Freedom Wars – Release Date and Pre-Order Announced

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Freedom Wars – Release Date and Pre-Order Announced

Ken Chan answers your pressing questions

Earlier last week, our Social Media Specialist, Justin Massongill was kind enough to share his personal experiences with the 4-player Co-Op mode with Freedom Wars. While most of you really enjoyed the video, some of the repeated questions and comments from the thread included:


  • What’s up with the release date?
  • Where are the pre-order DLCs?
  • How do I get the pre-order if I purchase from the PS Store?

Well, we are here to answer those questions today!

To begin, we are incredibly thrilled to officially announce that Freedom Wars will launch in Europe on Wednesday, 29th October 2014, and in the UK and Ireland on Friday the 31st for €29.99/ £24.99.

For those looking for a head start in reducing your sentence within the world of Freedom Wars, our participating retailers are offering the same pre-order DLC as the original Japan release. These items include:

  1. Limited Edition Costume – Personalize your Freedom Wars character with Formal Wear
  2. Powerful Starter Weapons – Upgraded melee and long range attack weapons
  3. Limited Edition Sticker Set – For in-game use
  4. Combat Pack Item – Medical Supply Set

Freedom Wars on PS Vita

Lastly, for those that want the same DLC items for the digital version, simply purchase Freedom Wars between Wednesday, 29th October to Tuesday, November 11th. After that, they will no longer be available.

Stay tuned for much more on Freedom Wars!

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  • Um copy & paste fail? North America? lol

  • “To begin, we are incredibly thrilled to officially announce that Freedom Wars will launch in North America on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 for $29.99.”

    That’s great for our American friends but how will the price for us Europeans look like? :P

  • Hi EU blog, I’m from the EU and would like info on the EU release and € price.


  • any chance of getting a uk pricing instead of an american pricing :P

  • Interesting. I’m sure the north americans among us will be happy. If there are any.

    In all seriousness though, can you give us an estimate on the file size for the digital release?

    • Well any North Americans in Europe will be paying in the currency of the European country they are living in. Not to mention that anything applying to the North American release would be invalid for the European release.

      If content on the store is only available to certain nationalities…then make me Japanese NOW.

  • Sony, you seriously need to stop copy and pasting your posts. Especially from the US blog. This is a bit offensive imo. They are acting like “let’s just copy and paste on the EU blog, because we don’t care about the EU players as much as the US players”

    • They could at least make it less obvious.

    • More than a bit I reckon. Compare the entries made past 7 days. (US vs EU) – This post is our second since August 15’th.

    • @Nazar_Ops
      I think that Fred Dutton said something about going for few days vacation… so that might be it. Maybe there isn’t anyone else to write it? Dunno.

    • I don’t mind them copying and pasting. After all nobody wants to put in twice the work for the same thing. Even if they are different, people would still complain that we never got the post the US gets. People complain about everything these days. Not everybody reads the US blog (I do but like once a month or less) and not everybody over there would read the EU blog. Only thing that matters is to put in the effort and make the small changes (prices) before submitting it.

  • Any news about pets competition winners? I think its about time to see the winning designs

  • the UK price was announced at IGN and it will be £29.99

    • (-.~) oh really?

      I don’t see anything about GBP price in article about Freedom Wars on IGN… just USD price

  • October is going to be awesome month yet. :D

  • Anyway guys!

    Time to do some job, all people who are planning to buy Freedom Wars should try and advertise this game as much as possible! Tell about game your friends, siblings, parents, teachers… or whoever you want….

    Let’s try to build as big hype as it is only possible to reach about 1.25kk sold copies (it would be best sold game).

    We really need to make SCEE believe in Vita games! That those can be succesful.

    And so we won’t have to repeat all that circus with petitions just to get Oreshika retail in EU (right now it is digital only acording to official PS sites).

    • +1 to you. I’ve pre-ordered mine. I hope it sells well so that sony release more physical games

    • Mine has been pre-ordered since they announced physical release and it was made available at Shopto and being gold status means I will only pay £21.71!

