The Playroom: AR Studio Out Tonight on PS4

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The Playroom: AR Studio Out Tonight on PS4

Turn Your Living Room into a Broadcast Studio

Over at Japan Studio, we’ve been hard at work on new DLC for THE PLAYROOM. We’re proud to announce AR STUDIO which will be launching later today on PS4 absolutely FREE!

Using the PlayStation Camera, THE PLAYROOM became a way for PS4 owners to broadcast live ‘shows’ through the Live From PlayStation app. This piece of DLC is entirely built around that central concept. With AR STUDIO, formerly known as Set Maker, you can use your tablet or smartphone (Android or iOS), to turn your living room into a broadcasting studio. Fill your sets with images or photos stored on your smart device, or draw your sets from scratch. You can also add various special effects to the screen like interactive smoke and lasers using your DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller. You will need to download the PlayStation App for your smart device, which you can get for free on either the App Store or Google Play.


Since our first reveal at E3 In June, we have made a few additions to make the experience even better:

  • We have added a ton of screen effects to make your video or broadcast more atmospheric, including Retro, Arty, Futuristic or Psychedelic effects. It’s all there for you to experiment with. My favorite is the vintage effect.
  • You can now also play your own MP3s by loading them on a USB memory stick, and we’re also throwing in a whole bunch of pre-set music tracks and sound effects for you to use.
  • We’ve improved the masks feature to include a few cool Sony classic heads for you to wear. Special thumbs up to the Helghast mask, popularized by Killzone, which hooks up to your DUALSHOCK 4 light bar.
  • Speaking of DUALSHOCK 4, we’ve added controller effects like interactive colored smoked and a confetti canon for live celebrations.
  • Next, if you have recorded videos on your PS4, you will be able to play them back inside a dedicated projector. This is an amazing feature and great way for you to do live commentaries over your recorded game sessions and maybe even give out some advice to those watching you.
  • Finally, we’ve included a rating system for your broadcasts. We called on our little AR Bots friends to deliver the results of your live polls. By using the “Interact button”, any PS4 viewers can join in and answer questions you ask them. It’s a great opportunity to run all sorts of contests or even host your own quiz show.



So whether it’s gaming, music, sports, cooking or just chilling, you can now make awesome shows right from your PlayStation 4 or share a video on social networks or with friends and family.

AR STUDIO will hit PlayStation Store later tonight. Just download the add-on and it will automatically be added to THE PLAYROOM.

Let us know what you think as we are always listening to you! We hope you enjoy it.

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  • How can this play MP3s but the PS4 has no media player that can?

    • Because the PS4 API can play MP3s as well as various video and audio codecs, this was never in question as its how games play their audio/video. The problem is there is no way to control that functionality except in games/apps and Sony for whatever reason have not written a media player app.

      It should be relatively simple to add a media player app, Sony have chosen not to. Hopefully its because they want to embed it into the core OS itself so it works while in games, but until they tell us we can only guess. It may require a lot of work to do that if the OS was not designed with it in mind from the start.

    • @AlexAtkinUK,
      There’s no question that it’s technically possible. Sony’s Music Unlimited already allows music to be played during gameplay, so it MUST be technically possible to do the same thing with MP3’s.

      I don’t care personally since I could already pipe my own MP3’s into games via my Astro Mixamp (I don’t, I like in-game music), but the ridiculous amount of time this feature has been held back is making me question how much Sony really cares about those who’ve bought the PS4.

    • “the ridiculous amount of time this feature has been held back is making me question how much Sony really cares about those who’ve bought the PS4.”

      @MartinB105 I don’t think it was omitted because of a lack of interest, but rather an interest in games. Sony made a gaming system, not a multimedia device… Anyway, I don’t mind because it’s not like I tossed my PS3 out-the-window when I got my PS4, so I can still watch DVD’s, Blu-Rays and listen to MP3’s on my PS3.

      Something came to mind while commenting:
      Maybe the Twitch/streaming integration is making Sony prevent playing MP3’s. So many lawsuits have been filed on Youtube because of a copyrighted song usage in a video. Even if you own the CD from which the song is playing, you only have the right to listen to the song, not distribute (or stream) it over the internet… This might be a factor to consider…

  • Good lord, watching Live From Playstation tonight is gonna be so much win. Thank you Sony.

