PlayStation Network is back online (update)

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More information on today's service interuption

UPDATE: The PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network are back online and people can now enjoy the services on their PlayStation devices.

The networks were taken offline due to a distributed denial of service attack. We have seen no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorised access to users’ personal information.

In light of today’s issue, the networks will not undergo the regularly scheduled maintenance, which was planned for Monday, 25th August. We will provide an update shortly for when the maintenance will be rescheduled.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused by this issue. Thanks for your patience and support.

ORIGINAL POST: Like other major networks around the world, the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network have been impacted by an attempt to overwhelm our network with artificially high traffic.

Although this has impacted your ability to access our network and enjoy our services, no personal information has been accessed.

We will continue to work towards fixing this issue and hope to have our services up and running as soon as possible.

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

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  • Annoying. But hopefully people understand that DDoS attacks while fixable are almost impossible to prevent under certain circumstances.

  • The worst thing about this is that it had to happen on the weekend and the bank holiday. :( I got lucky and managed to get on twice earlier by luck but took a lot of time and work. Never had the luck again since. :(

  • They’re totally going to jail for that bomb hoax.

  • Note to self. Look at ps blog before blaming/smashing router…

  • I played Wizardry on ps2 all WE long

  • I hope sony…that you are going to give something to us because of this

    • Please grow up, for the most part Ddos attacks are unavoidable. You should thank the “people”, and I use that term loosely, that went out of their way to try and take PSN offline for a while. I wonder what they’ll give you!?

    • The only one to whine about getting something? are you a member of lizard squad????????

    • A DDOS attack my be unavoidable by Sony, but the fact remains customers are paying for a service which Sony did not provide, I don’t think people should be expecting gifts etc but Sony in good faith should just add an extra days subscription onto peoples plus accounts to keep everyone happy.

    • People should realy learn what Ddos means…Sony cant prevent that multiple computers spam the servers down.That will cause them to crash/work realy realy slow. Nobody can blame Sony for this. Also Sonys customers didint loose any private information so stop whining and blame the Ddos attackers for ruining your day.

    • I hear Sony are giving medals out to the top boys and girls who weathered this outtage like the big grown-ups that they are. I wonder who the lucky winners are?

  • Yeah it was annoying as hell as I had set up a boosting time for air conflict but I just played jojo all star battle.there has got to be a better way tho like making the network separate from the rest of sony

  • I agree tenbucks. These scum bags hide behind anonymity. Let’s hope they catch the idiot behind the bomb threat and see them wet their pants when the authority’s catch up with them.

  • From the US blog

    UPDATE: The PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network are back online and people can now enjoy the services on their PlayStation devices. The networks were taken offline due to a distributed denial of service attack. We have seen no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorized access to users’ personal information.

    In light of today’s issue, the networks will not undergo the regularly scheduled maintenance, which was planned for Monday, August 25. We will provide an update shortly for when the maintenance will be rescheduled.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue. Thanks for your patience and support.

  • Oh my god… If people like “lizard squad”, can do ddos attack so easily, then for what we paying for PS+??!?!?!
    Make it free, and I’ll not complain…

    • It is impossible to protect from a DDoS attack. You seriously need to think through your over-entitled gamer stance. Lots of other companies were hit on the same day.
      I’m just glad Sony managed to get it sorted out on a Sunday. Good stuff.

  • While I understand that DDOS-attack can occur and that online gaming is disrupted, there is one thing that really annoyed me.

    Due to the attack, I was “locked out” of my games I purchased on PSN as the license validation could not occur. I am sure this has occured for many others. Really hope this can be looked into for future downtime/maintenance or attack.

    • This tip from GamesReviews may have helped “Select network when you get into your settings menu, then remove the tick from the box that says “connect to the internet.” It’s as simple as that. Forcing your console to not even try to connect will give you access to your unavailable single player games, and remove that pesky black screen. “

    • same problem

      far esy if sony put licene on the hd

      tanks to a future solution to alrady buy games Eurpean gamer
      al new great games = on disk from nowh untile sony fix lock problem = licence on the hd .