  • – Retail price in € Digital price in €?
    – What retailers will have this Limited Edition?

    • Probably 29 EUR for retail… as it is their own title than probably 29 EUR for digital


      what? they will have the same items as digital copies in day-1 editions… you can check them on IGN
      When? Sorry I don’t know this :( Probably soon, as they released official news.

  • Oreshika and Murasaki Baby too, please. These are the greatest exclusives of this year on Vita, together with Freedom Wars obviously.

    • Murasaki Baby probably won’t happen… they are releasing it in September if I’m not mistaken… so that’s not enough time to make retails. +it’s rather title on par with games like Metrico. It’s not that big (size) game probably…. so yeah… they will treat it like indie titles (but I’m not saying it is indie!)

      Oreshika I can’t agree with you more :)

    • I know that Murasaki Baby is considered an indie title by Sony, but how could a person with a minim of intelligence release only digitally a title created by Massimo Guarini with the collaboration of Akira Yamaoka? It’s a crime for me not allowing people to have a so beatiful title in their collection, and it’s part of Sony’s plan to kill the Vita and stupid people like me who bought it believing in their fake promises.
      And Oreshika is a first party title, thei MUST release it physically. And Gravity Rush sequel too.

    • Not only does Oreshika need to have a physical release but ideally a collectors or limited edition version complete with art book

  • Heh, Ken Ken, this is Europe. We range from aristocratic lovers of vine and cheese to bearded bloody Vikings but we don’t use dollars :)

    Anyway, great, feed my Vita!

  • Local co-op is awesome & all which all Vita games SHOULD have but no online? Which all Vita games SHOULD have

    Hell even the PSP did better, with the Vita it felt like we went back before 2005 before the PSP was released in terms of games having local & online play & had to reprogress though the years to gain such features. CoD being a major one with no local MP options, NFS:MW should of had local MP action for the Vita, Killzone:M… The list goes forever..

    • Here’s a blast from the past:

      “I know there are some of you that are disappointed that ModNation Racers: Road Trip doesn’t let you play head-to-head online other than ad-hoc, but we really wanted to evolve online functionality and take advantage of the PlayStation Vita’s unique feature set in new ways. If all we ever did as developers is rehash features that have been done in previous games, we’d still be entering passwords instead of using save files and you’d have to start the entire game over after you lost your three lives (extra 1-ups aside).”

      That excuse is just hilarious. XD

    • The game does have online Co-Op.

    • Yep, even had an online pass in JP. They stopped doing them here fortunately.

    • Ah I thought I heard somewhere the game only had online play for PVP but not Co-Op missions, which sounded horrible, but if it includes co-op missions, my bad and I would normally research it before posting, but I woke up at round midnight and I wanted to get some of my frustration with the Vita out there so Sony can learn as this isn’t just bout Freedom Wars, its the Vita as a whole.

      You know I was really picturing when they announced the Vita with a CoD title (which I only enjoyed CoD1-3 to MW1 and the Zombies in the later games) But I was still super excited as when I was a kid, I used to play my gameboy with other kids, playing Pokemon even though it didn’t have any co-op or online.. But later on we played Atari lynx co-op together and stuff! Good times good times..

      In I knew, CoD was like the fastest selling IP, the game runs at 60fps it would of been easy to cut it back to 30fps, lower the resolution and port over a complete CoD title, which games like NFS:MW, KZ, Borderlands 2 and others have shown its possible & those games ran at 30fps on PS3!! A game that runs at 60fps! Now that’s makes the job of porting a game a lot easier to the Vita.

      Anyways so I was expecting all them CoD fans, even if they where like “oh its only a port” least it wouldn’t of been “Hahaa the Vita can’t handle a proper CoD title, look at Declassified its a stripped back title” Sure the company that Sony picked for Resistance and Activision picked for CoD was SUPER horrible, getting that small company to develop 2 massive IPs in such a small amount of time so they created two small titles… Poor devs…

      I don’t understand what Activision was doing, apart from trying to ruin the Vita, or why Sony allowed it.. Act makes a ton of money from CoD, why couldn’t they put a bit of effect into a Vita port? No they pick a dev that was already busy with Resistance, and decided not to port Black Ops 2. So much for “PS3 gaming on the go lets ruin peoples expectations with CoD” They probably said.

