Exploring the 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets of No Man’s Sky

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Exploring the 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets of No Man’s Sky

Hello Games’ Sean Murray goes into more detail on the scope of his sci-fi epic

Hello PlayStation Blog! I’m Sean Murray, and I work at a little indie studio in the UK, making a game called No Man’s Sky. I’m writing this on a plane back from Gamescom, where we showed some press the game behind closed doors.

We’ve only done three days where we’ve talked to press about the game so far (two at E3 and one at the VGX show last year), but for an indie game we’ve had lots of interest and excitement. Something I’m still struggling to get my head around. So much so that I didn’t actually want to go to Gamescom! We’ve never actually shown any European press the game though, and we felt bad about that.

Sony provided a room and I gave 100 members of the press a demo of the game for an hour, together with a really rambling presentation… where I apparently never looked up at the crowd once :(

I can’t really remember what I said, but I guess I wanted to share some stories from development, and I thought maybe you’d find them interesting too.

We tell people No Man’s Sky is a science-fiction game, set in an infinite procedural universe. When I read sci-fi growing up, though, the thing I always wanted to experience was the feeling of touching down on a planet that no one had ever been to. To walk over the crest of an alien landscape and not know what I might find.

My favourite moment so far from making No Man’s Sky happened a few months back. David was adding four-legged creatures to the game (he insists on calling them ungulates), Hazel was adding a weather system, and Ryan was adding collision to all the trees (which is really hard when you have a whole forest full of them). I hadn’t seen any of this, and I was flying around the universe, trying to take some screenshots. I neared the surface of a planet and suddenly it started to rain. As I was touching down I scared some deer who broke through the woods, dodging in and out of trees. Now this was jaw-dropping to me, because I’ve never seen any of these systems before, but also it felt like this was a real place I’d discovered. No one had been there before, and I didn’t know whether to shout excitedly, or just keep it to myself.


In a nutshell, moments like that are No Man’s Sky for me. Sure, there is trading, combat, weapons, ships and a core game, but really for me the quiet moments of discovery are what it’s all about.

The cool thing is that every planet has a single number, a random seed, that defines everything about that planet. A single random seed generates every blade of grass, tree, flower, creature. So as the developer I can note down the planet seed, and then just go back there any time I want. We demoed this at Gamescom, just jumping round the universe to different planets. There are no load times, because nothing needs to load, as the planets are entirely computer-generated.

Really this seed defines how many planets you can discover before things start to go a bit crazy and undefined. For us we choose a big number. We’re working to a 64-bit system, which is 2 to the power of 64… or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 possible planets. Even if a planet is discovered every second, it’ll take 585 billion years to find them all!

Being a coder, I really enjoy the tech side of things, but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is how interesting, varied and exciting we can make this universe of ours. That’s what developing No Man’s Sky really is. It’s about filling the universe.

The procedural technology does lots of that for us, but we have to provide it with the sparks, like the patterns of spaceship design that we think look great, and different types of creature and the way they vary. We have to build the systems, the rules. We’ve shown so far creatures that you’ll be familiar with, but we’re thinking now about creatures that look far more alien, and they’re slowly changing the way even we’re perceiving the universe. It’s getting weirder, maybe not so friendly, and surprising us at every turn.

It’s been a joy to see the game boot every day as No Man’s Sky becomes richer and more varied and we see more surprising things, but it’s also sort of frustrating, because it’s so hard to share our excitement at what we’ve been creating. It has never felt right to just go off and show off lots of a game that’s about discovery. It’s like that should be up to you when you finally get to play. I can’t wait for that, and it just makes me want to finish the game as soon as we can.

And my plane has just landed! Thanks again for everything, and we’ll talk again soon. Find out more here.

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  • This game will be a waste of money I wont even be able to explore the 1% of it :(

  • Words cannot describe my excitement for this game, I am amazed by what you are trying to achieve with it’s massive scale. One thing I am somewhat curious about however is what the game is about? I understand we fly to an infinite number of planets, but it doesn’t come across as a story heavy game, and so I am wondering… How is the experience going to be able to keep fresh?

    • Comments like this show how close-minded and unimaginative gamers have become. I don’t know where the blame should fall but big publishing corporations sure aren’t helping with their Michael Bayish approach to video games, all bang, no brain and even less heart, selling us content after content in hopes of filling the void that the game created 2 minutes into it and only deepened it until the end. But they are not the only ones who should take the blame. Lack of imagination is a serious affliction, nowadays infecting almost all of us.

