Upcoming PS4 system update v2.00 to add Share Play, YouTube, more

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New game reveals and trailers direct from Cologne, Germany

Since we first unveiled PlayStation 4 and its deep social capabilities, including the SHARE button, we’ve seen an outpouring of excitement from gamers. Players have rallied around a culture focused on sharing epic gaming moments through Live From PlayStation, interactive streaming, SHAREfactory, What’s New and Photo Mode in exclusive PS4 games like Infamous Second Son and The Last of Us Remastered.

Let’s go a step further together. Let’s go from sitting back and watching friends play to actually jumping into games remotely and sharing great experiences together in real time. Today at the PlayStation press conference at Gamescom, we will deliver on yet another promise from the PS4 announcement and introduce Share Play, coming to PlayStation 4 later this autumn.

The best way to think about Share Play is like a “virtual sofa”. PlayStation 4 will create an online local co-op experience by allowing you to invite a friend to join your game—even when they don’t own a copy of it. With this first-of-its-kind feature, you’ll be able to play games with a friend just as if you were together in the same room. Let’s say that with games… you’ll be able to invite your friend online to play as part of your Club in DRIVECLUB.

With Share Play, you can even jump into a game to assist a friend. For example, if there is part of a game that you can’t quite finish, you can invite a friend to take over your controls. Like handing over the controller to a friend on your couch, your screen will be shared as your friend gets through the part of the game that has been giving you trouble—can’t get past that part in The Last of Us: Remastered when you’re hanging upside down? Get a little help.

Share Play will be coming to PS4 as part of the upcoming system software update v2.00, scheduled for release this autumn. The update will also add highly requested broadcast and video share features, including both uploading you game play footage and dedicated app support for YouTube, which we mentioned on stage at E3. Finally, What’s New will get enhanced real-time activity through friend-of-friend suggestions, allowing instant access to friends’ and recently played games’ broadcast More features to come when v2.00 is available, and will let you know.

We always want to hear your feedback and look forward to what you are most excited to experience together first Share Play when the feature comes to PS4 this autumn. What will you co-op first with Share Play?

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  • This sounds great. The number of requested features for PS4 is huge, and it would be nice to see them being addressed.

    But update the PS Vita as well. Multiple account support, please.

    • Totally agree, I LOVE this update .. Shareplay etc is really cool .. but the update is for this fall .. (so still a pretty long time away) … and still no official word on
      1. DNLA
      2. External HDD support + media playback support
      3. Suspend and resume

      Also .. REALLY need mutliple accounts on PSv with 1 master account .. my little sisters love my VITA, but I always have to worry about them destroying/messing up my safe files, deleting games on accident, messing up my scores etc etc.

      P.s. WHY … WHY don’t we have NETFLIX on VITA? … it makes NO SENSE .. I have a NOTE 3 so don’t really need it on my VITA but it has bothered me since day 1.. I want netflix on ALL my devices.

    • Pause download. Don’t forget that. Oh, and also friends notification.

    • @LT_Combo

      Surprising not that far in 2 weeks or so it will be September and the 20th of September is the Fall/Autumn equinox. In month or so it will be autumn

  • What happened to the ability to suspend games while in standby mode so you can keep playing exactly where you when you come back to it? I’m sure that was mentioned at some point?

    • I was hoping this would get implemented in the 2.0 update as well. They have been suspiciously quiet on this feature and with no author replies I expect them to stay quiet on this feature. At this point this feature and folders is what I want most with the other requested features as bonuses down the road. I do hope suspend/resume from standby will still get implemented and not be given up on

  • Return normal sorting for trophies (like on ps3)!

  • Disappointing.

    Still no DLNA, 1 year after we’ve been giving an extremely high amount of feedback that we want DLNA Features that were availible on our Last Gen PS3 Consoles. (Forgotten this generation for some odd reason…)
    Possibly even more disappointing, the Suspend/Resume Feature announce almost 2 years ago ( At the February PS4 Unveiling ).

