Gamescom 2014 is coming!

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Gamescom 2014 is coming!

Everything you need to know about next week’s show

Next week the PlayStation team will be decamping to Cologne, Germany, for the annual Gamescom extravaganza, where gamers from across the continent converge to get their hands on the biggest titles hitting the racks soon.

As per tradition, we’ll be holding a media briefing to showcase the huge variety of games coming to PlayStation platforms later this year and into 2015. Expect new game announcements alongside updates on some of the blockbuster titles you’ll be playing this winter.

The briefing will commence at 6.00pm BST/7.00pm CET on Tuesday 12th August and will be livestreamed in full right here on PlayStation Blog through our dedicated Gamescom hub page, in English, Spanish and German – so set your bookmarks. You’ll be able to watch the stream through your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Or, if you’d rather, through the PS4 browser, PlayStation Home on PS3, on our Facebook page, via Twitch or through a single Tweet in our Twitter feed.

Once the show is over, you can read more about all the key announcements here on PlayStation Blog, and we’ll be reporting from the showfloor all week via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you use the latter, follow along using the #PlayStationGC hashtag to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Finally, if you’re attending the show, make sure you stop by the huge PlayStation stand and get your hands-on a huge variety of up and coming titles, including DRIVECLUB, Bloodborne, LittleBigPlanet 3 and The Order 1886, to name but a few.

It should be a great week for gamers, wherever you are in the globe, and we’ll be doing our best to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

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3 Author Replies

  • …Can we hope for some new Vita game announcements on that day?

    • From Sony themselves, I wouldn’t hold my breathe. Though would be be delightfully proven wrong if any game is announced for Vita that hasn’t already been on PC.

    • Maybe something little, I’m waiting for TGS for some decent Vita announcements like Gravity Rush 2. Gamescom might just quickly show Freedom Wars & Oreshika with release dates but I’m not expecting much till TGS

    • This is SCEE. They cant even be bothered to get the stream working on a Vita and wanted to release Gravity Rush and Freedom Wars as digital only because noone buys Japanese games am i right? Not to mention SCEE still deems us unworthy of Toro’s Friend Network.

      Expect dissapointment.

  • I hope to see “bombs”, like super firmware updates and/or huge games never announced before

  • Can we expect a conference like E3 or it will be a conference like last year?
    How important is this show for Sony?

    • Can we expect anything related to Uncharted 4?

    • PS4 need Uncharted4. Cant wait 1 year. Gamescom can surprise us???

    • Gamescom has had some huge announcements over the years. Hell, the PS3 slim was revealed there and that was the turning point for Sony, last generation.

    • I hope to see Uncharted 4 as soon as possible

    • Uncharted 4 gameplay/multiplayer reveal would be cool, but unlikely – normally Sony promote games from their European studios at Gamescom. We’ll probably see something from Guerilla Games (an unnamed new IP), Media Molecule (What they’re doing after LittleBigPlanet & Tearaway), Guerilla Cambridge (Possible KZ:Mercenary sequel), & definitely something from Evolution Studios (Driveclub)

  • Can I go? Send a free ticket my way please! :D

  • Can I watch it on my Vita?

    I still hope that there is something for us -_-

    • Sadly no :P … maybe you can try using internet browser?… ok that was joke, internet on Vita is not good at all.

      So yeah special app would be great… but I don’t that we will get it.

    • @Liatherez Alas, I’m afraid you won’t be able to watch on your PS Vita. See the post above the full list of viewing options.

    • I’d be really curious what would hold the Vita browser back versus the PS4 browser. Both support h.264 codec for HTML5 video, the main thing the Vita is missing (versus PS4) is Web Workers and MPEG-4 video codec support, but I don’t think those features are required by Twitch… then again, the Vita browser is *extremely* under-performant compared to Sony Xperia phone running Android 2.3, iPhone 3G, and even a Kindle 2, in every benchmark I’ve tried. (HTML5 Fishbowl, FishIE Tank, Octane 1.0, Sunspider, …) It’s almost like the Netfront NX package on Vita is an un-optimized debug build.

  • I hope for more Vita games and Fred please do something about the awful download list, it needs filters :/

    • Yes the download lists are complete nighmare but interface, ease of use and general back end experience has always been one of Sony’s weak points. It’s why we don’t buy their other hardware.

  • @Author Your “Gamescom hub page” has a typo. Below the count-down it says 6.00pm BST/7.00am CET

    …It should not be 7:00am. It should be 7:00PM.

  • “What’s a PS Vita?”

    – Sony at literally every major press conference with the exception of Gamescom 2012.

