used despite having plenty others : Heavy rain (alley raining), Last of us (blood dripping) and a couple of Killzone ones, but the one with the rain in the alley from Heavy rain is my absolute favorite and most used. Anyway, glad we’ll be getting themes on ps4 at all. Hope to see some good ones for purchase because I don’t want custom ones.

  • I m super excited about themes, its nice to add a touch of ur fav games on the home screen. I expeced smth interesting from Japan conference as vita is bigger thng in Japan than anywhere else. Great for #psvita.

  • My body is ready for DAT Danganronpa theme! ( ̄ー ̄)

  • I only want to add an own background on my PS4…

  • I really wanna point out something here
    Have u ever tried to download something and suddenly u have decided to pause the download and maybe continue it later on ?
    But u couldn’t find the pause button !?

    Well sony I hope u could add this “important” feature which u took away
    Coz it was on in ps3 system

    Thank u

  • Also, you guys really really need to sort the store not loading after using other apps or playing games, very frustrating having to turn the PS4 off then on to get it to load

  • Hopefully by themes, this also means that we can just have a colour changing background like on the PS3 and also have folders for our games ala PS3.

    Still, this looking good and I’m looking forward to even more information on moar features in v2.00.

  • YES!! Thank you, Sony, for showing you still wish to keep my Vita updated and happy (and alive)! :)

  • Great. Themes for Vita… and then some forced annoying splashscreen and overlap them. Like you did on PS3. Stop ignoring us!!!

  • This is uncanny. I woke up this morning and thought to myself “I wish I had some premium themes to buy on my vita so that I can sit and stare at them whilst I lament over how few console quality games there are on my vita and Sony’s abandonment of it.”
    Yeah they showed off some new vita games on the Japanese thing but what’s the likelihood of them ever getting a physical release here? It’ll be more overpriced digital only junk.

  • Please make it possible to be able to change your online ID, it has to be one of the most requested features on PSN.
    YES I could create another account, but 5 years of content and trophies says no.

  • Thank You Isabelle! These are incredible great news! \(^O^)/

  • Please tell me there will be XMB theme for Vita. I never liked the smarties interfact.

  • Nice, but i think it would be nicer to add the ability to manage your savedata on the vita. I think it’s sad that for some games the only way to delete the savedata is to redownload the entire game, which is rather inconvenient.

    As for the Ps4 I’m not gonna buy one as long as there is no support for local video/musicplayback or at least dlna support (or Persona 5 is out over here :) ).

  • All I want on the Vita is multiple users to make both digital and physical games region free :(

  • If we can’t get folders at least have more rows on the home screen as it would suit the current style. I don’t know….20 to each row…..for the love of my left foot….something, anything!!!

  • Better tell us when you add dualshock support for remote play?t

  • Since Sony ignored my question on Twitter I’ll ask it here… Will the Freedom Wars theme be available in Europe? Also, now that VITA got themes… How about multiple accounts, I mean… You are launching PS TV afterall.

  • So… talking about some of “the most requested” ps4 features, when is game suspending coming? You know, the feature that I actually thought was in the console from the start because it was always mentioned. Silly me…

  • Folders before themes!

    You want us to buy more games but we cant find any games in that mess that the OS is in right now. I miss the XMB and its ease of organisation :(

  • Pleeeaase say we’re getting the Doko Demo Issyo themes? Europe and the US need more Toro in their lives!

  • I hope by Vita “theme” we really mean “completely eradicate bubbles, do your Vita how you want” and not just “here’s a pretty picture” – because I’ve been making full Vita themes (images for each page part of a set) for various people for quite a while now…

    And not getting paid! BOOOM

    • It’s probably the same as PS3. Option to buy themes but also having the ability to make our own themes for free.
      Basically what you’ve been doing on Vita already, just like you can do on PS3.

  • What’s the point of the live from playstation app on vita? Are we going to be able to stream from our vitas? If not don’t bother, it will be pointless.

    • Its still a good free feature dont complain just a few examples of when you can use it ie on the bog,in the bath,whilst in bed pleasing the missus, the list is endless dont complain just enjoy the ride.

  • To make your own emblem on the ps app and put it in any game would be Cool

  • That is great news!!! Now I can look forward to getting themes when I hopefully win a PS4 from a future Playstation website competition. Hopefully will be a word I will be using a lot because I don’t want to buy a PS4 but win one from any website that has that console as the main competition prize instead.

    • Good luck with that. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. You will never win a PS4. Save your monies to buy one some day. Don’t bank on winning one. That is a foolish attitude.

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