PS Vita’s BigFest is also coming to PS4 and PS3

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PS Vita’s BigFest is also coming to PS4 and PS3

Build the biggest, baddest music festival out there

We recently brought you news of our festival management and music discovery game BigFest – where players build their own mega festivals by discovering and promoting real-world, unsigned bands. Well… we are very excited to announce that the game will also be coming to both PS4 and PS3 as a free to play title.

For PS4, we are taking the PS Vita version and giving it the full next-gen makeover – full 1080p resolution, running at 60fps. The game will support Cross-Save, so you will be able to play your game out and about on your PS Vita, then come home and carry on exactly where you left off at home on your PS4 or PS3.

The game itself will have hours of fun gameplay that will satisfy all your music discovery and festival gaming needs. We want players to build the biggest, baddest music festivals they can possibly imagine, whilst discovering and promoting real musicians. Discovering top talent and selecting the best headliners are just a couple of the important responsibilities players will manage to get the all-important festival ‘vibe’ up!!

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We are currently finalising the best way to allow players to get their music into the game, so keep your ears open for an announcement about this very soon.

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  • Are you bloody serious? I thought this was going to be a Vita exclusive only! The PSVITA is already suffering with the lack of first party games. But they had at least exclusive indie games. But not anymore, Sony decided to port this over to other systems too.

    Good job Sony, way to go to kill your platform.

    • Ow well… yet again my comment went to moderation…

      Nazar_Ops I think they want to prepere us before GC 2014. I’b betting Gravity Rush will be PS 4 exclusive or PS4/Vita

    • Devil’s advocate here, but I don’t see the problem, the game is still on PSVita, right?

      I don’t get it. It seems like people are happy when less people get to enjoy a game. Some people just want games to be exclusive just for the sake of the game being “EXCLUSIVEé

      If it would depend on me, I think the best thing from a consumer standpoint would be if all games were multiplatform, instead of the constant “EXCLUSIVES EXCLUSIVES, EXCLUSIVE CONTENT” and having to buy different platforms.

      I have no interest in this game, but ultimately more people get to enjoy a game, right?

      Anyway, I hope Gravity Rush 2 will be on PSVita and PS4 so it will get the exposure it deserves and it won’t take anything out of my enjoyment for when I’ll play it on PSVita. Not getting a PS4 any time soon.

    • @Cyrske
      And how would you sell console without exclusives?

      You know why 3DS is slaughtering Vita? Because it has exclusives…

    • @ Sales are none of my concern. I’m a consumer, right?

      My main gaming platforms are PSVita and PC (and occasionally PS3).

      If a game comes to PS3, PS4 in addition to PSVita, then I’ll play it on PSVita. Does it take anything away from my personal enjoyment if I’m playing a PSVita game that is also on PS3? Nope.

      Ultimately more people get to enjoy the game. And ultimately you’re just getting more options to choose on which platform you can buy based on your personal preference.

      So I’d say cross-platform games for games that work and control well on both PSVita and PS4 is the way to go. So I hope Gravity Rush 2 will be PSVita + PS4, so more people get to enjoy it and both PSVita and PS4 fans will be able to enjoy the game.

      It seems like some people have been conditioned with exclusives a bit too much.

    • @Cyrske Sales should be your concern though, since they’re what determin a platform’s future. With the way Sony has been screwing over the Vita for the past year or two it’s really no suprise that the Vita hasn’t been much of a success and because of that doesn’t have much of a future right now.

    • @ XDerKleineX

      Look, obviously sales important in the sense of determining whether it’s a profitable platform or not. However, as a consumer, if I’m thinking about buying a certain system/console whatever I will always look at whether the system I want to buy has the games and features and if the overall system appeals to me. I only bought my PSVita a month ago and I love it. Obviously I knew that for the upcoming years it was never going to be packed with a lot of high-profile games. It’s more of a niche handheld, and that’s fine. If, for the upcoming years and months it’s going to be indie games, occasionally some Japanese localizations and occassionally something else, then that’s fine by me.

      The current line-up of games was appealing enough for me (taking PSP and PS1 into account because I never had those systems). Maybe I’m not the most hard-core games who needs hundreds of games. Could be just me. If you bought the system earlier and with completely different expectations and are disappointed well then I’m sorry for you.

      But just obnoxiously being worried about sales and whatnot is none of my business.

      The most mind-boggling thing that I see here, is that a game is being brought over to other PlayStation while still being available on PSVita.. I just don’t get how that would affect someone’s personal enjoyment if the game remains available on PSVita. If the PSVita version was scrapped, then I could understand the outrage and disappointment.