  • The worst thing about the Playroom broadcast is the many rude persons in the comments section.

  • Nice to know that you folks at Sony Japan have finished this thing. Now, finish The Last Guardian. Chop chop.

  • Great job Sony. Embracing gamers like this is why PS is the best place to play. After all, thats what you marketed PS to be, and your delivering on that promise. You never said PS was the best place to listen to old formatted mp3 music right? Haters going to hate. We don’t need MP3 support, ive got everything else in my house that can do that. Keep focusing on games and fun. If people want to cry about MP3 support, let them.

    • @AirMaxPenny

      And then what are we going to do when games like KickBeat: Special Edition are released? That game’s biggest selling point is the music analyzer, which makes ‘levels’ based on the music on your harddrive. There’s just one problem… WE CAN’T STORE MUSIC ON OUR PS4 HARDDRIVES! But yeah, you’re right. Music isn’t important AT ALL for ANY games…

  • This is amazing! Thanks Nicolas Doucet and team! I hope people tune in to see us use this on The Spartan Show. We asked and they delivered! Another reason we love the PlayStation 4 and the developers that surround it! Follow us on twitter @thespartanshow to get the latest news about our upcoming shows.

  • Max dont work for sony he is a ps4 gamer and how dare you troll a us gamer after he posted that awesome comment if i was you zal you watch what you post in future and use your brain not your frogfood

  • Teddybear you get thats a Dutch flag, not a French one, right?

    • He’s pretty adorable, haha. At first I thought it was some British slang or something. XD

    • Given the lack of punctuation and misuse of the word “awesome” I’d say it could be slang, he’s obviously a child. Kids these days…

  • This still hasnt shown up on the English PSN store.

  • Sony if you say tonight its added well add the dlc NOW will you not Tuesday not Wednesday Add the dlc nowwww

  • Japan Studio?

  • Now i have played Diablo III since last thursday and need to take a break for it and show all the cool videos i have made the last 5 days, but the DLC isnt still availble :/ So im going of to bed.

    Best Regards


  • This is going to work with the Vita too right? I don’t have a smartphone.

  • Bit stunned its not compatible with PlayStation Vita at the moment. I have a Sony smartphone and all im getting is a black screen on the second screen which when i press the screen it changes the background other than that i cant seem to do anything with it

  • HAHA, amazing. I sometimes set live from PS (playroom), shows in the background while gaming. I only watch occasionally and 99% of what I watch is games I might buy. But the times that I do watch playroom .. the playroom “music” drives me CRAZY .. that’s why I stopped watching it. Seriously it’s ok when you hear it for the first few minutes .. but after that you want to bash your head against the wall to make it stop XD

  • Ryan,
    Theres nothing difficult about adding mp3 support.
    In fact DLNA SUPPORT will be added to ps for in the near future tgrough an OS UPDATE.
    Which will allow us to play *mp3’s *mp4’s *cd’s etc etc on our ps4’s.
    Its about time!!!!

  • HAHAHA … I just watched a dude with his GF a few hours ago .. and the girl danced/twerked live for like 2 hours or so .. she was pretty hot

    He was using all the new effects XD (voting, smoke, screen effects, music etc) .. but he did it on twitch so he got banned .. but curiously ONLY after hours and only after his GF stopped dancing and he was about to go offline .. I think the person/MOD that was supposed to ban him kept watching to see his GF dance lol

  • it’s still not on the store since it’s been announced, what gives? :S

  • ITS IN THE PS STORE everyone else has got the new dlc i been on it all day you need to goto the ps store and look for it

    sony is too buzy to help you

  • VITA VITA Why we can t use the vita for this game :( I have a windows surface and cant get the playstation app ant my phone doesn’t support it as well .so sad please set it up for the vita cos sony say the vita would be the perfect companion for the ps4 but no its a tablet and a smartphone lol please sony

  • Thanks sony amazing!!! Keep it up

  • Anybody else getting kicked out of the App? Running on iPad mini, but getting booted regularly.

  • unavailable or just a error message. Frustrating!!!

  • Cant get it to download

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