Hustle Kings is coming soon to PS4

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Hustle Kings is coming soon to PS4

New features and modes detailed in full

We’re excited to be able to announce the return of Hustle Kings as it makes its way to PS4. For the PS4 release of Hustle Kings we wanted to try something new to freshen up the franchise and we really wanted to focus the game to be a better online experience. With those goals in mind we’ve created a whole new structure for the game and have gone to work adding new PS4 exclusive features and touches.

First things first though, to ensure there was a large online community and lots of people available for matches we made the game downloadable for free so everyone with a PS4 can get it. We’ve done this by creating a core package that includes all the basics you need to enjoy the game, we have a practise mode to get you started, a career mode to put you through your paces and earn you some starting money and the new League mode where you can compete online and rise through the online tiers.

Hustle Kings™_Screen_1

In the League everyone starts out at the bottom and must earn their way to the top, access to higher play tiers comes from winning games and reaching career cash goals, the higher the tier the harder the rules are and higher the stakes so be sure to perfect your skills before you move up to the big leagues because the best players will be waiting!

Hustle Kings Credits (HKC) are the currency that you’ll play with in the game so we’ve tried to make sure that there are loads of ways for players to earn them. We have HKC rewards for completing the career modes, you can earn them by competing online against other players and every day a new daily challenge will be available. The daily challenges give you a limited number of tries to win big at one of our many new fiendish puzzle games; they can range from trick shots to timed challenges, limited shot clear-ups and many more!

To go along with all that there are daily leaderboards, global rankings for the game’s top earners and players as well as activity feeds so you can keep up to date with what’s going on with the rest of the players in the world.

Hustle Kings™_Screen_2

We mentioned before that this is just the core package though. We wanted to be able to appeal to as many players as possible and we understand that not everyone will want the new online HKC focused experience. So at launch we are also offering an upgrade package that will allow you to play classic pool games without the need for HKC, this will let you play games whenever you want without that restriction. Consider it a solution for the more traditional gamers out there.

So we have big plans for Hustle Kings on PS4, lots of free updates for the League, new modes and game types to be added in the future, special events and new in-game items to spend your HKC on. We’ll be back soon to detail prices, dates and more features very soon!

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5 Author Replies

  • Eh? Isn’t this from the devs of Pure Pool, which has just come out?

    • Yeah.I don’t get it either. This will just split the community for something that xan be one game instead.

    • Yeah I’m also super confused by that…

    • Hey, just to clarify this version of Hustle Kings was not developed by VooFoo Studios. They’ve been hard at work making Pure Pool and another team unrelated to them made this version of Hustle Kings for us.

      Anyone who has purchased Pure Pool should not feel upset as both games offer quite a different experience. As mentioned in the post, this is not the original Hustle Kings.

      Hope that clears things up!

      Sorry for any confusion.

    • We shouldn’t be ‘upset’? well I for one is feeling upset at a game like Pure Pool being released broken and passing PSN’s quality control (Constant dis connection from the servers among other Bugs), yes that is VooFoo’s fault but it was released on PSN in that state) and now being told of another Pool game coming out just weeks after ‘Pure Pool’ a game with pedigree.

      It’s a sad state of affairs these days when games are being released unfinished or full of bugs I personally think there should be a higher standard set for the paying customers of gaming (Not just PSN). by those selling the products.

    • I have to quote Orion

  • Looking forward to this, any chance it’ll have play by message?

  • Just give me an option to turn off all music, or at least add custom tracks.

    • Yes, you can turn off the music although it’s pretty good so no idea why you’d want to do that! :)

  • Nice!
    Please release it on the Vita with cross-save. Would be great.

  • This is unfair. I just bought Pure Pool and you release Hustle Kings for free, even from the same devs?

    • Agreed!! Very poor guys feel a bit ripped off :(

    • Just to clarify, this game has nothing to do with VooFoo, they developed the original game for PS3 and Vita but had nothing to do with this one so please don’t be upset with them!

    • Ok, but I still didn’t get the sense of the operation, the real contents’ difference and how this would not damage the Pure Pool owners..

    • I’ve Just bought COD, and then you release Battlefield..that is two FPS on THE SAME CONSOLE!!!!! SO SO UNFAIR!!!

  • Will the balls have wee faces which taunt the player while they’re taking their shot like in Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker for the Atari?

  • This has really peeved me off. I owned Hustle Kings on PS3 and bought Pure Pool on the strength of it being from the same developers, thinking it would be just as good as Hustle Kings. Boy was I wrong! Pure Pool is the poorest Pool games I’ve ever played, it’s a broken mess.

  • oh wow, nice going Hustle Kings dudes! making it (partly) free is great for the community side of things :). can see loads of competitions and get togethers happening now for sure because of that 8).

    and as HK has been around before, we kinda know what we’re getting too, which is awesome poolness!