    • Edit: with the first phrase I meant this: “Look, obviously sales important in the sense of determining whether it’s a viable and profitable platform from the point of view of game publishers, who want to know whether it’s commercially viable to develop games for the PSVita”

    • @cyrske

      What you don’t seem to understand is that if a console doesn’t sell well, less developers will support it – meaning you will get less games for that console.

      Let’s take PS Vita as an example: The console hasn’t sold very well, which causes less developers to make games for it. As a result, the Vita sells even less units because people claim “it has no games!” Then, even less developers will support the platform, and it will eventually “die”.

      What can turn this vicious circle around, however, is exclusives – games you can’t get on any other platform. If enough worthwhile exclusives come around, more people will buy the PS Vita for that game, which means the Vita will sell more units, and thus, more developers will support it. So as a consumer you SHOULD care about the sales of the Vita, and the amount of exclusives it gets, if it’s your console of choice.

      Of course, in a perfect, hypothetical world, all platforms would be able to play all games, but even then, that would limit creativity and innovation in games, so that’s not optimal either. For example: Do you think a game like Tearaway (fantastic game by the way) would ever have been made if it had to be playable on all platforms?

      All of that being said, I don’t really mind this particular piece of news. I very much doubt this game would be a system seller anyway. (No offense to the developers) Also, for a game like this, more players = more exposure for the real-life bands, so bringing this game to more consoles is a win-win in my book. :D

    • @ It’s extremely doubtful that the market is black/white like that.

      Look at the PS4 and XB1 launch for example. Very little worthwhile exclusives, but each console sold like more than 1 million during the first week iirc. The market for home consoles is simply more mainstream than the market for handhelds. The best selling games on PS4 / XB1 were mostly multiplatform games. CoD, Battlefield, AC etc. Not exclusives. I think quite a lot of people buy consoles to get their CoD / AC fix etc.

      Handhelds are simply much more niche devices in comparison. Period. Mobile and tablet gaming took quite a lot of marketshare away from PSP and DS. A handheld dedicated to games is niche compared to a tablet/smartphone that does already has sufficient gaming capabilities for the mainstream market. No need for most people to buy a device primarily dedicated to games, when most people already have a smartphone/tablet anyway that they can also use for games.

      The 3DS still manages to do relatively well (but still on a downwards trend compared to DS), because Nintendo’s IP’s are much more well known, much more recognizeable and generally much more popular. What IP from SCE matches the crazy popularity of iconic franchises like Mario (Kart and Super Mario 3D Land), Pokémon, Zelda? None.

      PSVita was always going to have that disadvantage compared to 3DS. Tearaway, amazing game, (loved it and was my first game that I bought for Vita) but was never going to sell systems to a large audience because it’s just not a recognizeable game unfortunately. But I appreciate it a lot that they made that game anyway, because I loved it. A game like Uncharted & LBP are the most popular IP that Vita has and they just don’t come close to something like Pokémon. Not to mention, not a lot of people even want to play games like Uncharted on a handheld.

      I knew the PSVita was a niche handheld when I bought and that’s just fine. It’s the platform on which I spent the most time on right now. It allows me to play PSP games and PS1 on the go that I never played before and the PSVita native games library is pretty good too in my opinion. Between catching up to the current library of Vita games, the PSP & PS1 games and the PS+ games and the indie games that are releasing regularly I’m going to enjoy my Vita just fine, personally.

    • @Cyrske

      You’re right that the market isn’t completely black-and-white like that, but your example with the PS4 Xbox One selling well despite not having many great exclusives can be easily explained. People simply know what to expect from those consoles down the line, in terms of exclusives. People know they’ll get an Uncharted for PS4, along with many other great exclusive games, only available on PS4. Likewise, people know they’ll get HALO and other great exclusive games on the Xbox One. People also expect more great exclusives for the 3DS, because it’s selling well, whereas they don’t expect more great exclusives for the Vita, because it’s not selling well. (Except in Japan) Hence all the “Vita is dead!!!!” comments. That stigma is a huge part of the Vita not selling well, and exclusives going away from the Vita, like Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, only make those fears seem that much more justified.