      “One thing I am somewhat curious about however is what the game is about? I understand we fly to an infinite number of planets, but it doesn’t come across as a story heavy game, and so I am wondering… How is the experience going to be able to keep fresh?”

      This question is actually an oximoron after the statement “I understand we fly to an infinite number of planets” but nonetheless i wish to ask you – what do you do every day when you wake up and go outside your house where there is practically an infinite number of things to do and infinite number of places to go considering the huge amount of people on this vast planet and the fact that you walk an average 4km/h on a planet of 500 million square kilometers? How do you keep your everyday experience fresh?

      Well here’s my answer, and it has everything to do with what Sean wrote in this article. It’s the wonder, the sheer awe towards the world we occupy and the mistery of the vast unknown. I remember playing Ur-Quan masters when I was a kid and how awesome it was to upgrade your spaceship so you can go even faster and even further into deep space, coming accross amazing and weird worlds and creatures, discovering heaps of bewildering lore about them. Paired with the soundtrack it was one of my dearest games growing up.

      Reading sci-fi books has helped me escape into universes where the everyday struggles of men and senseless phenomenons like war, famine and disease disappeared into oblivion leaving only the truest forms of human interaction with the universe – love, exploration and wonderment, and this game I believe is something that will be capable of just that!

      As awesome as sci-fi is, it is only a glimmer of what can be achieved with the human brain if it strives towards imagination and science and serves only to motivate us. True wonderment lies withing all of us, we only have to look up and towards the unknown! Thank you Hello games for starting a revolution!

    • @wowbagger92
      You must be crazy if you think people will just buy a game so they can go from place to place without any goal. Even a book need to have a story. I think your comment is just silly. Also people don’t have infinite time to waste. Sure I like the idea that the game is big and you adventure and discover things but there
      Must be some underlying goal and story to motivate the gamer. Otherwise it will fail.

    • I guess some people have never heard of Elite


    • Even Elite had a goal, to actually become ‘Elite’. I’m really looking forward to the vast exploration that this will provide. I’m going to be lost for hours in this, much the same as I was in Elite all those years ago.

    • @Syrus_ “Must be some underlying goal and story to motivate the gamer. Otherwise it will fail.”

      Ever heard of a little game called Minecraft? Goals are not necessary for a game to be successful. However the devs intimated that there is some sort of goal of heading to the centre of the galaxy for some reason, though players can choose to completely ignore that and explore to their heart’s content. I plan to do the latter first and the former eventually.

    • Someone mentioned the Star Trek motto of ‘meeting new life, new civilisations, to boldly go where no-one has gone before’.
      It got me thinking – while the numbers and systems for the game sound mightily impressive, will they ever try to implement a system for advanced/sentient life? The probability of finding one on a planet would be very small of course, but I think it’d make it all the more exciting to find something so rare as an alien civilisation.
      The system would have to be very complex of course, but I don’t think it’d be impossible to implement, at least further down the line when the game (definitely) becomes successful.

    • @Syrus_ It has been said numerous times that it is not an ambient game in the sense like Journey, but it hopes to evoke emotions of wander and awe like Journey has for so many players. You won’t be just flying around and looking at stuff, on the contrary you will have lots and lots to do and you will be doing it the way you want, the thing is it’s not forced upon you to ride out a rollercoaster of scripted events only looking towards the end. The excitement of exploration and discovery is to me an inexhaustible source of fun, and I love the idea that there are countless worlds to be discovered and enjoyed, and even be afraid of because of their perils. And not just worlds, but animals, plants, intelligent lifeforms and miraculous phenomenons in deep space.

      Look, I don’t know what kind of games you like, but I’m sure sick of games telling me what to do and how to do it because they’re scared to let the player do what he likes because he may find out how bland and uninteresting the game and the gameworld itself is. What I believe Hello Games are doing with No Man’s Sky is creating a massive, persistent, self-managing and evolving universe where you can do anything you like as if you were a real technologically advanced space-faring being. I don’t know if that doesn’t excite you, what does?