    • You could always just go to Settings->PSN, and click Sign Out…

    • Monoliet: problem with putting lisence on hd on ps4 is that you can play you’re games on any ps4 as now, as long you are logged in, if you put lisence on hd we will miss this feature. (Only allowed to be logged in on one ps4, but you can play your’re games on for example any friends ps4 when you for example visit them, which are a very nice feature, so I understand they need some online validation so it does not get misused)

  • to lizard squad (I know you will read the blog) why don’t you do something useful as you clearly have some skills like target I.S in Iraq, snoop around north Korea or something that would actually help people who are persecuted/killed on a daily basis

  • Ahhhh FINALLY i can sign in to the PS Blog lol, Thank you to all the Sony team for their hard work during the DDoS attack. @Fred Dutton please ignore my twitter message it doesn’t matter any more lol :D

  • What annoys me the most: you can not view trophies off line on a ps4. Whise stupid idea was that? Seriously? With the amount of maintance you lot do there should be an option to view them offline. Fool of a took

  • Are Sony going to be offering a refund for the downtime ?

  • Nothing to apologise for, Fred. If I had to put in extra hours on a Sunday because some miserable dweebs decided to make my job more difficult, I would be extremely annoyed, to say the least. Thanks for your hard work on getting things up and running again and thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  • We had only 1 day to raid in FFXIV that week, and it was Sunday. Sigh, whole week of loot wasted.

  • What do these DDoS attackers gain from doing these things apart from publicity and causing disruption to thousands of gamers? The mind ponders.

  • Im happy about this attack because now Sony realize i hope, how easy the psn servers overload after for example the number of friend list increase, the ps3 the list is broken some ids not loading and some other i dont see the trophies, on ps vita and ps4 loading very slow. dont know if this problem has to do with servers please guys correct me if im wrong but i know you guys have the same problem especially if the friend is more than 100 . By the way the last update on psn store on ps3 do the store faster that is nice :) I report not only the bad things but also the good to be fair :)

    • 100 is actually the intended limit for friends. You’re able to add more by ‘confusing’ the system with mobile devices etc. but everything gets buggy >100 and older ones will start self-deleting.

    • 2000 is the intended limit. It was increased and announced a week before PS4 launched

  • It is better to endure a couple of days. Than to wait for a couple of months.

  • That’s why I will never like digital only releases :)

    I felt like playing one game… and suprise… PSN is not working so you can’t re-download it… oh well… instead I was playing golf :D (man those trophies are hard :P)

    Huh… but still… DDoS.. huh… I don’t think there is way to protect server from it :/ Bit annyoing that simple methods are always the best :/

    • you can play digital releases while offline. it is no different than physical

    • @Porcupeth00
      Error! Reading comprehension skills not found huh?

      “PSN is not working so you can’t re-download it”

      Stop trolling, mkay lad?

    • If you delete them from your hard drive it’s your own fault. I had no problem playing digital downloads during the downtime.

    • lol
      you’re just using this as pretext to attack digital only
      if you deleted it and happened to “suddenly”, conveniently, want to play it on the same day it goes down, that’s your problem

      me, i’ll keep buying digital so that we can pave the way to a future without retailers.

    • What a lame argumentation Archacus. Your precious physical games can be stolen in any simple burglary – imagine that! Someone just gets into your house, picks up YOUR games and they are gone forever!!

      Considering that risk and conceptual blind spot, I can’t imagine why anyone could prefer physical games.

      You ain’t the only one who can make up stupid reasons ;)

    • @Porcupet00
      Because when I have whim I can play whenever I want with retail editions. I am not entitled to keep all games on memory card or disc am I? Or do you keep every single game even those that you already beated once? If I wanted to play Atelier I should be able to play it whenever I want.

      And I don’t really care about you, did I ever say that you can’t buy digital games? Did I ever say that you are fool because you buy digital games? No, becasue I don’t care what you are doing with your own money. You saw that somebody wrote something with wich you don’t agree… and you felt huge urge to troll…. I don’t see any other reason why would you want to say anything….

      Again comprehensions skills:
      That’s why I will never like digital only releases.

