Tearaway Unfolded unveiled for PS4 at Gamescom 2014

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Tearaway Unfolded unveiled for PS4 at Gamescom 2014

Media Molecule expand on their acclaimed PS Vita adventure

We’ve got a very special message for you all: we are bringing the magical papery world of Tearaway to PlayStation 4!

Now, if you know anything about Tearaway, your first thoughts on hearing that might be: “but that’s just plain impossible, yo!” and you’d be right! A straight port would be impossible, but we were super keen for Tearaway to make the jump to PS4 and we’re not the kind of folks to let something like the impossible get in our way!


So we started jamming and experimenting, and the result is Tearaway Unfolded – an expanded retelling of the original game, adapted for PS4, and rebuilt from the ground up to use all the unique features of the Dualshock 4, and with a bigger prettier world running at 1080p and targeting 60fps to boot.

The original Tearaway was a little papery world held entirely in your hands, and we used all the features of the PS Vita to deliver an experience that was as lifelike and also fourth-wall-breaking as possible. With Tearaway Unfolded, we want to do the same thing, only this time the world is inside your TV and you interact with it using the unique inputs of the controller…

It doesn’t make sense for players to get up from the sofa, wander over to the TV and literally touch the world like they did in the PlayStation Vita version, but there are other ways you’ll be able to physically interact with the game instead.

From the comfort of your couch, you can swipe the touch pad to unleash great gusts of wind, and send them howling into the world to unfold rippling bridges or send enemies tumbling from cliffs! The power of wind can also be used to propel Atoi through the skies in a paper plane, so you can explore the larger new world from above.

We also use the controller in more surprising ways too! You can shine the controller’s light bar into the TV to light up dark and gloomy places, growing and transforming the scenery, and guiding Atoi along her way. Your little messenger companion can also throw items and creatures out of your TV and into your controller, where you can listen to them rattling around, before sending them hurtling back into the world.

Tearaway Unfolded will be a familiar story, but with new ways to play, new places to explore, and a world that looks really rather stunning on PS4! Check it out in our trailer, and please let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • It looks like a lot of fun, I love the new ideas for the PS4 controller, I’m happy for PS4 owners, but RIP Vita.

  • What are you doing?!?! Where is vita announcements? I’m crying(

  • i can feel my wallet slipping!

  • What the hell are you doing?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO SINGEL game for the vita and then this?
    The biggest “former exclusive” titel comes out for PS4?
    You hate the Vita, right?
    Because of that wins Nintendo always the handheld fight.
    Shame on you Sony and shame on you Media Molecule.
    Once I thought you liked the VITA.
    ONCE. That was the biggest lie in history.
    Nothing can fix this.
    RIP VITA, if SONY let you.
    You will screw the VITA even when the VITA is dead.
    But thanks of the VITA is already dead.
    Thank you for nothing

  • Thx for taking one of few Vita games :*

  • Thanks for the backstab Media Molecule.

    • Exactly how I felt as soon as they announced this for PS4. This was most likely the last nail in Vita’s coffin (and the fact that there wasn’t a single Vita game getting a bit of spotlight at the conference).

  • I already own the Vita game… will be any kind of discount (like guacamelee) or any chance to be cross-buy?

  • no love for the vita i hate you sony for that what you have done to the vita!!

  • This was a horrible decision. I loved Tearaway on Vita and whilst I’m open to the idea of more Tearaway titles… the fact is, you’re just taking Tearaway and applying it to PS4 to “make it better”. It was perfect the way it was… not everything needs to be on PS4 to be great. Now Vita’s best exclusive is no longer worth a damn. I’m incredibly disappointed. This, in conjunction with the fact there were NO Vita games at the presser, has really turned me away from Sony and the PlayStation brand.

    I used to love what you guys at Media Molecule did, but this is just going to hurt Vita sales even more and by extension, Vita owners. Sorry, but this is just how I feel. Good luck with the project all the same.

  • Looking forward to this now. I loved the Vita version.

    Pity there was no Vita games. But they have been announcing Vita games nearly every week anyway. 150 confirmed so far.

  • And Sony is wondering why 3DS is winning…
    You know Sony, a console doesn’t make a legacy by itself, and out right IGNORING it is even worse.

    • But the Vita isn’t really in direct competition with the 3DS anyway. The 3DS is really a console for everyone, but I certainly wouldn’t hand my Vita to a 5 year old in the same way I might with my 3DS. It’s really a far more grown up proposition. The problem with that is it then has competition from phones. I love my Vita, even if it ends up being “relegated” to just a 3rd party supported item, it’ll still get more use than my 3DS. I’d like to see it integrated more heavily with titles just like they have with Hohokum, I can play at home on my PS4 then when I leave for work I pick up my Vita and on the train I’m at the exact point I was when I turned off my PS4, FANTASTIC!!!