    … Sony Said the PS4 is “Extremely easy to develop for…” Yet it seems that it’s not easy enough to develop the actual system software features that were announced during the consoles unveiling…. are you kidding??

  • DLNA is THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE that ps4 is lacking. I love ps4 but I won’t buy it unless it does support dlna, because i used it more than playing games on ps3, and i don’t have place for two consoles under my tv.

    Sony, please get support for DLNA, you can’t imagine how much you’re losing without it.

    • Download PLEX and use its Web Interface for DLNA!! I use it all the time to watch my movies on PS4 Browser and it works like a charm. Universal Media Server is also getting close to getting a Browser Based DLNA supports to work on PS4s Browsers

    • There’s _so_ many ways to get your media on to your television today that don’t require two boxes. The solutions range from cheap to expensive (buy a chromecast, get a TV with DLNA built-in etc) and I don’t get why this is something the Playstation 4 should focus on. It was said from the very beginning that this is for the gamers, there are so many other boxes and devices competing on being your all-on-one media solution so I think it makes sense for Sony to keep true to their “for the gamers” statement and focus on that market.

    • no it’s not the most important

    • It’s not even close to being the most important! If you and the others that keep whining about this think it’s oh so important, buy a chromecast or something similair, it’s dirt cheap and you can use it for DLNA.

    • grEvenX – I don’t want to buy chromecast, because i already have great DLNA player – ps3. Now what’s the point of buying new hardware, if it offer LESS functionality than previous generation?

  • It is great you guys are doing something firmware wise considering how long it takes to get anything out, but announcing features as part of a firmware that isn’t coming till later this autumn, along with the fact that autumn doesn’t start for another month and half, is a bit lame.

    I mean, I want new features, but you should announce these things shortly before they arrive, not months in advance to keep us waiting.

  • Could care less about the share button. PS3 was the centre of my home entertainment system and PS4 was supposed to replace that. But STILL no DLNA support is ridiculous. Really starting to wonder why I ever bothered buying the damn thing. Games are more expensive, launch day features are still missing and i’m getting this social crap rammed down my throat with every update.

    • Well if you didnt buy it to play games i dont know what you where thinking?

    • ‘Could care less’

      That means you do care.

    • Games are priced the same as ps3 games where when it was new. And it seems like you are more interested in media than games… maybe you should think about buying something else?

    • @Vashetti

      ‘could care less’ is an Americanism, it has the same meaning.

    • @rustyhughes Americanism or not, its incredibly stupid and contradictory to the entire point of using it. The rest of the world hates that huge misuse of the phrase. Lol.

    • Why do people act like they’re owed DLNA because another product had it. Sony never promised it so where do this tiny internet minority (Yes, just because an apparently large number of people on forums talk about it, doesn’t mean that the majority of people too busy or not geeky enough to forum argue actually give a damn) get off thinking it is the number one priority? DLNA was never a thing and I would bet my last dollar that Sony have data to prove this. I had a PS3 for years and I never used the DLNA stuff. I think people forget that many households do not even have an up to date system capable anymore. IPads have taken over. People want easy, not geeky. Its not a mainstream feature, certainly not related one bit to gaming , which EVERYONE HATED ON MICROSOFT FOR when they released all that media stuff. DLNA coming will please 5% of the potential audience and confuse 95%. Then 80% will complain that Sony’s not focusing on the gamers. You can’t win when you’re in that position. So far Sony are doing an excellent job, have by far the better console, and the better games. And this comes from a multi platform fan. Someone who has many systems. I just think its about time people stopped whining on about features that were never promised and enjoying the features that were and are coming :)

    • Just to support spiritdave on this. I once tried to use dnla in my ps3 but my router at the time was wifi g and the playback was not very good. Then I just gave up using dnla with no noticeable drawbacks. I think it should be a 3rd priority. It would help but it’s ok if it doesn’t show up on ps4.

  • Will we finally get a notification when a friend comes online with this update?

  • Great Features However is it that hard to have a level of customization on the ps4 even a simple background colour change i would welcome.I would also like to have my games in folders of genre.
    I would like remote connection on my ps3 so i dont have to buy Playstation TV.