      I also don’t see why all Vita games have a limit of 8 players, when the Vita has better Wifi Technology then the PSP did which supported games up to 32 players. Sure it works great for some games but why is it limited? Don’t say for the Party Group that nobody uses…

      So many people where excited for the Vita and for good reason, but it completely failed in terms of major success. Still my fav handhold ever, but what about WRPGs like what EPIC showed (out room)..

    • The main problem with ad-hoc is that it doesn’t function like it does in the Japan. I bought Monster Hunter 3 HD for PS3 and it came with an ad-hoc that has specialized rooms for Soul Sacrifice, Godeater Burst etc. You can play online with Soul Sacrifice or play online network via ad-hoc. I know that putting the ad-hoc (available in the EU store) on the PS3 lets you play PSP games with friends but the Japanese version has vita games

      I’ve wanted to test this Japanese ad-hoc with games like Dynasty Warriors Next (ad-hoc only) to see if it could work as the ad-hoc works with other vita games. Unfortunately I only know one person with Monster Hunter 3 HD.

  • They fixed the post. Nice

  • What about those dates, will the digital and retail versions release simultaneously? IGN post says otherwise..

    29th digital and 31st retail

  • I wasnt that interested in this game, but I will buy a physical copy to support physical games.

  • In EU pounds, i guess the retail version will be £30 as most of them are. and please display the price in pounds, or euro’s. thanks again.

  • Awesome! Day 1!
    Please bring over Oreshika 2 PHYSICAL also!

  • So very excited for this one, good to finally have a release date. Could anyone also tell me what time the EU store updates for tomorrow/tonight? (As i was hoping to install and maybe play SAO: Hollow Fragment tonight) :P

  • So who are the “participating retailers” in the UK? GAME? Amazon?

    • Of course we’re not going to get a response. Asking about a Vita game in Europe, I should have known better! >_<

    • They never seem to mention participating retailers. If they just put the blasted download codes in every new copy (it’s not like a manual is taking up that space), we wouldn’t have this problem really. I’m still pre-ordering, but it’s kind of annoying to ask stores if they’ll even carry this game…

      …because most stores don’t want to give the Vita shelf space…

    • They responded in the comments for the US blog with the list of retailers. Of course, we haven’t even seen a single response to anything over here. Because Europe doesn’t matter, we had to fight for this game to even get a physical release! The biggest first party Vita title of the year was going to be digital only! I still can’t believe that. <__<

  • Finally…we will play it.

  • Will pre-order on PSN as soon as it get’s added in the store.

  • I like the look of this.

  • Still too expensive. I refuse to pay that price especially without an English dub. It should be €19.99 at the most.

    I will wait until it appears PlayStation Plus instead.

    • Are you serious? How is it too expensive? Also English Dub would ruin the japanese voices. Sub > Dub. I can’t believe how you are having a hard time to spend a little bit more money. If you call this expensive, then go check out the PS Store prices for digital games on PS4 or PS3.

    • @Nazar_Ops
      Tue that. The price seems like a steal compared to PS4 games, and it’s still 10 euro less than most Vita games.

    • 19.99 EUR? for digital? If for digital I might agree with you…. as value of digital games is far lower than retail. (I keep saying that I’m not buying digital games unless they cost 5 EUR or less).

      But retail? 29.99 EUR is fine price… I don’t like that 1:1 currency exchange rate but I’m fine with it if it is only 29 EUR (+game that wasn’t supposed to appear in EU with retail)

      Also majority prefers SUB over DUB…. so… I think that you are not fair on this particular issue.