      I clearly said that it is about me, didn’t it? And I explained what happened during offline PSN. Did I accuse anyone? Nope because I know that DDoS attack is hard to prevent… and I already said that.

      What a lame argumentation, huh? And than you say that games might be stolen… yeah…. you know what… I don’t know like you but if I was burglar I would go for jewelry, money more expensive devices… but a game? too small profit…

      If you really had to say anything… let’s see… how about
      “you might accidentaly sit on it and break your cartridge” well… evenly foolish but still more probable.

      Hey Golwar I understand that Porcupeth00 is trolling but you? You are clever guy, I wrote clearly that it is my opinion, you don’t have to agree. But let’s face it, it is truth that without online PSN you can’t do everything with digital games you “own”. And it is truth… yeah you can say that you can copy to PC… :/ but hey how many times did you ever formated your disc? Me? too many times to even remember it.

    • Well we just don’t agree about if he was trying to troll. Yeah, you can’t download games if the network is offline. But that comment was about as helpful as that you can’t get your lend out games back, if your transportation is broken.

      I don’t know about you, but I have several dozens games on my hard disc, including all those that I might want to play next. And so will probably everyone else. You buy them, you download them.

      So if you don’t have just the exact game that you wanted to play on the very same day that a rare DDoS attack happens – bad luck and bad planning!

      But seriously, you often enough attempt to discredit digital games. You should learn under which circumstances it might get to annoying. “Oh noes, I had to play golf because I couldn’t download any games because of DDoS, that’s why I don’t like digital” is just … you pretty much asked for trouble.

      Especially after you very “friendly” reply to his harmless comment. Yeah, he didn’t entirely read your comment – so what? No reason to react like that.

    • the only one trolling here is you

    • @Golwar
      “Especially after you very “friendly” reply to his harmless comment. Yeah, he didn’t entirely read your comment – so what? No reason to react like that.”

      Than why did he comment? Simple rule, you didn’t read than don’t comment it. Otherwise you are just a troll who just want to argue with others. And sorry, I don’t have to be friendly to every troll there is. One need to earn respect.

      Did I say, that playing golf was bad? I liked it (o.O)?

      But it is also truth if you have retail version you can play game whenever you want, you just take nice box, open it, take cartridge and insert it to Vita… Voila… work done you can play on every whim you have. You can even take old game just to play 5 minutes, and after you have enough you just change game.

      Did anyone start ganging Viryu because he said that he couldn’t play MMO game? It was fact. Can you argue with it? Similar case with what I said… you can’t download digital game while server is offline… but you felt that I was talking about your lil dogma and you felt that you have to act like a crusader.

      Why? Do you doubt it yourself or what?

      Yes I can keep it on PC… but what for? Isn’t it just better to omit that by having retail?

      Huh… ok enough… I don’t feel like continuing this discussion, so let’s just stop here.

    • Stop saying that Porcupeth is trolling. Do you even know what trolling means?
      You keep saying that you don’t care for him nor what he says, yet you write a pretty long reply. Makes sense.

      Just don’t write a comment without expecting people to agree or disagree with you, because that’s how it works.

      And about digital games: Yes, you should be able to play and download the games that you own whenever you want, but you need to understand that you chose to buy it digitally and you should’ve considered that there will be maintenances and other problems, like with every other online service. Digital only can suck because of that, but there are many days on which you could download a game.

      No need to claim others are trolling you for not having the same opinion as you.

  • It is likely at the risk department of Sony. How much money does it cost to prevent such an attack? How many people are capable for attacking, and how many of those persons will attack Sony? Does anyone knows that? I understand that is happens everywhere. I don’t blame Sony. The attackers did it because they they find that Sony isn’t spending enough money on the security of the servers.
    At the end of the line, we all can enjoy PSN again. Happy hunting!

    • because your ps4 was connected to the Internet but the PSN was clogged up
      if ethernet or wifi was not set up that wouldn’t have happened

    • @Porcupeth00: Who’s console is not connected to the Internet? Only some customers has been affected.