  • So what’s the difference between this and Pure Pool? Because now I’m like super confused…

    • Both developed by VooFoo but Pure Pool is published by Ripstone games and Hustle Kings is published by SCEE XDev studios

  • Did think I’d be asking the “cross buy” question, after having the PS3 version, but can’t argue with free.

  • Hm .. so lets see
    1) i bought hustle kings for ps3
    2) i bought the dlc snooker pack
    3) i bought pure pool for ps4
    4) hoping u would make a snookerpack for pure pool

    and now u are bringing hustle kings (the game i have already + dlc) to the ps4 for free .. without the snooker dlc

    Are u at least working on snooker for pure pool? Thats mainly why i bought it … since u made that dlc for hustle kings.

    Kinda confused now

  • Ouch!
    I love you guys, and I don’t want to moan, But You’ve only just released PurePool on PS4 that I’ve bought on the strength of “From the guys that brought you Hustle Kings”
    I love Hustle kings, I’ve played it to death on PS3 and still have it installed on my vita for regular play, but this seems……… Cheeky.
    Surely we are happy with PurePool? Free or not, this seems a little naughty!

    • Hustle Kings is an existing IP, Voodoo developed the PS3 and Vita version for XDev, another developer has made the PS4 version of Hustle Kings shown here, Voodoo made Pure Pool on the PS4 for Ripstone.

      I have Pure Pool and welcome this as it will play slightly different just like Fifa and PES, Zen pinball and pinball arcade.

      Admittedly it has caused confusion.

    • “it will play slightly different” I hope the online plays a whole lot different, ie not broken as all f(*&! Can’t bring myself to play Pure Pool because of it and can’t see myself going buying a 2nd pool game so soon…

    • Legoman. Read the article, it’s going to be free, so you won’t have to buy another.

  • Great that you release it for free, and one option to unlock full game for one price, more publishers should do this, I am annoyed with free games you need to pay to play decent. I prefer buying the game and be allowed to play it as much as I want :)

  • Can’t help but feel stung on this one. I, like many others, bought Hustle Kings on PS3 originally, then the Vita cross-buy came along (kudos for that :D ), and on the back of HK I buy Pure Pool on PS4.

    If HK was to come on PS4, I would have held out for it due to already owning it (on the original assumption of it being cross-buy, not based on this announcement).

  • I have Pure Pool already and welcome Hustle Kings, as far as I can tell it’s an IP thing don’t beat yourselves over the confusion.

  • Love Hustle Kings. Got it on PS3 and Vita will be getting this.

  • Forgive me if i’m wrong, But is this gonna be FREE….? Said ” download for free ” on video… I have Pure Pool but if this is free it’ll be amazing…

  • Looks like pure pool is going to die soon then.
    Feel a little cheated as others said

  • At the end of the Day, Pure Pool was still worth the £5.59 / 6.99 Euro. Beautiful looking game, just wish it was more stable online.

  • WOW who ever bought Pure Pool just wasted £6 like myself! its rubbish compared to HK’s… and they wait 2 – 3 weeks to announce this just to get money out of you???

  • Neil…there was an EU blog about these Free To Play games coming out…another one is PAIN, originally developed by Idol Minds and now being remade, free to play by QB9.

    QB9 have stated that if you had bought any of the Idol Minds DLC that this would then also be unlocked in their (QB9) free to play version.

    So my question to you is if we bought DLC for VooFoo’s Hustle Kings will we see this bought content on the PS4’s version that you are “remaking”? Or will we have to repurchase it? In fact, after reading your post again is there any content we “buy” with real money or do you buy your addons with HKC?

  • I wish people could read…VooFoo have nothing to do with the PS4 version of Hustle Kings…VooFoo developed it on the PS3/Vita for SCEE XDev who in turn have remade it for the PS4…

    But I guess the timing of it is a little strange…

  • Looking forward to Hustle Kings on PS4. Played it on PS3/Vita, and having great fun with Pure Pool too.

  • FREE TO PLAY? No ta!

  • What about previous owners of Hustle Kings on PS3/Vita? Do we get anything, or is the PS4 version purely going to be free-to-play???

  • What?? I just spent a fiver on Pure Pool – when are you going to fix the horrible AI that never misses?

    I also have HK on PS3 and Vita, so how come this comes out on PS4 a couple of weeks after Pure Pool? Seems like a marketing own goal to me.

  • Devs – Are you able to confirm whether the “paid for” content of this will be cosmetic only like tables and such or will this be a “pay to win” game where money gives an advantage to the player?

    I don’t mind F2P games as long as the premium parts don’t unbalance the game against those without them.

    A non response will probably mean the former, so i hope to hear from you.

  • It will be great with SharePlay :-)

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