All the PlayStation announcements from Gamescom 2014

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All the PlayStation announcements from Gamescom 2014

New game reveals and trailers direct from Cologne, Germany

I am sure many of you will have tuned into our livestream, but for those who missed it, this evening saw PlayStation’s annual Gamescom press briefing take place here in Cologne, Germany. And it was a busy night.

It was so busy, that we even sneaked out a few announcements and reveals before the show itself even began: the first Bloodborne gameplay trailer, and new clips for LittleBigPlanet 3, inFAMOUS First Light, Murasaki Baby and The Order 1886; as well a handful of new game reveals too: Journey, The Unfinished Swan and Hustle Kings on PS4, and The Hungry Horde on PS Vita.


Onto the press briefing proper, and we debuted a huge variety of new titles currently in development for PlayStation platforms, from both our own studios and from our partners.

From our own World Wide Studios group:

  • Until Dawn: Though first glimpsed for PS3 at Gamescom 2012, interactive horror Until Dawn is now on PS4
  • WiLD: Your first glimpse at the incredible new title from Michel Ancel, the legendary creator of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil
  • The Tomorrow Children: PixelJunk studio Q-Games return with a wonderfully eccentric new title for PS4
  • Alienation: Dead Nation/Resogun studio Housemarque return with a frenetic sci-fi shooter
  • Tearaway Unfolded: Media Molecule’s acclaimed PS Vita adventure comes to PS4 in a special expanded edition

Not only that but we also showed incredible new footage for PS4 racer DRIVECLUB, and a stunning new trailer for RIME, currently in development for PS4 at Tequila Works.

Screenshot (2)

Our third party partners delivered in style too. Activision took to the stage to offer a closer look at Destiny, Ubisoft gave us a sneak peak at its stunning FPS sequel Far Cry 4; Warner Bros offered new footage from Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor; and Hideo Kojima dropped in to share a memorable new Metal Gear Solid 5 clip. Oh, and let’s not forget the mysterious PT – check out the demo exclusively on PlayStation Store now and let us know what you think.

Heavenly Sword/DmC studio Ninja Theory unveiled its brand new action title, Hellblade; Dean Hall took to the stage to announce acclaimed zombie survival epic Day Z is PS4-bound; Ruffian Games debuted dazzling action title Hollowpoint; and Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell showed off more of his eagerly anticipated stealth game Volume.


And the list goes on: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Papers Please. Nom Nom Galaxy. Snow. In Space We Brawl. Dreamfall Chapters. Pix the Cat. Ether One. Runemaster. Q.U.B.E 2. It was an avalanche of new games, further demonstrating why PlayStation remains the very best place to play.

Finally, we also gave you an idea to what to expect from the forthcoming PS4 2.0 firmware update (including the exciting Share Play feature), announced a 14th November release date for PlayStation TV and confirmed that PS4 has now sold in excess of 10 million units worldwide.

Like I said, busy night! Click on the links above to find out more about all of tonight’s announcements, and look out for plenty more Gamescom coverage throughout the week.

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  • Do notice the tags up there below Fred’s avatar: no Vita :(

    • It’s obvious that the Vita-specific gamescom announcements will come in a separate Vita-centric press conference, later this week. Sony would not have nothing to announce for one of its two current gaming platforms; especially since it will be available in a second form factor (Vita TV) soon.

      Either that, or the people in charge at Sony’s Playstation division should be fired for neglecting their handheld strategy. They’ve probably never even touched a Vita, because anyone who does falls in love with it instantly, and realizes that it deserves much more attention than it’s currently getting.

    • So is there another conference specific for the Vita? Is it official?

  • And not a single duck was given towards the ps vita.

    • It´s their own product, yet they choose not to support it or us the gamers who actually bought the device…

      Listen, I have not bought my PS Vita to stream from a PS4… I am not even considering to buy a PS4 yet.

      Seriously what is going on?

