Cult fighter Nidhogg gets a PS Vita version too!

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Cult fighter Nidhogg gets a PS Vita version too!

The brilliant fencing game is set to launch on PS4 and Vita

We are super stoked to announce that Nidhogg is coming out on PS Vita, and will simultaneously release with the PS4 version! Also, it will be Cross Buy, so if you buy one, you get both versions. How dope is that?!

If you haven’t heard of Nidhogg yet, that’s cool. It’s been around the PC game world for a while, and at super awesome parties around the world. It’s a two-player fencing/fighting game with the ultimate goal of getting eaten by a massive pink dragon, called the Nidhogg.


Nidhogg is pretty much the ultimate party game, but you can also practice with the single player mode against the AI or play with friends or randos online. When you inevitably have a Nidhogg party, there is a built in tournament mode for 3-8 players. We had some crazy high stakes tournaments at EVO.

You can also toggle a bunch of different variants on and off, or combine them for endless weirdness (baby mode + spine swords?).


The soundtrack consists of four dynamic (epic!) electronic tracks by the world famous musician, Daedelus. The music track levels change based on the action onscreen so it is always (subtly!) changing. You’ll never hear the same exact version twice! Take a listen to the clouds level here.

PS Vita is a great way to play Nidhogg. You can play in single-player mode against the AI opponents, of course, but you can also connect to PSN over wi-fi and play against all the other players out there, whether they’re on a Vita or PS4. The PS4 version works online as well, and you can even play online across systems (Vita vs PS4!).


If you’re out of wi-fi range and you just want to play someone on the bus you can do that in Vita-to-Vita ad-hoc mode. If you just have one Vita and two people, you can still play! The left stick controls one player and the right stick controls the other!

Our company, Messhof, has been working with Code Mystics to bring out Nidhogg for PS4 and PS Vita and we can’t WAIT to share it with you! See you online!


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  • This is supposed to be brilliant? Really! If it was on a megadrive 20 years ago

    • A game doesn’t have to have millions of polygons to be good you know.

    • @ Deicides
      Yes it does.
      The pixilation trend was amusing for a while, but when it gets to this level, you know they are trolling.

      There is not way that you can possibly argue that pixilating a game makes it any better than if it had proper graphics.

    • @fps_d0minat0r
      Clearly, you are right. Except that enough people disagree with you that they are bringing this PC game to the PS4 and Vita, so they have to expect that it’ll be worth the cost. So obviously, you’re the brilliant wise person in the sea of plebeians. You can tell so much about the quality of the gameplay from these screenshots.

      Actually, no, you can’t. You’re just pretending to.

      Go watch the flashy CGI in Transformers. It seems to me that’s roughly how you judge quality.

    • @ ExtremePhobia
      So youre saying anything that makes it way from PC to PS4 and vita must be good? Stop pretending.

      As for transformers, I dont think much of that game, but its still miles better than this…. where you cant even see anything properly.

      I’m not sure where you get the idea that better graphics make games worse when every single peice of evidence suggests the opposite. You are just picking games with good graphics, but happen to have bad gameplay to try and prove that point… but that will only work on an idiot.

    • @fps_d0minat0r
      If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it or play it.

      Video games are broad enough these days that not everyone will like everything.

      Personally, I think this looks awesome, sure the graphics might not be up to much but the gameplay looks like it could be a lot of fun.

  • But… Wheeeeeen? I have this on PC and it’s excellent, but I would gladly pony up some more cash for a console version! (2 console versions!).

  • Ultimate goal of getting eaten by a massive pink dragon!? SOLD!

  • The day iOS gets Bioshock, we get an announce for a card game and two 8-bit style graphics games.

  • Cool, cross buy/play. What’s the price gonna be?

  • would be sweet on PSVITA

  • Hmmm…. I think that I need to copy one question and paste it every time there are multiplatforms mentioned.

    ok… here I come…

    “Why is it better to pick it on Vita or PS4 instead of PC/Android/iOS/tablets”

    I might buy it… but I want to know what makes it better than other versions. What makes it different? Sell it to me! Tell why should I pick Vita version instead of PC.

    • Because it’s portable. ;)

    • i’ll buy it on vita/ps4 because of the cross buy and cross play, playing this with ps4 friends with me on the on the vita sounds pretty cool to me. Plus if i got it on the PC the lightly hood of me playing with friend is pretty low as turn into solitary gamer when i go onto the pc, anyway i digress my point is, if i get it on the ps4/vita i probably with play with friends which is what this game relies on.

  • Its hard to understand how 2 players can share 1 vita by using left n right stick. Will hav to buy it to see how its gonna work. Will the game have platinum trophy?

  • Will be getting this.

  • Can’t wait for this game. From what i have watched of this game being played, it seems more like a couch game rather than an online one. But to help get that feeling i would love to see a lobby system implemented like some fighting games have. So numerous people could spectate the match and chat and taunt the two players currently playing.

  • Ok, seriously, I do NOT believe that some of these comments are true.

  • It looks absolutely rubbish. It looks like we’re going back to the Commodore 64 era of graphics. It’s terrible. Credit to the developers for doing a cross – platform game but come on……ramp up those pixels a little lol

  • I love Nidhogg on PC. I can’t wait for this to come out on PS4. Just give us a release date!

  • No offence, but not for me. I guess it’s an indie game, but “retro” graphics does not make an indie game. Looking at this it just looks awful, and the personalisation of the wording in this blog is just awful “super stoked”, “dope”, “super awesome”, and “Randos”, not to mention the at time excessive amount of “!” is just offence to myeyes is overwhelming. It’s like South Park’s Al Gore was talking to me… I’m “super cereals”.

  • Been on my radar since its PC release, and wanted to give a shot on Vita. So I’m in!

  • Giant Bomb quicklook sold me on this, but my PC is not in the lounge and this seems a perfect local multiplayer game. With this, Towerfall and now Sportsfriends free on PS+, my PS4 is getting to be a pretty amazing local multiplayer machine.

  • “This is supposed to be brilliant? Really! If it was on a megadrive 20 years ago”

    You must be very young.

    Megadrive games looked 1000 times than this game.

    This is more like a Sinclair Spectrum looking game.


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