      The goal of the game in my opinion is to make your own story, of course there will be a narrative and an underlying “malevolent force” as Sean said that you will be up against but what I really love about this game is that things like that are always present in everyday life and they present a struggle in your journey to accomplishment and it isn’t shoved in people’s faces but it’s omnipresent in your adventures. Also Sean said that there will be a certain goal, and that is to get to the center of the galaxy because there will be something amazing and exciting there. Not to mention that they won’t be just releasing the game and leaving it alone, but they plan to support it and update it as long as there will be people playing it because it’s a passion project of theirs, so there most likely will be casual and competitive multiplayer modes to reel in people with shorter attention spans and fear of the unknown.

      I don’t know what else to say, if all I’m saying is true to what they plan on doing with the game than I will surely play it for the rest of my life, and I’m sure a lot of likeminded people will too. It’s just a great idea materialised.

    • @wowbagger92 absolutely loved your reply

    • @sshheezzyy thank you very much good sir!

    • No Man’s Sky has a goal if you want to attempt to achieve it, and it has a story. The latter isn’t thrown at you face but it’s hinted at within the game (factions etc) and you form your own story from that with a little help from something called imagination :)

  • This is one of my most anticipated game EVER – no indie game or anything, just Game.

    It looks amazing and the cherry on top would be Morpheus support *Hint*

    I reckon I could sell all my other games when this comes out cos I could get lost in this game forever.

  • I hope you’re using importance sampling to generate the environments – otherwise there’s going to be a whole load of empty planets! :-P

    Sounds like a fun project to work on though!

    • To be honest I wouldn’t mind to see some empty or even, aquatic planets. I think it will make it a bit more realistic.

    • They ahve said previously that the planets will follow a 90/10 principal. Of all the planets only 10% will be hospitable, of that only 10% will be green and of that, only 10% will have developed life…. so be prepared for lots of empty planets….

  • Still bit sad about how it turned out to be only timed exclusive for PlayStation :/ Shahid treated it as if it was real exclusive… but than it was revealed that it is also coming to PC (I should have got used to it by now)

    As for game… I dunno. It is single player game with multiplayer features, right? You won’t ever meet second player, right? So the problem is… won’t I get bored too fast with offered content. I dunno that. I like how it looks! And I was hyped about it… but now I’m starting to think… that maybe there is too hype around it, maybe people will expect much more and will be disappointed by what they get.

    So yeah… I will be observing game, but I will wait for reviews first before buying.

    Anyway, wish you GOOD LUCK!

    • I know what you mean by not seeing anyone else – but the way I look at it is how amazing will it feel if you have played for 6 months and 1 day you come across another player – it will be like Robinson Crusoe seeing a boat for the 1st time – Sheer elation!!

      I really can’t wait

    • Seeing as there are going to be trading, weapons and combat, I can only think that there is going to be some form of player interaction.

    • @Tipo-120B
      Dunno, we just heard about it just today.

      I remember that during E3 they said clearly that you will never meet another player because it is singleplayer game only with multiplayer features. Meaning you will see the effects of action’s of other but you will never ever meet them.

      That’s what they said during E3
      “So what actually happens should you ever cross paths with another player? “We haven’t really talked about multiplayer, but I want kind of a Journey-esque feel to it,” says Murray. “You get a sense that you’re playing with other people, and you can see the actions of other people, plus you’ll share things that are significant – if you take out a space station, we’ll share that, and that’ll be shared across the entire universe – but if you shoot down a bird, that won’t be. In terms of interactions, it’s really infrequent. But when it happens we want people to get a feel that we’re playing with other people. We’re doing that in loads of different ways – for instance, when you fly to the centre of the galaxy, when you get there is something you can do, and that causes an event and that is seen by everyone. ”

    • I’m hoping that you can see the birth of a planet, or at least its evolution. It’d be great to visit a planet, but not be able leave your spacecraft because the current environment can’t support life. Then, return to that planet where an atmosphere has formed, witness the creation of indigenous life, new species, natural disasters along with regeneration. Ultimately witness the death of star system because of a sun going supernova.

      But, the only problem with this is time. Could an accelerated time algorithm be successfully be put in place that would allow that kind of exploration without wrecking the game?

    • How would the game being exclusive would make it better? Sounds like you wanted it to be. More games for more people is always a good thing.

    • This game will need to Be on PC, If the amount of planets are true, the whole worlds gamers would not be able to explore the entire universe in this game, before the PS4 life cycle is up, hell PC is the only long lasting gaming platform.

  • How can you guys do this but Minecraft can’t create an endless world?

    • Technically, this isn’t endless either. There isn’t an infinite about of planets. There are 18,446,744,073,709,551,616.