    • i was saying that if you disconnected the issue would not persist

    • Fine, unnecessary comment, the solution was in the link anyway.
      I’m not complaining, I’m just asking why it affected only some of the customers.

  • Good morning people;0)

  • People must be bored to DDoS a network like sony like don’t you people have better things to do and disrupt gamers from accessing the PSN store or playing multiplayer. if you want to get your e-peen bigger why don’t you DDoS the government or something

  • Good job informing people yesterday. First denying any server problems and advising to contact IP…really. Another great lesson for Sony, i doubt they will ever learn though.

    • another one who can’t read? they did no such thing. that status update was from last week when there were indeed ISP issues but PSN itself was fine. it was dated 15th august, can’t people read? Yesterday was not 15th August.

    • Oh really Sherlock, where did i mention the status report? Talking bout not being able to read.

    • it’s the only place where it was written what you said
      don’t try to save face now, just admit you were wrong.

    • I guess you only check the Blog and the status report page. They even denied it on Twitter yesterday, until it was on every other site possible. But yea, prolly hunts being a fanboy.

    • Hurts*

      2014 and still no simple edit button

    • No, they didn’t. Don’t lie, it’s ugly.

    • I don’t know what Twitter account you follow WizzNL, I haven’t witnessed any such tweets on any of Sony’s accounts. Besides, it is relatively normal only to share news about confirmed facts. News sites are naturally faster, as they feast on any rumor and speculation.

      I haven’t seen anything to criticize. @Playstation reported 19h ago, private accounts of Sony employees confirmed it even earlier.

    • Hahaha dont accuse people if you are apparently clueless. Sony and communication towards their customers is well-known.

      Anyways, glad they fixed it and hope they do a better job next time informing people.

  • No need to apologize SONY it’s not your fault there are idiots out there :-/

  • Thankfully it never affected me, I was online on FFXIV: ARR the whole damn time, feel sorry for the people it affected but (CENSORED) happens, good thing us Sony peeps understand these types of things and don’t go all Fanboy crazy.

  • Considering that, according to news reports, these idiots were allegedly also responsible for the bomb hoax that grounded the President of Sony Online Entertainment’s flight from Dallas to San Diego, I think that a horde of angry gamers will shortly be the last of their worries. Security services tend to be a little sensitive about such things these days.

    One thing Fred – you mentioned that the planned maintenance for today has been cancelled. Can you advise us why maintenance was even planned for today in the first place? A bank holiday is the last day in the calendar that you’d ever want to run maintenance. I’m aware it’s unique to certain countries, but wouldn’t it make more sense to schedule it for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday instead, when people are less likely to be online?

    • the maintenance was for software upgrade to the PS store
      probably to better handle high traffic releases like Destiny

    • Service is done in the US and they only have 1 calendar.
      The fact a network needs to go down for maintenance show this network is unprofessionally designed. Do you know any other company or bank (amazon, ITunes, etc) that shuts down for a day for maintenance? Me neither.

    • “Security services tend to be a little sensitive about such things these days.”

      Apart from when it’s an approved false flag bomb, usually minus the hoax. Then the security services need only look sensitive for the scripted cameras…

  • Guys, please make the PS4 OS more resilient to network problems. Currently, the whole console becomes a mess of instability and hangs if it there is some sort of network issue and the best solution is physically pulling the network connection.

    • This. The amount of times I was stuck on a blank screen when trying to view trophies with no way out except a reboot. Poor programming.

  • New PS Plus games announced on Wednesday, right?

  • SCEE, why don’t you use the “From PlayStation” news tool on PS4 and the news ticker on PS3 to announce network changes? Seriously, the tools are already there for you, and these will reach far more people than the 10% of PS users who read the blog.

    Why were these tools created if only to be ignored by you?