  • Hmmm… I do hope that you at SCEE will do better job than SCEA on E3.

    It won’t be that hard… for me perfect show would be:
    -games, games, games just games (no powers, no movies)
    -less statistics and less bragging (we already know that PS4 is superior, no point in repeating it on every conference)
    -More Vita… and if you want talk about it than don’t talk about indies
    -Less indies (those should have their own conference, I like some of them… but I’d rather focus on bigger games)
    -Announcement that from now on more game will be released with nice retail edition in EU (Nintendo is good example here, Persona Q was supposed to be digital only but than Nintendo acted and voila there is retail)
    -Less focus on PS NOW and Remote play… it is really cool.. but experience from those will vary depending where do you live… most probably for most countries PS NOW won’t be available for a long time… and even if it will… I don’t think that it will be working like it should with poor connection.

    As for games…
    The Last Guardian PS4
    Final Fantasy Type-0 Vita
    Gravity Rush 2 on VITA ONLY (no PS4 only and no PS4/PSV)
    Cyberpunk 2077 -> I really hope that CD Projekt Red will finally show something
    Lost Dimension on Vita
    Persona 5 PS3 -bit shame that it is game from discriminATLUS, I hate those guys :/
    Maybe 2-3 new big games on Vita yet unknown
    Maybe 1 new game for PS3
    Maybe 4-5 new games for PS4

    I’m greedy :P

    (P.S. am I the only one who don’t like that trailer? it kinda gives vibes as it was created in early 90… but ow well it doesn’t matter… I’m asking out of curiosity :P)

    • Sony should take a cue from Microsoft. Love or hate their systems/policies/games, but lately the pacing of their conferences are excellent. No boring filler talk like Sony loves to do, just games games games games.

      Staying up until 3-4 am for Sony’s E3 conference is just… ugh… Never again.

    • “Less indies” <- NO. MORE.

    • @Pocupeth00
      Nah I don’t mind few indies. If they are good I don’t see a reason why not.

      Games like Bastion or No Man’s Sky deserve some love… but than again… going into ecstasy over No Man’s Sky which turned out to be only timed exclusvive coming also to PC was bad idea. (don’t get me wrong, I loved the game… but I don’t like the way how it turned out that it won’t be real exclusive)

      But like I keep saying… indies are not system sellers. Those are multiplatform games that are not using full potential of consoles… they don’t even use potential of previous gen consoles. In about 7-8 years if they will spam us with only indies there won’t be any sense to make stronger consoles.

  • Please let there be some Vita love. My wishlist:
    – Infamous Vita
    – Kingdom Hearts 1, 2 and Birth By Sleep
    – FF Type-0
    – New uncharted Vita
    – Shovel Knight
    – Bioshock Vita

    • Would be cool!

    • Add a new LBP Vita, Resident Evil Vita (out of SCEE’s control I guess), to your list and I’ll be doge-level happy.

      Much excite.

    • Why do we need a new LBP on Vita? Seems kinda redundant in my eyes, would rather take something from one of the other first party IP. LBP Vita is fantastic, having another one just seems like a waste.

    • Gravity Rush 2, please.

    • I hope a different studio (like SCE Bend who made Uncharted Golden Abyss) brought the Vita a new Call of Duty, which was co-developed by Treyarch (Activision had no imput whatsoever to Declassified, some developers from Black Ops II should assist in making the game).

    • Would love that.
      Also: GTA, Full FIFA game, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Killzone, Fat Princess and LBP.

      But if we’ll get a ‘quality’ game, it’d be probably only one. HOPING.

  • Will the ADHD cameraman return?

  • Hopefully some proper Vita love at last. If not, then I’ll be vastly disappointed. A new exclusive would be great, but I bet that’s not gonna happen.

  • Will this be worth watching for vita users or should we just sit this one out?

  • Roughly how long will the show be? I’m guessing an hour or 2 maybe. Guys say and do what you like on stage but do not have an exceeding amount of things we don’t need to see or hear about. Promise us we are in for a surprise because I don’t mean to follow along the internet but i’m hearing we are finally getting to see the long asbcent until dawn. You guys expect too much for a company that has to focus on three different key platforms… See you after Gamescom you wonderful bunch :)

  • How long will the conference be this year. 60 minutes or 90 minutes?

    • I can’t say anything more than ‘typical press conference length’ I’m afraid! It was around 90 mins last year.

  • Off-topic, but Octodad was listed as having a 20% discount for PS+ whilst the store only shows a 10% discount, is this an error or was it a typo in the blog?