  • So what’s next sony, guerrilla cambridge announcing Killzone Mercenary coming to ps4 as well? *sigh*

    • Gravity Rush 2 exclusive for PS4, Freedom Wars “Premium Edition” for PS4 next Spring, just to name a few future backstabs. It’s gonna happen. It’s all downhill from here.
      Sony acts as if it has already declared Vita as last gen, stripped it of its gaming soul and now sees it as a “PS4 accessory”.


  • Why the hell people so angry that it’s going to be on the Vita? did people also got angry with Nintendo that the new super smash bros is also on the Wii U? not just the 3DS? come on people, wait for TGS, i’m sure gravity rush 2 will be there. and BTW, that’s a sequel to the orginal Tearaway, am i right?

    • on the PS4* sorry.

    • You gave a bad example with the 3DS and Wii U. SSB was always on a console and never on a handheld.
      There isn’t really a Nintendo game on my mind right now that can be compared to this in terms of suddenly shifting from handheld to console.
      Think of Valkiria Chronicles. The 1st one was a PS3 exclusive and then it suddenly shifted to the PSP, people freaked out saying that going to the PSP would cripple the game.
      But now let’s return to the Vita itself. It’s a system that is not doing well, it needs exclusives and then one of it’s exclusive IPs suddenly leaves it and goes to another console. That is in the most simplest of terms a good old slap on the face with a *screw you* as it’s companion.
      Now if this game is a sequel no one can ever say that the game will never be ported to the Vita, but the nail is set and it won’t come of, Tearaway is now a console IP, and if a 3rd game will ever be made for the Vita it will be seen as spin-of.

    • And what about Persona 4? huh? they done it only on the Vita, but a lot, and i mean A LOT! of people asked for a PS3 port, and they never done that. so you win some and you lose some. but the PS Vita has 700 games and more to come, is that so bad?

    • You’re delusional if you think Gravity Rush 2 is coming to Vita. It’s a PS4 game now. That’ll probably be the same story for Soul Sacrifice 2 and Freedom Wars 2.

    • We’re mostly referring to Sony’s attitude here, no third parties involved (hence Persona 4 argument being invalid). Big Sony games exclusive for the Vita are something the handheld is in desperate need of right now and it most likely won’t get anything like that anymore. Rest assured that if Gravity Rush 2 isn’t announced as a PS4 exclusive, it will most certainly end up in there, eventually. Freedom Wars will probably follow suit.

    • And actually you’re wrong. It’s not a sequel, it’s a port of the Vita version, but “extended” (means with 1 or 2 more levels. But it’s the same game as on Vita, not a sequel.

  • Still baffling why Tearaway sold so little, it had a demo, was like €25 digital on day 1 and had raving reviews all over the place. Hope you guys do better on the PS4, it’s definitely a touching (har) experience that many should have in their gaming careers.

  • You can only fix it when you realese the last of us, destiny, gta V and watchdogs for vita. This or the gamescom is just a memory of sadness for the vita players

    • Nintendo direct at E3 only showed Wii U stuff, the only game that was on the 3DS there was super smash bros.. did nintendo fans rage like that? no, they are not. go look at the list of the 2 consoles, the vita has 200 more games then the 3DS.

    • @Gate_Guard: Well that’s because 3DS already had a fantastic year of releases in 2013. Nintendo did the right thing and focused on Wii-U, where they were struggling. Sony is letting everyone else do all the work and it’s ultimately going to hurt the system. People aren’t going to buy it for indie games and niche Japanese stuff. Those games don’t hurt, by any means, but it needs more than that. PSP got so much more support than Vita it’s not even funny.

    • It is literally impossible to run those games on vita.

    • @Gate_Guard You should like a man trying to argue with a wall. Vita has a couple of hundred games more than 3DS? Woohoo! The majority are PS2 games or indie (nothing wrong with indies) which the masses do not want. The 3DS has games that sell consistently (Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Monster Hunter, etc) while Vita has… erm… nothing that is a genuine system seller. Vita is dead, has been for nearly a year now and Sony abandoning it is a slap in the face and a warning to us all – they don’t support their machines if struggling. As for Nintendo only showing one 3DS game they also showed loads of games throughout the show (S.T.E.A.M. for one which looks brilliant). I admire your love for the Vita – more people need to have the machine – but stop fooling yourself as you’re starting to make yourself look deluded.