  • Mega disappointing. This doesn’t introduce a single of the most requested features that PS4 players have *actually* been asking for. No online/offline notifications, no themes, no DLNA support, no MP3 support, no folders or any system to manage games, and we’re still dealing with that stupid trophy sync every time we go to check our trophies.

    • Don’t understand why Sony keeps ignoring all most wanted features!! for me it’s MP3&DLNA! that was on PS3!! whats going on over there?!? this is so NOT “For the Players”!!!!

    • @Borba_K
      Exactly… DLNA and mp3 are not for the players… maybe you understand why they use that slogan now?
      But don’t worry it will come eventually, since you guys keep whining they will eventually have to include it, instead of focusing more on gaming…

  • As exciting as Share Play sounds, i don’t imagine every game will support it and it’ll very much be up to the developers/publishers discretion whether to include it or not. It’ll also probably have a time/friend cap on it much like Far Cry 4’s system.

    • i have one friend on ps4 its not a feature ill use if im honest..

    • I think you’re wrong. I think they took the Remote Play tech, and are simply allowing PS4s to act as a Vita does today. The other player will simply be recognised by the system as a second controller, and the PS4 will send the image to the player, the exact same way it does it with regular Remote Play. It’s pretty clever, really, and all it requires is a tweaked Remote Play app on the PS4 to work.

    • @NeoXodust Only one friend on PS4? Add me so you have two. :)

    • I just bought a ps4 2 weeks ago and i don’t have 1 friend that has a ps4 so add me if uwant!

  • A YouTube app is nice, but I don’t give a damn about all the other features. I’ll have to type this out in all-caps, because it seems the people at Sony aren’t listening. WE WANT MP3/VIDEO/DLNA SUPPORT AND THE SUSPEND/RESUME FEATURE THAT WAS PROMISED AT LAUNCH!

    If you want to make other features, that’s great. BUT DO IT AFTER YOU MAKE THE FEATURES WE ALL WANT AND WERE PROMISED!

    • None of those things were promised at launch.

      Why make stuff up?

    • Gaming related features are WAY more important than media features. Go buy a chromecast and end of story.

    • Games should come first and I’m glad Sony got the core stuff right first, but if the PS4 is capable then why not? The PS3 got things like 3D Blu-ray support etc in updates as well and the PS4 can too.

    • We’ll, it’s disappointing that the next iteration don’t have same features as ps3. Got iPhone,iPad, iMac and all music is perfectly synced and can wirelessly stream it to my speakers in living room, so for me it’s not a big deal. But I understand DoYouLikeMyID. PS3 slogan was ‘It does everything’ ps4 ‘It’s for the gamers’ but what’s the point to take off features which are not complex or expensive to implement from inception?

      Suspend/resume was advertised as cool features of PS4 – video presenting 3 friends playing & interacting…

  • So it will allow me to play co-op games without online co-op? Like Towerfall and Crimsonlands ?

    Also can you do an update for the download list? Why you ignore this request? Is it that hard to make it ?

  • x1 is getting free to air channels also media playback soon is ps getting these,wheres suspend and resume aswell,btw ps tv can play ps4 games using a ps3 controller will we be able to use ps3 controllers on ps4 when ps tv comes out

  • What about adding a follow button for a persons twitch account through live from playstation?? Would be so useful!

  • I find PS4 great for games! But without DLNA-support, it’s not “complete”. Xbox is getting DLNA-support next patch. Really hope we get it aswell..

  • DLNA, MP3, CD ripping, video file playback, and the ability to copy & play MP3s and video files from a USB stick/HDD are vitally important – how can the PS3 offer all this without an issue, yet the PS4 does not? Insanity.

    While you are at it SCE, could you allow us to create MP3 and video playlists on both the PS Vita and PS4, and allow the PS Vita shoulder buttons to ask as fast forward and rewind???

  • Sounds great, but how this will work technically and it would not finish to damage developers..?

  • I am forever happy with this announcement and thank you sony, in the future could implement folders and mp3 support later on please.