  • I hope there will be new Vita AAA game announcements.

  • Yes, very nice and as always all the content for a ps4 if? Vita and indies shared with the PS4? go if I we mistake not comment anything bad about you, but certainly all the AAA for ps4 and we have no ps4 and we psvita … sure football manager 2015 declare it and nonsense of the connection with ps4 aver that only have a few most only have psvita and nothing more, do not understand anything, never have you done something bad in a planned and psvita, psp, ps3 iva bad at first until suddenly you released good games for them and outrageous sales rose, but now I psvita reis of us saying we were wrong psvita is an accessory for ps4 … sorry? millonesque us and ompramos Released? AAA You promised good one Bioshok the ruin … all good … have sony canceled only say one thing nothing but the vast majority are PROCLAIM TO BE WAITING IN PSVITA, do you find NOTHING BUT THE GOOD WILL SELL ONLY AND NOT ME (THE GREAT MAJORITY)

  • Seriously now, we need some Vita updates on:

    – Gravity Rush 2
    – Murasaki Baby
    – Freedom Wars
    – Oreshika
    – Galak-Z
    – Aztez
    – Tetris Ultimate
    – Minecraft
    – Hotline Miami 2

    Among others. That, and some brand new game reveals would be nice.

  • Disney infinity 2.0 for PS vita and I’ll be happy

    • It’s already confirmed. No details on it though, as per the norm for games that usually end up being bad on Vita (Borderlands 2, Black Ops Declassified etc).

  • This Gamescom can either kill vita or save it
    As a vita owner i , from the bottom of my hear , ask SONY for A LOT OF VITA LOVE
    And please, unlimited music in India . it needs it.

    • Why killed or save it?

      The Vita has been getting a new game announcement nearly every week. Just because they are not your type of games doesn’t mean it needs saving.

    • Whilst I agree “kill” and “save” are way too far-fetched, the point he’s basically driving at is that there’s nothing to look forward to on Vita from first party on the scale of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048, Killzone Mercenary, LBP Vita or Tearaway. Anything remotely like those games would be what people have been asking for since Vita was first released. We have Freedom Wars… and then?

  • Here hoping for some big announcements. Traditionally GamesCom has been gods for “middle tier” games.

    Of course, what we really want is for SCEE to announce a fairer pricing policy. The price gap between us and America has grown to insane proportions now. PSTV in the UK will cost more for the basic box than the megapack costs in America after tax. Lego Marvel and Injustice in this week’s sale are over *five times* more expensive in the UK than they are in America. This madness needs to stop or at least be properly explained because right now it looks like we are subsidising price reductions for the US and that just isn’t right.

    • Here’s the policy: we wait until October when QE3 ends and the dollar will appreciate in value as expected by the market. GBP/USD gets back to 1.5 then everyone is happy. But then Sony has absolutely no say on US fiscal policy. Have you directed your anger towards Warner Bros for those sale prices? I’d think it was more their fault than Sony Europe.

    • @wearingfin

      The dollar is only 10% weaker than usual, doesn’t explain why games and services cost double or more here than they do there.

      And it’s not just third parties. PSTV will cosy us 85 quid, even if the dollar regained strength to 1.5 it would still be double the US price for the basic box after tax. Then there music unlimited, IS price 42 dollars if you have plus. Our price. 60 quid, we don’t get a plus discount. Again, if the dollar magically rebounds back to it’s height of 1.5 it would still be double cost for a Sony run service.

      We are subsidising US gamers and that’s wrong. These posts will continue until the issue is addressed.

    • It’s more than 10% but whatever, it’s not within the normal range of volitility. It is the result of a weakening economy and, as a result, the pumping of money into the economy. If the UK were to restart their QE programme, the pound would fall just the same. But either way, we’re not subsidising US gamers, that’s not how it works. US profitability would take a hit since their results are in Yen, but SCEE does not report to SCEA in the legal entity hierarchy. But here I am using logic. You never answered the Warner Bros question, so i guess you have no intention of taking it to the publisher.

      By the way. £85 would be $128. Put 20% tax on the US price and it comes at $120. Not that much of a premium. But it’s not that way, because, economics, the real reason which you constantly refuse to address. Oh and please don’t become an FX trader if you really believe that USD can’t go back to its historic norns.

    • The average exchange rate over the last three years has been 1.55, 10% get us to the current low of 1

    • The average exchange rate over the last three years has been 1.55, 10% get us to. the current low of 1.70. The average tax in a US State for electrical goods is not 20% and digital purchases aren’t taxed at all. Your figures grossly play down the severity of the issue and are the reason this subject hasn’t been seen as worthy of discussion.