    • That really is Quackers

  • Not a single Vita game was announced or shown publicly. I’m greatly disappointed in Sony as a company. You’ve lost a fan, I’ll tell you that much. Why should we buy your hardware when you don’t have any software for it? What an absolute disgrace. The Vita deserves more than this and we as consumers deserve much more than to have what some of us consider our favourite gaming platform being swept under the rug.

    I don’t know why I bother showing support to Sony or the PlayStation brand anymore. What a huge let down that was. How can you have been okay with not showing a single Vita game in your entire press conference. I don’t understand.

    I don’t know why I’m typing this because I won’t get a response or a decent answer. But I’ll leave you with one question, whether I get an answer or not: Where is the Vita love?

    • Agree, very disapointing!!

    • tough

    • its ps4 games all the way and LESS VITA games so if you dont like it madmanwithabox12 buy a xbox and be done with it lol

    • sony is gonna focus on ps4 games from now till the ps5

    • sony ignore all the vita comments here and keep making them ps4 games that are way more important

    • Get a life kid.

    • I’m kinda used to being ignored as a Vita user, but the lack of serious non-indie games for PS4 was disappointing as well.

    • @madmanwithabox12 i completely agree! With the level of support they sho2 their own goshdarn product, the only way my support for the ps4 in the future is called SecondHand. That includes the ps4 itself. Ill wait for bargain prices, never again will i buy day 1

    • I still cannot fathom how Sony can have the wherewithal to design and make such a beautiful device but lack of commitment needed to make it work. Such a wasted opportunity. It seems their lot in life to squander the opportunities they make for themselves.

      I don’t believe this reflects contempt for Vita owners as some have suggested – contempt would at least reflect some sort of decision-making. This is nothing more than apathy borne out of arrogance. The old Sony is back. Didn’t take long, did it?

  • For me the highlights were: Wild, Hellblade and Share Play. Lot’s of others games got my interest too.
    My biggest complain? Where was the Vita ? Seriously you must do something about it. :/

    • Don’t expect anyone except for SCE Japan to bother with anything related to the Vita. SCEA and SCEE have already demonstrated that they’re avoiding it like the plague. Meanwhile, third-party developers in Japan are bringing in Vita games left and right, because SCEJ actually bothers to promote it as a platform.

      E3 and Gamescom were both disappointing. TGS is the last hope for patrons of the Vita platform.

  • With the release of Playstation TV, will we finally see Netflix for Vita here in Europe?
    Or will you release Playstation TV without the ability to view Netflix for your valued European customers?

  • Well, that was … underwhelming at best. People are mostly not too fond of indies, so if there were a few of them here and there, it would be alright, but it was just everywhere and all the time. The vita problem was already mentioned countless times, so I wont even start with that one. The most interesting moment for me was new Bloodborne trailer and Wild looked pretty, but overall, nothing to get excited about :( Maybe (hopefully) next time !

  • I said it on the u.s. blog and i’ll say it here. I love the Vita, it’s the best handheld on the market IMO. I’ll continue to support it until no more games come out for it. But Sony really pulled a bait and switch with the console. Millions of people in the U.S. and Europe bought it, and only 2.5 years later the support is drying up. If I was a sensationalist I would say that I’m selling all 3 of my Playstation consoles and buying a Xbox one.

    But I’m not, to me the situation is just sad.

    RIP PS Vita

    • I’m in 100% agreement. I was never the one to succumb to the nonsense “Vita is dead” arguments, but I can only describe seeing the console being so obviously neglected by Sony with one word: betrayal.
      I bought this console day 1, in hopes of getting my hands on FFX soon (which came 2 years later, but all good) and have supported it more than any console I have ever owned. I just wish Sony wouldn’t leave it to die while people like Shahid are still trying to help it and bring more and more games on it. I get that they played this one poorly, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a responsibility to all the Vita owners they lured with promises of support that seems to be dying out these days.


  • Massively disappointed. The way you guys hyped it up I thought it’d be E3 all over again, but instead we get a couple of trailers for big names with no gameplay, a bunch of multiplatform games, a handful of decent looking indie games, pathetically light details on the 2.0 system update (so are we ever gonna get a Resume feature? Properly managing our downloads? Features promised since the beginning)…. and embarrassingly, the part where you talked about software updates and Playstation Now, the stream dies! Good to know it’s in safe hands!