  • Share Play sounds pretty nice. Definitely looking forward to that.

    And I’m sure they will add DLNA support very soon.
    I get it that some people want it, but you don’t need to act like that’s the only reason you bought a PS4 for.
    Yeah, I had some pictures and MP3s on my PS3, but I’m not really having any problems with the PS4 not having those features. It’s gonna be good when it gets it, but to say that the PS4 is not complete without it is a little bit ridiculous.
    I really don’t get how some people can regret buying a PS4 just because it doesn’t have DLNA support (yet).

  • I want:

    – DNLA support (plus a ton of supported codecs — see what MS are supporting on Xbox One and match it)
    – PS1 and PS2 Classics on PS4 (and natively, not on PS Now).
    – Custom OS themes/backgrounds (as a bonus, let us bring our PS3 themes over).
    – More basic functionality improvements, like what was in that fake leak the other day (I’m sure you’ve all seen it).
    – Some of them stability updates… :3

    • PS1/PS2 natively will not happen. The game would have to be rebuilt from the ground up. They are not under the same build. The PS4 doesn’t read the same as the PS3 and below. The only way it is possible is through now due to the fact they are running an emulator on the Gakai server (the way I understand it to work)

    • @Emyrus

      PS1/PS2 emulation on the PS4 could easily happen the same way it happens on PC, where you download software that emulates the hardware of the PS1/PS2. It requires a ton of power to emulate hardware in this way, but the PS4 is more than powerful enough to emulate PS1/PS2 games, so it certainly could happen. Whether it will happen or not, now that’s a different question.

      However, I doubt native PS3 emulation could happen on the PS4 though, as I don’t think the PS4 is powerful enough to emulate PS3 hardware. That would probably have to happen through PS Now.

    • Nonsense.

      The PS1 and PS2 emulators for PS3 are software, and they can be ported to PS4 just as any other software can be. In fact, the range of PS2 Classics greatly increases if you bring the line to PS4, as it is more powerful than PS3 and as such can more accurately emulate the PS2 hardware. PS3 emulation is trickier as I’m not sure if the PS4 is powerful enough to accurately emulate PS3 (maybe on a game by game basis, but then you have to wonder if it’s even worth doing at that point), but broad scale PS1 and PS2 shouldn’t be a problem. Heck, why not throw in PSP emulation too while they’re at it? They have a PSP emulator for Vita that works really well which they could port.

      As for doing it locally as opposed to Gaikai: it’s more efficient to have users download the games and play them locally than waste bandwidth and server processing time streaming them over PS Now.

  • I do not care about share play or social features. These are akin to eye tracking on my phone I don’t use it.

    Get the basic stuff that should of been there from day 1, suspend mode this has been on phones, iPads even the vita for years nearly a decade. DLNA, media playback (music, blu rays, video). PC drivers for the gamepad. Basic features that we will use often and that were on last gen hardware or on Xbox one now. Get your act together, a lot was promised and you haven’t delivered. I cannot buy a PS4 until I am convinced you will deliver on promises

  • Depressing.
    Why not listen to your customers for once?

  • so you tube comming to ?
    in game party chat veri hard needed ( not always need to go out the game )
    share i do not like
    if you company can put videos on whath new section + own gamplay page so friends can see wat + howh you play whitout restrictions = then i change mi opinion

  • “We always want to hear your feedback”

    Do you sony? I wonder what do you have to say to those who have been asking for almost a year now for media support, being it mp3 and dlna.

    And since ps vita is pretty much a ps4 accessory in your eyes, what about a freaking new OS for it, something similar to the ps4 to match, I’m pretty sure people have been asking for it a very loooooooong time now.

    Back to the ps4, why can the ps4 do something so simple such as pause/resume downloads?

    Since you “hear” our feedbacks, you should know that this update should have been released already, yet you want to wait for christmas to wave another flag of “look how awesome we are giving you this”, because you don’t expect me to believe that “later this fall” is september do you? Heck I’m even willing to bet that the 2.0 update will be delayed to 2015, given your past/recent history.