      The base prices of goods owned and distributed by Sony are getting further apart. Even if the US did go beyond the regular exchange rate and back to the height of 1.5 (which would require a strengthened dollars and a weakened pound which is unlikely) then that doesn’t magically change the fact that their base prices have remained static since the release of the PS3 while ours have increased steadily last gen then suddenly increased 40-50% as soon as the PS4 released. But your post didn’t pick up on that argument.

      “Economics” doesn’t explain why Music Unlimited costs two and a half times as much in the UK as the US. It’s the same service running on the same servers that already exist. I’d expect possibly a slight discrepancy based on licensing costs but our price at today’s exchange rate is 100 dollars vs 42 dollars. There is no justification for such a price gap. You have no answer on that point either I see.

      At the end of the day, it’s been proven that if Sony is doing something wrongyou need to post in every applicable thread, and a few non aapplicable one to get a response. These price comparisons will continue until the pricing faq is finally posted and SCEE explains their policy.

  • *cough* The Last Guardian *cough*
    (hey, one can keep dreaming, right ? :D)

  • Sony has already killed ps vita do not expect anything good

  • Please make my day / month / year, by using one specific word during that press conference:

    Of course, some Vita announcements wouldn’t hurt. But I really wish for Sony to appreciate the importance of Yakuza games for the Playstation brand, and to act on that by shoving money down SEGA’s throat until a Western localization of Yakuza 5 pops out.

    • Sony: “When you buy Yakuza 5 (€40) at retail or on the PlayStation Store, you get 1 month of PlayStation Plus for free.”

      Sony: “To get things started, if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can download Yakuza 1, 2, 3 and 4 right after this conference is over FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE.”

      Yeah that won’t happen but lemme dream once in a while. More people need to buy Yakuza.

      Not Dead Souls, though. Yakuza is one of my favorite series but I couldn’t force myself to play it for more than several hours.

    • Probably one of the most niche titles going outside of Japan but I would really like Yakuza 5 to get a western release. Sega is going to announce something Yakuza related 24th August but I would assume it’s just another Japan only title.

      Still you never know.

    • Hi there fellow Vita owners, please prepare for disappointment if you are expecting any ‘big’ game releases. Vita is pretty much setup to be the ‘indie/remote play’ machine now and can’t see it changing. Cheaper memory cards would be nice, I’m constantly having to delete and reinstall at the moment (16GB).

  • Judging by the comments, there’s going to be a lot of disappointed Vita owners at the end of this. Or maybe they’ll be pleased. Give us a reason to be pleased with a conference for a change, hey Sony?

  • We need Western 1st & 3rd Party AAA Vita games/exclusives along with a new TV marketing campaign for the Vita in the US. They also need to bring over all the color options from Japan to the West and bring the SCEE Vita bundles over to the US. Is there any word of a new marketing promotion for the Vita for the US?

    • What we need is a memory card price drop. I rarely see this mentioned by vita fans as something it needs. Are people content with being absolutely gouged on memory cards?

      Vita games are being released digital only more and more frequently.

  • i hope to see a return to its roots , because im tired playing Dumbed Down gamplay , handholding , regenhealth , waypoints , objective marks , Cinematic Experience and other casual stuff .
    I want to play with a Real Games no Handholding , no Regenhealth , no Dumbed Down gameplay , no Casual Game, no CInematic experience (theLastofUs , David Douchè Cage) , Challenge , PuzzleSolving , no Waypoints , no Objective marks
    Hey Sony be different than Microsoft , because all im seeing is Sony Emulating Microsoft

    i’m Tired with Modern Dumbed DOwn Games , Give US REAL GAMING

  • Gran Turismo on PS4 plaease

    • There will be Gran Turismo 7 on PS4. I remember them telling they that they won’t make GT 6 on ps4 because it would take too much time. But don’t worry they are working on it as we speak

  • Moderators answering what users want to spend psvitan Us

  • Incredibly disappointed with your support psvita

  • Like 75% of new vita releases seem to be going toward digital only. Sony, please address the ridiculous memory card prices at gamescom.

    Announce the 64gb card out west and a new 128gb card and drop prices across the board. The $$$ per gb needs to come down.

    Even if a memory card price drop is the only announcement I’ll be happy. (Well maybe some gr2 info and infamous vita also lol).

    • 128gb card for €100. We must keep believing.

    • Also one other announcement that would be awesome and really help vita’s sales, would be a minecraft “creeper” bundle. Green “creeper” vita with mine craft and 16gb memory. Advertise on the box that it’s not the mobile mine craft but the full experience.