    If only Sony also made a handheld console, we could’ve at least gotten something cool happening there. OH WAIT.

    • I’ll just add how hilarious it was that the DayZ developer was put on stage- really shows the contempt Sony has for its customers when you try to sell us a port of a game that is a broken unfinished mess on its home platform! You must’ve been REALLY desperate to put anything up for this conference. A damned shame.

    • DayZ broken beats all the ‘retro indie’ stuff hands down, imo, proper indie ‘Games’ are not included in my opinion.

  • No uncharted 4 or remastered. No big vita games at all. A re-make of a ps vita exclusive game. No massive announcements.

    But there was a Destiny trailer. So it had that going for it. Which is nice.

  • This is not funny … Nothing for Vita, really? Is the PS Vita owners are worse than those with PS4? Thank you Sony for the fact that I could feel like that … I thought that all players who have purchased any of your consoles are equal, and most importantly worthy of attention. Would be enough, although one big game announced at the main conference for PS Vita … It’s not even a disappointment right now Sony … If it goes that way the PS Vita TV (Sorry no “Vita” word in hardware name anymore) will be dead the day after the premiere …

  • How do you want to sell Vita TV without Vita games? (o.O)

    • PS1 classics! You know, the games that aren’t even categorized on the webstore like they do in the US Store?

  • Robbie Williams gone and the VITA too.
    To quote al little bit his words:
    You really don’t understand this buissnes.

  • So where’s the P.T. teaser hiding on the store? Love Housemarque stuff – Alienation looks mental, can’t wait to kick some alien butt.

  • Well, everything you announced you sounded like you were hitting homeruns. For a chunk of us, though, it was just one ball dropped after another.

    Vita owners may only be one hunk of your customer base but they’re a significant one, whatever you think. And they (we) have been clamouring for some decent news since your E3 Clusterfumble. Instead, you basically give out yet another (possibly unintentional Eff You to the fans.

    And even if Vita owners are a small chunk, they’re a rather noisy one. And a lot fo what you announce, the chatter is getting drowned out by disgruntled Vita fans. All you needed to do was make a few announcements, especially as apparently that ARE actually several Vita games actually out on the Gamescom floor.

    A few Vita announcements are you would have had some happy Vita owners who may even pay attention to some of the other reveals. Instead, anything that was worth discussions is at least temporarily drowned out in a sea of “RIP Vita” lamentation.

    You are well and truly ballsing up your PR here. A few small omissions are leading to an increasingly out of control PR backlash. But it’s not even one that’s unpredictable. And this event could easily have been used to ease a lot of the tensions with just a little bit of effort.

    Clearly a bit of effort nobody could be bothered to spend. At which point, you deserve every bit of criticism hurled your way.

  • RIP Vita
    How Sony can mock PS Vita owners like this ?

  • Nothing for the Vita at all.

  • A lot of people have this confused with E3, why did people expect another E3?

  • It seems that the Vita players are not #Players, as you said. In one of the most important videogame conferences in the world, and you don’t dedicate just one minute to your handheld console?

    You are not only losing Vita customers, you are losing potencial PS4 customers with your policy.

  • Thank you for the slap in my face!
    (Vita owner, former PS fan)

  • I can describe this conference in one word: Disappointing!

  • Nothing for the PSVITA and mostly indies for the PS4… This can’t go more awfull right…

  • This conference showed that you don’t care about Vita… You say that you do, but there’s no confirmation in games (no, indies, even awesome, doesn’t count). The only thing that keeps me with my only console are Japanese games. At least companies from Land of the Rising Sun are making a lot of effort to keep Vita alive and hail to them for that! Also European developers, like NISA, do a lot better job than you with bringing new games to your handheld.
    And I can bet that I’ll have to buy US box of Oreshika…

  • Like I said in my other post Fred, utter rubbish.