      Of course other factors, such as brand recognition and advertisement play a huge role as well, but when you cut to the bone, the consoles with the best exclusive games usually sell the best. That’s why the PS3 managed to turn around after a terrible launch – Sony kept making great exclusives for it, and therefore, people bought a PS3. It’s the same reason the 3DS managed to turn around – Nintendo has made great exclusives for it. And it’s the same reason the Wii-U is currently turning around as well despite horrible marketing – Nintendo is making great exclusives for it.

      It’s true that handhelds are a more niche market than home consoles, but Nintendo is proving that it can work – by making great games that fit the handheld format (such as Pokémon). You’re right that most people don’t want a AAA-game like Uncharted on a handheld, but what about (formerly) promised Bioshock Vita, which was supposed to be like Final Fantasy Tactics in the Bioshock universe? THAT’S the kind of game people want on a handheld, yet Sony didn’t cut a deal with Take-Two Interactive. Those kinds of exclusives could sell the Vita.

      I still really love my Vita, and I use it all the time, but that doesn’t mean Sony can’t do a better job with it. I like JRPG’s and (some) indie games, so I’m fine with the Vita being the way it is too, but Sony needs to bring more exclusives to the Vita, that appeal to more gamers and the handheld market if they want to turn the Vita around in the west like they did with the PS3. (And the PSP, for that matter).

    • @DoYouLikeMyID

      I agree, that might somewhat be true for PS4 and XB1, but not for the PSVita, not anymore. It’s extremely unlikely that any PSVita exclusive will push the the Vita into mainstream success. And I just have accepted that and took that into consideration already when I made my PSVita purchase. And on hindsight, I’m very happy I bought a PSVita, because the system itself is great and the games I’ve played so far have been pretty amazing.

      Were people seriously thinking that BigFest was going to sell Vitas or something? Even if a higher profile game like Gravity Rush 2 would be only on PSVita, that will do next to nothing for Vita sales, it would only mainly cater to the current PSVita userbase. Even a Bioshock spin-off as a tactical RPG would sell little PSVita’s I think. We shouldn’t overestimate the amount of core gamers out there, not to mention most core gamers ignore handheld systems by default and only play on PC or console.

      The large mainstream and casual audience is just not there for the Vita. It was never going to sell 30 million units or something. In fact the PSP wasn’t a runaway success either already and that was without mobile/tablet competition. PSP only sold like 60 millions excluding Japan, that’s just a moderate success, especially considering software sales were mediocre on PSP. Nobody should be surprised that a successor to the PSP was never going to be a sales monster considering only more competition from mobile/tablet came into the picture.

      I’m not arguing that sales are unimportant, I said they are indeed key to determining publisher support. I’m arguing the fact that the PSVita is simply for a much smaller market and that I have bought one with that in mind. I’m saying that as a satisfied consumer with the PSVita (and maybe I have much lower standards than you guys), I don’t have to look at sales. I don’t want to have a mentality like that. Why would I be worried about sales about a certain system when I’m enjoying it just fine?

      I completely disagree with the statement that the console with the best exclusives sell the most. That’s just at best one of the very many factors. The X360 outsold the PS3 in the US by an extremely large margin and even over a monthly basis it outsold all other systems even when PS3 had an anticipated exclusive games. The reverse is also true, the PS4 is currently outselling the XB1, even when it doesn’t really have a lot of great exclusives. (neither consoles have imo, yet)

    • @ DoYouLikeMyID

      To continue my point. I do agree that exclusive games are important, but sometimes people put way too much emphasis on that, when from a commercial point of view, it’s just one factor.

      Not to mention, for PSVita it’s also a bit different, because the main system-selling point for any handheld, should be its portability (at least for me, that is). If I want to play a game like Rayman Legends while I’m commuting for example, is there any other system that offers an alternative for me to be able to play that game on the go? Nope, despite the fact that it’s a multiplatform game.

      That’s why I think a game like Gravity Rush 2 should be PSVita + PS4 and that’s why I find some of the reactions here mind-boggling, about BigFest coming to PS3 and PS4 in addition to PSVita. Because it doesn’t take anything away from being able to enjoy the game on Vita… If anything, it’s only offering more options to the consumer… And both PSVita and PS4 fans will be able to get to enjoy on their platform of preference.. Everybody happy.. But, nope apparently there are some people who make it sound like their personal gaming experience is harmed when a game is not exclusive. And I don’t get that at all.

    • Anyway I think I’m done now.