    • I’m at that point where to install a new game on my Vita I have to delete one I haven’t finished yet. 64gb cards are a necessity if you have plus or want to take advantage of PSN sales, there really is no reason not to make them more widely available, even the 32gb cards are overly difficult to get hold of in the UK.

      Here’s hoping that GamesCom, which has often brought good news to Europeans in the past tells us that the wait is over and we no longer need to make an expensive import purchase in order to us the Viutrav the way Sony originally intended.

  • i hope to see full trailer and gameplay of uncharted 4 and uncharted remastered collection neither

  • Can we have some Minecraft PS4 new’s please! That would be great!

  • Seems promising :)

  • As a HUGE Vita enthusiast (I have over 15 physical and 30 digital games)…. I would really love for the good news to reach more people’s ears. Vita = life ;)


  • It’s been leaked that the Xbox One version’s should be coming August 19th so hopefully PS4 at least will be out on August 19th or soon after.

  • My personal Gamescom Hopes…

    Sly 5 announced (I mean SPOILER! that cliffhanger ending needs to be wrapped up END SPOILER)
    Gravity Rush 2 gameplay and release date (Hopefully International release being closer to Japan release)
    Uncharted Remastered Collection confirmed
    inFamous Remastered Collection
    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 announced for Vita along with more gameplay
    Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay
    Playstation Now release for EU and UK being announced for November-December with open beta beginning in September-October.
    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 for PS4, and PS Vita
    Playstation All-Stars Remastered for PS4
    Playstation All-Stars Free 2 Play on PS3.

  • Can you announce that you will announce that sony have announced that they will announce Dark Souls II is coming to PS4 this Christmas along with DLC and exclusive bloodborne content. ?

  • Helldivers release date announcement – available NOW! one can only dream :)

  • $ingstar icon superglued to the PS4 GUI please. 8-)

  • Gamescom is an event 2 show how useless it is 2 be a gamer in europe with a whole lot off disappointments.
    it’s great that SCEE listened about Freedom wars but dear god it needs a army off improvment in bringing content that U.S been having for years.

  • As a gamer, gamescom is a huge disappointment and anticlimax to actually visit. Sure its nice if you watch the vids and see the press guys walk around (on press day and outside of), but as a mere mortal you can queue 30min to an hour for the most (CENSORED) games, to half a day for the most popular titles. Gameplay and presentations in closed-off compartments so you *have* to queue to see anything at all. Gamecom? No thanks, i’d rather spend my weekend differently!

  • Looks far too busy for me. All those sweaty peasants. Ewwwwww.

  • I don’t post often but seeing as Gamescom is coming up I thought I’d have a little bit of a grumble.

    The whole Playstation Vita situation saddens me. I’ve had one since day one and I’m not saying I’ve not enjoyed owning it but it really hasn’t lived up to its potential. It’s a great wee system and a lot could be done with it but unfortunately Sony seems to have all but abandoned any real support for it.

    With the vast catalogue of Sony IP there should be a lot more AAA titles available. I hardly need to mention how awesome it would be to have original instalments of titles like Infamous, Gran Turismo, God Of War, a decent Resistance game, I could go on an on.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m as much of a fan of indie titles as the next guy. I can hardly say otherwise, I am an indie developer but at this point Sony either needs to start throwing its weight behind Vita for it to be a success (it wont happen without the games.) Or admit that they have given up and open-source the system so that a new world of gaming and entertainment possibilities could be pursued by people who actually want to see the system do better.

    I sure as heck didn’t buy my Vita because it was a dumping ground for poor quality ports, uninspired iterations of big-name titles or a second screen for my PS4, no matter what Sony PR seems to think. I wanted it to be the powerhouse portable gaming nirvana that it should be and was promised to be.

    • Not a fan of indie myself but sony really have let the vita down at this point they should stop releasing games for it.
      I got rid of mine 6 months after launch there is only so many times I could play uncharted ga I hope to see that game on ps4.
      When I buy another ps4 I got rid of my 1st one due to the lack of games hopefully I get another next year.

  • Since the nearly embarassing treatment Vita received at Sony E3 Press Conference (without mentioning the Type-0 Vita typo) I’ve definitely started telling myself not to have any kind of expectation for Gamescom 2014 as regards Vita support. I’ve sadly realised the Gamescom 2012 glory is so far away (though I’m still playing that wonderful portable fps Killzone Mercenary is)

  • All I want from Gamescom is a confirmed release date of Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain

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