  • Dear sony + Fred

    i + some friends needed to reinstal fuly ore ps4 jesterday !
    i warnt consumer service tings were not corect like store + mesage system ( +- just before destiny beta )
    yesterday = new problem = when you put ps4 on you need to pick player you are = buth never past tat screen
    so ful reinstal = only option ( very sad = the last of us + -50 gb redownloading nowh )

    buth today i canseld destiny guardian edition
    why = when you do maintenace ore are ofline by eni reason lots of mi games i buy tru psn are lockt
    ps4 can not controle license !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so very please put license of sp modus on the hd of the owner instead of on psn servers .
    as long you company do not understend + do somting about ith = 0 big psn titels i wil buy / download from you store .

    also you are not gulty if some low life peopel are criminels
    but sony company need to
    1 – make lots of inprovemt on security
    2-make digital games cheaper
    3-make the sp modus so we can always play even if u are ofline by eni reason

    list of games i buy + was not abel to play
    -the last of us
    -zen pibal 2 on ps4 ( vita no problem ) = i own every tabel
    -sparkle 2
    -warframe = i own lots of ingame content
    -rogue legacy on ps4 ( vita no problem )

    + some other games tru ps+

  • i do not now mi ps4 fuly freezed by you problems ( but i tink = you need to investigate )
    ps4 day one 1tb ( hope freezes noting to do whith unstabel patch = them not compatibel whith bigger hd formats )
    buth = totaly not hapy i needed to fuly reboot = +- 6 hr + reinstal al games today
    luky i have nowh no limit on download like in past .

  • People who initiate DDOS have small genitalia

  • Dear Sony, the fact PSN needs to go down for maintenance shows that PSN is a poorly designed network.
    Now there was a DDoS attract (as happens to almost al big companies) and it crippled your network for a day. That is unacceptable! I worked at a bank and we got hit almost every other weekend (super computers at universities are mostly abused for this purpose) and non of our customers got as much as a small hiccup that made them retry to log in but that was it. Sure it costs money, qualified personal and monitoring 24/7/365 but there is no need this had to happen.
    Now we pay for this service I expect to be compensated for the discomfort and hope you will take this matter seriously as this console business is more and more relying on connectivity.
    I don’t endorse what this group did, attacking the network and tweeting a thread, they are criminals and need to be punished accordingly. But Sony should also take responsibility.

    • Actually in the UK certain banks were unavailable after a hiccup (this happened a few years ago).

      Also stating a network doesn’t need maintenance is a bit silly…all networks need maintenance. It’s like buying a car then wondering why it doesn’t run any more because you forget to put petrol and oil into it. Everything needs maintenance lawns, parks, buildings, pets, cars, people and especially networks. Networks need to be updated, mostly to fix any possible back door intrusions that are susceptible to being hacked. I’m not a hacker, but I have known a few and you can’t just put up a network and think it won’t be hacked. Hackers hack because they can and when they can’t they keep trying until they can…the bigger the challenge the bigger the desire to overcome it. A DDoS is not a hack though its simply flooding requests for a page or server until it overloads and gets taken down. This is often achieved by zombified or bots on computers of unsuspecting people. For all you know your pc could have helped contribute to it.

      I think Sony learned back in 2011 that bubble gum and rubber bands aren’t sufficient enough to keep a network or server from being hacked, may suffice for tacking on trophies but not much else. Going offline for a day, holiday or not is better than what the alternative was in 2011. You can hardly blame Sony for taking a militant approach by making PSN unavailable.

      If you still want compensation, like I said I threw 11p in the street, come get it its yours

  • Out now on PS4: “PSN Outage: Remastered.” It is a remake of the classic PSN Outage of 2011, except now in glorious 1080p and 60FPS


  • Italic is pretty awkward to read, that and caps. So I didn’t. I guess if I was sad enough to only play on my console all day every day I’d probably be crying too. :P

  • Well looks like here in Portugal they are going with the maintenance. I just got log off from the PSN and now when i try to log in it says that they are “undergoing essential maintenance”!! What the hell is going on Sony???!!!!! -_-

  • Its nowhere near that bad its more like what happened to Xbox last June down for a day then fine afterwords

  • Still can’t connect to PSN on my PS4 here in the UK. When will this be fixed?

  • Someone should read a dictionary. There is a clear distinction between attempt and successfully.