    • Minecraft is Infinite, its just your computer crashes after so much, even the most powerful machine can crash on minecraft. the files in minecraft is far more inferior than no mans sky tho.

    • Like Maxdiehard said, it is not endless. The seed used to create a planet is encode as a 64 bytes unsigned integer. This mean that the number is represent in the computer memory as 64 1’s and 0’s. If you calculate the possibilities you obtain 2^64 = 18,446,744,073,709,551,616. 64 bytes architecture is recent though. When minecraft was created, the computer has a 32 bytes architecture. This means that the number of possibilities are 2^32 = 4,294,967,296. So yeah it is much less. But it is still a lot. The difference here is that No man’s sky use this data to store a seed. Minecraft use it to store eachs voxels/blocks. This is where the minecraft limits comes from. It is not because of the number of possible worlds, but the number of voxels that can be accessed and saved.

      Also, in minecraft, each game contains only one world. Each world is generated using a seed. This seed could very well be stored with 64 bytes and thus could generated as much world as in No Man’s Sky. But each would be in a separated game file. So minecraft developpers could actually choose to add the possibility to travel between world and all. But I don’t think it is their goal for the game.

      And remember that infinite world would require infinite amount of storage which we do not have :)

  • Is there a trophy for visiting every planet?

    • Wrong question: Will there biological life by the time you visit every planet?

    • Stathmos it is said that if you visit each planet for 1 second, it will take you 5 billion years to see them all

    • Hahaha Yeah that would be fun.

    • I love the game. But I do hope it’s not only about exploring. That would feel boring real fast. I know there are dog fights and trading stations. But I would really super mega Optimus prime excited about it if we could build stuff on planets.

  • The joy of discovery is something I have long longed for, especially in the Sci-Fi Genre. You know, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. As such, it’s literally a dream come true, for me.

    Now, I understand that this is probably not everyone’s dream. After all, exploration means a chance of not finding anything, and No Man’s Sky will not have a team of writers chrurning out weekly adventures. So the scope of it may very well sound daunting to someone with not a lot of gaming-time on their hands.

    But, whoever you are and whatever your gaming preferences, I’d say give NMS a try – if only for that little thrill of not knowing what will come next, not knowing what you will discover. That thrill of exploring is something that’s mostly lost to gamers now (thank you, internet), since no matter what you discover, chances are somebody else beat you to it and posted it somewhere. Or at least, somebody else will discover it after you did. It’s not yours – or it won’t be, not for long.

    No Man’s Sky will not have that. Ever. What you find will be your own. And, as sad as that might seem, that alone is something special. So I cannot wait for this to arrive.

    Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand. I don’t care, I’m still free. You can’t take the sky from me. It’s not yours to take or give. It’s No Man’s Sky.

    And even if we might never meet our fellow explorers, I am already looking forward to sharing my discoveries, and see how much of this (almost) infinite sky we can explore together :)

    • Well said! Exploration is the reason that I am buying this game, said that i am still sad for the cancellation of Stargate Worlds :(

    • Well put!
      I’d love for them to release an official log book so we can write down our everyday feats of exploration, piloting, trading, mining, etc. If not I’m sure to buy a big fat notebook and fill it with my adventures in the universe of No Man’s Sky. Considering the fact that almost every players experience could be unique, with a little skill in writing there could be some amazing stories born out of this video game.

    • I can imagine this is the type of game I will play when I do not want to be competitive or want to focus on stories or objectives, It is a game of wonder I will play on some Idle Tuesday…and realize the wonder of the universe that is unfolding before me.

  • Day 1 purchase!!

    So when is day one please???

  • Sean, whilst I appreciate these blog posts, there’s only one thing that I really want. That’s for you to take my money, and to give me the game :-).

    I have to say, that this is one of the games that I have been most looking forward to for a long time. I love the idea of exploring an almost infinite universe. I also love the idea of not being forced to play the game in any particular way.

    Do you have an idea of launch window for the game? Also, will this be retail or digital (or both)?

    I’ll definitely be getting this day 1 – I’ll even pre-order given the chance!

  • I would like to see a video where you show how the game is controlled.