    • Just enjoy the games you have and the handful that are still to come. Vita has a great range of titles if you’re prepared to look for them. I wish more people would have given it a chance but Sony just don’t understand handheld consoles the way Nintendo do which is why, once again, a Nintendo handheld is miles out front of it’s competitor.

  • im getting this for my ps4 :D and this version is only for the ps4 and wont be on the vita :D

  • I’m happy that Media Molecule decided to put this on the PlayStation 4. :D

  • Rather unnecessary conversion of a portable imo. Would’ve prefered seeing something new from these guys. Too much remasters and remakes of old games, I don’t get a new generation of consoles to replay my last gen library..

  • Well MM work on two games they could work on LBP3 than this. I guess they dont want to make LBP Games anymore and this game look fun but not my game i want to buy i get LBP3 since sumo digital work game.

  • And the PS Vita is dying … Nothing from Sony… LBP 3 ? No Tearaway 2 ? No Other game ? NO Nothing
    How Sony can do that to the Vita owners

  • Looks great, I’m sure it will be one of the best games in ps4!
    Although the vita just lost arguably its biggest exclusive.

  • Great game, my first Vita game. Sadly I haven’t bought a Vita game since. Nothing has caught my attention.

    Now all I seem to use the Vita for is the freebie PSN+ games and no doubt they will run out of decent titles at some point.

    Vita is a great little machine and deserves some decent new titles…..but would we buy them or simply wait until they were free on PSN+? Maybe if some new games were marked as “Never available on PSN+”?


  • I’m getting sick of ports and the terrible lack of effort with first-party PS Vita output.

  • When I heard the music right before they came on stage I knew what it was about and YES I. So happy about it.
    I got the platinum on vita and I always thought the whole thing was far too genius to just leave on vita with no DLC or console counterpart.
    Don’t like the light bar use though.
    Can’t wait for this.
    Can’t believe the kids are crying again…..vita this vita that.

    • You could get the Plat within about seven hours so hopefully that is addressed in the PS4 game. Sadly I doubt it will. I adored Tearaway for all seven hours it lasted but since I finished it…? No incentive whatsoever to play it again – another problem that needs to be sorted out. Hopefully it will.

  • Why alienate one subset of your customers to promote another, Sony? What’s with all the support for PS4, at the expense of Vita owners?

    Why were there no exclusive Vita announces at Gamescom? The word “Vita” was only spoken two times during the entire SCE conference.

  • I’ve always been a Sony kid. Every system that was ever given to me was from Sony. I’ve owned the first three consoles and both portables at some point in my life. I was more than happy with each of them, and never felt the need to turn to any Microsoft or Nintendo product. I feet like the PlayStation brand offers some of the most unique and diverse game experiences out there. From the light-hearted LittleBigPlanet to the deep dramatic Heavy Rain and even the unappreciated title with a strategic spin on war that was Valkyria Chronicles , there’s a game for everybody. Never had I truly been disappointed or felt let down by Sony than when I saw, yet again, NO sign of the Vita throughout this year’s Gamescom. At first it was understood because the PS4 was relatively new and deserved the spotlight, but now it’s a pretty much established console, and it’s still being treated like the Vita is a last gen idea. What did it for me was the fact that Tearaway will now be available on the PS4. Most of us aren’t complaining that Tearway is coming to PS4 in general, we’re complaining about the fact the Vita is in no position whatsoever to be giving away one of its few QUALITY exclusives. Gamers with the statement that the Vita has 700 plus titles has no impact. Yes, it has a lot of titles. That doesn’t mean that they are all worth playing. So whenever one sees a comment saying that the Vita has no games, it’s not always to bash the Vita or to be taken literally, it’s simply to say it barely has exclusive games that have been rated highly and that make the Vita worth owning. The point of exclusives is to give the console an identity of its own, which all previous Playstation systems have made clear. Especially the legacy that was the PS2. But by stripping the Vita of one of its most innovative IPs right at this very moment as if the Vita had the luxury to do so is just retarted. You would think that with all the games announced for the PS4 they would port some TO the Vita, not the other way around. Granted, Sony had picked up steam with the PS3 when it was first struggling, but I’m starting to see there is no future for the Vita, and that’s showing me Sony’s true colors. It makes sense for companies to not want to support a struggling system, but it doesn’t make any sense for companies not to support a system if it is struggling. What better way can the Vita rise to the top than from rock bottom?

  • I’m looking forward to this game nice job media molecule!

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