New Far Cry 4 trailer debuts at Gamescom, Keys of Kyrat detailed

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New Far Cry 4 trailer debuts at Gamescom, Keys of Kyrat detailed

Take a sneak peak at what Ubisoft's immense FPS sequel holds in store

Take a look at the new experiences Far Cry 4 has revealed at Gamescom! In Kyrat, you can not only explore beautiful landscapes, with its lush forests and rivers, but also take the trip up into the highest mountain peaks of the Himalayas. The Himalayan missions will push you to extremes as you encounter avalanches, ride snowmobiles and fight for each breath as you live the effects of high altitude. The wingsuit might be your only chance at survival in this place that even the most skilled climbers call the Death Zone.

Kyrat is also a beautiful land deeply rooted in its rich mythology. Transcend into the limitations of your mind and go to a place where legends live: Shangri-Là, a fabled place sought after by mortals in the hopes of finding enlightenment. There you’ll encounter a completely different set of mythical enemies with unexpected and surprising behaviors. With a white tiger as your ally and the Shangri-Là bow as your weapon, explore Kyrat’s past and confront the evil forces that rule within.

As it’s dangerous to face the world of Kyrat by yourself, you might need some backup. With the Keys to Kyrat feature, you can bring in anyone, even if they don’t own the game. Exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, get Far Cry 4 and receive 10 Keys to Kyrat. Invite any of your PSN friends to experience up to two hours of Far Cry 4’s open-world Co-op, to explore Kyrat together and create your own stories.

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  • I lost it when it said 2 hours! Really makes them nothing more than a glorified demo and not really worth making such a huge buzz about. At least there’s SharePlay!

    • share play means you should be able to coop anyway surely so keys to kyrat seem pointless now…

    • Thats not how shareplay Works…
      You can take over the controller,not add one.
      See it as just one screen.

    • Well you do get 10 keys – so that adds up to 20 hours free with a friend which is not as good as they made it sound at E3, but is pretty damn awesome.

    • @Extermin8or and xampage, you guys are both wrong
      1. Yes you can take over the controller of a friend
      2. You can COUCH co-op games .. you can not play FC4 unless FC4 has couch co-op. You could for example play COD (if that still has couch co-op) and or something like towerfall etc.
      @Wuxiangfeng, you have 10 keys .. that’s 20h combined .. not sure if you can gift them all to one person though …

  • White tigers are my favorite animals ever!! Will this game have photo mode? Also what is the point of those keys when we can use SharePlay?

  • I feel there is a huge disconnect between the 3 part documentary and what the game presents.
    Still looks like a lot of nonsense fun.

  • They just want to give them a taster. Why should they give away a free game?

  • Game looks stunning. Really like how this series has been evolving. Wasn’t really interested in the first. Second was better than expected (especially the multi kept me going in that one) and the third one was just a great game in general. Expect this one to be even better.

  • I just have ONE question .. can we gift one or two friends “multiple keys” .. e.g. If I give my friend a key and were having a blast and he will get the game a day or two later.. can I give him another key when the time runs out? That would make this much better. That way we can keep playing together until he/she gets the game the day after or so (I usually get games on release .. most of my friends get them in the weekend or a day or two after release to check out reviews)

  • When are they going to start revealing the rivers and lakes? I wanna see some killer fish or crocodiles! Geez!

  • I really wanna give 5 keys to both of my best PSN friends :P

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