  • Trying to read that number broke my brain. Thanks a lot Hello Games… hahaha

  • So combat, therefore weapons.. interesting and welcoming, too early to comment on pro’s or con’s, but as i never seen it asked yet perhaps i could have the (dubious) honour of enquiring as to ‘enemies’, given the sheer scale of possible landings there surely must be colonised or extinct due to war perhaps evidence of prior civilisation, so…. odds are in favour of landing on many hostile planets, my hope is a ‘infected’ population trying to ‘eat my brains’, there i said it, add zombies, not to just to satisfy those sick of zombie/infected type genre is surely going to misrepresent the ‘infinite’ possibilities, am keeping fingers crossed this game is even a fraction of it’s hype, value wise, looks like the future.. also must ask this, do you play Mass Effect?.. like me perhaps you wished to be able to land on more planets. best of luck in your project.

  • I was blown away by the vid of this at E3 and really can’t wait to play it. Not sure what the cost will be but it will be day 1 purchase regardless. I’m really excited that some devs understand that there should be more to games than just the usual genres being offered. After playing video games for nearly 30 years I’m glad that genuine survival horror is making a return and that sometimes you just want to fully explore the landscape of a game (someone spent time to program it in it seems only courteous to go and see it). I just hope that this and Wild aren’t released on the same day as I’m not sure which one I would play first

  • So, let’s see if I’ve got this right? Eighteen quintillion, four hundred and forty-six quadrillion, seven hundred and forty-four trillion, seventy-three billion, seven hundred and nine million, five hundred and fifty-one thousand, six hundred and sixteen.

    So, Gold trophy for visiting them all then? I’m hoping some form of importance sampling will be in place to weed out the truly uninteresting planets, otherwise there will be a whole load of empty rocks and few garden worlds. I am, however, so looking forward to this.

    Free exploration with things you discover being forever marked as your discovery, the combat of Elite and Privateer, economy and upgrading your ship and weapons, and the hope of one-day having that moment where you meet another living person (I bet there’s a trophy for that). As another poster before me has said, that will be a true Robinson Crusoe moment of discovery.

    Day One purchase, I just wish I knew when Day One is going to be.

  • Can’t wait! When this comes out i’m getting a ps4!

  • Was at first really skeptic to this game,but after more reading i kinda want to give it a try.I see myself as an explorer type, so think this game should fit me.No start,no ending just upgrade and explore?
    Hope there are some missions we can do,so it somehow gives us some attachement to certain places and characters .Or else we will feel kinda empty, even we manage to find other players.
    So yes looking forward to this game and hope the price is good!
    Also hope that PC and consoles can play together!

  • Soooooooooo, Do we get to name any hitherto undiscovered planets, so we can upload our original nomenclatures to the Cloud, hmmmmm? I want to call my first discovery procion, and the next one procion 1, and the next, next one procion2, and the one after that procion 3, and the one following that procion 4, AND the one after that procion 5, and the one that’s after that procion 6, and… ………………(shortly later)………………………….. …ion 18,446,744,073,709,551,615, and the one thats left procion 18,446,744,073,709,551,616. I’m still awake, what shall we do now? Hmmmmmmmmm???

  • Not a lot of planets then Is there?

  • I’m hoping that you can see the birth of a planet, or at least its evolution. It’d be great to visit a planet, but not be able leave your spacecraft because the current environment can’t support life. Then, return to that planet where an atmosphere has formed, witness the creation of indigenous life, new species, natural disasters along with regeneration. Ultimately witness the death of star system because of a sun going supernova.

    But, the only problem with this is time. Could an accelerated time algorithm be successfully be put in place that would allow that kind of exploration without wrecking the game?

  • Your words on the satisfaction of discovery are music to my ears, mate. Have we a release date for the game yet?

    BTW, I’d love a PS4 bundle of this game. Just thought I would throw the idea up in the air.

  • No pressure, eh Sean? :P

  • Question:if you land on the same planet that another planear has visited,will the planet and its wildlife be the same for both?And if you return to that planet will it be the same?

    • From what I understand that’s exactly how it will work, as the game isn’t random, just generated by an algorithm. As everyone’s game uses the same algorithm, the “answer” is always the same, so everyone sees the same planets. I believe you can also name the planet if you are the first person to discover it, then anyone one else who visits will see the name you gave it and that you discovered it.

    • Cool,that´s even better than I expected!The feeling of being the firt to discover planets and species will be amazing!Hope you can see who discovered them when you arrive there.

