The Last Tinker: City of Colors Out Tomorrow on PS4

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The Last Tinker: City of Colors Out Tomorrow on PS4

Jump into a colorful world filled with imagination and creativity. An eye-catching 3D platformer out tomorrow on PS4.

This is it. Right here, tomorrow. Will be your moment to help begin the renaissance of the indie-developed, 3D platformer.

The reaction to our announcement that The Last Tinker was coming to PlayStation was staggering. We knew it would be positive, but not to this degree! We had no idea there was this pent-up demand for more 3D platformers.

This isn’t just a game. This is a statement. A confirmation of the belief that 3D platformers are not dead. A shining neon beacon, fifty stories tall, that there is more to a game than technical specifications.

PlayStation is a platform for the biggest and loudest games ever made. Absolutely. But it’s also a platform which openly promotes creativity and imagination. People turn to the indie scene when they want something different; something innovative, stylish, and creative.

The Last Tinker for PS4

The Last Tinker: City of Colors is a PS4 game that is as wonderful and fun to play as those great PS2 and PS3 games of yesterday. At LOOT, we really do believe Tinker will be remembered as the spark which rekindled the 3D platformer fire. We don’t mean to be all serious and profound, but seriously and profoundly, check Tinker out. You’ve seen the trailers. You’ve read the behind-the-scenes banter. Tinkerworld is open for you to explore. If you want to see more of this type of game again, then this is the moment to show your support.

Let us know how you feel about the game below! We’d love to hear your feedback about The Last Tinker! Follow LOOT on Twitter for more.

The Last Tinker for PS4

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12 Author Replies

  • Just curious, what did you think of Rare’s 3D platformers and did it influence your game in any way? If I remember correctly, you had to collect things to collect things in Donkey Kong 64.

  • That’s probably a question for Mimimi Productions, the original creators of the game; we’ll forward this on to them. Generally speaking, games like Jak & Daxter or Banjo Kazooie are cited as the primary influences on The Last Tinker. Please let us know what you think of the game when it comes out tomorrow!

  • I love platformers, how much and any PS+ discount?

    • Hey there! The game is €19.99, except for PlayStation Plus members who will receive a discounted price of €14.99.

  • Is this going to be digital only? Either way, I’m gonna grab it for sure.

  • how about a platinum trophy?

  • Will there be a patch to improve performance? And if so: when? I have read several reports about frame rate issues with this game now, which is a no go (and thus a no buy for me) for a platforming game. That’s a shame since I was really looking forward to the last tinker :(

    • Hi there, Jensn90!

      While there are a few places in the game which experience minor framerate drops due to the amount of scenery being drawn, the vast (vast) majority of the game plays without issue. We recommend looking at any of the game livestreams on Twitch or Ustream (or, heck, even the YouTube video reviews which are coming in) that are going on right now, so that you can see and judge for yourself. :)

    • It’s not in certain locations. I’ve experienced it right from the start. I’ve not had one moment where it has been smooth.

      I suggest some improvements on culling for distant objects, maybe some LOD’s as well.

    • Thanks for the reply, I’ll take this as a no then. :(

  • This is the sort of game I’ve been looking for for the PS4 :) Love dem 3D Platformers :D

  • Thankd God for PS and their indies :D

  • I change my mind and finally decided to buy it but for that price with no platinum = no buy until it will be on sale, such a shame :( so this week Surgeon S. for me :(

  • Looks a fun game.
    Price is a bit steep. It’s $19.99 on the US store and $14.99 with a plus discount.

    • Hi there,

      There appears to be a pricing mistake on the Europe store; we’re currently working with PlayStation to have it fixed. Thanks for your patience! :)

    • What sort of pricing error? I paid £14.24.

      Are you saying the price was too high?

    • I’ve just found out about he pricing “mistake”. I paid the original price. Who do I talk to about being screwed over, and getting the excess money BACK!
      Please don’t say customer services. SCEE customer services have to be the worst not just in this industry, but of all businesses. I’d rather eat glass than talk to those people again.

  • Looks great, any plans for a Vita version? I prefer the Vita over the PS4 for this game.