    Sony have totally abandoned the traditional user base that made PS2 a world beating console. All us traditional RPG / strategy / thinking game enthusiasts that have spent thousands over the years are still left out in the cold with no reason to buy a PS4. Instead, all that has been announced is this pew pew, twitch gaming, social sharing casual stuff, that’s designed to fight Microsoft on their own turf while not even being remotely interesting to a large subsection of the hardcore gaming market.

    Not a single traditional RPG. Not a single Strategy game. Only a few that even have a chance of appealing to us, such as Rime, Wild and a port of Journey. We are the user base that decamped to PSP and Vita when it was clear that we weren’t getting many titles on PS3, along with those people who believed the promise of console quality gaming on the go.

    Now we’re getting ignored there as well. Not a single mention of Vita, Gravity Rush 2 appears to be vapourware, and the rumoured Infamous Vita is just that, rumour. We lose an exclusive, and yet you somehow think Vita TV (or whatever you want to call it) is going to be a success if you don’t support it with first party IPs? What, you expect people to pay €99 to stream PS4 to a second TV? What a joke.

    Congratulations on convincing me, with the worst press conference ever, that a PS4 is not for me and that I should spend my hard-earned money elsewhere. It doesn’t look like there’ll be a single game for me on PS4 for about the next three or four years, and with No Man’s Sky eventually going to PC, I’d be better off investing in a gaming PC. My gaming for the next few years appears that it will be limited to Japanese localisations and imports on my Vita, because no-one else is catering to the more specialised market.

    From E3 to Gamescom, congratulations on completely alienating your most traditional fanbase of RPG fans, and your potentially most profitable fanbase (considering the amount of money we spend bringing that attach rate up) of Vita fans.

    The PlayStation marketing team have officially lost the plot. Andrew House should get down on his knees and apologise to every Vita owner for the way we have been well and truly trolled by Sony.

    • Please don’t talk for all of us “traditional user base that made ps2 a world beating console”, I loved what they showed us so far for the ps4. But I’m not big on RPG and Strategy games, and I’m sure this weren’t the types of games that made ps2 what it was.

    • Beatifully said, DJOates!!! Maybe not 100% of the traditional userbase but pretty darn close!!! Not a sony fan anymore, and pretty much only a vita owner because of a certain genre of games coming from the east…

  • Thank you Sony for making me look stupid for buying a PS Vita.

  • Its a shame that u not mention the vita!!!

  • Where the hell can I download the P.T. Teaser ??? Is nowhere to be found on PS Store !

    • Its in the Demos section mate :)

      There were a few games announced that are coming to Vita too guys.

    • @andrewsqual: No. There were only four games announced for Vita. One of them wasn’t at the show (The Hungry Horde) and the other three (Pix the Cat, Nom Nom Galaxy and Papers Please) were touted as PS4 exclusives, even though they aren’t – Papers Please isn’t even coming to Vita. The only other Vita game (which is also on PS4) was Volume, which was a game we’ve known about for a year.

  • Where’s the P.T. teaser on the store?

  • Im so Gutted I know i am in a minority because i dont stream games or upload them i dont see the point,what i do though is stream movies from my laptop to my ps3 everyday,this i cant do on the Ps4.I can customize the look of my ps3 i cant with my Ps4 i have a few thousand tracks on my ps3 i play through my sound system I cant on Ps4
    I get most of my games digital i would like to beable to create folders of genre to keep them in am i really the only one because sony are saying this is for the players but none of the things i would use are there.
    and dont get me started on tombraider and EA access.

    • USB don’t work , can’t media serv, can’t play CDs , no mp3 codec….. Anything else I’ve missed …. I mean you’ve missed.If I knew this before I bought a ps4 , I wouldn’t have

    • I second this, the ps4 seems a step back from 3, I also bought a Sony handycam because I can plug it into the ps3 and store home movies and watch them when I want, not on ps4 though! and the lack of mp3 and video streaming is a joke.

  • E3 had a trailer of Rise of Tomb Raider. Gee, I wonder why it wasn’t shown at Gamescon. OH WAIT! Microsoft got exclusivity for it right under Sony’s nose and stole the whole show. The internet talks about nothing else but Tomb Raider exclusively on Xbox One. Thanks Sony!