      Have a nice day, and thanks ultimately for keeping it civil and for your interesting contribution everyone. :)

    • @Cyrske

      Great point about portability being a selling point for multiplatform games that also appear on portable consoles, like Rayman Legends. I bought Rayman Legends on my PS Vita instead of PS3/PS4 for that very reason. Sadly though, those games aren’t system-sellers in and of themselves. If people already have a system that plays those games (at the same quality) then they’re just going to get the games for that system. For example, if I didn’t have a PS Vita, then I would have just bought Rayman Legends for my PS3/PS4. Sony tried to market the Vita as a “portable PS3” before its launch, but that strategy largely failed if you look at sales. But then again, in some cases your point may be true. Borderlands 2 for Vita sold quite a bit of Vitas, despite being available on most other platforms.

      And may you have a great day as well! Its nice to have a civil conversation with differing opinions that don’t just boil down to “I’m right! You’re wrong!”. Thank you for the great points. They’ve really helped me see both sides of the coin, as they say. :D

  • I mean like, what’s the point in getting a Vita now when the games eventually come to PS4 and PS3? This wont help the sales at all. People are just going to buy a home console instead.

    • Even if both have EXACTLY the same games, there is still a huge difference: The Vita is a portable console. So, you can play your games everywhere, and whenever you want.

      And it runs full console games. How cool is that? Who cares about console exclusive? The more platforms, the better!

    • I use my Vita to play Rogue Legacy while travelling on public transport to and from work. Then I get home and play it on a PS4 using the same save data. Started doing the same with Fez this week.

    • Exactly chrisboers.

      It boggles my mind how people can be mad at something that now more people will be able to enjoy, while they will still be able to enjoy it themselves on PSVita, if that is their platform of preference.

      The PS4/PS3 are not alternatives to PSVita because it is of course it doesn’t have the versatility, portability and pick-up and play format of the PSVita.

    • @chrisboers Sad to say but people aren’t going to buy a Vita for that. The smartphone market already does that and it does it better. The only way Sony can convince people to buy a Vita is to have exclusive content. Otherwise people would much rather just buy a smartphone and download the game that are available. Modern Combat and more.

    • Or a 3DS in this case.

    • who cares if they are going to buy one or not? They’re not going to either way, that ship has sailed. As long as you get games that you enjoy playing for your Vita it’s not a problem if it also comes to another PS platform. In fact it’s better, cause you can enjoy cross buy/ cross save and in some cases cross play (like Helldivers)

    • This non-exclusivity works both ways. Imagine if all ps3 exclusives also came to vita, or even xbox and nintendo games came to vita… I don’t care if a game is exclusive or not, I just want games! If all games would be cross platform the vita would have a HUGE library and we wouldn’t have to beg Sony to give us more games. Everyone could just get their favorite platform without missing out on anything, and the vita would sell more because people could finally buy it based on how great the system is, not the number of games it has.

      People should be able to chose a console based on specs, design and personal preference.. not whether it has exclusive games (or any games at all).

    • As much as I agree with the complains about not many exclusives on PS Vita… Tearaway alone makes buying a Vita worth it. And I assure you – this game is unportable to PS3/4/whatever.

  • promising, exciting vita exclusive and its gone! I’m really excited for this game but i was a lot more excited when it was a vita exclusive.

  • Good job… now I’ve lost all my interest for this game. Congrats!

  • For everyone criticising this no longer being a Vita exclusive; I am actually more excited about BigFest as they have put the work in bringing this game to all three current PlayStation platforms and implementing the cross-save feature shows how confident they are in this being an excellent experience for gamers, while I also feel as though it is driving the convenience of the cross-save functionality, so everyone calm down and relax, please! It looks to me like it is a fun game that will provide a unique experience and will still be coming to Vita natively; I could only understand the criticism if it was cancelled for the Vita, which it obviously has not.

  • Sony doesn’t seem to understand the concept of handheld gaming. We don’t want ports or games that already exist on other platforms. If you want to push sales of your device, you need to have some kind of exclusive content. No one is going to buy a Vita for remote play. Sony is assuming everyone has a PS4 because it’s so “great”.

    • Yes.We have to say #notoremoteplay I don’t understand it,I know ps4 needs games but bring a Vita’s exclusive to ps4 is insane. At least is a free to play but I don’t like this kind of unpolite things with psvita users.

    • @Nazar_Ops
      Stop it Nazar, it is meaningless they won’t even listen. To them we are only -haters- and not valuable customers.

      There is some nice word describing what Sony did with this game… it is word derived from the name of the oldest job in the world… Sony just didn’t care if it will be honorable or not… they just want to grab easy money. So yeah… that word fits perfectly.