  • It’s great to see a good old 3D platformer game again and hopefully there will be more games like this in the future.

  • Greedy pricing will damage sales for this game. Someone clearly doesn’t know their target. Time to hire a new marketing manager methinks. Steep price, no platinum…wow.

    See you in the sales.

  • Will this have a trial at all? Also, how long is the plus discount for?

  • Heads up, this so called “3D platformer” has the Assassin’s Creed style AUTOMATIC-PLATFORMING. You don’t actually press a jump button (there isn’t any jump button, X is for interaction iirc). You just hold down R2 and push the left stick, your character will automatically run and jump over obstacles. (Controls mapping is messy, in general.)

    If you are looking for the good old 3D platformers, this is not it, this isn’t even strictly a platformer.

  • As a huge fan of colorful 3D platform games, it breaks my heart to see that there actually isn’t any platforming to be done other than pushing R2 and let the game do the rest for the sake of making it more “accessible”. I will never understand why developers make that decision when developing a game. If this is supposed to be the spark that rekindles the interest for 3D platform games, then the 3D platform genre is indeed very dead.

    • To be honest, considering the bad framerate, maybe it’s good that we don’t have the traditional jumping and platforming.

      It would make it even more frustrating. Just look at Jak and Daxter on Vita.

    • Hi, wout5!

      Tinker’s a bit different in that it’s a fusion of 3D platforming, fighting, puzzling, etc. Key to this is having an intuitive control scheme, and it’s worth noting that the challenges in the game are built around this fusion concept. (One particularly difficult section, in the Green District, really does require some precision to get through.)

      Our belief is that this fusion of gaming elements, aside from making the game a bit different from something which sticks purely to one genre’s mechanics, will help reintroduce people to a genre which might be a bit under-represented right now. It’s a very different kind of challenge, which we hope people enjoy!

    • I actually quite enjoyed it, and it’s quite long too.
      Yes it’s not really challenging in the traditional sense, and most of the actual challenge is usually due to poor design that borders on pure frustration and bad check points (the final battle), but it’s fun.
      It’ not the 3D platformer that many of us remember, and is another example of “casualisation” in video games. But for the price it’s worth a punt.
      Talking of which, Sony owe me some money as I paid full price for this before the “mistake” was announced. Doubt I’ll ever see that again.

  • Any chance you can optimise the game a bit more? The framerate is terrible.

  • Is this game coming today in the store? It looks like the store has allready has updated, but can’t find this game.

  • Was really looking forward to this when I saw the US blog $14.99 thinking it would be worth getting for around £10 but see the the price is £14.39 so no thanks….sorry

  • was really looking forward to buy this today, as I love platformers, but I see now it’s not released in my country (Norway), and many other countries aswell, big fail :(, If you release it l8 I will probably hold on until it get discounted instead… Also agree it was maybe a bit pricey for a game without platinium throphy, and also compared to usa prices…

    • mJ_mSv i know thats just bang out of order :(

      its a very good game :D

    • We’re currently working on expanding the number of countries in the SCEE PlayStation Store that have access to The Last Tinker. Should be available soon. :)

  • Jason Sorensen BEST GAME EVER I vote activision hands over the crash bandicoot licence to you at loot and you remake the bandicoot for the ps4 :D

  • I feel cheated, the framerate renders the game unplayable! Please optimize it to ar least run at a steady 30 if you can’t handle 60, the framerate is really terrible, on avarage close to 20 every time u turn the camera a bit

  • And also the sound design is a bit lacking. I guess that’s expected from an indie game but why do the breaking sounds of crates sound extremely muffled? No punch… No footsteps too, no sound for the dodge roll either…

  • Just started this and stopped after 5 minutes, the frame rate is shocking. Colour me unimpressed!