  • Thing is, why is the ‘invite a buddy’ function –which looks very cool, btw– for Far Cry 4 such a big deal when you can do it with PlayStation +? Are there some limitations for the latter that were not mentioned?

  • Instead of commenting on every new article I’m just going to post this here: Amazing show! I think this is actually the first gaming conference where I want to BUY EVERY SINGLE GAME shown. The indies were simply breathtaking, great visuals, out of this world soundtracks and intriguing ideas.
    The Order: 1886 had its best trailer to date, visually (both graphics and art style), it’s drop dead gorgeous. The inclusion of Tesla just sent my interest flying.
    The Rime trailer sent chills down my spine, specially the rain scene: speechless.
    Wild and Volume and Tomorrow People look really special games that I can’t wait to play.
    Bloodborne is on a level of its own, this will probably be the first system-seller this gene.
    It’s great to see Ninja Theory return to its Heavenly Sword’s roots, and Hellblade looks very promising.
    Driveclub keeps amazing me with its visuals and I can’t wait to try it out with ps+
    Just a great show all around.
    PS: I’m not a Vita gamer, but I feel my “brother’s” pain. I actually think that bringing Tearaway for ps4 (although helping MM, and they deserve it) feels like a knife to the back for those who supported it on the Vita. I’m glad with my ps4, but I wished sony would support Vita, it’s just doesn’t seem that a turn of events will ever happen and I’m sure I’ll never buy a handheld device from Sony (even though I’m a PS gamer and love my ps4)

    • Im happy that u enjoyed the livestream i watched it too from Canada and i was dissapointed that there was no new “big game announcement”

      Indies can be awesome but i think that there was too much indies show sadly :(

      Happy to see that the Ps4 will have some exclusive content for destiny!

      Overall the Xbox conference was better.

    • I hink that the best announcement was that there the 2.0 update coming later this year,DayZ is coming to the Ps4 and teraway is coming for the Ps4 oh and the destiny content exclusive for Destiny.

      For the rest it was a dissapointement conference



    Even though you guys don’t seem to like it, but there will be games, both big and small, like Freedom Wars, Oreshika, Tales of Hearts R, two Senran Kagura games, Disgaea 4, Danganronpa 2, The Firefly Diary, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, Murasaki Baby and many more…

    Why do you act in briefings like you hate Vita and wish it was never here? I thought E3 was really really BAD, but you actually managed to go to whole lower level with Gamescom. Shame on those guys who were in charge…

    • “Attempted murder”? More like successful suicide

      I don’t get it. Sony obviously had nothing interesting to show for the PS4, and the conference was 30 minutes shorter than usual, so why couldn’t they show any of the Vita games you just mentioned? It was really just a terrible conference all around. At least they didn’t waste 15 minutes on some TV show-thing like they did at E3…

  • Rob Locksley from that Volume trailer? All I could think of when watching that was ROCK LOBSTER!!

    Oh and well done with the PS4 only outing.

  • It has been worst than my worst thoughts. Where is Vita? I assume that Vita is in Sony’s Garbage Can.
    Your attempts to destroy your own portable console are unacceptable. I have never seen this before.

    No Vita, no money. That’s all Sony.

  • Leave it to Sony themselves to put the final nail into the Vita’s coffin.

    I would’ve been happy with a simple montage and a release date for Freedom Wars or Oreshika. But nope, instead the system lost one of it’s most important exclusives.

  • The PlayStation Vita is to Sony as Glenn Close was to Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction. After their brief fling, evidently the best that Vita can hope for is a slow death in the bathroom.

    “I’m not gonna be ignored, Dan…”

  • Suit yourself i won’t waste anymore of my time here.

  • Still no Gran Turismo announcement? that is disappointing…

  • I understand that people expect more news and games for the Vita – what I don’t get is why they expect the Vita to play a role within a tightly packed 1 hour press conference, that got so much content that they began sharing trailers before the event.