  • Can’t say how much I admire what the team and you, specially are doing. Not just the game, we’ve heard about it a lot (still not enough because we are all super stoked!) but also the fact that as someone who struggles with severe Social Anxiety I understand how hard it is to be in front of crowds and speak publicly. Or be put on the spot with recorded 1 on 1 interviews and trying to put on a face that hides how nervous or anxious we can be. The game gets a lot of praise and rightfully so but I guess this comment/post is just to thank and show support for actually making it to public events and doing all of these public things to promote the game and share as much info as you can with the community. Good luck with the rest of development!

  • So that’s.. 18 Gajillion 446 Zillion 744 Trillion 73 Billion 709 Million 551 Thousand 606.

    That IS a lot. This is my most anticipated game ever… I’ve looked forward to games and highly anticipated them before, but this one… This is quite literally the game I’ve always dreamed of playing. I eagerly await the announcement of a release date.

  • Sounds like they’ve solved the problem that most procedurally generated games have. Lots of different things, but only slight variations.

    If they can build these rules/systems effectively that means they can tweak them in such a way to keep players guessing. That will be the big selling point for me.

    We don’t need another Borderlands 2 where two guns are only slightly different, over and over again.

    That and the gorgeous visuals :)

  • This and Elite on the PC… that’s my gaming sorted

  • Just hopethey don’t bring out any dlc for more planet’s. Lol should be amazing game

  • If done right and has a fun, solid game mechanic, exploration rewards and a thriving multiplayer element this could be this generation’s Elite. I cannot wait and this may be the game that makes me buy a PS4

  • Sounds and looks utterly amazing – from the sci-fi paperback palette to the long long (int) galaxy. It wont be everyone’s cup of tea but the market should be big enough for games like this. I hope you are able to stay true to your own vision because it is so refreshing to see a pure adventure game for a change. I also hope that it has enough success after release to continue to be developed further into the game that is probably only in your team’s heads right now.

  • I love the game. But I do hope it’s not only about exploring. That would feel boring real fast. I know there are dog fights and trading stations. But I would really super mega Optimus prime excited about it if we could build stuff on planets.

  • Being able to build stuff on planets such as camps and houses, would be awesome – I hope that the creatures are generated in some kind of mathematical way so that they are different on every planet as that would make it truely believable for me. And I’m hoping it will have some GTA online style elements where we get into dog fights and steal and destroy what others have built or join forces with them.

  • I’m hoping the multiplayer will be really good – ie inviting other players to join you etc maybe something like a wormhole effect where you can share your location on PSN or social media such as Facebook to invite other players who see it to enter the wormhole and to be taken to your location. I could see this really working when a player may want help or support in a difficult location or situation such as a dogfight – you could have 1-way and 2-way wormholes in it. Just an idea.

  • Though this game is really beautiful innovation, But the big thing i want to know about this game is the “Crafting”. I mean how far does crafting go?

    Can i build only trading posts?
    Can i build maybe a home on a planet?
    Can i build satellites and telescope technology to look into space from a distance to beable to plane new adventures?
    Will there be other alien life forms on planets that are intelligent and can craft, talk and become society them selves?
    Even though there is no leveling system, does that take out maybe a skill system based on crafting?

  • This does seem like one of the most incredible games that has ever come out but as everyone else is now asking, what do I do there? Great I found a new type of deer… after a month that’s going to become boring. What’s keeping me coming back for more?

    Make this like the old BBS game Tradewars 2002 and you’ll have the greatest game ever.

  • Without a Non-Combat related skill system, it seems like the game will get easily dulled out over time.
    Skills like “Science, Technology, Mining, Crafting and Modifying” would be something nice to keep occupied as we explore giving us better choices.

    Being able to craft to such a degree “Trading Posts, Star Ships, Satellites GPS/Tracking on planets, Land Vehicles and Transmitters/Receivers for radio wave frequencies to kinda learn about other players?

    Science to such a degree you can make better ships, Technology to get us more reliable tools and tech, Mining for better ores and minerals, Crafting for more than just trading posts and Modifying to allow easier ad justification?

  • 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets? How do you even pronounce that number?

    I worked out that even if every person on this planet were to get into this game at the same time, there would still be over 2.6 billion planets per person!

  • Holy wow this game looks awesome.

  • I have NEVER been this excited about a game. This is a dream come true experience that I didn’t even know was possible. Thank you so much for working so hard to make this a reality. Please take your time. We’ve got plenty of games to play while we wait. However, updates are much appreciated. ;)

  • I seriously hope this game comes out soon. There is so much potential for add-ons and updates that will keep this game going for as long as it would take to complete it. Hurry up and take my money.

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