  • Hi guys,

    A few updates:

    a.) On framerate: the opening few minutes of the game really push the number of draw calls, etc. on the system. However, we highly recommend checking out any of the Twitch/UStream/YouTube gameplay videos to see how the game as a whole performs. That way, you can see and judge for yourself. :)

    b.) We’re not done pushing the game to every country in the PlayStation Store yet. There are additional countries in Europe which we’re working towards releasing in.

    c.) You may have noticed that the pricing has been changed. ;)

    Thank you guys for enjoying Tinkerworld! We’re having a lot of fun watching the gameplay livestreams and YouTube videos that are coming out!

    • So I played some more, up to the god awful stealth bit after the race and it still stutters away, I really don’t think this game should be stressing the system to the point that it’s unplayable. Just a sloppy unoptimised port. Really poor effort!

    • Well, it seems like not only the “opening few minutes” stress the system. I’m currently at the red temple where the framerate is definitely below 30 fps, more in the region of 25. It’s just sad to see a game that I really like with such bad optimisation. And denying that performance is bad doesn’t make it better.

    • No! The YouTube player makes the frame rate look better than it actually is, by a lot! This is not a good answer. what u should be saying is “patch incoming”. Don’t buy this game until patched people!

  • Bought the game now, “minor framerate drops” is a major understatement. The framerate is all over the place between 20 and 60 fps (estimated), which really is a no go for a console release. While the game seems great the bad performance really destroys the immersion.

    My recommendation: Don’t buy until a performance patch is released or buy on PC.

  • Erm…


    I love what I’ve played with the game, the lagging and crashing isn’t as fun as the game itself though.

    Though, I need to ask a very important question: I paid £14.24 (I think this was the price of the PSN plus of what I paid) and now it’s like £8.69… how would I go about claiming a refund on the money I paid over? Who do I contact?

  • Hey Loot. I think you are wrong. I have played the game for about an hour now. The framerate does definitely not improve. It becomes seriously low sometimes and a pretty consistent low framerate effects the whole game. Gave me a pretty bad headache.
    Please fix! As from what I’ve played I have really enjoyed.

  • So many people moan about framerate issues. Get a life. It’s all you hear these days. This game does not have framerate issues. If it does they are slight and don’t spoil the game. You’re all sitting in front of a TV and guessing framerates. It takes a machine to count frames in 1 second. Everyone’s moaning about things that don’t exist.

    • Maybe you should get a life. You are moaning about people moaning about a game you don’t even own (otherwise you would know why people are complaining).

    • @jellyhedgehog I don’t know if you have played it. But the framerate issues with this game isn’t just a hiccup now and then, it is severely jarring and choppy, this kind of framerate issues cause headaches and motion sickness in a lot of people. That might be why people are “moaning” about the problem

    • I’m with you Jelly. The game looks and feel fine. I laugh when I hear things like “the game gets as low as 30 frames”. The human eye can only see 30….so how do you know? lol The game really feels fine and looks great. It is frustrating that you are a monkey but can’t jump, but i get it and the game play still feels good. The levels near the end actually get pretty good. This is really good for an indie title! I wouldn’t pass it by. : )

  • yo daf wha? look at the giantbomb quicklook and you can see some clear fps dropss. when a game slows down it showcases fps drops and thats not somethinf anybody is making up.

    the game looks really fun, why is it not available in the netherlands? Id love to buy it despite any fps iasues.t

  • I still can’t find the game on the PSN store (I’m from Denmark). Any help??

  • Hi guys!

    A couple of quick notes:

    1.) On the framerate question: one of our debug tools is a framerate counter, which we pulled out today and used on the release build on the PS4 kit as a sanity check. The game idles at 60fps. There are a few points where it briefly drops to 30fps. And we’ve counted five areas in the game where it drops below 30fps, which — when those instances occur — happens for less than a second at a time.

    Any good developer, us included, is always looking for ways to improve performance. For the more technically-minded here: in some scenes, there’s a lot going on in this game, and even with occlusion culling and LOD settings balanced to have reasonable quality vs. framerate hits, there are always limits as to what can be achieved with the engine, the visual quality, etc. *at that particular time.*

    We strongly encourage anyone who’s on the fence to watch actual gameplay videos on YouTube, Twitch or UStream and judge for themselves. In particular, if you catch one of the livestreams going on right now, *ask* the guy playing the game what he thinks while he’s playing it. We’ve been watching those videos, and the comments that tend to come up more often than not are how smooth the gameplay is and how overall beautiful and fun the game is.