    • Yeah, €30 is a good price all things considered. I’m at least hoping that the game will get continuous support. I haven’t started Soul Sacrifice yet, but I respected the fact that Sony kept out pumping free DLC for the fans long after release.

    • Dub>Sub any day of the week. It is beyond me why people prefer subs. To me it is not worth full price to what I feel is a inferior product and a Japanese dub ruins the game.

    • Just skip the fancy paninis for a month and you’ll be just fine paisan.

    • You can pre-order this game for less than £23 and that’s expensive???!!!

      Dub???!!! Really dub??? Why because you like horrible American accents coming out of cute anime characters? Because dub is so good that’s why the ditty little king in New Little King Story had a voice like Barry White??
      I’m glad its subbed because
      1) I can read
      2) I won’t turn the sound down and miss out on the music.

      I get that dubbing films is big in Italy or rather making a film and then dubbing in multiple languages but this isn’t the 70’s or even 80’s anymore.

    • Guys, Lucreto is from Ireland, not Italy. In Italy, most gamers are for the original audio.
      Anyway, 29.99€ for a brand-new PSVita game is a deal, honestly. I was unsure of buying on D1 or not, but at this price (and since you’ll be able to find it at even less in certain places) I have no doubt I’ll do it.
      Hope a pre-order will appear somewhere soon.

  • Thanks for physical release, I’ll get it for sure, but any news about Oreshika? I hope it’s not digital only.

    • right now it is marked as digital only.

      So let’s show them that Freedom Wars will sell nicely just to prove that retails are future of Vita.

  • Hmm, it appears that the EU version of the game has the same logo as the NA version. The Japanese/Chinese/Korean version of the game has a different one that appears on the cover.

    A question for the SCEE folks: If I have EU friends who buy EU Freedom Wars, will they eventually be able to play online multiplayer with me, or are the servers segregated? I have a JP version of the game.

    • May I reply you? (not mod)

      Sadly you won’t be able to play with us :(, as you have different panopticons. You in JP version have prefectures right? We will have 50 cities from West.

      We will be sharing servers with NA… so we will be able to play only with regions under SCEA and SCEE.

      Hmm… there was official reply from Nick Acordino somewhere…

      As of right now, the SCEA and SCEE versions will be compatible online. Because the JP version uses different Panopticons (different cities, etc), they’ll be fighting it out among themselves – at least for the time being.

      Hope this answers your question, and I hope you’re looking forward to the game!
      That is official reply copied from US Blog… so… as you see after all there are some chances for that! -for time being- let’s keep our fingers crossed that this will happen!

    • Thanks, Archacus. I had a look at the NA blog as well. Fingers crossed that there will be a patch or something.

    • @b3nl15qu4r3
      I hope it will work :)

      Cyber world has no boundaries, so in games we shouldn’t be divided to regions. I will also keep my fingers crossed! Let’s meet in-game :D


  • Awesome! Looking forward to this and Day 1 of course! :D

    Hopefully they’ll be more Vita efforts like this in the future!

  • Just pre-ordered the physical version of the game!

    Lets see how many more actually preorder (buy) the physical game after that outcry (which I agree with :D)

  • Actually,what about Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed?Why is it coming so late in Europe.And I do not even know if it is a digital release only.Why must there be an outcry for games to be released in retail in Europe at all?

    • Do you mind if I will reply? They can’t because that’s 3rd party game.

      Akiba’s Trip is going to be both retail and digital in EU.

      Why it is coming later? Because publisher and developer is not the same subject. Our publisher is NIS America (remember that name cause those are Kings of Europes, because of them you will have games here in EU) In NA publisher is the same subject as developer (XSEED).

      Frankly speaking… I have hard time deciding will it pick this game up… I don’t like that fanservice… but it would be good idea to buy it just to support NISA.

  • I’ve never actually purchased or pre-ordered a (physical) Vita game before, so any help from people who know better than I do would be nice: can I pre-order it on Amazon UK and still get the pre-order exclusive stuff? If not, in what online stores can I pre-order a physical edition of Freedom Wars that will grant me access to the pre-order bonus?