    • Don’t use the ‘we’ word unless you’re absolutely sure you’re talking for everyone, which you aren’t…

    • I’m gonna make a video about this. This is not acceptable.

    • @chrisboers

      Sorry, I didn’t know you liked the Vita being a remote play machine. Enjoy.

    • chrisboers
      Believe me,people think as same as Archacus.People are tired of Sony’s actitude about the Vita.A lot of people.And Sony should listen us some times.But they don’t listen to its psvita users.I wish some day they listen all the things we have to say,just for make things better.I love my vita.But I don’t like what Sony is doing with it.

    • “Sony doesn’t seem to understand the concept of handheld gaming.” It’s been like that ever since the PSP was launched. It’s sad, but Nintendo doesn’t even have to try hard. I thought the pretty much zero piracy on Vita would make Sony focus more on this handheld, but I guess we need piracy to keep Sony handhelds alive, because the company doesn’t know how to do it anymore (or just doesn’t care).

    • @jon_h_blake: Congratulations man, you have now officially used the worst hashtag I’ve ever seen “#notoremoteplay”, are you insane? It’s probably Vita’s biggest strength right now. And having that extra (and great) feature isn’t the reason the Vita isn’t doing so well.

    • “It’s probably Vita’s biggest strength right now.” And that’s precisely what’s sad about it. RIP VIta.

    • @Paquete89 Obrigado!! Haha! Remote play is the worst thing.But not as a funcionality,that’s cool.The problem is that people like you,and Sony wants that Vita becomes a “ps4’s expensive controller “.Psvita users we want games,I didn’t buy a handheld to use it as a controller.It’s crazy that people see all that thing called Remote play as a great thing for the vita.Remote play is not the solution.And it’s a shame playstation fans think remote play is a great thing.Even someones buy a Vita because of the remote play.People is losing their minds.

  • Poor Vita. I don’t understand how you could go from fully supporting your successful PSP system, to completely embarrassing and almost destroying, the Vita.

    The Vita NEEDS – 100% – exclusive games that stay exclusive. Remote play and poor ports, and releasing the same game for both PS4 and Ps3 – is just ridiculous.

  • Would you people please stop vita-whining in every post. You bought a overpriced mobilephone without a phone just because it was Sony – deal with it. Besides Sony has a history of NOT supporting their hardware unless it’s a success from the go. Remember Xperia Play, Move, 3D etc.? You should have seen this coming like the rest of the world.

    • When Vita launched its price was actually very fair compared to its components. A similar smartphone would’ve cost a lot more. Really, it’s PS4 owners that are buying overpriced PCs “because it was Sony”.

      As for Xperia Play, that’s not from Sony Computer Entertainment. There’s a difference between the branches in the company, and that wasn’t a product of the video game division. It was from Sony Ericsson. Move and 3D are peripheral experiences. Sony may think Vita owners are okay with the platform being re-positioned as an accessory, but no one bought a Vita for that purpose. It was intended and sold to people as its own independent platform. But this should warn anyone foolish about buying a Project Morpheus, though. If Sony won’t even support a $200+ device they promised to nor would they support inexpensive peripherals, why in the world would they support VR?

    • Agreed!

    • Vita is a smartphone without the ability to make calls and the bonus of having physical buttons. It’s sad, but I tend to agree more and more with that comparison. I own a Vita and I love it, but the Android game scene is getting better and better, even Ridge Racer for Android has better graphics than the equivalent game for Vita (I’ve played both). Soon enough handheld game consoles will become pointless. But I digress…
      Then the PS4, as it is, is an expensive machine to play “pixel art” games. NES? Master System? No, the really cool 8-bit games are on PS4, Sony’s best next-old-gen games machine!
      I honestly don’t understand what Sony is doing anymore.

    • @thekillingspree and i don’t know what you’re talking about

    • ‘Like the rest of the world’. Not a lot of people saw this coming. Sony lied about the Vita’s future.

  • It will be a matter of time before we see Freedom Wars flock over to PS4.

  • Whenever I put records on people tend to leave. I’m not sure I’ll do too well at this game.

  • Looks like a Facebook game

  • I’m calling it: Metrico will come to PS4 and PS3 in a few months.

    • Would be great, because I’m loving the game so far. More people should discover the game on PS3 on PS4 so it would be great. ^.^

      But the game uses the touchscreen, gryoscope and rear-touchpad so I doubt it would work, well they would have to remap a lot of the controls at least.