    Yes, the Vita gets more games. And yes, Sony will surely show more during the gamescom. But no, the Vita has not such a standing or priority that it must have an appearance during that hour. That’s sad, but we have to be realistic too in our demands and expectations.

    • still one announcement is not too much to ask even if its days before or after..

    • They talked more about PS TV than Vita. No logic there.
      It’s simple. You can show a video, 5 minutes video about all the games coming. I’m asking too much? I don’t think so.

    • the guy who talked about PS TV seemed like he forgot the name of it!
      even two minutes or just mentioning this and this coming

  • I hope someone from sony read this..
    everytime, when someone insulted the vita, I defend it, because its more than just a companion device.. its a handheld with no Support from his creator!!!
    The PS TV got 1 minute from the press conference and the guy forgot the name for a short time!
    Even E3 had more time for vita and that was still nothing.
    the vita need western first party AAA support and just in case you forgot: Murasaki Baby, HD Collections, Freedom Wars, Invizimals, Borderlands 2 arent from First Party Studios like Suckerpunch Production or Guerilla Cambridge..
    First Party Games are Killzone Mercenary or Uncharted Golden Abyss and instead of bringing a sequel to the best vita game to date to the vita, you will bring it to the ps4.
    This is for the Players.. not really!
    Your fans told you so many time what they wanted and you ignored it. What do you expecting from the vita sales? Going suddenly up? Hope not, because it would bee a delusional dream of yours! You disappointed your fans over and over again! I am a great Sony fan. I was ready to buy PS TV and Project Morpheus, but after so long time defending the vita with no love by Sony, i cant support Sony at all. You let me look like a dumb, because I told everyone how awesome it is or telling people to wait for gamescom etc. I wait until TGS and/or the release of Freedom Wars and then i will probaly sell it including everything else i own from sony. This will not happen if you show the vita the love it deserves. I know i am just one guy. So its nothing big for you if you lose one customer, who support you all those year in every departement(Vaio, Xperia etc.) you had/have, but still proof me wrong. Something big must be in developement like infamous vita and no Gravity Rush 2 is already announced->not a new announcement.
    I am a true diehard Sony fan, but not a fanboy.. so dont expecting me to see how you ignore the wishes from your precious customers!
    PS: Its not the general opinion, but with the abcent of the vita at the gamescom, you broke probaly the hearts of many of your beloved customers, who believe in Sony.

  • On a more positive note, all the criticism about the PSTV pricing obviously hit home as our box now contains three games to justify that 120% price difference.

    When will the bundled games be announced? Here’s hoping we’re talking full releases, that weren’t given away with Plus ever.


  • It’s not a playstation conference but a ps4 conference…………

  • Thanks again for the extraordinary support for Vita

  • Ive deactivated my Vita after this and aint coming back, Im either going to sell it or keep it in a box somewhere for years to come.

    To me the only positive of Sony no longer supporting the Vita is it can now do a full assault on the PS4 front

  • Ugh…really, Sony? That’s your conference? You just announce a bunch of crap, leave the Vita behind, and keep us in the dark about the stuff we REALLY care about?

    Next time, Sony, think instead of treating your consumers as gullible morons who’ll buy anything you sell them.

  • Nothing on Vita and one of the only Vita exclusives Tearaway that will pass on ps4. Sony, you did not have enough of spitting in the faces of players vita? This is how you thank the sony players who buy your machines?
    The image you send to the players is deplorable. is it so complicated to provide a one-minute trailer chronicling the next exit to Vita, to have a minimum visibility? No, apparently you have decided to bury this machine.
    Pathetic …

  • PS4, the “play your PC games 3 years later” console! I hate PC Elites, but if that’s all we are going to get then how am I supposed to fend them off?

    • Exactly! I was watching that guy announcing all excited that “new” indies are coming first to PlayStation (instead of Xbox) and thinking “these are now relatively old indie PC games…”, what a joke!

  • Killing the Vita is like wasting 5 star food without even tasting it. This is so disappointing. So many great IPs and potential. Wasted.

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