    2.) We’re currently working toward releasing the game in additional countries in the Europe store; should hopefully have that very soon.

    Hope that helps, and glad so many of you care about The Last Tinker! :)

    • Thanks for this insight. So the framerate doesn’t drop below 30 in most of the cases. But I still find it very distracting, probably due to the large range the framerate fluctuates between. Especially since I had hoped this would run at 60 most of the time (played TLoU:R before so maybe I’m a little spoiled.)

    • This is what happens when crazy people guess FPS. It’s a trend these days. Personally I think it’s a great game apart from a glitch I found. I saved the game after completing the fight training and receiving 250 gems on my Vita. I came back to the game helped Muddy with the shrooms and received 250 gems. When I went to register for the race I only had 390 gems. I couldn’t enter and my marker always pointed at the register booth. I had to start again. I played it from the beginning without saving and it was fine.

  • Hopefully gamers in Denmark will soon be able to play this gorgeous game :)

    • Hey there, Snowman92! Just wanted to confirm that we are currently in the process of attempting to expand the number of countries in the SCEE PlayStation Store that have access to Tinker. Should hopefully be in place soon. :)

  • Hi :)

    So first off I’ve really been enjoying the game, it’s fun to play and is a nice change. I’m upto the blue district. The game definately has frame rate issues all over the place, it hasn’t ruined the game for me though.

    I purchased this on day of release, and knowing now that there has been a price error is a bit gutting. Surely we are entitled to a refund of some kind?

    Thanks and keep up the good work Loot.

    • Hi, fenbops!

      We’d recommend contacting SCEE Customer Service about that. :)

    • Hi fenbops.

      I just saw your post after i’d added mine to the bottom… I’ve experienced the same pricing issue, see my post a few down from here :)

  • The PR lies make me sick. The framerate IS horrendous 100% of the time. Overall, this is a 5-star game, for me, but it gives me a headache. Why would your response be to justify this issue by saying it is rare? First of all, it is very (very) common and frequent, and second of all, you shouldn’t have the attitude that “only some people suffer horribly, so it’s okay ” Supposedly, OlliOlli had an issue that affected .5% of people, but Roll7 knew that it was something that NEEDED to be fixed. The Last Tinker NEEDS a patch for the 100% of people who are experiencing poor framerate.

  • I just posted this on the US blog but I will copy and paste it here too…

    I bought the game the day it was released and (a few performance issues aside) have been loving it, the music in particular is wonderful.

    I must say though i’m hugely disappointed with the pricing. I bought this on the day of release for £18.99 (£14.24 with PS+ discount) only to find two days later it’s £11.59 (£8.69 with PS+ discount).

    Now if this had been a month or two apart I can understand the price drop, but this was two days. I’m not sure if this was originally a mis-price, or they just decided to reduce it early due to low sales or some other reason. I contacted Sony and got a generic “it’s in the terms and conditions” type reply, as expected.

    I’m not sure this sort of behaviour should be encouraged, it’s a kick in the teeth to those willing to take a chance on a game early into it’s life.

  • Hi there, LilmanUK! We’d recommend contacting SCEE Customer Service regarding your pricing inquiry. Glad you’re enjoying The Last Tinker!

  • Well as I said in my post, I contacted them and they just quoted T&C’s at me.

  • I have contacted customer services and they refuse to give anyone a refund shame on them.All this makes people do is buy less games and im sorry to say this but rate your game low

  • Well, it seems my (and the publishers?) persistence might have paid off, I received this reply earlier…

    Thanks for your e-mail to PlayStation Support.

    I apologise for any confusion caused with our previous e-mail. We have now been informed by the publisher that this is indeed the case and all customers that were overcharged will receive a credit for the price difference in their SEN wallet within the next 2 weeks.

    I hope this helps, but if you have any other questions please call PlayStation Support using the contact details below.

    Thank you,

    PlayStation Support


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