  • I kind of agree with the points that Vita needs exclusives, but hell i am looking forward to this game and am glad i will be able to show it to people on my TV, yes i will play it 99% on the vita but like the option to play it on my ps4/ps3 and hey heres hoping for seperate trophy lists. This game is great and from a developers point of view the more people playing (as free to play) the more money they make and the more they will support the vita (and ps3/4) so works out for the vita. Look i have a 2 hour commute each day 1 year ago was struggling for games and having to watch tv etc towards the end of the month, now i am struggling to complete games and have a huge backlog, THANK YOU SHAHID. Also this game certainly looks like it rocks!

  • Thanks for bringing it to PS3 and PS4, there was no need to keep it Vita exclusive
    part of the ecosystem’s charm is to be able to jump between these platforms at will and according to our needs

  • “ECOSYSTEM????” haha! I see that Sony words are working in people.There was a need to keep games exclusive for the Vita,that’s what people are asking for.
    It’s amazing,today I have learned that ps3 and ps4 users don’t mind a thing psvita.And they want all for them,it doesn’t mind if it’s a vita exclusive.

    • Yes, that’s what it’s called. It’s the Playstation “family”.

    • @Porcupeth00
      Sure than how about making PS3 version of every PS4 game… I mean it is -family- after all. Or even better let’s make PS2 versions of every game there is. I mean PS2 sold like 160kk copies… PS3 only 83kk. PS4 8kk

      I mean.. it is -family- after all, so let’s make every game available to every other console.

    • PS3 can’t handle PS4 games
      PS4 can handle PS3 and Vita games
      If a game is built for the Vita then it can run on the others. Not so the other way around. It’s that simple.

  • Just a side note:

    You won’t get any reply here, so if you want to ask something visit US blog. There is Mr. Nick Accordino. He is DA BOSS, he is the most cool employee in entire SCEA he usualy reply to everyone he can. But be aware that if you will insult Mr. Nick in any way I will rip your hands off :D (that’s how much I love that guy :P)

  • Seems strange as I don’t have a vita unfortunately but now I can buy this game that looks great, what’s confusing is that people would complain that it shouldn’t be allowed to be ported, you have a game company that has made a game for the vita and has had success with it that it can also come over to the larger mainstream market that is the home consoles where they will be able to hopefully get a bigger market share and make more profit that will go back into a new game/sequel that will prob b released onto all devices, what’s wrong with this, you say u want it as an exclusive but it comes down to the people who make these games and that’s what keeps them in a job, as an owner of a vita/ps3 or 4 u should support ur console otherwise let it go

  • I have absolutely no problem with this game coming to PS3 and PS4. If people who don’t have a vita want to enjoy this game then they should.

    Let Sony make all future games cross platform, that way the vita would finally be getting a nice flow of games. I don’t care if a game could be a system seller, and I don’t care if everyone buys a vita or not. I just want games for my vita, and games being cross platform could give me just that.

    Non-exclusivity works both ways. I find it weird that everyone gets worked up when a vita exclusive comes to ps3 an ps4, but when a new ps3 or ps4 game is being anounced we’re all begging for that game to come to vita too.

    • “If people who don’t have a vita want to enjoy this game then they should…”

      …buy a Vita. That’s what they should do. Then we wouldn’t have problems like a lack of content on the platform. The PS nation is massive letdown – 80 million PS3’s sold worldwide and only a few million Vitas. Where are all those so-called PS fans and why haven’t they bought Vita?

    • @madmanwithabox12
      That’s a best comment in the entire thread.

      If only they could understand it.

    • And who told you they didn’t buy a vita? Maybe they just want to play on both a home console and the Vita?

    • So people should also just buy a PS4 if they want to play FF Type-0?

      Funny, because I just checked that blogpost and saw at least 2 f you guys not being happy about FF Type-0 not coming to Vita…

  • God that’s a lot of whining. You people are giving Vita owners a bad name. The game is still coming to Vita but now you have the option of playing on your console too. That’s more options for you and non Vita owners get a look in as well. At the end of the day it’s a free game and they need as many people playing it as possible.

    Another advantage to this being on PS4 for me personally is that despite owning a vita I will get the chance to play it. Because for some reason Sony won’t release the essential 64gb card in Europe (even getting a 32gb takes a lot of hunting) I have to delete games I haven’t finished on vita before I can download new ones and I probably wouldn’t have done that for Big Fest. Now I can play on my PS4 and if it hooks me I’ll make space on the vita and use cross save so I can play in bed, on the bus or wherever.

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