  • The Share Play thing sounds amazing!

  • So as usually non if the changes that people actually want and that will actually make a genuine difference just more gimmicky crap …

  • During the first PS4 conference in Feb 2013, they said that you could try out games before even clicking the Buy button. That had me psyched, I couldn’t wait to try out games that I’d usually be on the edge on and buy them to support the devs. That, and suspend/resume. I love it on the Vita, it’s a great convenience.

    I’d easily buy a PS4 over the Xbone because I’m not in the Xbox ecosystem, but you guys are really making it hard for me to do so. I see plenty of PS4 boxes in stores, but I’m not even tempted to buy one, really. =/

    I mean, my Vita has a custom soundtrack feature and I can change wallpapers. At this point, it’s a barebones system and I’m not going to reward your effort with my money, and I can be quite generous.

    Funny thing is, if Beyond and Puppeteer, two games I was looking forward to very much, skipped the PS3 and were PS4 exclusives, I would have pre-ordered one. Supporting your platforms are nice, but there was definitely a generation fatigue. Puppeteer failed miserably at retail, despite the ’80 million userbase’. My friends and I are all on our second PS3s and a significant amount of people bought the PS3 for its BluRay feature, so you could cut the active userbase down to about 20 million. If Puppeteer launched alongside Knack and Killzone, maybe even in January before Infamous, at 1080p/60fps and €40, it would have done so much better.

    *shrug* Maybe I’m getting too old for this, I don’t know.

  • Sony seem to be focusing on these big ‘headline’ features rather than adding the fundamentals that were present on PS3 and are still missing on PS4.

    ShareFactory and Share Play are cool, but the fact that I still cant pause my downloads (for example) almost a year after the console’s launch is really disappointing to say the least. Please, Sony, don’t forget about the basics and the ‘quality of life’ features.

  • I bet the pictures floating around hinting a system update were done on purpose ahead of gamescom

  • I thought to get gamescom there is something said about psn id, but unfortunately not …
    I pay a PS3 in 2007 I was at a younger age and now you get older and look back to your PSN ID name would be nice if Sony do something

    there are so many people they want change the PSN-ID Name

    Ability to change User ID | 26,377 Votes

    – sony do something!!

    Xbox One Getting DLNA Support, USB Media Playback, Boot-to-TV Option
    Microsoft announces a spate of new Xbox One features coming over the next few months.

    • The ability to change username would be much appreciated. I’d even pay for it.

      This one was made on a PSP purely to buy games that had no online features from the PSN Store… ditching my trophies and thousands of pounds worth of digital content is not an option!

  • PSN-ID Change pleassss there are so many people they want to change it

  • First of its kind feature? Because I remember doing this on the OLD (foldable) Gameboy advanced…

    So yeah. Not really first of its kind; but another “pinch” from (pioneers) Nintendo.

    Not that I’m complaining/. This is a great feature.

  • Media playback via USB, DLNA, mp3, themes….how many times must we ask?

  • All the kids want DLNA to play their pirate films and tv shows. Come on Sony why don’t you support the pirates!
    Ooo arrrr

  • Ok but not very interesting for lonewolf players that aren’t interested in making a whole bunch of online “friends”., or players not interested in the whole streaming gameplay thing. But so far I haven’t seen any real issues with the UI or store like there were on ps3, so nothing I’m really hoping to see fixed. Though I’d love to see the return of dynamic backgrounds, I realize it might be a bit far fetched with the current UI system.

  • We really want DLNA, media playback through USB, PSN ID changes, Notifications for when a friend is online/offline, mp3, themes and everything you announced a couple years back that we still don’t have. That’s what your customers really want.

    • Speak for yourself. I don’t want notifications unless they can be disabled. I hated them on PS3. So don’t say “we” when you mean “I”. You don’t speak for the majority.

    • Online/Offline notifications drive me mad. The fact that they couldn’t be disabled independantly on PS3 was my biggest gripe with the console.

  • Where are the features that people are actually asking for?