    • Yes you can pre-order from retail chain shop and get bonuses (exactly the same as in digital copy this time). But there should be information that either it is day-1 or thay include DLC coupon.

      Right now you can’t order it yet, but I think that European shops should update their own shops. Anyway I think that it would be better for you to order it from Portugal shop if you can. Amazon uk was great…. but when there was super saver delivery for Europe… now delivery fee is kinda too expensive to import games.

      So watch out for your own shops :) there should be clear information that this product contain bonus stuff.

  • Thanks for the reply, Archacus. Games are often (if not always) more expensive here in Portuguese shops than on Amazon UK, hence why I prefer to pre-order from there. When shopping on Amazon UK, I usually end up buying a few items together, so I’m not bothered with no more Super Saver Delivery from them, the price of P&P becomes less meaningful if I add more items to the same purchase.

    I don’t care much for physical Vita game releases, but I’d like to own this particular title in physical form, so I just want to make sure that wherever I chose to pre-order from, I will get the pre-order bonus.

  • Thank you for retail version, Day one for me.

  • Will be pre-ordering a retail copy as soon as I see it available. Are the release dates the same for Australia as Europe?

  • Thank you once again for listening to the fans and offering a physical version of the game.

    I will be pre-ordering and will urge other Vita owners I know to do the same.

  • Will there be a demo of this game? For some reason, I can never tell in advance whether I’ll like a game of this genre… There is a demo in Japan, as far as I know, so I hope we’ll get one, too.

    • @Toa_Nuva
      Can I answer you?

      Sadly there is no demo planned atm. for West…. at least if I remember right words of Mr. Nick Accordino.

      But don’t let it discourage you, I won’t lie to you game has its flaws but it is still one of best Vita titles. I recomend you watching some trailers, if you will like it than try it :) The price is 29 EUR… I know that it is still a lot of money, but I think that’s worth it.

    • @Archacus: Of course you can… And thank you very much. :-)

      I have often heard this game compared to Monster Hunter (in gameplay, not in setting, obviously), so I’m not sure what to make of that, because I’m anything but a fan of MH and its clones. When I tried Monster Hunter Portable years ago, I found it quite boring; The demo of Ragnarok Odyssey didn’t really convince me either; And I hated the Soul Sacrifice demo so much that I didn’t even try the full version after it came to Playstation Plus. On the other hand, I did love Toukiden. But I actually don’t really have a clue to what it is that makes me love Toukiden and hate other MH-like games so much. That’s why I was hoping there would be a demo.

  • Only 29.99 euro?? DUDE!!!!! I will gladly buy the retail copy D1. I can’t wait to pre order it and October 28th to come!!! Best news yet!!! :D

  • Too bad this will be the last AAA game from Sony. They have failed miserably to promote and market the device properly, and the overpriced memory cards are ridiculous.! I love my vita, and will never sell the system. Im just never going to purchase another Sony system again, because they are extremely clueless in supporting their products, which causes it to fail. Only thing going for the company is thr ps4. The Tv’s are failures, even though I have a bravia and it is excellent btw. Sony just don’t know how to promote their products properly. I honestly think whoever is in charge of marketing in that company, needs to be replaced ASAP. anyways im hoping xseed and namco continue to support the vita, because not even the creator of the damn device have practically given up on support like cowards.

  • Thank you for listening to fans and bring a retail copy. So when can I pre-order this game in Australia, what about the price?

  • Pre-ordered my copy a few weeks back £22 from

  • Over 90 comments, a day later – nobody has answered any questions. Yay, Europe! And Vita! ^_^

  • So who are these ‘participating retailers’? Or shall I just preorder from the lowest price seller on the off chance they all have a Day 1 code inside. You’re not really answering all the questions are you. I notice I’m not the only person asking for this question to be clarified.

  • i saw in it was priced £34 for physical copy.. i want to get this one with £24 . where do i order this one with dlc and when ?

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