  • The worst part of this isn’t the loss of service on Sunday but the fact that Sony intended to once again take the network down for totally unannounced “scheduled maintenance” for an entire bank holiday.

    Can we please review the maintenance policy so that first of all we get some sort of warning that maintenance is planned and secondly that it isn’t always during European peak time or UK bank holidays? Its simply ludicrous that after eight years the *only* times that America has suffered a loss of service during their peak hours is during DDOS attacks whereas Europe is constantly taken offline intentionally without as much as an FYI. Get it sorted.

  • People getting upset about a DDoS attack, is well insane. This kind of thing happens all the time on the internet and not just to corporations or online retailers…sometimes it happens to personal websites as well.

    For a start kudos to Sony for coming forward and being honest, they obviously learned something back in 2011…when PSN was down for a month in both the US and Europe and even longer in Japan. I remember this well as I actually commented the day before the service went down asking what was going on because it was constant being signed out of PSN and Geonet (White Knight Chronicles) at least 30 disconnects that day.

    I also remember people not even being able to sign onto the blog and post…some of us were able to the first few days and then it was silence. Finding out our personal details were stolen was upsetting and yes after the network returned some felt that bit of paranoia creeping in every time PSN became unavailable thinking please not again.

    Demanding compensation is a bit beyond the pale though. I’m not a Sony fan girl, I’m a game head with multiple consoles and handhelds…so please can we keep this into perspective. People moaning about not being able to download games…I have a 320 gb PS3 (298 once you consider the part that Sony corrals for its updates) and I have around 10gb free, around 20gb on vita of a 64gb card and buckoo amount on my PS4 and then there are 200+ disc games I have. PSN could go down for a year and I’d still be spoilt for choice. I can’t be the only person on PSN who has multiple games on their hd.

    As someone mentioned before that breaking down the cost of a £39.99 plus membership equates to 11p a day. Well I just threw 11p out the window into the street you are more than welcome to come and get it…somehow I bet when I check tomorrow it will still be there…btw if you need a clue its 11 1p coins so have fun

  • So a Ddos is enough for sony to reschedule maintenance for us Brits, other EU players that are annoyed at ‘peak time’ disruption, that is nice to know…
    Though not affected or bothered by the affects of attack, if you want to put a 11pence price on not being able to access ‘whatever’ then imo you need to reconsider, sure the guy who says he got inconvenienced is most likely exaggerating, but thats no excuse for doing opposite, 11pence for cost of service, price for not being in your ‘most wanted’ game, ? anyone? And why, just why do they tell us to contact our isp’s, when they know it’s not the problem?.. that being a ongoing pet hate of mine, the app’s there already, wish it was put to use.

  • DDoS is unavoidable that is nonsense… DDoS is very avoidable if you have a functioning brain and the right resources the size of Sony you would think they could avoid this!

    • Though i wish that were true, i have no clue as to the infrastructure of psn, it can’t be along the lines of other online retailers as it just offers more than the shop, so until i can wrap my head around the cost, both monetary to sony and possible more awkward use of service for all of us, i just don’t know.. is it right that avoiding this is either as easy as some believe, ie throw more money and specialist at it, or is the whole network just built wrong for such fixes, meaning sony would need to reconstruct the psn model at at probable great, mind bending price. Still it should not be ‘our’ problem, and a brand new psn structure may be a very good long term investment that could pay for itself one day.. There Are a lot of smaller improvements they really should be making, like using the console’s/webstores top banner to keep us better informed, even if they need to legally be sure before making it public, surely a message of say, ‘there is a possible outside problem’, anything except the present system that has some people reseting routers or even phoning the isp as advised to, thats just bad business, imo.

  • Hi there. Don’t know if I’ve missed something but I’m unable to use a wallet top-up card in the PS store. It acknowledges the sum of £20 but then I get an error message.
    I’ve tried it on the PS3, PS4 and by accessing the store through the PS app on my tablet.
    Same outcome. Is it the network or am I having a repeated ‘DOH’ moment? :)

  • I don’t think its you… there’s something not right with psn today, came here to see if there was any explanation…

  • Cant sign in at all. Ea down 2k down. Wtf sony

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