  • Yes Thank you

    BUT like to know where is MP3 player so i can play my own music and support for DLNA so i can stream media from my media server, and some support for usb to read external drives. PLEASE!!!

    Oh one more thing Features make us happy ^.^ and then we are happy we use are PS4 more !!!!

  • Add DLNA straming and mp3 , mkv playback.

  • So great!!! I’d waited long time for YouTube support on PS4

  • All I want is some damn folders. We’re not even a year into this generation and I already have over thirty games and apps, there needs to be a way to organise them.

  • Not interested in anything PS4, cos I still can’t logon to PSN!!!!!!!! Useless Sony.

  • can’t waite till this new version comes out on the ps4 :)

  • Funny thing, I DO remember them saying around reveal time that you could have a friend come into your game to help out – via the net – but I can’t recall anything about DNLA or stuff…
    So, for me this is big, really big – and a delivery on a promise I actually cared about. Yes, that was a promise and they delivered, so stop acting like they never do. And yes, I care about that – just me.

    I don’t care about the media stuff or the suspend thing. That last would suck even more power than standby mode, so until they optimze power needs, I don’t want it anyway – and the only media thing for me might be mp3s, but Trials is the only game I ever thought about not wanting the in-game music.

    If you wanted an Xbox One, you should’ve bought an Xbox One. The PS4 is a gaming console, not your all-in-one entertainment box. So please don’t claim that everyone and their mum’s want useless gimmicks like that on a gaming console. You want to complain, complain about useful stuff, pausing downloads or organizing your homescreen, but not stuff like not being able to watch your downloaded movies. I’ll even give you MP3, but that’s still not a priority for gaming.

    • “Suspend” doesn’t have to use ANY power. If it saves your current “state” to the hard drive then powers off, like putting a PC in “Hibernate” mode rather than “standby, it uses no power until turning back on & reloading the saved state.
      Your assumption is inaccurate.

  • Share play sounds great but honestly I don’t see it working in Australia. Our internet is too slow overall, hence why we haven’t heard anything about a PS Now launch here.

    Adding things like share play is all well and good but how about just adding features that we had for the whole of last gen. Or features that you announced forever ago and still haven’t added like instant resume.

    I still can’t even pause a download. Seriously. Let me pause my damn downloads like I could on PS3. We aren’t all on 100Mbps, I’m on 10Mbps, and with 10-50GB game downloads you sometimes need to pause them to have any bandwidth for other activities.

    Next, why can I not backup my PS4 hard drive so I can upgrade to a new one, like I could with PS3. My 1TB HDD is going to be close to full in not too long and I want to upgrade to a 2TB or larger. To do so requires re-downloading/installing a hell of a lot of data. Again with data caps and slow speeds, this is not easy to do.

    DLNA, where is it?

    Finally, please give us folder support with sort options! I am already sick of scrolling forever to find something.

    These are all basic features that should have been there from the start.

  • The one thing i would wan’t above anything else is the pause function when you download like the PS3 and Vita has since i don’t have the fastest connection i can only really download one thing at a time and i have to delete every other download from the list like now that the plus games changed i had to delete a game update witch was almost done but i couldn’t wait to try the plus games so i deletet it and when i restarted downloading the file again it started from 0 so the ability to pause downloads would be nice thanks

  • Not to defend Sony and their missed out features but to be honest not all of us bought a PS4 to use DLNA or listen to MP3s I got it as a games console to play games on? So honestly if not getting MP3 support means I get better gaming experiences then fair play.

  • The ability to see when your friends come online would be a lovely addition. Even if it was just made to be “real name” friends, I understand 1000 people coming online would get tiresome.

    Note, if there is a way to do this and I’m just being thick someone please tell me :P

    Thought that the addition of share-play coming was awesome as it’s something I’ve really been looking forward to since the announce of the console. Video to youtube is smart as well.

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to finding out when other features will be available!

  • Isabelle, are you making fun of us?

    “We always want to hear your feedback….”

    Can i remind you of forced undeletable piece of crap named Singstar in our PS3’s?

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